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FOR' THE SICK AND WOUNDED. WESTERH AUSTRALIA DAY. ENCOURAGING. RETURNS. ESTIMATE TO DATE £38,013. Tl'e latest returns of collections in coun try\centres, and statements showing the position of the Perth City Fund and the motor car art union, received by Mr. A. W. Pike, gcnetal secretary of the Western Australia Day movement, bring the esti mate of receipts assured to date to £38,013. The following list shows returns received during the week end, and gives a statement of the estimated receipts to'date, so far as they can be judged by the advicea to hand:--Kalgoorlie, £2,400; Dardanup, £160 (additional); Avon Roads Board, £59: Ku kerin, £50: Cue-Day Dawn Roads Board, £500- Cuballing, £136; Latham, £30; Kwollyin, £28; . Pingelly, £24: Baan doe, £25; Grass Valley, £55; Cor inthian, £87;' Wongan Hills, £135; Coolup, £36. South Perth, £30 (additional); Mid land Junction, £100; West Australian Bowling Association. £204: Mount Magnet, £200 (additional); total, £4,259; list No. 5 carried forward, £22.508: total, £26,767: Perth. City Fund, £10,971; motor. car art anion, £27E5; grand total, £35,013. THE GENERAL FUND. The hon. treasurer for the State executive committee (Mr. C. E. Harrison) desires to acknowledge the following contributions: £ s.'d. Previously acknowledged .. .. 6,744 5 11 Latham Effort per Farmers and T Settlers' Association .. 30 2 8 Proceeds of Social and Dance and Jumble Sale, per W. Mor Sley Kwolyinn ....... 28 4 6 Pingelly Effort ........ . 24 5 2 Katanning Effort .... .. 9 19 6 Balingup Effort .. . 14 17 6 H. T. Han'sen and household, Kurrenkutten .......... 1 5 0 Baandee Effort .......... 25 0 0 Corinthian Effort .... ...... 87 6 10 Grass Valley Effort ....... . 55 0 0 / Avon Roads Board Effort .. .. 517 5 3 Wongan Hill Effort .. .. .. 135 7 3 Busselton Effort ......... 270 16 3 Mrs. Doris Martin, Bellevue (sale of cushion) ............ 14 2 6 Goolup Effort .. ........... 3 0 0 eubiaco Effort (1st instalment) .. 500 0 0 Kukerin Committee .. ...... 50 14 6 Princess Coat Art Union .. .. 11 2 0 Drakesbrook Road Board.... 98 16 9 Western Australian Bowling As sociation ........ .. .. 204 18 9 " Total .. .. .. . . .. £8.859 10 4 Mr. Harrison writes under date August 1:-'In acknowledging list of -contributions received up to August 7. I have included two items, viz., £87 6s. 10d., being Corinthian effort, and £14 2s. 6d. gross proceeds from rale of cushion painted by Doris Martin, 13ellevue. I have been requested to arrange or the amounts to be shown inl detail and therefore forward particulars herewith: "Proceeds from sale of cushion painted by Doris Martin. Bellevue Hotel, Bellevue: Messrs. Robert Perry, Evans and Smith, and J. R. Martin, 30s, each; T. Lange, J. Woods. 20s. .each: Bantock, Baker Bros., Beecroft. Ham Bros., Je'nnings, Warren Marwick, W. Neil, Oats. Woods, Walder, and H. Yates, 10s. each; Stan Bowcock, purchased for 20s.; resold and repurchased at 22s. 6d.; total. £14 2s. 6d. - "Corinthian Contribution.-R. Williamson, £3 3s.; Corinthian Workers' Club ahd W. J. Creer, £2 2s. each, £4 4s.: J. H. Lemon, £2: W. Brigham, £1 2s. 10d.: S: B. White, £1 2SI. 7d.: J. V. Miles, S. Yoxall, Mrs. Scott, and C. Taylor, £1 is. each, £4 4s.; M. Mullany, G. Vickery, and R. Parkinson, £1 each, £3: A. Debnam, H. Michaelis, and W. Williams, 18s. 10d. each, £2 16s. 6d.; E. Ginby, 18s. 4d.; C. Chessell, W. H. Cor nish, J. Mullane. and W. Hunkin. 16s. 8d. each, £3 6s. 8d.: J. . Vipont and .1. Wil liams, 16s. 3d. each, £1 12". 6d.: H. Cousins, G. Miller, E. J. Keys, M. Broadhent, G. Farmer, F. Chadd, T. King. C. Carpenter, W. F. Muir. W. Brown, O. Hanson. P. Ramsden. T. Wright and P. W. Smith, 15s. each, £10 10s.; R. H. Stopher; 14s. 3d.: T. Benson. F. Pennefatl'lr, J. Priestly, E. Gaffney. S. Parkes, A. Birt, G. Walters, J. Silva, J. Contessi and J. Morton, 13s. 4d. dach, £6 13s. 4d.: E. B. Hilditch and C. Maitinson. 