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E1NTERTAINMEiT$. "JOAN OF ARC." One of the most successful recruiting rallies by means of cinema exhibitions was held yesterday at Lean's Perth Palladium, where the thrilling war and recruiting drama "The Joan of Arc of Loos" attracted such crowds that Captain Burkett furnished two 'military guards during the afterncon and evening to assist in keeping order. The crowds were particularly dense during the evening, when the military band from 'Blackboy Camp rendered patriotic selections in front bf the theatre prior to -a stirring recruiting'appcal by Captain Burkett. The picture, which/has played a prominent part in recruiting efforts in the Eastern States, is based upon historic facts and official de spatches anent the Battle of Loos. In ad dition to this picture Captain Burkett has furnished the Palladium management with. the first of the official "Australia Prepared" series of films taken by the Defence Depart ment. He is enthusiastic over the aid and impetus given to the State Recruiting Committee by Mr. W. Lean, and cspects to hold other demonstrations to-day and to morrow. On Wednesday the Women's Khaki Defence Committee are planning ac tive demonstrations, and 50 seats have been 're.erved for them. A fine supporting pro gramme and a specially selected concert by the Palladium Orchestra make this one of .the most remarkable cinema entertain ments ever given in. Perth. . LEAN'S FREMANTLE PALLADIUM. Bessio Barriscale, the,notcd Ince Triangle. star, appeared at Lean's Fremantle Palla dium yesterday in "The Reward,"' a four act drama of exceptional moral appeal, set ting forth in a strong, vet delicate manner. the glory of unt~aited motherhood. A laughable Christie comedy, "Hubby's Flirt ing Ways," a Universal two-act drama, and' the latest Australian Gazette are also being shown. PAULINE FREDERICK'S MASTERPIECE. Owing to the eulogiums that have pre ceded "Ashes of Embers," and to many re quests:; the Grand Theatre will screen this Pauline Frederick masterpiece to-day for the first time, instead, of to-morrow as -pre v:ously announced. Hailed everywhere as a cinematograph triumph ini dual-role acting, "Ashes of Embers" will undoubtedly draw large, crowds. A supporting programme will also be shown, while to-morrow's -pro gramme will include a pop uar-revival of Mary Pickford in "Rags," which delighted Perth people early in 1916. THEATRE ROYAL. At both .matinee and night screenings Spencer's receive a large share of public patronage: The programme includes Billie 'Burke in the second series of "Gloria,'" Cl'arlie Chaplin in "The Cure," and many supporting items. The audience is kept anmused throughout. PAVILION THEATRE. Mystery, intrigue, adventure, love. and romance are still the characteristics of 'Th" Secret Kingdom," the ninth and tenth episodes of which were shown at the Pavi lion Theatre for the first. time yesterday. These chases will be finished on Wednesday. On the same programme ista side-splitting coniedy entitled "A Battle of - Let's Go." The Australian Gazette is attracting a great deal of,.attention this week. -- The Pavilion will unspool-next- Monday for the first time "What Every Girl Should Know~. This picture was so popular in the East ern States that its arrival here has been delayed. It will be shown for a wek in stead of the usual three days. QUEEN'S HALL. 8atmday's big attendances were recorded again yesterday at Queen's Hall during the screening of Vics big two-feature pro gramme. No more gratifying evidence 'of our latest Ally's determination could be de sired than the Selig special "America Pre pares for War." Episode seven of the popular serial "Mystery of the Double Cross" is by far the best instalment yea presented.' Mollie King as usual is delight ful. The last day is announced of the present programme. TOWN HALL. FPREMAN'TLE. Long queues waited at the Town Hall, Fremantle.last night to see Billie Burke in the first phase of "Gloria's Romance" and Charlie Chaplin in "Dough and Dynamite." Certainly no more attractive bill has ever beer. presented at the Port. The final screen in; of these two superb attractions ar an nounced for to-day. SHAFTESBURY THEATRE. A full house greeted the Wm. Fox feature film "Sins of Men" presented at the Shaftes bury last night. A' gripping photo-play in five reels, it met with the approval or the large andience. The vaudeville bill was headed by 'The Four Crowns," clever juve- nile acrobatic performers. The programme will be shown to-night -for the last tims. PERTH MAJESTIC. William Russell's greatest scream triumph "Mv Fighting Gentleman." is drawing pack ed houses to the Perth Majestic. "Myv Fighting Gentleman" is a thrilling drama in six acts. the plotbeing laid at the eriods immediately before and after the Civil War In America, and it is brimful of incident and excitement. The season lasts only an til Wednesdar-. FRELNTLE MAJESTIC. Forrest Taylor in the five part Mutual de luze eature drama r'April" is showing to fine crowds at the Fremantle Majestic. 'April'" is a rousine story of the mountains chockful of incident -and event, and it is repenting at the Port the success it achieved in Perts. There is a full suipporting prc gramme. THE PINK DANDIES '

* Flockton Foster's cleoer impersonation of a Jewish character, and the vocal burlesque "Has anyone seen Kelly?" are drawing good houses at St. George's Hall, where the Pink Dandies perform nightly. 16th BATTALION TRENCH 0OMFO'RT CONCERT. * is Excellency Sir William Ellison Mlacartney" has kindly lent Government House ballroom for an entertainment to be given by "The Merrymakers" on Tuesday Tune- 26, in aid of the 16th Battalion Trench Comforts Fund. This band of entertainers has in the past raised several hundreds of pounds for war purposes, and it is hoped that a crowded house will greet them on their re-appearance after a few months of inactivity. 28th BATTALION CONCERT. A good programme, details of which ap pear in our amusement columns, has been arranged for a concert in aid of the 28th trench funds on Wednesday evening in the Perth Town Hall. Both the Bowling and Commercial Travellers' Associations are working enthusiastically to carry out the last words of their late member, Lieut.-Col. Allan Leane--Send help to my boys in the trenches." The Base Hospital will he represented by wounded soldiers of the 28th, and Blackboy Hill by both the band and 20th-28th reinforcements. MERRY MOHAWKS. It is announced that the "Merry Mo hawk Minstrels," a talented party of local entertainers, will give a concert in the Princess Theatre, Fremantle, on Wednes day night. Many attractive items have been arranged, and the proceeds will be handed over to the Fremantle Ugly WVomen's Competition.