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Mr. Chifley, the Federal Labour «i leader, wlu> died suddenly in Can-

berra last night.'

CANBERRA, Wed. - Mr. Joseph ? Benedict Chifley, Leader oí

the Federal Opposition, and former Labour Primé Minister, died suddenly at 10.45 tonight following a heart attack. He

was 66.

Mr. Chifley died in an ambulance on the way to the Canberra Community Hospital, after he had col- lapsed in his room at the Hotel Kurrajong.

Mr. Chifley, at first made light of the sudden heart attack, and attempted to dissuade his typist : (Miss Donnelly),,who was making

him a cup of tea, from calling a


As his condition deteriorated, however, Miss Donnelly took matters

into her own hands and called Dr. John Holt, who ordered Mr. Chif ley's immediate removal to hospital.

Mr. Chifley was dead when he was examined by the medical superintendent of the hospital (Dr. Olver),

On hearing the news of Mr. Chifley's collapse, several Labour members, including the. Deputy Leader of the Opposition (Dr. Evatt),

the Leader-of thé Opposition in the Senate (Senator McKenna) and Others rushed to the hospital, but Mr. ; Chifley was dead before they

could see him.

Mr. O'Connor (Lab., N.S.W.) com- municated with a Roman Catholic priest who administered the last


"Fine Australian"

Immediately the news was receiv- ed at Parliament House, the State. Jubilee Ball in progress in the King's

Hall was terminated. ' "

At 11.50 p.m. guests crowded round the Prime Minister (Mr. Menzies) to hear him say : "It is my very sor-, rowful duty during this celebration tonight to tell you. that Mr. Chifley

has died.

"I don't want to try to talk about him because, although we were political opponents, he was a friend of mine and yours and a

fine Australian.

"You will all agree that in the circumstances the festivities should


"It doesn't matter about party politics on ari occasion like this.

I "Oddly enough, in Parliament we

got on very well. Sometimes we find we have the warmest friendships among peoplè whose politics are not


"Mr. Chifley served this country magnificently for years."

The Governor-General (Mr. Mc Kell), immediately upon hearing of Mr. Chifley's dèàtih, placed his air- craft flight at the disposal of Mrs. Chifley and relatives. .

Mr. Chifley will be given a State I funeral at Bathurst.

"Died In Service" I MELBOURNE, Wed. - Expressing

I profound regret at Mr. Chifley's death tonight, the Federal secretary 1 of the A.L.P. (Mr. P. J. Kenneally)

said: "I have worked in the Labour movement for 30 years, but there is no man I have grown to honour more. No man cared so little about himself, and yet so much for the principles of the party which was part pf his life. . . .,:

"It can be truly : . . Chifley, as it w»»- ,' ,

John Cúrti;», A ">3 >v £t £«'-?? service of ihw v. '.,

SYDNEY, ' v' ... \>.i^^'-*ÏK Labour and . u\-de i^s'^ii'vy&wemeut in Sydney were drably', shocked -.'bj the news of Mr. Chifley's'' death.

Some close associates said he was apparently in the very best ol health when he addressed the A.L.P conference in Sj'dney on Sunday.

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