12s. 6d. each. £1 5s.; J. W. Cooper and H. Mullins. 12s. each, £1 4E-; H. Cooper. P. Berminghamn, F. C. Wilson, A. Lang, H. Hart. C. Torke'son. C. Vilk son, K. McLean, A. H. Cousins, M. Griffen, F. Hart. H. Lyons. R. Northl, F. Peduzzi, C. Hamming. W. Jenkins, W. Groves, W. Harwood. H. Lennon. and J. Scothern. 11s. 8d. each, £11 13s. 4d.; 0. Baxter, 11s. 6d.; S. Gagetti, G. Strecker. H. Lindley, G. Goscatti, J. O'Connor, and H. Groom, 11s. each, £3 6s.: J. Donnellan. Mrs. Buckham, and Mrs. lkigham, 10s. 6d. each. £1 1?s. 6d.; P. Cradlcy and A. Walker. 10s. each; £1; W. P. Dunstan, Bs. dl.: Mrs. William son, 8s.; Mrs. Jack and G. Giocameilli, 5s. each, 10s.; Horowitz and Sons, 4s.; pro ceers from art union of field glasses pre aented by W Jones, £10; proceeds from sale of case of wine presented by Seppedta

and Co., £5 8a.; proceeds from basket social and dance, £4 9s. total, £87 6s. 10d.. Forwarded to the executive for distribution, Wilson's Stores, 1 box cigarettes; F. E. West, 1 box cigarettes." "Please also amend entry in your edition of 7th inst., £78 1~2 8£d. to read 'Arma dale" effort." The item "Armadi .effort, £78 12e. 8.," published .on Saturday in the general fund receipts,-should have-read "Armadale effort, £78 12e. 8d." CORRESPONDENCE. To the Editor. Mr. A. W. Pike, han. secretary of the Western Australia Day movement, writes: -In order to allay a little feeling be tween Dangin and Quairading, towns m the Avon Roads Board district I wopld like to point out that the Aton Roads Board con tributions to the Western Australia Day Fund are expected to reach £559. The cre dit has been previously given to Dangin which, as above s4sted, is oply a town in the district. " PERTH CITY FUND. The treasurer-(Mr. H. G. Jefreson, 49 S. Gseoge's-terrace)-of the Perth Ietro politan Committees has received the follow ing amounts towards the Western Australia Day Fund: Through Metropolitan Committee Previol sly acknowledged .. £1,435 19 4. C.S. . 1 00 Maddirgton "Committee per R. Cowen ........ 37 8 3 Through Central Committee Previoraly acknowledged .. 4,765 0 82 Staffs of Life, Fire, and -)- Accident Insurance Com Spanies, Perth ........ 132 5 7 Staff Gascoyne Meat Com pany ..- ......... 7 4 5 Gascoyle Meat Conmpany . 7 4 5 Throiugh West Ward Committee Prev;ously acknowledgdd .. 182 14 10 Charles-street Methodist Sunday School .. .. 0 15 10 Monste: Auction Previously acknowledged,.. 843 13 7A Goods sent to G P. Ho bart and Co. Goods from W.A. Cabi net Works, Maylands, £3; goods from Measrs. Meyor and Orr, 13s... 3 13 0 Through Street Collections Previously acknowledged .. 1,090 4 9 Hedgw"ood and Thcmpson . 1 1 6 All British Association .. 0 3 0 Through East Ward. Leeder ville Ward North. Ward, North Perth (No. 6), South Ward Committees . 2,393 5 81 Grand total ...... £10,901 14 11) Correction.-In the issue of August 3 Mrs. Mills was credited with 15s. Under list No. 426 in error; the name should have been Mrs. Stayt. FREMANTLE. The hon. secretary (Mr. H. Wilkinson) sublmits the following further progress re port in connection with the Fremantle effort: £ s.d. Previously acknowledged .... 1,704 7 2 Special asction, Princess Theatre, conduced by John Twinem- . Kangareoo presented and pu - chased by W. Mills.. .. 19 0 0 Truck of coal presented by R. J. Lynn, Ltd., purchased by Baker Bros ..... .. 4 10 0 Henry Briggs, M.L.C., hat presented and purchased .. 5 0 0 A. F Collyer, watch presented add purchased ........ 3 3 0 Rev. R. Banlin, copper plaque "Victory," - presented and purchased .......... 2 2 0 Dr. Williams, piece embroidery' presented and sold four times for .......... 