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AMUSEMENTS UEEN'S HALL. UEE N'S HALL. PERTH'S LEADING EMPORIUM OF MOVING PICTURE FEATURES. A NEW STAR SPECIALTY A NEW STAR SPECIALTY A NEW STAR SPECIALTY At VIC'S VIC'S At 8 VIC'S To-night VIC'S To-night VIC'S To-night VIC'S At 8 VIC'S VIC S VIC'S Something Novel, Something Good. An Old Favourite in a New Role. A World-Popular Actress in a Soon-to-be UNIVERSALLY POPULAR COMEDY A Fix A Fix. AFix. A Fix. A Fix. A Fi. A Fix. A Fix. A Fix. A Fix. A Fix. A Fix. A Fix. A Fix. ASTA A Fix. A Fix. A Fix. A Fix. NEILSEN A Fix. A Fix. A Fix. A Fix. in A Fix. A Fix. A Fix. A Fix. A Fix. A Fix. A Fix. AFix. A Fix. A Fix. A Fix. AFix. A Fix. A Fix. THE GREATEST LAUGH WAVE THAT HASEVER HIT PERTH. The marvellous versatility of the popular Swedish Actress, Miss Esta Neilsen is strik ingly shown in this latest exclusive subject. We. have seen the talented'lady in numerous dramatic creations that have been full of variety from a Wild Gipsy Girl to a Cul tured Lady, in all of which she has domin ated the productions by her wonderful per sonality and undoubted histrionic ability. .In this new departure she will be even more -welcome than hitherto, for she displays an appreciation of REAL COMEDY that is as remarkable as it is thoroughly enjoyable. She fully enters into the spirit of the char acter, and gives us a finished performance equal to that. of the most popular of our English actresses. It is a representation full of REAL, ROLLICKING IHUMOU, and cannot fail to create hearty laughter when ever presented. Supporting this Unsurpassed Comedy are the following: "FALSE TO THEIR TRUST."-The finest -of the popular "What Happened to Mary" Series. "MA'S APRON STRINGS."-Al the favour ite Vitagraph Fun-mhakers in one film. REGATTA DAN, SINGAPORE.-A picture full of exciting aquatic contests. THE BETTER MAN.-A Sick Child appeals to a noted outlaw's better nature. PATHE'S GAZETTE.-This week includes many very interesting illustrations. Sparkling New Selections by VIC'S OPERATIC ORCHESTRA, Under the Baton of Mr. HAROLD BETTERIDGE. SPRICES: Is. 6d., Is., 6d. BOOKING ARRANGEMENTS. Box-plan on view in vestibule of Queen's Hall, where seats may be. reserved, or' by ringing Central 2497, when seats will be re tained until,8.15 each evening. Reserved Seats, 2s. and-Is. 6d. (TOWN HALL, FREMAINTLE. Direction... .. .. .. Vie's Pictures. TO-NIGHT At 8. TO-NIGHT At 8. TO-NIGHT DRAMATIC - INTENSITY, SCENIC GRANDEUR, SUPERB COSTUMING, BRILLIANT ACTING, zEiNSATIONAL THRILLS. AT VIC'S. VIC'S. VIC'S. VIC'S. VIC'S. " THE The Initial Presentation in Fre THE mantle of THE THE PICTURE OF THE YEAR, THE In *THE Natural Colours. THE Worthy to Rank THE . Amongst the THE World's Greatest, THE Productions. SYNOPSIS. WEAKER Martha's Bethrothal to Pierre. WEAKER The Letter. WEAKER Ida Bianca, the Pancer. WEAKER A Rehearsal. WEAKER Pierre Infatuated with the WEAKER Dancer. WEAKER Men Were Deceivers Ever. 'VEAKER The Luncheon Party. WEAKER When Love is Fled. WEAKER Life is Dead. At the Idlers' Club. VESSEL. THE DANCE FLAMBOYANTE. VESSEL. Nuiveta the Mfatador. VESSEL. • Ida Amuses Herself. VESSEL. A TRIP THROUGH THE VESSEL. MOUNTAINS. VESSEL. No More Petrol. VESSEL. An Old Wound Reopened. VESSEL. The Soul of a Man. VESSEL. A Fateful Letter. VESSEL THE BULL FIGHT.

VESSEL. The Missing Bouquet. VESSEL. The Matador Seeks Death. VESSEL. And Finds It. VESSEL. The Weaker Vessel. Perfect Mountain Scenery. Dazzling Cos tumes, Artistic Acting, and Brilliant En semble. Other Bio Gems Are THE PROSECUTING ATTORNEY. "A Trip Through the Highlands." * TWO MEN AND TWO WOMEN. "Planting the Spring Garden." * PATHE'S WEEKLY. LAST VERNE THREE of and NIGHTS SMITH. Versatile Comedy Duo and Eccentric Dancers. Incidental Music by VIC'S POPULAR ORCHESTRA. Musical Director, W. T. M. Hansen. PRICES: Dress Circle, Is. 6d.; Front Stalls, Is.; Back Stalls, 6d. No Extra Charge for Booking at Nichol son's till 6 p.m., and Town Aall ('Phone 618) after 7. EUCHRE PARTY AND DANCE. I.O.O.' REBEKAH, No. 11. TRADES HALL, FREMANTLE, THIS EVENING, APRIL 30, 1913. Good Prizes. Refreshments. Cards 8 till 10; Dancing 1Q till 12. Tickets, 1s. H. L. KNAPP, Hon. Sec. DA.NCLNG. - Catherine-street, Subiaco, TO-NIGHT. Mr. and Mrs. Goldswor :hys Advanced Class. Gents., Is. 6d. Ladies, Is. Visitors are always welcome. The latest dances are introduced at these classes. We teach dancing in three private lessons. Office: Upstairs, Ezywalkin's. 'Phone 1987. E'UCHRE Party and Dance, conducted by hAN. Perth Women's Branch of A.L.F., wall he held at Protestant Hall, Beaufort-st., Perth, Wednesday, April 30. Prizes, orders £2. 10l., 5s., and 2s. 6td Refreshments pro vided. A S. Casson, Secretary. ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS. SOUTH PERTH. MOST INTERESTING NEW STOCK ALWAYS ARRIVING. An Ideal Picnic Resort. with All Free Accessories. The Director delivers Nature Study Lec tures to schools and other bodies by ar rangement. Admission to these classes. 2d. per head, including admission. Admission, 6d. Children, Half-price. APPLECROSS and CANNING BRIDGE L FERRY SERVICE TIME-TABLE. Week Days (Saturdays excepted).-Leave Perth 7.15, 9.30 11.15, a.m.; 2.30, 5.30, 6.15, 8.0, 10.30, p.m. Saturdays only: 7.15, 10.30 a.m.; 1.20, 2.30, 3.5,. 4.0, 6.15, 8.0, 11.15 p.m. Sundays: 9.10, 10.30, 11.15 a.m.; 1.20, 2.30, 3.15, 4.0. 5.35, 7.0, 8.0, 10.15 p.m. Note alterations. SUTTON and OLSEN, Proprietors. Tel. 512. AIOTOR LAUNCHES for HIRE.-The IVO1 Fast and Favourite Launches Valkyr;e liccused to carry 45), Valdemar (65), Val davia (76), Valhalla (78), and Valthora (78). Charges strictly moderate. Apply SUTTON and OLSEN, Boatshed, Barrack-st. Square. Ring up 512.

