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Legislative Louncil

Move to Force Election on Nationalisation

MELBOURNE, Wednesday.

The Cain Government was defeated by 19 votes to 13 in the Legislative Council late to-night, although three Liberals and three Independents voted with the Govern- ment. Immediately the result of the vote was announced the Minister for Labour (Mr. Clarey) submitted that the bill be readva second time, but that was refused.

It is expected that Mr Clarey will take the unusual course to-morroy of again asking for the. second reading of the bill -\ ,

The defeat of the Government was the sequel to tactics started by the Liberal and Country Party members in the Legislative Assembly last night to refuse the Government the necessary financial supply to pay the public service

An election seems certain in a few|

weeks' time.

The Government was refused finan- cial supply of £2,717,903 to carry on until the Budget waa presented.

Sir Frank Clarke announced that he was not prepared to support the Government because this was the last chance of the people to say'what their views were on the Government control of their money.

Last May Sir Frank defied his party's ruling and supported the Gov ; eminent, contending that the Council

did not have power to interfere with money bills, and added that it would be courting disaster if it persisted in refusing' finance.

To-night Sir Frank said it might be claimed that the vote of 1,300,000 electors would not influence the Chif- ley Government in its proposed na- tionalisation plana. That was wrong. There was no dictatorship in the world, outside perhaps Russia, that would not stop to'heed how one-third of ita people voted.

"Why should we vote money to a Oovernment that'-wÖlTiot cönUtätTthe with of the people," he demanded,

m Continuing, he «aid'that recently

the Commonwealth Treasurer issued i mandate to all Government and semi-Government bodies that they should bank with the Commonwealth Bank The Victorian Government not only sought leave to interfere on be- half of the Commonwealth, but in the Supply Bill it sought for money to

pay its counsel

| Sir Frank quoted Lenin as saying: t "Secure the people's money, placate

them with promises. After you have | got their money you can tell them i to do as you will."

j Meanwhile the Government and the, .Opposition parties have announced í that they are preparing frantically | for an election, and that the machin 1 «y is in order for an appeal to the ?^ electors

The major issue at the elections j will be the public reaction to the i Commonwealth Government's an "nounced intention to nationalise ] banking.

j It would also be an indication of j we public response to the major ob ( Jection of the Labour Party to nation > alise heavy industries.

j Should the Supply bill be rejected . there will be no pay on Friday for | about 25,000 members of the Public ¡Service, including teachers and po jlice, whose fortnightly pay amounts s to £300,000 Salaries, and wages of imen, totalling £350,000, are due to 4 »out 25,000 railway men on Thurs i day of next week.

i Ministers declaned that the rajec ; jT1, of the Supply Bill would lead to

* »e biggest and'one of the most bitter , Political fights in the history of Vie- nna.