2 1 0 F. J. McLaren, picture "Long Live the King," sold for .. 1 0 0 Books sold for .. .. .... .. 1 1 0 Miscellaneous .. .. .. .. .. 0 12 0 Pally Clerks Union .. .. .. 0 17 3 Engineers ss.. Katoomba .. .. 10 16 0 Fremantle employees Paterson and Co., Ltd- .......... 7 0 3 Employees Bradshaw, Ltd. .. 12 5 0 Miss Gash, donation .. .. 2 0 0 Further proceeds auction .. .. 12 6 0 Total .. .. ...... ..£1,788 0 8 ART UNION. Tihe oil paintings prcsented by Miss L. Anderson, the proceeds of which are to go towards comforts for the Westert Aastra lia3 wornded soldiers, and realised £20. were drawn at Brennan Bros. on Saturday, the lucky winner being Miss Alcock, of Dangan?street (No. 100). Miss Anderson wishes to think Messrs. Sands and Mac Dougall for the printing of 400 tickets, and Messrs. Brennan Bras. an4c Wasloy iros. for exhibiting them, and the many who assisted in the sale of tickets RESULT OF PRODUCE SALES. Many country dorcrs of goods for sale for the Sick and Wounded Soldiers' Fund are desirous of knowing what prices their gifts realised. Mr. John Rbinsn and

Foreman Jones, who undertook the receipt .and disposal of the goods, desire it to be known that it is impossible to furnish a detailed list of the paces realised, bat they assure the contributors of produce, poultry, etc., that everything sent was sold at quite 25 per cent. above market rates. The re salt, as anosunced in Pridy's I ' was £233 10s. 4d., which was handed to th secretary of the fp?nd on Thursday by Mr. Robinson OSBORNE PARK. The n eeting of the concert committee and the Western Australia Day committee took place on Wednesday evening last Mr. W. G. Edwards presided, and, owing to the inclemency of the weather, there was only a small attendance. The secretary reported thas he was unable to give' the final resplt of the concert, owing to the' tickets not ?eing all in. The sale of prodao and live stock at the Producers' Markets, he had been told, brought £11 3s, and it had been forwarded to the Rev. G. B. Wheatley. He had been unable to get a detailed state. ment, but he would endeavour to see the manager, and get it for the committee. He could not say whether the articles sent to the Town Hall had bets sold or not, as the secretary of the auction habed not the com pleto lets yet. The cash collections had been ,increased by Mr. E. Guthrie's col lection, £3; Mr. Harry Haines's auction of a few fowls, £1 5s.: Mr. J. S. Collins, 12s. 6d.; Mr. W. Rail, 10s. 6d.; making-a total of cash collected, £52 7s. 11d. JANDAKOT. Owing to the inclenent weather the aeution sale in aid of the Western Aus tralia Day Fund which Was to have been held in the Jaidakot Agricultural Hall on the 31st ult., has been postponed until Saturday, August 14 yURRIN MURRIN. Residents of Murrin Murrin and Eala minna raised £150 for the wounded soldiers' fund by means of a euchre party and col lections. GRASS VALLEY. On Western Australia Day a house-to house canvasy was made, and in the even ing a euchre party and'dance followed, to augment the tunds. Taking ito considera tion the inclemency of the weather and the fact that only a short time had elapsed since a vigorous and highly successful can vass of the district was carried out on be half of the Belgian Fund, the response was extremely gratifying--the funds benefiting to the extent of £55. An enjoyable even ing was spent, keen interest being taken in the euchre tournament. The valuable and well-choses prizes were kindly present ed by Mrs. F. R. Walsh, of Longfield. The winner of the ladies' prize, a silver photo frame suitably inscribed, was Miss May Thackrah. The tobacco-pouch fell I to the lot of Mr. Butler. In distributing the prizes, the honorary secretary (Mrs. O'Brien) congratulated the winners, and alluded to the duty of