AMUSEMENTb. THEATRE ROY AL. Sole Direction ........ C. SPENCEt. INTRODUCING INTRUDUCING INTRUD U CING TO-NIGHT At TO-NIGHT. TO-NIGHT 8 TO-N1IGHT£. TO-NItGLHT At T'O-MNiGT. IMPULSIVE, IRRESISTIBLE IRELAND. IMPULSIVE, IRRES?TIBLE IRELAND. IMPULSIVE, ?IRESISTIBLE IRELAND. A RARA AVls A RARA AVls A RARA AVIS Of Dazzling Plumage. A Perfect Poem in Pictures. Rich, Rare and Refined! SPENCER'S SPECIAL CINEMA STAR (A Drama in Three Reeia), By Dion Boucicault. THE THE THE SHAUGHRAUN SHAUGHRAUN SHAUGHRAUN SHAUGHRAUN SHAUGHRAUN SHAUGHRAUN SHAUGHRAUN SHAUGHRAUN SHAUGHRAUN THE THE THE NOTE.-Every Scene of Every Act is Laid in Ireland; the photo-play therefore conveys the very atmosphere of Ire land; undoubtedly a Gem unique and unrivalled. THE STORY TELLS HOW Kinchela, an unscrupulous land agent, determines to secure possession of the lands of Robert Ffolliott and his sis ter Claire, who are his charges. He causes Robert to be sentenced to penal servitude by swearing information falsely that he is a Fenian. Robert escapes and returns home, and is again soon in the hands of Kin chela. But Conn, the Shaughraun, takes :a hand, Robert is pardoned (as are all the Fenians), and Kinchela brought to justice. THIS WEIGH-IN OF WONDERS, Too, Must Win their Way, willy-nilly. WEEKLY I GAZETTE.-Land. yachting on the sands; Lord Wolseley's funeral; great football matches, etc. THOU SHALT NOT KILL.-A stirring drama of a woman falsely accused and sentenced to death; the authorities find that another life is concerned, and re prieve is given just as the criminal gives himself up AN UNREQITED PASSION.-Powerful in the extreme;, the daughter of the millowner loves one of the workmen who rejects her. She avenges herself, sub sequently repents, and all ends well. TOMBS OF THE EMPERORS OF ANAM. . An interesting insight into the country of Cochin-China. d INTERRUPTED HONEYMOON.--A delight ful comedy, in which the bachelor, the third party, has the good smnse to dis pense with himself. Etc., etc. PRICES-2s., Is. 6d., is., and 6d. Book ing free at Theatre or Telephone 2317. SF FTESBUY THEATRE. Direction ........ .. .. Joe St. Clair. The Family Resort of Perth. TO-NIGHT. Seli's Spectacular Masterpiece, MONTE CRISTO. MONTE CRISTO. MONTE CRISTO. Adapted from Alexander Dumas' Famous Novel. CAST of CHARACTERS: Edmond Dantes ...... Hobart Bosworth Danglers .. ........ Thomas Lentschi Fernand .. ............ ..A. E. Garcia Villefor$ ......... .... Roy Watson Nortier ......... . .... Frank Clark Caderhouse ........ .. Geo. Hernandez Morrell .... .. ... .. Nicholas Cogley 'Napoleon ..... .. .. .. Geo. Hernandez Capt Le Clerc .. ....... Rob. Chandler M. Dantes .......... W. Hutchinson Abbe Faria ...... .... Fred Huntley Haidee ........ .. .. .. Bessie Eyton - Caresute .. . ..... .... Lilian Hayward Mercedes ............. Eugenie Besserer Napoleon's Guards, Gendarmes, Prison Guards, Sailors, Smugglers, Fishermen, Arabs, Cavalry, Nobles, etc. T.e Photo.-play Reproduction of this h3aster piece, by Se'ig, is in three Magnificent Reels. . UNDISPUTED SUCCESS, Beyond All EXPECTATIONS. FRANZ and MOUNIER, FRANZ and MOUNIER. Sensational I FRANZ and MOUNIER, Athletes. I FRANZ and MOUNIER, FRANZ and MOUNIER, AUDIENCES HELD SPELLBOUND. The Finest and Most Attractive Exposition of Weightlifting ever Presented. £20 to any man who accomplishes their Feats. LAST NIGHTS, ARMSTRONG and HOWARTH. ARMSTRONG and HOWARTH. present THE POST OFFICE, A Screaming Absurdity CARLHTON and SUTTON, Comedy CARLETON and SUTTON, Duo. Eccentric Comedian, MAX MARTIN. MAX MARTIN. RENEAUX, Juvenile RENEAUX, . Statue Dancers. Steel Skinned Acrobat, GUGLIELMOS. GUGLIELMOS. DORIS TINDAL, • LAST DORIS TINDAL, NIGHTS. PRICES-s., Is. 6d., Is., and Sixpence. Box-plans at Nicholson's. OLYMPIA SKATING RINK. High-st., Fremantle. Three .essions Daily: Morning, After noon and Evenine.

Admission: Gene.ral, 6d. Monday, Wednes day, and Saturday evening, gents, Is. Perfect Floor. Splendid Music. EXHIBITION SKATING RINK. XHIBTION SKATING RINK. Patrons of the above Rink are hereby noti fied that Mr. Parrant terminates his lease of the Exhibition Skating Rink To-day. Patrons having stakes at the rink may re move same any time to-day and up till 9 p.m. to-night. M SCflFFMAN'S CLASSES Will Begin the following dates: Children's Class, in St. Mary's Hall, on Monday. April 28, 4 p.m. Adult Class in St. George's Hall, Hay street, Monday. April 28, 7.30 p.m. DANCING.—Cottesloe Hall, Cottesloe.     Cottesloe Quadrille Assembly. To-night. Dancing, 8-11. Gents 2s. Ladies invited. Moore and Kensitt, Musicians. C. Waters, M.C. L AST DAS LAST DAYS For a Chance to Win £1,000 In Prizes. £1,000 WORK OF ART. WORK OF ART. Value £500. First Great Value £500. Prize. Or Twelve Mcnths' Trip Round the World and £100 in Cash for One Person, or Eight Months for Two. Note.--The Committee, having paid full valus for the work of art, is prepared to find a purchaser for same at the advertised if the winner so desires, also for the Second and Third Prizes. Second, Value £100. Third, Value, £50. And 97 Other Prizes, totalling £1,000. EIGHT HOURS GREAT ART UNION. 57th Year. 57th Year. Oldest an l Most Popular. Proceeds in Aid of the Hospitals and Pub lic Charities of Australia. Prizes will be delivered to winners free of all charges. A list of winnmi numbers will be posted to any person on sending an addressed envelope to the representative, with stamp unaffixed. Buy from your Local Agent on or before April 25, or send Postal Note, P.O.O., or stamps, with exchange added, direct to the representative, 165 Flinders-lane, Melbourne, at once for tickets, and secure a chance in this great Art Union; 22 for £1. U for 10s., or is. each. All direct applications must reach Mel bourne before the date of drawing, May 13, 1913. LEST YOU FORGET, BUY TO-DAY. Local Agents: Perlstein's, Tobacconist, 148 William-street; 767 Hay-street, and 142 Bar rack-street, Perth. W. and O. Jenkins, To bacconist, 45 Market-street, Fremantle. THEO. W. HEIDE, Representative, 165 Flinders-lane, Meib., Vic. "CROSSED FISH." Finest Norwegian Smoked Sardines. C"GROSSED FISH."

