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THE ROLL OF HONOUR. FIFTY-EVEIITH CASUALTY LIST. The'fifty-seventh list of casualties apong the members of the' Australian Imperial Forces engaged in the Dardanelles' opera, tions was released by the Censor last night., and is publshed hereunder. Where not otherwise stated the names are those of privates: WESTERN AUSTRALIA. DIED OF WOUNDS. E. C. G. Scott, 10th Light HIorse: Sapper M. Connolly, 3rd Field Company Engineers; E. P. Watberston, 11th Battalion (2nd re inforcements). KILLED IN ACTION. 11th Battalion.-L. A. Wilkinson, P. J. I Boland, D. H. Crisp, .1. A. Denney (4th .einforcements). R. B. Facey (4th reinforce ments), G. H. Francisco (5t.h reinforce mi-nts); W. C. George (2nd reinforcements), W. R. John, J. G. Turnock (3rd reinforce ments), Corporal L. H. Truman (3rd rein forcements), Sergeant W. A. Telford (3rd reinforcements), F. B. Jones, E. Gee, C. J. E. Dupen. Corporal N. E. Manning, F. E. Dwyer, J. Garden (previously reported missing). ILLNESS. W. T. Evenis, 11th Battalion (4th rein forcements); J. Cumming, 11th Battalion (previously reported wounded); J. C. Len ton. 16th Battalion (2nd reinforcements); Sergeant. T. J. Watt, 12th Battalion (1st reinforcements); E. A. Gaze and L. N. M. Shields, 10th Light Horse (3rd reinforce ments), at Ghzireh. At Malta. ith Battalion.-J. N. Williams (3rd re inforcements) A. H. S. Thoms. W. Jewell (2nd reinforcements), G. F. Childs (2nd re inforcements), T. C. Grier (previously re ported wounded). H. W. Sutherland (2nd reinforcements). 10th Light Horse.-H. Creeper. H. J. V. Rice, W. C. R. Hammond, J. Naughton (led reinforcements), previously. reported wounded: R. E. Tree, R. Bishop. WOUNDED. 11th ,Batalidn.-'. 3Sorley (4th rein forecements), H. W. House (2nd occasion), F. J. Scott (2nd occasion), Major E: A. Drake Brockman. Second Lieutenant H. C. Kelly (5th reinforcements), C. G. Brown, W. Clarke. W. Cottrell, W. Calderwood, E. A. Hearle, Lance-Corporal C. O. Hol combe, J. W. Inman, F. W. Johnston, D. W. Palmer (lsC reinforcements), D. HMn roe, C. T. Pearce, B. A. Scott, E. P. Stables, P. Williams, E. P.. Walker, W. Reeves. Lance-Corporal C. Bolle, H. T. A. Chapman, A. F. Gaxden F. R. Brown, B. Smith, J. Sleight (3rd reinforcements), J. Thompson (1st reinforeements), H. White ley. W. Nickson (4th reinforcements). 12th Battalion.--H. Greenwood, H. W. Lore (4th reinforcements), D.\J. Edmunds (51h reinforcements). 10th Light Horse-Corporal J. A. Scott, J. 0. M. Prior, C. J. Carlson. P PROGR-E REPORT. E. D. Dawson, 16s A.A.S.C.. danger ously ill, Heliopolis; J. J. Ryan, 11th Bat talion, improved, previously reported ill; C. W. Hyden, 11th Battraiok. slt rein forcemcnts, disembarked at Malta. pre viously reported wounded; W. Schofleld, 11th Battalion, 3rd reinforcements, ea. barked for England from Malta. pre viously reported" wounded; H. S. Penny, 11th Battalion, in hospital at Manchester, previously reported wounded. QUEENSLAND. DEATHS. IH. S. Dawson, 5th Light. Horse, of ill nest; S. W. Hunt, 5th Light Horse, of illness, A. A. Rye. G. H. Soooner, and S. G. Anderson, 9th Battalion, of wounds; A. H. Loveday, 25th Battalion, of illnem; Ser geant J. J. Logan and Lance-Corporal E. Waelh, 8th A.S.C. Dir. Ammmnition Park, of wounds. KILLED IN ACTION. Gunner C. H. Park, 8th A.S!C. Div, Am munition Park, J. Kerr. W. G. boren, and G. A. L. Masters, 2nd Light Horse. 