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MINING HEWS. TUCKABIA\NA.. REQUEST FOR STATE BATTERY. A request for the erection of a State bat tery at Tuckabianna is being forwarded *o the Minister ,for Mines by the prospec-. tors at that centre. Cue, it,-is pointed out, has the nearest ,privately-owned battery. where parcele may be 'properly treated. but that is distant some 18 or-20 miles from the :field. .1The State - liill is at Tuckanarra, so ,that if. a- State mill. is erected at the spot indicated it will (says the "'Murchioon Times"). serve a fine line of auriferous country from Lake. Austini and the Island on the south, to Eelya on the` north. Several parcels of ore which cannot be handled at. anything -like- a rea sonable profit under present conditions, are lying on the surface, and the Government will, it is asserted, not be doing its duty to the mining industry and the aiready much-neglected Muichison if it does not act quickly before the prospectors are starved off a promising field through .being unable to get:their"stone crushed. under conditions which will give them- a. fair proportion of their hard-won gold - BROAD ARROW. • A RIGH CLAIM. Eiicksen and Godfrey, of the Tara lease. crushed last. week 66 tons oft ore for 261 oz. over the plates. - The sands assay 16 dw.t. 15gr., and the slimne 5dwt.?i2r. per ton. An-additional 996oz. 8dwt. was ob tained by dollying, making the total yield 1,257oz. Several other handsome returns have been obtained froni this claim: in the past. It adjoins the -almost equally rich Oversight lease.