AMUSEMENTS. HELROSE THEATRE. Direction, West's Ltd. With Brennan-Fuller Vaudeville Circuit. TO-NIGHT, TO-NIGHT. Direct from London. Received With Applause. JESSIE WILTON. JESSIF WILTON. Our English Soubrette. Received with Storms of Applause. THE CLIFF QUARTETTE. A Bevy of Bright, Fascinating Girls, Singers and Dancers. An Ovation Nightly Greets SCHEPPS CIRCUS. SCHEPPS CIRCUS. SCHEPPS CIRCUS. SCHEPPS CIRCUS. SCHEPPS CIRCUS. SCHEPPS CIRCUS. Beautiful Shetland Ponies; Dogs, Cats, Mon keys, Riders, Etc. WONDERFUL, AMAZING. THE BUCKING PONY. A Scream. A Roar. PEARL LIVINGSTONE. RE-APPEARANCE Of LEONARD NELSON. In a Budget of New Songs. FRIDAY NIGHT. Mr. Booze Competition. Prize, £3 3s. WEST'S PICTURES. . 'Best of All Direct from London. "FOLLOWING THE STAR." "THE REST CURE." "FROM WESTERN LAND." PATHE GAZETTE. Prices: Is. Is. 6d., 2s. Children, Half price. Box-plan at Nicholson's till 5 p.m., after Moss's (Tobacconist). then Melrose Theatre till 7 p.m. Tel. 2281. PRINCESS THEATRE. FREMANTLE. Direction .... ........ WESTS, LTD. With Brennan-Fuller Vaudeville Circuit. TO-NIGHT At 8 o'clock. TO-NIGHT. FRED CURRAN, England's Greatest Character Comedian., This artist has appeared by Royal Com mand before H.M. the King. Direct from the East. MEREDITH and ADNIL, Roman Ring Experts, Teeth-lifters, and Heavy Weight Manipulators. Late of the Wanderers, Ivy DAVIES and FORD, Courtney In a Musical Comedy Sketch, "Love in a Parlour." Huge Success of CLIFF QUARTETTE, Clever and Dainty Physical Culture Girls. TO-NIGHT, West's Great Drama "ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO MEND." A Great Prison Drama. TO-MORROW NIGHT. AMATEUR TRIALS. Aspirants Apply to the Manager. Popular Prices: Dress Circle and Reserved Stalls, 2s.; Front Stalls, ls. 6d.; Centre Stalls, 1s.; Back Seats, 6d. Children Half price except to Back Stalls. Plan at Nichol son's. WVESTS PICTURE PALACE, SUBIACO. 8 o'clock. TO-NIGHT. 8 o'clock. MYSTERIES OF PARIS. Pathe MYSTERIES OF PARIS. Drama. MYSTERIES OF PARIS. FOLLOWING THE STAR. Vitagraph Drama. FROM THE WESTERN LAND. Pathe Drama. LURE OF VANITY. LURE OF VANITY. Vitagraph Drama. MAKING CASKS IN BURGUNDY. REST CURE. Also OUR SCREAM. PATHE GAZETTE. Bright Music. WEST'S FREE GIFT NIGHT. Popular Prices.--ls. and 6d. Reserved Chairs on floor and circle, ls. EAST FREMANTLE BRANCH A.L.F. EUCHRE PARTY AND DANCE. EAST FREMANTLE TOWN HALL, TO-NIGHT. At 8 O'Clock. TICKETS. Is. EUCHRE Tournament and Dance, TO NIGHT (Wednesday), TO-NIGHT, Hibernian Hall, Murray-street, opp. Public Hospital. Six good prizes. Ladies' First, Massive Gilt 400-day Clock, in glass dome, valued £5. Also 2 Other Good Prizes. Gentlemen's prizes similar. Refreshments. Alex. Bethune, Pianist Good floor. Single, is. 6d.; Double, 2s. 6d. Come early. Punc tual start. Banks and Searle, Organisers. D A N C I N G. TO-NIGHT. The MAYFLOWER QUADRILLE ASSEM BLY will hold their Select Weekly DANCE in the VICTORIA PARK TOWN HALL. Good music, excellent floor, dancing 8-l1. Trams leave Perth 7.35 and 8 p.m. Gents. 2s., ladies invited. C. PARKHOUSE, hon. EUCHRE PARTY AND DANCE L Will b'e held in the MIAYLANDS HALL, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, In AID of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. Six Good Prizes. Refreshments. J. COLGAN, Sec. .ANCLNG.--The EMPRESS SELECT AS SSEB!BLY, in 'the. Oddfellows' Hall,

VW Ufluau1LreeL, 0 w IL. Brown's Quadrille Band. Gents., Is. 6d.; Ladies, 6d. R. Barry, M.C. PLEASE NOTE CHANGE of ADDRESS: Mr. T. BROWN. Teacher of Music and Dancing, and Pianist for Dancing, 7 Tate-street, West Leederville. Bands provided. ANCING.--The Banks Quadrille As 1J sembly, Strictly Select Dance, Every SATURDAY Night, St. George's Hall, Hay street. Sheridan's Vice-Regal Band. Best floor, refreshments. Double, 2s. 6d.; Gents., 2s.; Ladies, Gallery, 6d. E. R. Banks Or ganiser. BRINSMEADPIAN OS. BRNSMED PIANOS. BRINSMEAD PIANOS. BRINSMEAD PIANOS. Are ENGLAND'S BEST. ENGLAND'S BEST. ENGLAND'S BEST. ENGLAND'S BEST. They have been the leading English Piano eince the reign of King William IV. BRINSMEAD PIANOS BRINSMEAD PIANOS BRINSMEAD PIANOS BRINSMEAD PIANOS Have been suplied to His Majesty the King. H.R.H.p the Prince of Wales. H.M. the King of Italy. H.M. the King of Portugal H.M. the King of Sweden. H.M. the King of Norway. His Holiness the Pope. An investment in a Brinsmead Piano closes the avenue to future regret. s Ask 1 for Our Latest Catalogue. A. W. DOBBIE and CO., LTD., Hay-street, Perth. Kalgoorlie, Fremantle, Bunbury. .5iOTOR Launches for Hirc.--The popular L launches Mermaid (licensed to carry 84), Oxford (55), Brighton (45), Henley (28), and small boats for small parties. Moderate terms. Dorwood's Boatahed, Barrack street Square. Ring up 2643.

