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Political Implications

In Mongolian Invasion of N~. China Province

NANKING; Thursday.

The Mongolian invasion of the Sinkiànçj Province had political rather than military implications, according to Government sources. It is aimed at giving 'the Special Commissioner (Li Rihan) who is a pro-Russian, complete control of the Singkiang Province, thereby ousting the Special Commissioner (Us Man) who ¡s a pro-Chinese.

Both Commissioners were appoint- ed some time ago by the semi-auton omous Government to keep peace in the Province, collect taxes and ad-

minister their respective territories-i Li Rihan in the north adjoining] Russia and Us Man in the east on j

the Outer Mongolian border.

Li Rihan, in February, attacked the i forces under Us Man and on March 23 Us Man was forced to evacuate Chengchia and retreated to Peitashan, where he was attacked by Outer Mongolian troops on March 5.

Nanking military experts doubted whether or not the Government could send effective assistance to Sinkiang in view of its reverses elsewhere, and thought the Government would try to localise fighting and settle the affair diplomatically.

A, despatch to the Government's ! newspaper, "Central Daily News," i said i the Mongols had advanced be tyond Peitashan towards Chitai. Peitashan is 50 miles inside the Mon golian border and about 150 miles north-east of Tihwa, capital of Sinkiang.

Earlier reports, 'that the Mongols had penetrated 200 miles, have not been repeated and they aie now as sumed to be wrong.,

The Information Minister (Holling ton Tong) said yesterday that -Gov ernment forces had checked the Com- munist drive in Manchuria but added there was a strong possibility that the Chinese were regrouping for new

assaults. .

Dispatches to Peiping newspapers 1 reported that the main Communist drive was centred near Soepingkai, 70. miles south-west_from Changchun, "tlië Manchurian capital.

The Chinese defence, ministry spokesman announced that Outer Mongolian soldiers were captured at Peitashan but he did not'say when. The spokesman said that troops were

resisting near Peitashan. ' ,