all to give goner cusly and persevere in their efforts for the financial support of the Red Cross Society. Mr. Weight submittdd the various articles for sale. T+ riefreshmcnts were dispensed by a band of willing workers. In connec tion with the preparation of the grain shed, generously lent by Mr. F. Rowe, Messrs. Simpso3l. Douglas, Matthews, and Dufall, and Master Havelock Weight, again proved that no task is too arduous for them when the cause is a worthy one. Subjoined are the receipts and expendi-I ture:-Per Miss Martin (List A), £8; per Mesdames Breeze and Rourke (List B). £7 9s.; per Mrs. J. Mathews, £5 15s.; per Mliss Sermon, £14 16s.: drawing of cishion (No. 1), £1 is.; drawing of cushion (No. 2; £1 2s.; drawing of cushien (No. 3), £1 9s.: drawing of cushion (No. 4), £1 is.; sale of fowls, £1 17s. Gd.: sale of wheat, £1: sale of chaff, £1 2s. 6d.: sale of butter, 7s. 6d.; sale of mystery, 5s.; sale of door. £4 2s.; Red Cross box, £1 5s.; sale of tickets (Miss Thackrah), 15s.; sale of tickets (Mrs. Weight), £1 9s.; per Mrs. Christmas (List E), £1 Gs.: per Mrs. Martin (supplementary list), £1; Baby Millinchr, Ss.; Miss.Thack rah ('supplementary), 8s. 6d.; total, £55 16s.; less expenditure, '16s.; net result, £55. GREENBUSHES. A semni-final meeting of the Western Aus tralia Day committee was held on Tuesday night last, when it was determined to close the fund. The total amount for the district, including Mr. F. A. Moss's collec tion of £50, and that by the timber mill residents, per Messrs. P. Colston and A. Hayles, of £24 17s., promises to net nearly £340. QUAIRADING. Although Tuesday evening last was very wet and uninviting, a large meeting was held in the local hall to receive the report and balance sheet of the Western Aus tralia Day effort made under the anspice of the Avon Roads Board, in which are in cluded Dangin and Quairading, as the main centres, and several smaller sub-centres. Mr. T. Richards (chairman of the Roads Board), presided. The balance sheet, al ;though .incomplite, -evealed a veritable tribute to the generosity of the residents I of these districts, especially when the dis astrous crop failure of the past year is I taken into onsideration. and

Quairading each worked with their sur rounding districts to the. same end, and the returns trom these places were £280 a;.d £264 respr-ct'vely toltallmng £44 ap proximately, and as about £12 to £14 will be'added to the Quairading total, the finral total should be about £560. So far as the Quairading effort itself is concerned, a special meed of praise is due to -Mr., J. B. Harris, the local se?retary, whose indefati gable efforts and enthusiasm couited large ly m ensuring success. Mr. A. B. Gilletti made a sldefdid auctioneer, and materially added to ,he final result. The ladies bore their full share in the arduous work in volved, pnd Mrs. Ashworth especially is to be commanded for good work unselfishly performed. _' " BROOK'TION. On the night of the 30th ult. a success ful auction sale was conducted by Mr. Roy C.awford, in aid of the Sick and Wounded Soldiers' Fund. The lots submitted in cluded horses, sheep pigs, poultry, cereals, and vegetables o. all kinds, for which the bidding was very spirited. A social, which was well attended, followed. As a result of the effort, it is expected that £300 will he forwarded to the eaecutive in Perth. PINGELLY. i A most successful Western Australia Day effort took place on Friday, July 30, in aid of the Sick and Wounded'Soldiers' Fund, when aun ation sale of gifts, comprising bags of chaff wheat and oats. poultry, cakes. and titer goods, took place. The auction was preceded by a procession of de onrated vehicles and individuals in fancy dress, and proved, owing to the many parti' cipants, an elaborato and