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THE arts and crafts exhibited by new Australians  

would help Tasmanians to understand the new  

settlers, Lady Cross said when opening the exhibi- tion at the Royal Hobart Show yesterday.

"They bring with them their own special know- ledge, learned in their own countries at their mothers' knees,'! she said.

"We mothers will look round this exhibition with very great interest.

"I feel that our know- ledge will be greatly en- riched by. learning about these arts and crafts.

"I am told that they are not done by any particular experts, but by everyday

men and women.

"This exhibition is of enormous value in' giving us a picture of the coun- tries from which these people come.

"It seems necessary that

we should do what we can.

to help one another; that we should have a great   understanding of these new members of our family.

"No doubt they appre- ciate very greatly that

they: have been asked to.   show their work.  

"I want to congratulate"   the organisers of the exhibition."

Lady Cross, the Minister    

for Immigration (Mr. Hand), and the chairman of the State Arts Committee   (Mr. E. J. McCann)   were visibly embarrassed by the effort to make themselves heard above the broadcast judging results, which re-echoed  

through the pavilion hous- ing the exhibition.


Mrs. N. Denysenko and   her son Leonid, formerly   of the Ukraine,       displaying samples of   intricate work in traditional   designs at the    

exhibition by new   Australians at the Royal     Hobart Show yesterday.