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THE following announcements appear in Saturday's Government Gazette: — APPOINTMENTS.— Francis Drummond Gre- ville Stanley, to be Colonial Architect and Su-

perintendent of Public Buildings ; F. O. Darvall, Auditor General; £. B. Forrest, mer chant; B. M. Stewart, merchant; W. L. G. Drew, Under-Becretary, Treasury; and J. M'Donnell, Undersecretary, General Post* office, to be " a Board or Commission to ex amine into and report upon the existing system of keeping the public accounts, registers, and books generally, containing the records of the public transactions of the colony." F. W. Cane, second operator, telegraph-office, Rock kampton, to be first operator, vice Hamilton, resigned; Gh J. King, to be third operator; F. Scarr, to be acting registrar of births, mar riages, and deaths, in the district of Mitchell, during the absence of Mr. A. Henry; B. A. Bichardson, Noosa, to be assistant district re gistrar, Gympie district. The following gentle men hare been appointed retnrning-officers for the several Electoral Districts mentione 1 in con nection with their names :—F. Bawlins, South Brisbane, vice J. Cameron, resigsed ; E. Mac donnell Wickham, vice F. Rawlins ; Jas. Gul land, Bremer, vice J. Robinson, resigned; F. W. Roche, Dal by, vice G. B. Molle, resigned ; H. Cardell, Northern Downs, vice Richard Sex ton, resigned ; W. N. A-<cougb, Leichhardt, vice T. J. Saddler; F. A. Gore, Darling Downs, vice G. B. King, acting returning-officer, and Joseph North, Stanley, vice R. J. Smith, acting return ing officer. Bwichutiof.—The resignation of Mr. John Nicholson of bis appointment as a Magistrate of the Territory, has been accepted. Foßiunn Lbasks.—A list of forfeited leases in the districts of Beenleigh and Toowoomba, is published. Lauds Opbk fob Sblxotiok.—The follow ing forfeited selections are declared again open for selection on and after the 7th August next: —99 acres, district of Toowoomba, and 80 acres district of Beenleigh ; also, as homestead areas, 280 acres, district of Toowoomba. N*w Bibibteb.—l6s acres near Clifton Bailway Station hare been permanently referred for railway purposes; 640 acres, Dawson Crossing, Perambucarun, bare been temporarily referred for a camping-ground; 100 acres, Lyttleton Creek, Gympie-road, for public purposes; and 317* acres, Kedron, for timber and road pnrpoies. Gtxtis Gold tibxd. — I list is published of miners' rights and business licenses icsued on this gold-field during the month of January. FKBBT Dttbs.—An amended schedule of ferry dues for Bundaberg is published as approved of. MxDlOiL Boabd —Fred. A. Hoare, Stan thorpe, has been admitted as a chemist and druggist. Pbttt Dxbts Cottbts Bulbs.—New rules for the Small Debts Court, Rockhampton, and additional rules for the Small Debts Court, War wick, are published as approved of. UKCiiinD LtTißKß.—The June list of un claimed letters, ljing at the General Post-office, is published. Ni"W Roads.—Notice is given and books of reference published of projected roads to ferry between Moggill and Goodna; from Clifton railway station to Leyburn and Drayton-road ; and from Cambooya railway station to Eton Yale.