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Tom Lurich, 17.3, and Pat Meehan   16.8, wrestled a draw in an eight     round bout at the Manuka Oval last night. They each secured a fall. Mee- han gained his in the fourth round after a series of flying tackles and a   body press. Lurich equalised in the seventh with a body scissors.

Lurich was thrown out of the ring three times by Meehan, while he in

turn bundled Meehan out twice and

the referee, Harold Norman, once.

The wrestlers gave a good exhibi- tion of holds and counter holds Mee- han's flying tackles were the most spectacular.  

The crowd of 1,000 roared encour- agement for the main preliminary boxing contest between Mervyn Ben- nett 9.3, of Ainslie, and Ron Hadley,  

9.9, of Queanbeyan. Bennett won on

a t.k.o. in the third round. It was his     34th successive victory, although he is only 16 years old.    

Hitting powerfully with either hand Bennett ripped and slashed his op-

ponent into submission. Hadley   fought gamely, hitting hard, but Ben- nett's speed won him the bout.

Using a long left, Ken Rixon, 9.7,   of Queanbeyan, defeated Ron Somer- ville, 9.7, of Kmgston, on points. It   was a good fight with Rixon the faster.

Charlie Hull, 8.6, of Narrabundah,     and Leo Davis, 8.0, of Queanbeyan,   fought a draw over four rounds. They punched each other to a standstill.

Teddy Rickman, 10.0, of Quean-   beyan, was disqualified in the second round against Archer. He went down without being hit. Rickman appealed unlucky. He fell through the ropes and tried to rise on two occasions. Archer moved in and, in ducking the blows, Rickman touched the canvas on the second occasion, referee Jack

Smith awatded the fight to Archer.

Billy Hayes, 10.9, of Kingston, won   on a t.k.o. in the fourth round against     Tommy Moore, 10.3, of Ainslie. Hayes   clipped Moore with a right to the side

of the head after a willing fight.  

Moore went down and the referee

stopped the fight.