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NEWS AND NOTES. ---- The Forrest Electorate.-There is much speculation as to whether the Labour can didate for the Forrest by-election will be opposed by a nominee of the Liberal Party. The president of the Liberal League (Mr. Frank Wilson) was communicated with yes terday on the subject, but he stated that so far that organisation had not arrived at anr decision in the matter. The Tramway Employees.-The Perth Tramway Employees' Union hopes shortly to be able to enter into negotiations with the Commissioner of Railways for an agree ment as between the union and the Govern ment, now that the latter will soon be as suming control of the tramways. Speak ing to one of our representatives yesterday in regard to the matter, the secretary of the union (Mr. G. C. Kerr) remarked:-"The union gave me instructions to try to nego tiate in the first place with the Minister for Railways. I wrote to him, but received a reply to the effect that the matter was en tirely in the hands of the Commissioner of Railways, with whom I was advised to dis cuss matters. I got into touch with the Commissioner, but he pointed out that he was leaving for the Eastern States, and that upon his return to Perth he would be prepared to discuss matters. As he has now returned to this State we are hopeful that he will be able to meet representatives of the union prior to July 1, on which date the Government takes over the trams." It is considered probable that the union will meet at the Trades Hall on Sunday morning to go into matters arising out of the agreement which they are endeavouring to arrive at with the Government. Swan Agricultural Society.-A meeting of members of the Swan Agricultural Society was held at Guildford on Monday evening, when Mr. W. G. Johnson presided over a small attendance. The chairman intimated that the committee appointed at a previous meeting to endeavour to ascertain the feel ing of residents of the district as to the ad visability of holding a show this year had not been very successful in their efforts. Of the many circulars sent to prominent resi dents and growers in the Swan district, only very few replies had been received, and in some instances these were to the effect that the society had not much prospect of flourishing under existing conditions. After some little discussion, from which it was ap parent that those present realised the fu tility of continuing in the face of general apathy in the welfare of the society, Mr. Wmi. Padbury was instrumental in having a motion carried to the effect that no show should be held this year. He moved in that direction, he said, with much reluctance, but it was manifestly impossible to proceed with the arrangements necessary for the holding of a show in view of the apparent lack oT' interest shown by residents gener ally. It was agreed that the Royal Society should be requested to permit the local body going into a further recess. Mr. W. G. Johnson was re-elected president, and other office-bearers were appointed to watch the interests of the society for the ensuing twelve months. Shop Assistants' Union.-The necessary ballot, confirming the resolution of the Shop Assistants' Union that a case should be cited before the Arbitration Court, closed last night, and will be opened to-day, pro bably ot noon. The results are likely to be available (luring the afternoon or at night. Y.M.C.A. Directors' Tea.-On Tuesday evening, prior to the board meeting, the directors and staff of the Y.M.C.A. enter- tained Mr. George P. Christian, the new physical director, to tea. Dr. Macaulay presided and cordially welcomed Mr. Chris- tian as a member of the staff. This was backed up by addresses, grave and gay, from Messrs. Cargeeg and Padbury, vice- presidents, Messrs. M. E. Jull, G. F. Pitch-

ford, and A. S. Wilson, and Rev. Daniel Ross. Special reference was made to the work already being done 'in the business men's gymnasium class, and also the class for schoolboys on Saturday morning. Children's Protection Society of W.A. The executive committee met on Tuesday last at the society's office, 100 Pier-street. There were present the Rev. D. I. Freed man (chairman), Mrs. 1. E. Jull, Miss F. Davies, Rev. E. Makeham, MIr. O. L. Haines (hon. treasurer), and Mrs. Gover (secretary). An apology for non-attendance was re ceived from Lady Hackett. The secretary reported five children placed in foster homes during the month, one taken by mother to situation, one death in the Children's Hos pital. 