AMUSEMENTS. I TIVOLI THEATRE. IVOLI THEATRE. SMART SET. EACH SMART SET. EVENING, SMART SET. At SMART SET. 8. SMART SET. SMART SET. A SMART SET. Refined SMART SET. Delightful SMART SET. Entertainment. Prolonged Applause Greets Each Item. Pronounced to be the most finished, origi nal and up-to-date Programme yet present ed to a Perth Audience. ANNOUNCEMENT EXTRAORDINARY. A TREAT FOR THE CHILDREN. SATURDAY AFTERNOON NEXT, At 3 o'clock. SUNSHINE JAMES' BIRTHDAY SUNSHINE JAMES' BIRTHDAY Sunshine James (in honour of his birth day) will hold a Matinee on Saturday After noon Next, at 3 p.m., and each child will receive a packet of sweets. Sunshine James will give a number of his most popular items, and in addition Miss Georgie Martin, with Teddy Bear and Gollywog, will also appear. Mr. Edgar Hulland will officiate at the piano. Admission: 6d. to all parts of the house, a few booked at is. TO-NIGHT. TO-NIGHT. COMPLETE CHANGE of PICTURE PRO GRAMME. Prices: 2s. and is. Booking, 3s. PERTH LITERARY INSTITUTE. TUESDAY, MAY 13, At 8.15 p.m. FIRST of TWO FAREWELL VIOLIN RECITALS By Mr. MONTAGUE S. BREARLEY. Assisting Artists: Miss MINNIE WAUGH (Soprano). Mrs. R. E. HOURIGAN (Pianist). Admission: 3s. and 2s. Box Plan opens May 6 at Dobbie and Co.; 3s. seats reserved without extra charge; 2s. tickets may be had at Box Office. A-NCING.--TO-NIGHT, in the PRO TESTALNT HAL, the ROSEBUD ASSEMBLY will hold their WEEKLY DANCE. Dancing 8 till 12. Gents Is. S?., ladies' pound. H. SIMPSON, Sec. MONEY. ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT SECURITY and STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. To, Any Person, Male or Female, In Responsible Positions. £3, repayable by 3s. per week. £5 repayable by 10s. per fortnight. £10, repayable by £2 per month. £15, repayable by 25s. per fortnight. £20 to £100, repayable by instalments covering lengthy periods. PRO. NOTES DISCOUNTED DAILY. Also on FURNITURE, PERSONAL, PRO PERTY, DEEDS, etc., without any lien or publicity whatever. Bankerg: Bank of New South Wales. LOUIS SEELIGSON, " 22. 23, and 24 Coloidal Mutual Chambers, St. George's-terrace, Perth. TeL 499. Opp. National Bank. STAMP NECESSARY FOR REPLY. A.-£1,000 and £500 availab!e as LOANS, on Freehold Security, at reasonable rates. McBEAN and DEASON, 42 William-street, City. ADVERTISER HAS MONEY TO LEND li On FREEHOLD BRICK PROPERTIES, In large or small sums. Apply R107, This Office. AT LOWEST CURRENT RATES, SMALL AND LARGE SUMS, On CITY, SUBURBAN, and COUNTRY PROPERTIES. CHAS SOMMERS. Auctioneer, St. Georse's-terrace. AUSTRALIAN MUTUAL PROVIDENT SOCIETY HAS MONEY TO LEND On the most Liberal Terms and Conditions and at Lowest Rates of Interest on First Mortgage of Well-improved FREEHOLD FARMING PROPERTIES,: And on FREEHOLD CITY and SUBURBAN PROPERTIES, Up to One-half the Value. NOTE.-Advances may be for FIXED PERIODS-say 3 or 5 years-and ARE NOT REPAYABLE ON DEMAND, as in the case of overdrafts. The borrower has also the option of repaying part of the principal in each year, or it may be arranged so that the principal sum, with interest, is repay able by quarterly instalments. Also on LIFE INTERESTS and REVERSIONS. LOANS ARE NOT RESTRICTED TO MEMBERS OF THE SOCIETY. Directors i. Western Australia: Hon Geo. Randell, J.P., Chairman; Jsa Morrison, Esq., J.P., Deputy-Chairman; Charles Hudson, Esq., B. H. Darbyshire Esq. Branch Office: St. George's-terrace, Perth. GAVIN LUCAS, Resident Secretary. INNGIAL ASSISTANCE. AT VERY LOWEST RATES. On Deeds, Furniture (without removal), In terest under Wills, and every Class of Security. EASY REPAYMENTS AP RANGED. BILLS DISCOUNTED DAILY.

THE PERTH FINANCE and DISCOUNT COMPANY, LTD., 22 and 24 Weld Chambers, St. George's terrace. HENRY SEELIGSON, Manager. T HAVE £3,000 to LEND on Suburban 1. PROPERTIES. Current Rates. W. . DUNN, Financial Agent, Palace Chambers, St. George's-terrace. JAMES HALL, Estate and Financial Agent, 813 Hay-street (west of Foy's), and Victoria-parade, Claremont, has MO NEY to LEND on Freehold Property, large or small amounts. J. J. and F. G. HIGHAM, 44 Hi-h-st., Fremantle, have MONEYS to LEND on Freehold Securities, in all amounts from £50 up to £20,000 (Twenty Thousand Pounds). LOANS.-Several SMALL SUMS AWAIT ING INVETMENT. LANGSFORD and TOY. 21, 22, and 32 (first floor), New Zealand Chambers, St. George's-ter., Perth. LOANS to LADIES ONLY.-Private Lady advances her own capital in sums of £5 upwards. Easy repayments. Enclose stamped addressed envelope for interview in the strictest confidence. Box-294, Perth. OANS.--To render service is our desire. S Consult us as to economical methods for Loans on Freeholds; also Building Op erations. Advice free. PENT and CO., LTD., 46 St. George's-ter. MONEY TO LEND. On Suitable Security. All Transactions Strictly Private. W. LEAN. Box 164. G.P.O. MONEY from £5, upon Title Deeds, Pro mizissory Notes, or other security. Re payments to suit convenience of borrower. Bedrock rates. M. WALTERS and CO., Financiers, 20 Royal Arcade, Hay-st. (up stairs). M ONEY to LEND on City and close Suburban Freehold Securities at cur rent rates. H. J. HOLLAND, 21 Royal Arcade (upstairs), Tel. 413, 15[ONEY TO LEND on Deeds of City and . Suburban Properties, improved or otherwise, from £50 to £20,000. Lowest rates of interest. G.P.O. BOX 42, PERTH. PEIERS and COMPANY, K Cathedral-avenue, Perth. MONEY TO LEND on FREEHOLDS. Lowest Rates of Interest. Advice Free. ERUST MONEYS TO LEND On FREEHOLD PROPERTIES. Apply to STONE and BURT, Solicitors, 514 Hay-street, Perth. rIlRUST MONEYS TO LEND. .I. ARTHUR F. ABBOTT, Solicitor, Commercial Bank Chambers, 48 St. George's terrace, Perth. (a10,000 TO LEND from £250 upwards, on ýd freehold security. Apply C. HARDEY JOHNSON, South British Chambers, Barrack-street, Perth. ASK YOUR GROCER For "CROSSED FISH" SARDINES.