picturesque affair. The brass band, all uniformed, led the way, playing patriotic airs: Mr. F. Phillips act ing as staffbearer. Then came Mr. R. J. Poarson's nicely decorated car, the owner wearing a garrison artilleryman's uniform and acting as aide-de-eamp to Mr. W, If. Perrin, who acted as "governor" for the day. Behind were seated two "Gollywogs" in the persons of Messrs. R. H. J. Camm and A. B, Robinson. This car was fol lowed by some 14 motor cars, all more or less decorated to represent Britain and her Allies. Mr. Barrow's car was decked out to represent. an' Australian submarinri, whilst Mr. McBurney's car represented H.M.A.S. Sydney. Mr. Walker's car car ried the Belgian colours, and little Eileen Langley looked a pretty picture seated in her father's car dressed as "Britannia." The best dressed car was that belonging to and driven by Mr. W. E. Brownless. This contained profuse decorations of red, white and blue. with the Allies' colours in frgnt, large flags at each corner, and with large pictures of King George adld Queen Mary in front, underneath being displayed a pic ture of an Australian soldier over the words "For Freedom." Some excellent drawings of guns and munitions were cleverly exe cuted on each side by Miss Phyllis Brown less. After the cars the school children fol lowed, persons in fancy dress attending. During the procession the streets were crowded with sightseers, who came from the surrounding district. After a fancy dress football match had been contested, an adjournment was made to the exhibit shed, when an auction sale of gifts was conduct ed, the bidding being very spirited. In the evening a concert, which was largely attended, was held in the institute, when an excellent - programme was contributed by the Glee Club, the Misses Ivy Sewell and Brenda Smith, Miss Ward, Dr. W. J. Lang ley, Miss Madge Thompson. Miss Waldeck, Messrs. H. Permain R. Little. Spashett, A. B. Robinson, and R. Camim, Mr. Parker, Miss 'Monger, the'Misses Beryl Rewell and Kathleen White, and Miss Ward. Miss Ivy Sewell acted as accompanist to the Glee Club, and Mr. H. Permain was the conduc: tor. The duties of accompanist to other contributions were performed by the Misses Ivy Sewell and lrenda Smith. It is ex pected that as a result of the effort on Western Australia Day the proceeds will reach £350. CLACKLINE. The social and sale of gifts in aid of the Western Australia Day Fund organised by the scholars of Clackline School, and sup ported by the local progress asspciatiou, proved to be the most successful affair in Clackline. The people from'far and near, in addition to sending valuable gifts, came, armed with silver bullets, which they fired off in quite a reckless and patriotic fashion. Among those who contributed largely to the success of the undertaking were the school children's committee--Masters C. Grant E. Jones. and L. Mclvcr. and Messrs. Bloomfield. Hoy and Sinclair. The total proceeds amounted to £22 Is. 8d. In appreciation of the efforts of the school children Mesdames West and Hughes do nated a cheque for 10s. to the school fund. The followine is the list of donations: Mr. Grant Muscovy drake and prize Buff Orpington rooster; Mr. Head, pair White Leghorn fowls; Mr. Jones. block of butter and live sheep: Mr. Sinclair long-tailed lamb: Mr R. Kimberly, fat* goose; Mr. Crogan, pair White Leghorn fowls; ,Miss Wilding, one photograph frame and six dozen lemons; Miss Bloomfield, table cen tye and two collars; Mrs. Mclver antima aessar and half a sheep; Mrs. Mclnerney, table centre and baby's bonnet: Mrs. Letch, pair of prize White Leghorn fowls; Miss M. Durnin. baby's crochet coat; Mr. Piase, case of oranges; Mrs. E. Kimberley, break fast crust and cushion; Miss M. Friend, three d'o ygp; ]Mrf Dunmn, ceshioa; Mr.