9th Battalion.-A. P. Warnes, . G. White (previously reported woundmIed), Cmr poral J. Woodsbey (4th reinforcements), J. Lavercomfle (3rd reinforcementsl, F. Kel ler (previously reported wo'mded), J. Jack son (3rd reinforcements), C. S. P. Hensley, A. H. Fox (5th reinforcements), J Deaz eley, G A. C. Preston (preioansly$ epoared wounded), A. Moore (4th reinforcamentr.), C.Q.3.S. F. Harvey, Lance-Corporal -C. B. Gray, W. Peterson, A. G. W. Parrants (4th reinforcements), C F. Pratt (Lst, rein forccments). V. . McInnes. Sergeant (?) IIamilton (3rd reinforcements), Corporal l. G. Hunter. D. Glennic, V. C. Clancy, Cor Erl J. W. Burrell .i3rd rforcment)L

G. C. Gracey (previously reported missmi), M. . O'Snltivan (previously reported nmis ing), Corporal T. G. R. Champion (pre. viously reported missing). S5h Light Hores-A. C. Williams, F. N. Wilson (1st reinforcements), E. H. Wil liamns, Lance-Corporal ?. Arntzen, Tptr, R. Robertson, D. R. Morrison (1st rein forcementa), E. G. alerlev. F. Tong. W. A. Young, Sig. J. M. Blackwell. S. 11. Sheri dan, Corporal H J. Eggins. .. O'Sullivan (1st reinforcements), A. C. Homer, R. S. Browne, C. Lovell (1st reinforcemehtsl. 0. T. Dunn, T. J. Higgins, W. iI.' Kemp (previously reported wounded), L. Mac donald (previously reported wounded); Ser geant 3. Powis (previously- reported wounded). IIJANE~S. Major S. J. Richards, 1st. Australian Clearing Hospital: Corporal H: Armstrong and Lance-Corporal J. A. Tedimann, 2nd Light Horse: Sapper B. R. S. Creagh, Divisional Signalling Co. Engineers: A. R. Hughes. and Sergeant J. R. Irvine, 9th Battalion. 15th Battalion (at Mala).-Pioneer G. H. Kelly (2nd reinforcements, previously re-. ported wounded), J. T. Lockhead( 2nd re infoeaements), B. Roynolds, J. Sweeney, J. A. Smith, A. Tall, S. A. Shearer (4th rein forcemens). WOUNDED. Gunner J. H. W. Ross, Divisional Ammu nitional Column; Corporal D. Clark and Sergeant W. Swanson, 2nd Light Horse. 9th Battalion.-H. J. Peanall, 5th rein forcements; ieuat. H. G. Ker, 2nd occa sion; C. Mathews, G. B. King, 2nd rein forcements (doing well); (?) .O'Callaghan, 3rd reinforcements (doing well); D. B. Cree don (doing well). ' ' 5th Light Horse.-F. V: Egerfon..4th re inforcements (at Malta); Trurppeter C. Neville, severely (at Malta); C. Mitchell. P. B. O'Leary, F. Rowe (4th reinforcements); i). G. Reardon, T, R. Evans, H. Hosie, T. E. Reynolds, W. J. Cooper, J. H. Murtha (1st reinforcements), G. H. Gill, D. B. Walker (1st reinforcements),. C. A. Ander son. Sergeant S. Dickson A. Fuller. H. C. Williams. W. O'Neill, C. S. Duncan, W. R. Irvine. A. Cameron, K. R. Munro. A. T. .Manson, P. Murphy (4th reinforcements), T. H. Gardner. A. J. Hawmkinson, MISING. Sergeant M. G. Delproth, 5th Light Hoeo; A, H. Coromolly, 5th Light Horse (wounded and missing). IN HOSPITAL, ,MANCHESTER. -Segpant T. A. Braithwaite, 9th Batta lion, nd reinforcements; J. Pitter, 9th Bat tallion; G. Briggs, 15th Battalion; T. P. Chataway, 15th lBattalion. NEW SOUTH WALES. KILLED IN ACTION., Corporal Sullivan. 