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Man Slept Through

Car Crash

A CAR careered 50ft.

down a road, crash- ed through a picket fence, and dropped six feet on to the front verandah of a dwelling at 310 Liverpool St. early yesterday morn- ing without waking the


The crash followed a collision between two cars at the intersection of Molle and Liverpool Streets about 1.10 a.m.

The driver of the car which crashed through the fence, Mr. P. E. Thurley, of 13 Jordan Hill Rd., West Hobart, was taken to hos- pital for treatment, but was allowed to leave later. Mr. H. K. Bartells, the other driver, was unhurt.

The car hit the fence with such force that sev- eral pickets were flung on to the roof of the house. It then smashed its way on to the verandah, break- ing several windows, and splintering the woodwork of the doorframe, block- ing the entrance.

However, when the police arrived about 10 minutes later, the occupant of the house was still asleep, with only a faint recollection of any unusual sound.

A spare wheel from Thurley's car was torn loose by the impact, and hurled across the road against the wall of a shop. Both vehicles were damag- ed extensively.

Below: Thurley's car as it

came to rest after the smash.