B. Smith bag of wheat; Mr. Georgy, par eel of oandles; Mrs.. Shaw pair of Mus covy ducks; Mr. August, rooster; Mrs. F. Smith, cushion cover and two table centres; Mr. Blincowe, pumpkins; Mr. E. Playle, two dozen oranges; Mrs. Trask. box of non fectionery; Mrs. Sinclair, box of violet plants; Bert Sinclair, floral red cros; Keith Sinclair, parcel of rhubarb: Mr. Donald, Muscovy drake, two ducks, and Kelpie femalo dog; Mr. J. Murray, pair Indian Runner ducks; :Mrs. G. Lam?,b three White Leghorn fowls; Mrs. J. Kimberly, case of oranges; Mr. A. Hunter, basket of mranges; Mr. G. Crduch, mouth organ; Mrs. Bloom field, rooster; Mrs. Sam. Playle child's pinafore; Mrs. and Miss R. Smith. baby's bonnet and one child's petticoat; Mr. Sam. Playle two dozen oranges; Mrs. Ar. Playle, pillow and bag almonds; Miss Smith,-par col of lollies; Mrs. Thompson, collar box and scent bottles, brush and comr; bags; An. Jones, buttonholes; Mrs. Friend, parcel of cabbage; Mr. A. Goates, 5s. CUNDERDIN. Fortunately the only line afternoon of the week fell or Australia Day, and a success ful sports gathering was held. The spec tators had plenty of amusement and con tributed well towards.the funds. A fancy dress football match was followed by. a tug of war "Townies v. Cockies," which caused great excitement. After a very even pull for 15 minutes the farmers showed their superiority in muscle by gaining a slight advantage. The losing team paid a shilling a head into the fund. Various other sports were indulged in until the auction sale was commenced, when the gifts of the residents were disposed of at a very fair price. A feature of the afternoon was the afternoon tea provided at a reasonable cost by the ladies under the leadership of Mrs. MgKie. In the bvening a social was held which considerably augmented the total proceeds. Musical items were render ed by Mrs. Disher, Mrs. Smith, Mr.' 0. Glidden, and the school children, and numerous sideshows contributed to the en joyment of thd evening and to the swelling of the funds. The result of the day finan cially was the iaisiig of over £100, which will be slightly increased when all the money has been collected. BMECKERING. On Western Australia Day fine weather prevailed at Meckering. A large crowd wit nessed the procession in fancy dress through the town. Sports were held in the after noon on the reserve. In the evening the hall was crowded when the Messrs. Choncy auctioned the goods donated to the fund. The net proceeds of the day will total some where about £350. TRAYNING. Thouglhthe day proved the wettest and stormiest of the winter, a large number of people turned out to attend the concert and dance, and so enthusiastic and patriotic was everyone that the fund will benefit by about £60, including £12 already forwarded. Messrs. Bean Bros.' and B. Mercer's dona tions were much appreciated. SMITH'S MILL. The efforts of the people of Smith's Mill in aid of the sick and wounded soldbrs re suited in a sum of £60 6s. 9¢d. being added to the funds. It is made up as follows: Sale of gifts on July 24, £44 10s. 3d.; col lected by children on Australia Day, £3 16s. 0d.; donations by "Sympathiser," £3 3s.: "Gaba Tope," £1 Is.; S. Kerr, £1 is.; Phil Coyle, 10s.; employees Statham's brick yard, £1 12s. 6d.; Church of England Sun day School, £1 Is.; Baptist Church, £4 7s. 68.; total, £61 2s. 31d, less 15s. 6d. ex penses. The Girls' Friendly Society are now organising a grand concert tp be held at an early date, the proceeds of which are to be donated to the same fund. SPEARWOOD. The concert and auction held at Spear wood recently in aid of the Western Australia Day Fund realised over £40. The final returns are not yet to hand, but so far £42 has been paid in to the Roads Board secretary. The weather was too rough to enable the performers engaged to jour ney to Spearwood, but Mr. and Mrs. Lea Bolt and Baby Smith, with local talent, contributed a short programme. The chair man, Mr. J. F. Allen, M.L.C., delivered a short address on Florence Nightingale, and Mr. W. A. Murphy conducted the auction sale, which included in the 100 lots sub mitted a frunit dish purchased at a similar auction held in Cork City after the Franco Pru. ian war. In addition to a cheque for £10, Mr. Winm. Watson was thq largest pur chaser at the sale. Mr. J. Dowse with Mr. H. Hockley (secretary) and Miss Fol lington in charge of the ladies' committee are to he congratulated on the success of the effort. VICTORIA PLAINS. The Victoria Plains Roads Board district contributions to the Western Australian Day Fund are as follow:--Collected by C. K. Davidson: C. K. Davidson, £5; Miss Eileen Davidson, Se.; Miss Grace Jones. S; Mr. Dean, 5s.; H. Anderson, 5s.; F. Gerhard, 10s.; Miss H. Hunt, 10s.; Mrs. Hunt, 5s.; J. Hunt. 10s.; Miss M. Hunt, 10s.; Master Y. P. Davidson, 5s.; J. Longman, 10s.; B. Clune, 10s.; W. Hunt, 10s.; tota, £10. Collected by B. P. La ian: Very kx.