AUCTIONS SUMMARY OF AUCTIONS. THIS DAY. April 30--Learmonth, Duffy and Co.-Fre mantle Club premises, at the rooms, 35, Hcnry.street, Fremantle; 3 p.m. April 30.-Learmonth, Duffy, and Co.-In their rooms, Emanuel Buildings, garden land at Cannington. April 30.-Learmonth, Duffy and Co.-Orch ard, in their rooms. Emanuel Buildings. 3 p.m. April 30.-McCarthy, Parker, and Co.-Fur niture and effects, piano, at 152 Parry st.; 11 o'clock. April 30.-Eben Allen and Co.-Brick villa residence, household furniture, piano, etc., at 1310 Hay-street West, at 11 o'clock. April 30.-W. Wilford Mitchel.-Household furniture and effects, on the premises, "Oakland," Walcott-street, Mt. Lawley; 11 o'clock. April 30.-Learmonth, Duffy and Co.-North Perth, building sites, in their rooms, Emanuel Biuldings; 3 p.m. April 30.-Linton and Blyth.-At the Mart, 167 Murray-st., furniture and effects; 11 a.m. May 1.-Learmonth, Duffy, and Co.-Ship ping gear and office furniture and ef fects, at the Melville Wharf, Perth; 2.30 p.m. May l.-Chas. Sommers (in conjunction with Saw and Grimwood, Jr.).-City and Sub urban properties, in the Rooms, 56 St. George's-terrace; at 3 p.m. May 1.-Chas. Sommers.-U.G. piano, household furniture and effects, at 10 Thomas-st., West Perth: 11 o'clock. May 1--Chas. Sommers.-Building sites, Beaufort-st., in the rooms, 56 St. George's-terrace; 3 p.m. May 1.-Harry Wilson and Co.-93 High-st., stock and plant, fruit shop, and refresh ment room; 2 p.m. May 1.-F. A. Mansfield.-Piano, furniture and effects, at the mart, 125 William-st.; 2.30 p.m. May 1.-A. W. Ducat.-Furniture and ef fects, at 21 Orange-avenue; 11 a.m. May 2.-Chas. Sommers.H.G. piano, house hold furniture and effects. at 57 Vin cent-street, Highgate Hill; 11 o'clock. May 2.-F. A. ?Iansfeld.-Oriental silk goods, at the mart, 125 William-street; 2.30 p.m. May 2.-C. LMcDowall.-Furniture and ef fects, 805 Hay-st.; 11 a.m. May 2.-A. W. Ducat.-Piano, furniture and effects, at 10 Cook-st., off Outram-st.; 2.30 p.m. May 2.-A. W. Ducat.-Furniture and ef fects, at 104 Brown-st., East Perth; 11 a.m. May 2.-T. Tate and Co.-Furniture and sundries, at the rooms, 713 Hay-street; 2.15 p.m. May 3.-Hyem, Heater and Co., Ltd.-Jar rah residence, 90 Loftus-st., Leederville; 3um May 5.-Eben Allen and Co.-Household fur niture, sulky, horse and harness, at the White House, Oxford-street, Leeder ville; 11 a.m. May 5.-A. W. Ducat.-Fur goods, at 56 William-st.; 2.30 p.m. May 6.-Eben Allen and Co.-Household fur niture and effeaut, on the premises, 103 Outram-eZ. May 6.-A.: W. Ducat.-Furniture and ef' fects,- at 170 Brisbane-st.; 11 am. May 7.-A. W. Ducat. - Unredeemed pledges. at 56 William-street; 11 a.m. May 8.-Eben Allen and Co.-Household fur niture and effects, St. Andrew's, corner Reginald and Broome sts., Cottesloe Beach; 11 a.m. May 13.-Learmonth, Duffy, and Co-In Town Hall, Fremantle, Naval Base Es tate. May 13.-Learmonth, Duffy, and Co.-In Town Hall, Fremantle, garden and poul try areas. May 21.-Learmonth. Duffy and Co.-Tam min farm, in their rooms, Emanuel Buildings; 3 p.m. TO-MORROW. TO-MORROW. In the Rooms, 56 St. George's-terrace, At Three P.M. MORTGAGEES' SALE Of CITY and SUBURBAN PROPERTIES, Comprising FINE WAREHOUSES and COFFEE PALACE, Corner of WELLINGTON and KING STREETS. MODERN TWO-STOREY RESIDENCE, HARVEST-TERRACE. Opposite Parliament House. FINE SUBDIYIDED BLOCK, Canning River, close to Canning Bridge. Area 150 Acres. SEVEN HUNDRED ACRES, Close to Bayswater Railway Station. All Subdivided into 10-Acre Lots. 2} ACRES BUCKLAND HILL, Frontages to Swan River and Fairbairn street. RESIDENTIAL SITE, CITY, Close to Bennett-street, having a frontage to the Esplanade. CHAS. SOMMERS has been favoured with instructions from the mortgagees to BELL in the Rooms, 56 St. George's-terrace, at 3 p.m.: WELLINGTON and KING STREETS, CITY, (1.) Portion of Perth Town Lot V27, having a frontage of 99ft. to Welling ton-street by a depth along. King street of 99ft. The improvements include a fine-two storied brick building, occupied by good tenants, the upper storey being let as a coffee palace and returning in all a rental of about £850 per annum. The property adjoins the warehouses of Messrs. Sargood Bros.. and occupies an im portant and improving position. (2.) RESIDENCE, HARVEST-TERRACE. Portion of Perth Town Lot H24 having a frontage to Harvest-terrace'of 50ft. by a depth of 165ft. to a r.o.w., lead ing into Wilson-street. On the land is erected fne two-storied brick build ing now occupied by Miss Anderson