13th Battalion, 3rd re infor+ement, previously reported mising; J: W. Berrinna. 13th Battahon, 3rd rein forcements; J. FErrier. 13th Battalion; W. J. Monaghan and J. J. Bg 'e. Ist Light Horse; B. Kirby, 7th Light Ho-e. DEATHS. W. M. Pearoe,111 Light Horse, died of illnes; LanceCoipcral G. T. Hill, st Field Ambnlaaoc, of wounds; H. B. Watson, 1st Battasion, of 1weimls, prevo usly, reported wounded: Sapper C. C. F.wle, Ist Fiekl Cbmpay tIhgiaeer0, rpeou?ly reported wounded. 2nd Battalion-Died of wounds: Lance Corporal T. G. Woods, R. Thosoon (1st re inforcementa), J. . Sykes (previously re ported killed in action). 3al Battalion.-Died of wounds: W. J. Perkins, V M. M.aclure, A. Thomas. ILLINE8. G. Caiie, 2nd Battalion, 4th reinforee ments; Lance-Corporal W. Swindells, 1st Battalion; Sapper S. E. Parry and Ser "eant F. H. 'Johnson, 1st Field Company ongineers; Gunner FR Isaac. 3rd Battery Artillery; Sappers J. R." Huntley and F. C. Moore, 1st Field Company- Engineers; Lance4rCoporal F. C. Plunkett, 6,h Li"ht Horse; Ml. Buroews, 1st Light Horse, tad reinforcements; Lance-Corporal W. J.Bn, Lieutenant J. L. Sandy, 1st Field Artillery Brigade: A. J: Freeman, 2nd Battalion. 13th Battalion.-T. W. Sharp, A. Kent ish, A. Gibbon, W. A.-E. White, J. Beezley,. Lance-Corporal J. Marrot. 4th Battalion.--Crporal J. Daniels, dan gerously ill, previously reported wounded se cond occasion; W. Joyce, W. McCarthy, W. R. Malcolm, S. Dennis, T. B. F. Keary, O. V. C. Lindquist, E. Morimon (2nd rein forcements), P. O'Mara 3rd reinforce ments), N. Powell 7th Light Horse.-H. B. Cartwright, W. Mayo, W. J. Rooke (3rd remforcements), Srgeant C. H. G. King, Q.M.S. T. F. Humphreys. 3rd Bttalion.-D. Walker, F. M. Ferrier (5th reinforcements), A. E. Joyden (1st reinforcements), G. H. Walden (5th -ren foreements), J. W. Williams (5th "einforce ments), F. H. Turpin (4th. reinfo? ements). S. J. Willis, C. T. Walton (previously re ported wonaded). . WOUNDED. J. W. Bennett, F. J: Fielder, T. Lusty, and A. H. Wilson, 13Th Battalion; C. A. Hordern, 1st Light, Horse; Gunner A. C. Field, Ist Battery Field Artillery; Sapper J. Scalei. 8th Field Company Engineers; Lieutenant A. J. K. McKenzie, 1st Bat talion, injured; G. W. Clarke, R. Morgan, and J. Thomson, 4th Battalion; F. Tyms and J. P.- Hobbs, 3rd BattLlion: Gunner W. H. Mair, 1st Brigaile; Signaller G. Adams, 2nd Battery F.A.; Gunner C. H. Nowack, 1st F.A. Brigade. 3rd. reuifforce ments: Gunner B. H. Cairnes, Divisional Ammunition Column: J. P. Duren, W. GaCreen?wy, and Sergeant H. C. McKay, 2nd Battalion. PREVIOUSLY REPORTED WOUNDED. Embarked for England. Corporal W. P. HIorseman, 4th Battalion: IE. Parker, 13th Battalion, 4th reinforce ments; A. E. Richey, 13th Battalion. In Hospitl, Manchester. P. M. Longworth, 2nd Battalion: H. Froome, 2nd Battalion; Sapper A. Burgess, 1st Field Company Engineers: Private F. i Horne, 4th Battalion; 1. 3oses, 13th Bat