Robert Bas, ?0 B. for the Benediction Community, New Norcia, St. Ildephonus' College, £10; Marist Brothers, £5 5s.; Stu dents, £6; Employees, £2; St. Gertrude's College, £4 13s.; L. Breverton, £1 is.; R. P. Lanigan, £1; J. P. Lanigan, 5s.; An drew Lanigan, 5s.; B. Molinari, 2s. 6d.; H. Lee, 10s.; J. T. Butler, £1 ls.; G. Maf fezzini, 2s.; C. Pellessior, 2s.; R. Maher, 5s.; Dr. T. Wilson. £1 is.; H. W. Watt, 5s.; H. R. Byrne, 2s. 6d.; T. Clarke, 2s. 6d.; J. Harvey, 2s. 6d.; J. Thompson, 5s.; J. Casellar, 6s.; J. Moloney, 5s.; total, £35. Collected by J. McM. Clune: J. Clune, 'sen., £2; J. McM. Clune, £1 is.; J. J. Clime, 10s.; A. P?ul, 10s.; R. Woods, 10s.; J. Murphy 8s. Gd.; M. Murphy, 59.; Mrs. Atkinson, s. ; T. Fleming, 5s.; pro ceeds of cushion drawn for, £3 4e.; total, £8 i8s. 6d. Collected by J. P. Lanigan: Robert Falconer, £100; proceeds of euchre tournament and dance at Victoria Plains Hall, £6 16s. 9d.; total, £106 16s. 9d. Collected by A. C. Norwood: A. C. Nor wood, £1 Is.; F. Groves. 10s.; T. Groves, 9s. 6d.; C. R. Russell, £1 is.; H. P. Hal-, ligan, 10s.; J. H. Longman, 5s.; H. Long man. 5e.; J. Halligan, 10s.; R. Hobart, 10s. 6d.; W. S. Mott, £1 Is.; J. J. Nor wood, 5s.; H. Norpwood. 5s.; G. Norwood, 5s.; J. J. Essex, 10s. 2d.; W. Halligan, 10s.; total. £7 18s. 2d. Collected by A. H. Edlin: A. H. Edlin,-'£2 W. Roach, £1; Miss J. Longman, 5s.; R. Powell, £1; H. Hunt. £1; M. Connelly, £1; W. Connelly, £1; E. P. Decent, £1; J. F. Broker, £1; D. Baker, £ P. Hunt, 10s.; D. McIn tosh, £1 2s. 6 ; D. Hunt, 2s. 6d.: after noon tea Marb'ro football, 10s. 9d.: F. lIhnt, 5s.; total. £11 15s. 9d, Collected by J. H. Davies: J. H. Davies, 10s. 6d.; R. F. Whybourne, 10s. 6d.: W. Read, 2s. &L; J. Purser. 4s.; A. Medlands, 2s. 6d.: M. Lanigan, £1; J. Purser, 5s.; total, £2 15s. Collected by Mr. C. E. Chitty: J. Groves, 5s.; Mrs. J. Groves, 2s. 6d.; C. 'Norman, 5s.: H. McKenzie, 5s.; A'. White, is.: C. E. Chitty, 5s-; total, £1 3s. 6d. Collected by Mr. P. Rassmussen: P. Rams mussn. £1; Miss Montgomery, 2s. 6d.; C. Thompson, 5s; T. Hillier, 5s.; T. Kelly, 5s.; V. McClemans. 2s. 6d.: D. Bandy, 3s.; W. H. Kelly, 5s.: B. J. Kelly, Ss.; J. J.. Clune, 5s.; E. J. Parsons, 5s.; T. Ma, loney, 5s; H. Powell, 5s.: total, £3 18s. Collected by Mr. J. S. Twine: J. S. Twine, £1; Mrs. J. S. Twine. £1; W. Smith, 10s.: F. Lonergan, 10s.; total, £3 2e. BOnYUP BROOK. The Red Cross ball held in Boyup Brook on July 30 was a great success (writes a e~rtespondent). The hall was beautifully decorated with the handsome flags recently presented to the committee by Mr. Wilfred Lee Steere. Dancing was begun at 8.33 p.m. and continued until the early hoeus of the morning: Mr. Sangster officiated as M.C., and the music was supplied by Messr.. Mants, Smith, and Shields. Several musi cal items *nd tecitations were rendered during the esening by Mesdames J. A. Moore and Su;-th. Miss M. Leo Stecre, and Messrs. Grewes, Kaufman, and Katerick. The nail-driving competition for ladies and! the hat-trimming contest !or genalemoe provided much amusement. The former was won by Miss M. Lee Steere, and the' latter by Mr. W. Inglis. The prizes ware donated by Mesdames Wright, Perks. Lan caster and the school teacaier&of Diuni nup. Gifts for art unions were given by Mesdames Tilly, Knapp, and Wright, Miss Hutchinson, and Mr. Durell. Great praise is due to little Miss Nora Graham for her energetic efforts in disposing by art union of the doll presented by Mrs. Wright, and dressed by Mrs. Willoughby; also to Mas ter Everard Lee Steere. who did so well with his collection box. The National An them was sung by the whole company be fore sitting down to an excellent supper provided by the ladies of the district. A great meed of praise is dae to Nr. Wikht,