15 special cases reported and investi gated. The inspector had visited 86 boarded out children in foster homes, 120 supervised children, 128 visits to homes, and made 12 sick visits. The elder children had spent a very happy afternoon at Snencer's pic tures by invitation of the management, whom the committee thanked for their kind ness. Gifts had been received from Vic toria Park Girls' Friendly Society, Mesdlames Allnutt, Osborne, Ottaway, Maddocks (per Mrs. Beddoe), Henderson, Strelitz, and Law rence. St. Albans, Highgate.-Tucsday last being St. Albans Day, special services were held in St. Alban's Church, Highgate, through out the day, concluding with festal even song, when there was a large congrega lion. The rector, Archdeacoin Hudleston, 2I.A, officiated, assisted by the Rev. P. A. Byrnes, and the lessons were read by the Revs. I-I. C. D. Grimes, M.A., and J. A. Howes. The Rev. Harold MIerryweather, ",.A., preached from Isaiah sliii., 10: "Ye re my witressea. :aith the Lord." The evrs. .\ T. Haining, T. Secombe: and S. T. Liudsay were also present. The choir, which was augmented by members of St. Ilrnabas' choir. Leederville, rendered the anthem, "King of Kings." Ir. Reg,. Chip per presided at the organ. The offerings for the day were given to the Bishop's home mission fund. After the service an adjourn ment was made to St. Alban's Hall, where a social gathering was held and refresh ments provided by the ladies. Eastern Goldfields Circuit Court.-The fol lowing cases have been listed for hearing before Mr. Justice Rooth in the Eastern Goldfields Circuit Court:-S. Bauk (plain tiff) and J. Bozin and others (defendants), £500 damages caused by fire; S. Bauk (plain tiff) and J. Bozin and others (defendants), motion for 'udgment against Mate vrich (no defence having been delivered); A. R. Flint. (plaintiff) and M. Scott and another (defendants), arrears of salary and wrong ful dismissal; F. H. L. Sparling (plaintiff) and H. B. Har'rop (defendant), £72 15s.. amount due on a certain iromissory note. Aborigines Missions. - Representations have been made to the Colonial Secretary (Mr. Drew) by members of the Australian Board of Missions with the object of secur ing the appointment of a teacher to in struct the children of school-going age at the Dulhi Gunyah Mission Station at Vic toria Park. It was pointed out to the Minister that of the 28 children (half-caste and aboriginal) at the station 23 were of school age. The mission authorities were doing what was, possible for the education of those children and two hours' daily instruction was provid ed, but it was felt that they should have at least four hours' daily instruction. The mission authorities, it wad stated, would be prepared to provide quarters for the teacher and the requisite accommoda tion for classrooms. The Minister promised to submit the request to Cabinet with a supporting recommendation. Miners' Phthisis.-A conference will be held at Kalgoorlie on Friday next between the Honorary Minister (Mr. J. E. Dodd) and representatives of the mining employers and employees with the object of obtaining their views in respect to legislation which it is proposed to introduce to make pro vision for the maintenance of sufferers from miners' phthisis and their dependents. Proportional Representation.--A meeting which has been convened by Mr. D. G. Gawler, M.L.C., of those interested in pro- portional electoral representation, will be held this evening at St. George's Lesser Hall, Hay-street, at 8 o'clock, with the view of forming a branch of the Proportional Representation Society. St George's Cathedral Men's Club.-With the object of promoting social intercourse anmongst the men attendin, St. George's Cathedral, a club has been formed, and the first meeting was held in St. George's Schoolroom last evening. Rules which had been drawn up by a provisional committee were adopted, and it was decided that the club should meet twice a week, on Wednes day and Friday evenings. The Dean of Perth is president of the club, and the conr. mittee is constituted as follows:-Messrs. N. Giles, N. de B. Helm, L. Marshall, F. R. Newton, and R. G. Weston, with the Rev. S. T. Lndsey as secretary. The Royal Australian Naval College. Applications from candidates desiring to submit themselves for this year's entrance examination to the Royal Australian Naval College must be sent direct to the Naval Secretary, Navy Office, Melbourne to reach him not later than June 30. Only boys born in 1900 are eligible. Forms of application and conditions of entry are ob tainable from the District Naval Office, Cliff-street, Fremantle. Sequel to a.Street Accident.