talion; H. Lowry, 13th Battalion. VICTORIA. DEATHS. Lance-Corporal T. Ritchie, 14th Battalion, killed in action. previously reported wounded; Bombardier L. W. Chillingsworth, 6th Battery Field Artillery, killed in action; C. A. E. Atkinson, 4th Light Horse, killed in action; Captain S. J. Campbell, 8th Light Horse, died of dounds; H. Hay bpl. 8th Light Horse, died of wounds; Sapper E. G. A.I Rogasch, 2nd Field Company Engineers, , killed in action: W. Weeks, 3rd Field Co. Engineers, died of wounds; N. C. Wheatley, 5th Battalion, killed in action; T. Bryan, 6th Battalion (4th reinforcements), killed in action Lieu tenant K. L. Walker, A. J. Pawle,- and C F. J. Wells, 7.h Battalion, diel of wounds: H. McDonald, 7th Battalion, killed in action; Lieutenant H. A. Biggsley, 6th Battalion, killed in . action; J. B. C. Aminde. and H. Heagney, 6th Battalion, killed in action, previously reported miss ing. ILLNESS. P. C. W. Landford, 3rd Light Horse; R. G. Bruton, C. J. Detmann, and A. J. Adams, 4th Light Horse; I. C. Hamilton, 8th Light Hose; Driver ". T. Barratt, 2nd Field Co, Engineers; J. B. Mills and T. Wilson, Ath Battalion: Lieutenant C. Pind lay, 2nd Infantry Bri?pde Headquarters; E. J. Stone, 6th Battalion, J. C. Ferry, H. S. Major and A. E. Jones, 7th Battalion; S. J. Chappell, 11th Battalion; Sergeant G. W. Dickenson, 14th Battalion; Corporal A. R. Tedder, 3rd A.S.C.; Lancet orporal E. C Herme and S. Scowbroft, 4th Field Amblance; F. B. Mills, 12th A.S.C. 14th Battalion-A. Richards, A. McNair (3rd reinforcements), W. H. Farrell (4th re inforcements). S. Herridge (1st reinforce ments), E. Johnston (4ti reinforcemnents), Lance-Corporal J. Austen, J. S. Stewart, Lance-Corporal W. Pevitt. W. King (3rd reinforcements), J. W. Dowling (4th rein forcements), -Lance-Corporal (?) Anderson (previously reported wounded). 91.lLight, Horse.-J. J. W. R. Gorringe, A. L. Hagart (seriously ill), R. H. Mathers Sertgean A. C. Morrison, G. Holt, G. A. Jackson" 7th Batalion.--H. H. Jenkinson, A. J. Hnme (4th reinforcementa G. H. Haar 4th reinforceentens), B. R. Belhy (4th re inforceemente). WOUNDID. E. Weir, 7th Battalion, 3rd reinforce mints; C. Thompson and H. A. Forrefst, 14th Battalion; Gunner J. D. Thickens, 8th A.S.C. Divisional Ammunition Park; H. N. Feack. 4th Light Home., 4,th reinforce ments: A. MeIntyre and C. Mathwin 8th Battalion;..Second Lieutenant L- M. Young and A. McArthur. 7th Battalion. 5th Battalion.-E. Tomlins, P. L. Swanson (3rd reinforcements), W. A. Mitchell (2nd reinforcements), W. R. Looker, R. D. H. ,Burchell (second occasion). 6th Battalion.-E. S. -Fox, 3rd reinforce ments wounded, not missing as previously reported; J. W. Ruell, 3rd reinforcements, m d oaion; Second-Lisenant p. .1. Turner; C. . Price. 3rd rcinforements; ance-Corporal H. Hunt. 8th Light Hore.--E. H. McGuinne es, Sig naller E. W. L. Griffithh. D. McGarvie. 2nd reinfoncoemet; R. .Les, . 4th reinforce ments; A. Vivash. 4th reinforcements; P. J Amor, 1st reinforcements; W. Campbell, J. Conway, Corporal J. T. Currie. W. J. Kane, previously reported ill. IN HOSP1TAL MANCHFHTER. (Previously reported wounded.) A. G. Stevens, 5t1 Battalion; W. D Smril5 5th Batian s;Ii, 14 LJscrr 14th