(The Valesco Private Hospital). This property occupies a fine position close to Hay-street and opposite Parhament House. (3.) CANNING RIVER. Canning Locations 56 and 248, contain ing about 150 acres, all subdivided into k-acre building allotments. This land has a frontage to the Canning River, and is close to Canning Bridge. In view of the early probability of the construction of the South Swan railway this should prove a good investment. (4.) BAYSWATER. Portion of Swan Loc. M and M1, esa taining 700 acres of freehold land, all subdivided into ten-acre lots. This land is within 21 miles of the Bays water railway station and only 1 mile from a macadamised road (5.) ESPLANADE, close *to BenneLt-st., city, portion of Perth Town Lot S26. having a frontage of 50ft. to the Es planade by a depth of 247ft. (6.) Buckland Hill, Sub-Lot 3 of 21 Acres, having a frontage to Fairbairn street by a good depth to Swan River. Excellent view over Rocky Bay. One mile from Cottesloe Beach station. The whole of the titles are under the Transfer of Land Act, and may be inspected at the offices of Messrs. James and Darby shire, St. George's-terrace. Solicitors for the Mortgagee. Liberal terms can be arranged. For cards to view and all particulars, apply to.the Auctioneer, 56 St. George's terrace. THURSDAY, MAY 1. In the ROOMS, 56 St. George's-terrace. At Three P.M. IMPORTANT-SALE OF FREEHOLD LAND, BEAUFORT-ST., HIGHGATB ('HAS. SOMMERS has been favoured with V instructions from the owners to SELL as above Lots 1, 2, and 3 of Perth Town Lot N148, having a frontage to Beaufort st. of 165ft. by a good depth along Vincent-st. Suitable for Factory, Shops, or Dwellings. Further particulars on application to the Auctioneer. ESTATE OF J. P. O. WELLARD, Deceased. BENGER. The Trustees of the above estate are now subdividing the property into suitable areas for POTATO GROWING and DAIRYING. And intend offering for sale by PUBLIC AUCTION at an EARLY DATE. Intending purchesers are invited to in spect the land NOW as the potato digging is in full swing. The rich swamp land (some of which is let at £2 10s.. per acre for the potato crop only), will be cut up into areas of from 5 to 15 acres, while the land for orchard and mixed farming will be subdivided into larger Sareas. The survey is now being carried out and plans will be available in about four weeks' time. The Estate might be well termed the WARRNAMBOOL OF THE WEST. Arrangements for inspection can be made on application to CHAS. SOMMERS. Auctioneer, 56 St. George's-terrace. Perth.

AUCTIONS. TO-MORRtOW THURSDAY, MAY 1. At Eleven o'Clock. On the PREMISES, "Wilton," 10 Thomas street, WEST PERTH. U.G. PIANO, SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS. -HAS. SOMMERS 'in conjunction w:th C SAW and GRIMWOOD, Jun.), has been favoured with instructions from Mrs Rachel Evans (who has sold her house and is leaving on an extended visit to England). to SELL, as above- HALL STXND, FELT HAII, CUR TAINS UG. PIANO, DRAWING-ROOM FUR NITURE and FURNISHINGS AMERICAN ORGAN, suitable for church BEDROOM SUITES and FURNISH INGS VOILE, NET, LACE, and other vaIu able CURTAINS ROYAL SEMI-PORCELAIN and other TOILET SERVICES DOUBLE, 3ft., and single BED STEADS DINING-ROOM FURNITURE and FURNISHINGS D.D. BOOKCASE, 7ft. x 4ft., OAK EX TENSION DINING TABLE OAK SIDEBOARD FINE COLLECTION SILVER-WARE Ladies' SOLID SILVER DRESSING SET Ladies' SOLID SILVER MANICURE SET Gentleman's TORTOISE-SHELL MANI CURE SET SILVER AFTERNOON TEA SET, 6 pieces, 21 pieces, cost £50 E.P., cut glass, and CROCKERY WARE OIL PAINTINGS, WATER-COLOURS, ETCHINGS, and ENGRJAVINGS DRESDEN CHINA . JARDLNIERES, vases.and ornaments CARPETS, HEARTHRUGS, LINO TLEUJMS CULINARY and LAUNDRY UTEN SILS I.R. hoses, ELECTRIC LAWN MOWER, DUCK and CHICK BLINDS Choice collection of hanging baskets, tub and not o!onts, and sundries. Extended particulars appeared in yester day's "West Australian." ON VIEW THIS AFTERNOON, from 2.30 to 6 o'clock. FRIDAY, MAY 2. AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK. ON THE PREMISES, La Mascotte, 57 VIN CENT-ST. (near corner Clifton-st.), HIGHGATE HILL. First-class HORIZONTAL GRAND PIANO (Win. Knabe and Co., Baltimore). OFFICE SAFE (Chatwood's Patent). SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS. C HAS. SOMMERS has been favoured with instructions from Mrs. A. Mayer (who is leaving on an extended visit to the East). to SELL as above. SPANISH MAHOGANY HALLSTAND, fitted with back panel mirror, flap drawer under tray and wells. Hall and passage linoleum. First-class HORIZONTAL GRAND PIANO (Winm. Knabe and Co., Balti more), a very fine instrument, cost £200, and admirably suited for hall. Piano revolving stool, upholstered seat, RATTAN SETTEE and ARM CHAIRS, DIVAN CHAIR, upholster ed in flowered tapestry, WICKER ROUND TABLE, with under tray. MUSIC CANTERBURY, adjustable music stand, brass PIANO STOOL, METRONOME, pictures, vases, and ornaments, rugs and mats, BRUSSELS CARPET. Handsome MAPLE panel BEDROOM SUITE, 3 pieces, comprising WARD ROBE, with full-length panel mirror, side mirrors, clothes hanging compart ment, and drawers, DRESSING TABLE, b g swing mirror, utility and jewel drawers, M.T. art tiled back PEDESTAL WASHSTAND. SCOTCH 7-DRAWER CEDAR CHEST, with spiral columns, CEDAR MEDI •CINE CHEST. B.M. D. BEDSTEAD, wire mattress, horsehair buttoned MATTRESS, S. Iron BEDSTEADS, 3ft., wire and kapol mattresses, COMMODE, large FRAMED MIRROR, 4ft. 6in. x 2ft. 6in. H.P. DUDLEY BEDROOM SUITE, 3 pieces, comprising WARDROBE, with full-length b g panel, drawers, etc., DRESSING TABLE with centre swing and aide b g butterfly wing mirrors, utility and jewel drawers, M.T. double art tiled panels WASHSTAND, with 2 cupboards and towel rail, Lombardy and other TOILET SERVICES. H.P. Fuller BEDROOM SUITE, three pieces, comprising WARDROBE, tho roughly fitted dressing table, swing b g mirror, 5 utility and jewel draw ers, washstands, toilet tables and ware. WICKER ARM CHAIRS, handsome and unique AFTERNOON TEA TABLE, A.B. CHAIRS, leather seats, H.P. DINING TABLE on castors, side table, DINNER WAGGON, 3 tiers, 3 bottle TANTALUS AFTERNOON TEA SERVICE, mazarine blue, large E.P. URN, 14 x 12, glass and crock eryware, WALNUT OVERMAN TELS, artistically mirrored. H.P. BOOKCASE, double glass doors, movable shelves, cupboard and draw ers. Handsome SIDEBOARD, artistically mirrored and carved, and fitted with drawers, B.R. fender, large FRENCH CLOCK, surmounted with bronze figure. Very fine FIRE and BURGLAR-PROOF

