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MARGOT'S JOTTINGS   ENGAGEMENT of interest celebrated at a dinner party at Wrest Point Hotel on Tuesday night be- fore the Bachelors' Ball was that of Beverley Squires, of Hobart, and David Archer, of Bothwell. Bev returned home last week after a visit

to England. Believe   there are no   immediate wedding plans.

ABOVE: (L. to r.): Graeme Marshall, Helen Hud- speth, Pam Learoyd, of Launceston, and Don Salmon

were among guests at the Southern Country Bache- lors' Ball at the Hobart Town Hall on Tuesday night. LEFT: Arriving at the ball were Mr. and Mrs. K. W.

Shugg, of Hobart (left), and Marion Bignell.

LEFT: Mrs. Quentin    

Stanham (left), a visi-    

tor from Camden   (N.S.W.), and a guest  

at Government House,   chatting with Mrs. E.   J. C. Stopp at the re-   ception in honour of     the Countess of Limer-    

ick, given at the Hobart   Town Hall, by the        

Lady Mayoress (Mrs.       Park) earlier this week.]  


L. to r.: Mesdames D. and C. Parsons, of Gretna, and Mrs. T. R. Bowling, of Long- ford, were interested in the new Australians' arts and crafts exhibition when we took this picture at the Royal Hobart Show. Leonid Denysenko, whose pen and

ink drawings are in the background, was explaining some points of interest.  

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     The Southern Tasmanian Friendly Society Auxiliary held a "crazy whist" card evening on Saturday night at the Lindisfarne home of the president (Mrs. J. C. Woolley). This was the first function held to raise funds for the auxiliary.

* * * *  

FIVE Launceston      

friends who will take   a rest from household duties next week are Mesdames D. M. Latta, John Hart, M. S. Clark, G. W. Fysh, and C. G. Thomp- son. They will go to Ulverstone, and stay at Furners Hotel for

a week.

* * * *    

AMERICAN visitors to  

Launceston are Dr. and Mrs. John E. Burchard, who arrived last night and are staying at the Brisbane Hotel. Next week they will be the guests in Melbourne of Mr. and Mrs. Roy B. Grounds at their South Yarra home. Mr. and Mrs. Grounds were the guests of the Burchards when they visited America. Mr. Roy     Grounds is a brother-in-law of Mrs. Lucy Grounds, of Laun- ceston.  

NUMEROUS dinner  

parties were held before the U.L.V.A. ball in Launceston last night. Among those noticed dining at the Brisbane Hotel were Mrs. M. Taylor, of Ross, and a party of 30 or so, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Perkins with about 18 guests, and Mr. and Mrs. Eric Dunphy with about a dozen at their table. At the Launceston Hotel I saw a number of gay diners who later   went on to the ball.  

* * * *  


of York St., Laun- ceston, has been elected presi- dent of the women's committee of the Launceston Church Grammar School. The position was held by her mother-in-law, Mrs. A. C. Ferrall, for a number of years. A week or so ago Mr. R. A. Ferrall was elected chair- man of the Grammar School  


* * * *.  

HOLIDAY in Hobart

ahead of Mrs. David

Barratt, of Bifrons Court, Launceston. Mrs. Barratt plans to come South next week.  

MR. and Mrs. W. Whit- ford, of Franklin,   gave a small dinner party at Wrest Point Hotel last week. The party was a double celebra- tion, the engagement of their son Geoff to Shirley Badenach, of Sandy Bay, and Geoff's birth- day. Later guests went to sup- per at the home of Geoff's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. R.

W. Connor.

* * * *  

PRE - WEDDING   party at Wrest Point  

Hotel on Saturday was given in honour of Nancy Hollick, of Ho- bart, by a number of her friends. Nancy will marry Alexander Dvoretsky at St. David's Cathedral on November 16. Her sister, Thelma, will be  


* * * *  

TO mark their wedding

anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Alan Jarvis, of Launces- ton, were host and hostess at a small dinner party at the Brisbane Hotel on Saturday. About half a dozen of their   friends helped them to cele-   brate.        


daughter of the Governor (Sir Ronald Cross) and Lady Cross, was a guest at the Southern Country Bache-

lors' Ball at the Town Hall on Tuesday night. About 300 people from many parts of the State attended, and some lovely gowns were worn. Mrs. G. Goward was an attractive fig- ure in a lilac satin brocade gown with shoe-string shoulder straps and violet velvet sash. Diana Seddon's unusual gown of black velvet had a neckline edged with white fur. A youth- ful and attractive dancer was Jennifer Tapping, whose moire taffeta frock was of the palest shade of lemon. The unusual bodice left one shoulder bare.

* * * *

NOVEMBER 24 is the date set for the mar-  

riage of Pat Goodfellow, of Hobart, and Roy Collins, of Cooee. The wedding will take place at St. Peter's Church, Sandy Bay. Pat's three brides- maids will be her sister, Helen, Pat Turner, and Mary Hay — all old scholars of Collegiate School. Pat and Roy will live in Hobart after their marriage.


K. SHOOBRIDGE, of Launceston, are home again after a short holiday in the South. They stayed with friends in Hobart and were the guests of Dr. Shoobridge's parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. Shoobridge, at Coniston, Glenora.

* * * *  

HOME again after  

three weeks or so in Melbourne, is Mrs. J. L. Grove, of York St., Launceston. Mrs. Grove was the guest of her brother and sister-in-law, Dr. and Mrs. K. E. Rex, and of Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Bell.

* * * *    

AFTER several months

abroad Mrs. Percy   Keach, of Bluegong, Cressy, re- turned home at the weekend.   Mrs. Keach visited Europe and


* * * *  

STAYING at Highfield

Hotel, Hobart, are Mrs. L. R. Hill, of Melbourne, and her daughter, Miss J. Hill. They are accompanied by Miss L. Hill, of South Yarra (V.).