Battalion, 1t reinf~oe: B. W. Har low, 6th Battalion. 3Id leinfoem ts; G. B. Wallis, 6th .Battalion 3rd reinforce mants; J. Weston. 6th Battalion, 3rd rein forcements: Lan eCorporal C. Stew w., 8th Battalion; (?) Stobert, 14th Battalion. 3rd reintbrcements. SOUTH AUSTRALIA. DEATHS. A. C. Cheape and Sergeant G. Timbrell, 3rd Light Horan, killed in action; H. V. Flower, 9th Light Horse died of woumds: J. T. Plummer, 16th Battalion, died of wwound; Sergeant H. E. Noon,, 16th Bat talion, died of illness. ILLNESS. A. Buse. 16th Battalion ; K. R. Cheek, 4th A.-C.; B. Hann, 16th Battalion: Sergeant F. S. Heithersay, 14th A.S.C.; Lance-Cor oral A. R. Allen" 16th Battalion; W. A. 'urner and R. .1. Sleeper, 3rd Light Horse. 9th Light, Horse.-F. J. Gardner (4th rein forceemnt-), A. A. J. Heithersay. Sergeant J. Hennessy, W. E. Lear (4th reinforcemeitl). .I. Nelson, M. J. Reidy. H. G. Steer (4th roinforcements). J. W. Waldon. 10th Battalion.-H. Lorymer (4th rein forcements). Sergeant T. C. S. Reynolds (4th reinforcements), Laneobrporal H. Rich ardson, 3rd reinforcemerite), J. And r (4th reinforcoments), W. Stewart, J. S. billips (3rd reinforcements), R. McCord (4th rein forcements). Corporal L. L. T. Stidson. 12th Battalion.-Sergeant J. C. Moller, previously reported wounded; Corporal L. E. Ring, previously reported wounded; G. T.hbot, 5th reinforcements, previously re ported wounded. WOUNDED: J. G. Kelly 9th Light Horse: A. C. Ball and M. MacLeon, 12th Battalion. 16th Battalion.-LanceCorporal G. H. Henderson, 2nd reinforements; N. S. Win ter, 4th reinforcements; R. D. Bennett, 4th reinforcements; R. Taylor, 3rd rinforce ments. PREVIOUSLY REPORTED WOUNDED. Disembarked at Malta. C C. Jackson, 3rd Light Horse. In Hoepital, Manchester. C. Koll, 3rd. Light Horse; J. Do Boer, 10th Battalion, 1st reinforcements; .. Walker, 16th Battalion, 2nd reinforcements. In Hospital, Ghezireh. P. M. Francis, 16th Battalion; S G. Eall, 16th Battalion, 3rd reinforcements. TASMANIA. DEATH. Sapper C. A. Vivian, 3rd Field Company Engineers, died of illness. SICK AND WOUNDED. S. J. H. Mawer, 3rd Light Home, ill; W. Denny, .12th Battalion, 5th reinforce ments, wounded; .Corporal W. T. Keoghi, 12th Battalion, 3rd reinforcements, wound ed: A. Phillips, 12th Battalion, 4th rein forcemetms, ill; J. Cook, h2th Battalion, wounded; E. G. Cooper, 12th Battalion. ill; Lance-Corporal W. L. E. Domeney, 15th Battalion; 4th reinforcements, previous ly reported " wounded; Corporal B. R. Moore, . 15th Battalion, ill ; Cor poral J. R. Jenneson, .3rd Field Company Engineers, wounded; A. H. Cocker, 12th Battalion, 2nd reinforcements, out of danger, previously reported danger ously ill; Captain R. D. Campbell, 1st Aus tralian Clearanse Hospital, on furlough. previously reported sick; S.. J. Smith, 12th Battalion, 4th reinforcemenls, ill.