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The Cærewitch Stakes, a free handicap of 25 sovereigns each, 15 forfeit, with 200 added; for 3 year-olds and upwards; winners extra; the owner of the second to receive 50 sovoreigns

out of tho stakes. Coe»arewitch course. (2 mUee 2 furlongs 21 yards.) 66 subs. Baron Rothschild's Corisande, by King Tom —May Bloom, 3 years, 7 st. 12 lbs. (Maid ment) ... ... .^ j Mr. Pryor's Cardinal York, 5 years, 9 sL (Parry) ...' _ a Lord Wilton's Sylva, 4 years, 6 st. 4 lbs. (Ashworth) ... ... ... j The following also ran :—Barford, Kingcraft. Ismael, The Dwarf, King Cole, Ploughboy, An* ton, Stanley, Indian Ocean, Mias theppard, Veranda, Manille, Cedrio tho Saxon, Lord Hawke, Moorlands, Flurry, Fleur do Peche, Noyre Tauren, Queen of the Gipsies Rose Blush, Maid, Penuiloss, Marmora, and Autolycus. Betting : 4 to 1 against Noyre Tauren, 15 to 2 against Cedric the Saxon 9 to 1 against King Cole, 12 to 1 each against Corisunde, Cardinal York, and Anton, 100 to 6 against Marmora and Manille, 20 to 1 against Flurry ond' Kingcraft, 30 to 1 against Veranda, 33 to 1 against Fleur de Pecho, 50 to 1 against Barford, The Dwarf, Indian Ocean, Lord Hawke, and Moor lands, 6f> to 1 against Sylva, and ICO to 1 against Autolycus, Maid, and Penniless. The numbers of the twenty-seven runner* were hoisted on the telegraph board in excellent time, and most of the competitors being saddled at the Ditch stables, the different jockeys, with their accoutrements strapped round them, were, long before the start, to be seen centering on their backs to thoir respective mounts. The only competitors saddled in the paddock were Corisande, Ploughboy, Manilla, Stanley, and Lord Hawko. With hardly any delay, and no break away of consequence, Mr. M'Georgo disp.tched the lot on eqoi« table term*, Ismael immediately rushing to the front, and making play, with a good half-dozen lengths' lead of Mi*s Sheppard, who in turn was clear of Marmora, Cedric the Saxon,. V.randa, aud Fleur de Peche ; the others fol lowing in a cluster, comprising Sylva, Lord Hawke, Anton, and Corisande, while the next division consisted of Kingcraft, King Cole. Barford, The Dwarf, Noyre Tauron, and Plough boy, with Manille and Cardinal York last. At a good pace Ismael took his field to the gap, when he began to compound, and being closed upon by the others, rapidly retired. Cedrio the Saxon then went to the frout, succeeded by Sylva and Fleur de Pech», tho ruck drawing forward as they came along the flat, and the large field lying almost as well dreased as a regiment of cavalry. King Oole and Kingoraffe were now prominent on the right, with Fleur de Peche, Corisande, Manille, Sylva, Marmora, and Lord Hawke in the centre. Before they had reached the Rowley mile starting post Cedrio the Saxon was in trouble, and directly aft or Sylva came right away from her field, while Cardinal York, who had been lying quite * hundred yards from the leaders, came rattling through his horses, aud took his place on the left of Corisande, who was now going on second, while Kingcraft had" previously dropped back, and Wyatt was also at work on King Cole. Tha leading division coming down the Bushes-hill were Sylva in advance of Corisande and Manilla, with Cardinal York and Fleur de Peche on the left of the Baron's filly, with others being now widely scattered and following in fruitless pur suit. Making the descent, Sylva was passed by Corisande, and Cardinal York took socond place in the dip, but directly they began the hill Parry was compelled to call on the Cardinal, and Maidment responding on Corisande, the filly had the best of the struggle, and won cleverly by half a length. Sylva was beaten a length only from her stable companion, Cardinal York, while Manille was a moderate fourth, Fleur de Peche fifth, Barford sixth, Indian Ocean seventh, Noyre Tauren eighth, Marmora ninth, Stanley, Kingcraft, Veranda, Flurry, Cedric tho Saxon, and King Colo next; the last lot being Plough boy, Anton, Miss J Sheppard, The Dwarf, and Pi-nniless j while beaten off were Queon of the Gipsies and Ismael.

Says a Geelong paper:—" Dairy produce haa reached a low ebb, when colonial cheese can be bought at lid. per lb., and English ditto at 2id. to 3d. per lb. Such were the prices realised for a quantity that was sold recently ut Mr. Davi son's auction rooms. The excellent feed for &tock at this season has, no doubt, much to do with the abundance that prevails. Fresh butter is being retailed in the shops at 4id. per lb. and with the prices that are ruling it will be strange indeed if both cheese and butter areae shortly included among our exports." The Macleay Herald says -.—" During the week we inspected tho self acting pump recently constructed by Mr. A. Cochrane, of Leamington, in one of his grazing paddocks. An ordinary pump is erected over a well, and stands perpen dicularly on a pedestal some six feet high. The crank, which i 9 connected with the piston, i» worked by means of six arms, on each of which is fixed a sheet of galvanised iron, aboat 18 by 14 inches, which are fastened to the arms so aa to catch the wind. Thus, whenever there is a ! breeze, the arms revolve windmill fashion, and I the water is pumped into a trough for the use lof the cattle. A tube is connected with the I trough near the top, so that when it ia full tha surplus water is conveyed back into the well | The contrivance is a very ingenious one, and . reflects great credit on Mr. Cochrane,"