the organiser, who, ever since the day for raising funds was announced through the Press by his Excellency the Governor, had been untiring in her efforts to make the affair a success: It must have been very gratifying to Mrs.'Wright to hear the ring ing cheers which were given when the cairman (M. W. Hack) announced that the fund would benefit to the extent of £58 19s. 5d. M.s. Wright was ably asa sisted during the even?ng by a strong working committee consisting of Mesdames Knapp Perks, Moore, Blechynden, Lancas ter, Lee Steere, Mises Abel and Stanton, and Messrs. Treloar, Abel, Roche, Blechyn den, Lancaster, Wright, and Durell. It was agreed on all sides that it ,was the most successful ball over held in the' dis trict. MIDLAND JUNICION. The auction sale of gifts at Midland Junction in aid of Western Australia Day was conducted in the local Town Hall os0 Friday night and Satuaday-morning. It resulted in a return of upwards of £121, while the collectors' lists show in addition an amount of approximately £60 to date. There are still other lists to be returned For the auction sale Messrs. P. Sampson and J. de B. Morrison gave their services, and Mrs. W. D. Johnson (in the absence of the Minister for Lands) also auctioned a few articles and obtained good prices. Messrs. V. J. Duthie and F. W. Appleby were the joint secretaries, and they had the assistance of a committee of active workera FR;EMANTLE. The pupils of Misr M. A. Byng desire to thank Lady Barron, the Mayor and Mayoress of Fremantle, Bennett and Burn side, G. Wood. Son and Co., Duncan, Pres ton and Co. R Bracks, and everyone who assisted so readily to make their Odds and Ends* Bazaar the success it was on Western Australia Day, by which effort they were able to donate £20 to the fund. CHILDREN'S BALL. The children's ball organised by the hen. Chief of the Eerth Caledonian Society (Mr. William Christie) in connection with West ern Australia Day Red Cros Fund, has resulted in the sum of £40 being handed over to the fund. The balance-sheet shows the receipts from donations and tickets re ceived amounted to £54 6s. 4d., and the expenses to £14 6s. 4d. Olall £6 10s.. ad vertising £2 10s. 3d., prizes and sundries £5 6s.) BRIDGETOWN. In connection with the Red Cross appeal, at Elder, Shenton's sale at Bridgetown on Friday a ram, presented by Mr. Holds worth, was offered on behalf of the fund, and, thanks to the efforts of the auctioneer (Mr. Gray) the animal realised £80. The local committee has remitted £247 to' the treasurer of the fund, and a further £20 have yet to come as soon as various amounts are collected. SERPENTINE. The residents of Serpentine and Keys brook joined forces on Western Australia Day to raise funds in aid of the Red Cross Society. A strong committee canvassed eth districts for subscriptions, and on the evening of July 30 a dance and sale of goods were held. During the evening over £22 was netted. This amount was so well supplemented by subscripitons that the stum of £43 7s. 6d. is now in the hands of the committee.