-In the Local Court yesterday, before Mr. James Cowan, P.M., Catherine R. Brook claimed the sum of £50 from a defendant named Cohen on account of injuries sustained b'y her being k!nocked down in William-street on Febru ary 26 by a bicycle ridden by defendant, it was alleged ,in a careless and negligent manner. Mr. J. B. Mills appeared for the complainant. The complainant stated that she was crossing the road near the Gover nor Broome Hotel at about 9 p.m. on the date in question, when she was struck by de fendant's bicycle and knocked down, and her right arm Was broken. Evidence was given to the effect that defendant was travelling at a fast pace on his wrong side, that no bell was sounded and that no lights were ....t.^ 1.^.. ,t_ L4st., .;.?n r1,. ? #,n?nn . 1_

leged that claimant was drunk at the time, and thereby caused the accident, but this was denied. Mr. C. R. Penny, for the de fence, later withdrew the allegations of drunkenness. Medical evidence was given to the effect that claimant's arm would never be permanently straight. A verdict was given for £20, costs to be taxed. Children's Court.-At the Children's Court yesterday, before Messrs. F. W. Collett and J. L. Glick, J.'sP., the parents of four chil dren were fined small amounts ranging from is. to 5s., together with costs, for not send ing their children to school. Another lad, for being constantly and habitually absent from school, was committed to the Swan Orphanage until 14 years of age. A boy was fined is. and 2s. costs for riding a bicycle within the boundaries of the Leeder ville municipality without having a light affixed thereto. In the case of a child charged with being uncontrollable, an ad journment was made for a fortnight. Another child, charged with being destitute, was committed to the care of the State Children's Department until it reaches 18 years of age. For stealing a bicycle a lad was bound over to be of good behaviour for six months. Another, charged with being on premises for an unlawful purpose, was similarly dealt with. Licence Transfers.-M3r. A. S. Roe, P.M., as chairman of the Subiaco and Canning Licensing Courts, yesterday granted trans fers of Australian wine licences as follows: -Globe Fruit and Wine Saloon, 315 Hay street, from Thomas Edward Attvill to Ethel McCabe; and Victoria Park Wine Saloon, at 139 Albany-road, Victoria Park, from Mary Jane Lammonby to Emmeline Ada Clarke. A Stockman's Death.-The Commissioner of Police (Mr. R. Connell) has received a telegram from Sub-Inspector Houlahan, of Broome, stating that a stockman named Frank Odman, aged 26, was thrown from a horse at Messrs. Emanuel Bros. Go-Go station, Fitzroy, on Sunday last, and died on the following day without regaining con sciousness. Dog Licences.--The City Council an. nounces that summonses will be issued with out notice against the owners of any dogs which are discovered in the city to be un registered. Ladies' Suits.-The Commercial Tailoring Com pany have arranged extraordinary care this par ticular season for the production of ladies' suits. The cutting department has been brought up to the highest standard, while the workroom is manned by a trained staff. The ladies' tailor made suits are growing more popular each sea son. for, if correctly and skilfully designed, sothing in dress is more beautiful. 754 Haly street, 'Perth. Dalkeith Estate.-The suburb bcautiful, in model design. TrLpis must come, and prices rise. Buy now, it is your last Claremont chance. Prices. from £20. Terms, £1 per motth. Harold Redeliffe and Co., W.A. Chambers, St. George's-terrace. Messrs. Harry Wilson and Co. direct atten tion to a sale of choice furniture anti effects at "Auburn," Osborne-road, East Fremantle, to-morrow at II n.m. Messrs. T. Tate and Co., in conjunction with SMr. A. Terelink. will conduct a learance sale of a 5-roomed house of furniture and effects and a Singer machine, on the premises, 4 IRobinson avenue, near Lake-street, at 2.30 p.m. to-day Messrs. T. Tate and Co. will conduct a sale of mixed furniture, piano, mandolin. drawing. room suite, 9 pieces, harmonium, linos., side. board, chest of drawers, and sundries, as well :s a yacihtt, D-ft.. complete. at their mart, 713 Ilay-street, at 2.15 p.m. to-day. Mr. Chas. Sommers announces that he will conduct an unreserved elearing sale of the re tail sto"k of the late Universo') llardware Con pany, on the premises. 572 Hay street, nearly op posite the I.ands Otffice. this morning at iP o'clock. Messrs. Ehen Allen and Co.. will condure a sale of furnitpre, piano. etc., at 68 Outram-strect, West PeCth. at 11 am.