x 26 x 24} inches outside measure ment, as good as new. NEW HOME DROPHEAD SEWING MACHINE, with all accessories, in perfect order. LINOLEUMS throughout the house. KITCHEN DRESSER, marble-top TABLE. with drawer, D. door MEAT SAFE, HOUSEMAID STEPS, culinary and laundry utensils, and sundries. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. A- AN EARLY DATE In the ROOMS, 56 ST.GEORGE'S-TER. AT Three P.M. "WOODSIDE." A BEAUTIFUL HOME. On the Canning River, 11 miles from Can. nington Station, 7j miles, by good road, from Perth. AREA 39 ACRES. Including ORCHARD of 18 acres, 3 to 6 years old. The whole of the land is exceptionally rich and can 'be irrigated from the Can ning River. CHAS. SOMMERS has been favoured with instructions from W. M. Owston, Esq., to SELL as above. His fine property of 39 acres, together with BUNGALOW RESIDENCE of Brick, containing 5 large rooms, kitchen, halh, bath, pantry, linen presses, etc.; extensive stabling and outbuildings. HORSES. HORSES. HORSES. HORSES. HORSES. HORSES. SPECIAL SALE AT PINJARRAH. SPECIAL SALE AT PINJARRAH. SATURDAY, MAY 3, At Noon. ALGETY and COMPANY, LIMITED, have been instructed to Offer by Pub lic Auction, on account of the following well-known breeders'; McLarty Bros., Don ald Paterson, Esq., Paterson Bros., C. Slee, Esq., and others: 50 Head of Mixed Horses, comprising:- Heavy draughts, delivery sorts, light harness, saddle hacks. We believe the above horses are in first class condition, and buyers are recommended to attend. Buyers can leave Perth by Saturday morn ing's train, and return the same evening. For further particulars apply DALGETY and COMPANY, LIMITED, PERTH. TO-DAY (11 A.M.) TO-DAY. At the Mart, 167 Murray-street. LLNTON and BLYTH will SELL, 2 Bedroom Suites, 4 Sideboards, 12 Bed steads, Chairs. Tables, and Sundries. Goods booked till time of sale. W. P. LINTON. Auctineee a

AUCTIONS. THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), APRIL 30. At Three' P.M. In AUCTIONEERS' ROOMS, Emanuel Buildings. SPLENDIDLY IMPROVED ORCHARD. 104 Acres Freehold. 3,000 Fruit Trees. L EARMONTH, DUFFY, and CO. hayvs received instructions from Mr. Ed. Cun nington, who is going on an extended trip to England, to SELL by Auction as abuts, comprising Eastern portion of Location 1492, Mun daring, containing 104 acres, and situ ated about one mile from the Rail way Station, connected by macadam ised road. About 30 acres are planted as follows: 650 Peaches and Apples, 7 yrs. old. 900 Pears, Peaches, and Apples. to 6 years old. 1,400 Peaches, Pears, Apples, and Plums, 2 to 4 years old. 20 Assorted Fruit Trees, 5 yrs old. 50 Orange Trees, 8 years old. 75 Orange Trees, 2 years old. Total 3,095 Also quantity Grape Vines. BUILDINGS. Well-built 7-room'ed Jarrah House, water laid on "3-roomed Jarrah Workman's Cottage. Stables and Cart Sheds. Jarrah Storage Shed. Harness and Feed Room. WATER SUPPLY. A splendid supply of water is obtained from an "Alston" 18ft. windmill, 50ft. tower, well 86ft., timbered to bottom; 500ft. 2-inch water pipes connected with 6,000"al. storage tank on elevated position, facilitating irn. gation by gravitation. Also, Underground Tank of 16,000 gallons. OVER 1,000 TREES in FULL BEARING. this property, which is for absolute sale, is well worthy of inspection, and is a sure fortune for an orchardist. Terms, £400 Deposit; balance on mortgage at 6j per cent., or terms to suit purchaser. THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), APRIL 30. At Three P.M. In AUCTIONEER'S ROOMS, EMANUEL BUILDINGS. 6. NORTH PERTh BUILDING SITES. 6 IN LOTS TO SUIT PURCHASERS. PRACTICALLY WITHOUT RESERVE L EARMONTH, DUFFY, and CO. have received instructions from the absentee owner to SELL by Auction as above, com prising Lots 37, 38, 39, 40; 41, and 42 of Loca tion 685, havihg double frontages to Redfern-street and No. 1 avenue. The above are splendid building sites and only a few minutes from the Walcott-st. (Mt. Lawley) tram Terms Cash. THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), APRIL 30 At Three P.M. In their ROOMS, EMANUEL'S BUILD INGS, PERTH. GARDEN LAND AT CANNINGTON. 11) ACRES. LEARMONTH, DUFFY and CO. have received instructions to Offer for Sale by Public Auction as above: Lots 10, 11. and 12, deposited plan 2,461 of Canning Location 1, containing 11 acres 3 roods 5 perches. The land is cleared and fenced, and con sists of rich black loam, water obtainable at a shallow depth. Terms: One-third depiosit, balance 6, 12, and 18 months, with interest at 6 per cent. per annum. THIS DAY: THIS DAY. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30. At Three P.M. In the ROOMS, 35 HENRY-ST., FRF~ IMANTLE. BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEE. VALUABLE FREMANTLE PROPERTY, Bein" The LAND and BUILIINGS Lately Occu pied as the Fremantle Club. LEARMONTH, DUFFY and 0O. have re. ceived instructions from the Mortga gee to OFFER for SALE by PUBLIC AUC TION. as above All that land, being Fremantle Town Lot 57 and part of Lot 56, having a front age of about 60ft. to Henry-street by a depth of 120ft. Improvements comprise a three-storeyed Building of stone, containing 18 rooms, lava tories,and cellar, and a detached two.torey ed Cottage at the back of the block. This prope.ty is in the very heart of the business portion of Fremantle, and is a very desirable site for warehouse purposes; or, as it stands, the building at a small ex pense could be converted into a magnificent Temperance Hotel, and being so close to the railway station and wharves, would undoubt edly prove a huge success from the outset. Several offers of tenancy from reliable people who wish to utilise the premises in this way

have already been received, but as the mort gagee has determined to Sell, the idea of let ting has not been entertaihed. The premises may be inspected on applica tion to the Auctioneers, 35 Henry-street, Fremantle. TERMS: £500 cash. balance on Mortgage at 5! per cent. per annum. TO-MORROW (TH'URSDAY), MAY L At Half-past Two P.M. At the MELVILLE WHARF, PERTH. SHIPPING GEAR, ex CONCORDIA. OFFICE FURNITURE and EFFEC'TS LEARMONTH, DUFFY and CO. have re ceived instructions from Messrs. Mdil wraith, McEacharn and Co. Propy., Ltd., to OFFER for SALE by PUBLIC AUC TION, as above Ex Concordia (in bond): 1 anchot boat 2 crab winches 37 sails 84 blocks 2 gin wheels 3 fog-horns 1 spinning jenny and (duty paid). A quantity of office furniture and effects. TUESDAY, MAY 13, At Three P.M. IN THE TOWN HALL, FREMANTI.E. NAVAL BASE ESTATE. Comprising 13 RESIDENTIAL SITES of HALF-ACRE EACH. TEARMONTH, DUFFY and CO. have received instructions from the vendors to Sell by Auction as above: Lots 1 to 13 of Clarence Locations 39 and 40, each containing an area of about half-acre, and having frontages to Madeline and Steere roads. The lots, which adjoin the Government Reserve, are splendidly situated near the railway line, and must greatly increase in value as soon as the works in connection with the Naval Base are in full swing. TERMS: Quarter Gash, balance 6, 12, 18, and 24 months. NO INTEREST. Plans on Application to Auctioneers, Perth or Fremantle Offices. HAVE YOU FURNITURE FOR SALE? We are Battlers for Prices, and have had 20 years' experience in Furniture Auction Sales. A Trial Invited. BROWN, CLINCH and CO., Auctioneers and Property Salesmen. Mitchell's Buildings, William-street, Rerth.

AUCTIONS TUESDAY. MAY 13. At Three P.M. IN TOWN HALL, FREMANTIE. UNRESERVED SALE Of GARDEN and POULTRY AREAS. 4}-ACRE LOTS. HAMILTON-ROAD ESTATE. LEARMONTH, DUFFY and CO. have re ceived instructions from the Trustee to SELL by AUCTION, as above, compris mug Lots 1, 3. 8. 9, 11, aid 19 of Hamilton road Estate, each containing about 4k acres, and having frontages to Hamil ton and Government roans. These lots, which are only tAree miles from the Fremantle Railway Station and half-mile from Robb's Jetty line, will be Sold separately, and practically Without Re serve, on following terms: Quarter Cash, Balance 6, 12, and 18 Months. NO INTEREST. Plans on Application to the Auctioneers. WEDNESDAY, MAY 21. At Three P.M. 2,320 ACRE FARM, near TAMMIN. WALK IN. WALK OUT. 1,200 ACRES CLEARED, 500 ACRES il CROP. EARMONTH, DUFFY, and CO. have =, received instructions to OFFER for Sale by Public Auction as above, in their Rooms, Emanuel Buildings, Perth C.P. Leases 5121/68, 8465/56, 8838/56, 5123/68, and H.F. 1216/74, 12169/74, aggregating 2320 acres, situated 4 miles south of Tammin, of which 1,200 acres are cleared and 500 in crop. Improvements consist of 4-roomed House, machinery shed. 36 x 40, bush stables for 8 horses. The property is enclosed with 6-wire fencing and subdivided into 6 paddocks. Scheme water is laid on. also good soak and well. The following stock and plant is given in:--6 horses, quantity of pigs and fowls, 4f. S.J. plough, harvester, drill, disc culti vator, horse rake, T. bar roller, gasoline engine and chaffcuter, dray, spring cart, 3 tanks, 30 tons hay, quantity of harness, tools etc. Easy Terms. COCKRAM'S STOCK BAZAAR. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, 1913, At Two o'Clock. Two o'Clock. Two o'Clock. Two o'Clock. 51 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN HORSES 51 51 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN HORSES 51 51 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN HORSES 51 51 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN HORSES 51 51 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN HORSES 51 51 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN HORSES 51 To arrive ex s.s. Kwinana on Tuesday, April 29, and for UNRESERVED SALE BY AUCTION UNRESERVED SALE BY AUCTION UNRESERVED SALE BY AUCTION On account of M. Rashecd, Esq., Gum Park, 'Red Hill, South Australia. A. E. COCKRAM will SELL by Auction as above. This is a splendid shipment of young mares and geldings, which Mr. Rasheed highly recommends, and instructs us to sell absolutely without reserve. Note the Hour of Sale. Note the Hour of Sale. COCKRAM'S STOCK BAZAAR, 202 Pier-street. Telephone 1111. COCKRAM'S STOCK BAZAAR. 202 Pier-street. MONDAY, MAY 5, 1913, Half-past Ten A.M. 27 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN HORSES 27 27 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN HORSES 27 27 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN HORSES 27 27 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN HORSES 27 Arriving ex s.s. Karoola, Thursday, May 1, 1913. A E. COCKRAM has received instructions from M?. James Heaton to SELL by Auction as above. Mr. Jimmy Heaton advises us that he has spent the past three weeks in selecting this consignment, and they comprise a splendid lot of farm, delivery, and tradesmen's sorts, being all young, sound, and broken in. Inspection invited on ship arrival, at COCKRAM'S STOCK BAZAAR, 202 Pier-street. Telephone '111. COCKRAM'S STOCK BAZAAR, 202 Pier-street. MONDAY, MAY 5, 1913, Half-past Ten A.M. 25 YOUNG VICTORIAN MARES AND 25 YOUNG VICTORIAN MARES AND 25 YOUNG VICTORIAN MARES AND GELDINGS 25 GELDINGS 25 GELDINGS 25

May 1, 1913. A. E. COCKRAM, under instructions from the well-known judge and shipper, Mr. F. P. O'Brien, will SELL by Auction: 25 superior young farm mares and geld ings. All carefully selected by Mr. O'Brien per sonally, who well knows the Westralian mar ket requirements, and he advises they are a choice shipment. Inspection invited on vessel's arrival. COCKRAM'S STOCK BAZAAR, 202 Pier-street. Telephone 1111. IDEAL ORCHARD PROPERTY, With COMMODIOUS RESIDENCE. MONDAY, MAY 12. At Three o'Clock. In the ROOMS, Viking House. W . CHAS. HODD and CO.. in conjuna tion with W. WILFORD MITCHELL, have been favoured with instructions from the owners. to SELL by PUBLIC AUC TION, as above Lots 57, 58, and 59, Portions of Canning Location 7, D.P. 2728, Reg. Vol. 430, Folio 66, and Vol. 350, Folio 14. THIS SPLENDID ORCHARD PRO. PERTY is situated within 5 minutes Can ning station, and close to the new Public School. THE RESIDENCE is a faithfully built Jarrah House, containing 6 large rooms, en trance hall, spacious verandahs, and nume rous outbuildings, stable, poultry runs, etc. THE SOIL is all first-class, ideal for fruit and vegetables. THE ORCHARD contains 500 applee, and about 50 assorted trees, in addition to vines, strawberries, etc. WATER SUPPLY -Water is laid on to house, and pipes are laid right through the orchard and garden, good well and tanks. N.B.-This very desirable orchard pro perty has a total area of 8 acres 1 rood 20 perches, and will be offered as follows: Lot 1.-House, with 3 acres orchard and garden. Lot 2.-One acre, Al soil, improved. Lots 3, 4, 5, 6.-About 1 acre each, plant. ed with apples, mostly 5 years old, best export varieties. This Property is Cor ABSOLUTE SALE, practically WITHOUT RESERVE W. WILFORD MITCHELL, Viking House. William-street. W. OHAS. HODD and CO., 101 William-street. METROPOLITAN FAT STOCK MARKET. NORTH FREMANTLE. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, 1913. C. H. FIELDING, LIMITED, will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, account own ers, 500 Sheep. 100 Pigs. IF you have a most atrocious corn, And wish to shift it sure, Upon that most atrocious corn Use but Trouchet's Con Cure.