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Nearly 13,000 youngsters were waiting on Hamilton's Melville Oval to greet the Queen. The great moment was drawing near and the children became excited./ THEN .... between the gates of the crowd packed park the Royal car appeared and the joyful children screamed with delight. These toddlers above were not to be left

out of it. They waved their flags and cheered just as loud as the others.

Eight-year-old Rose- mary Oates was almost down on her knee when she presented a bouqet to the Queen at Kana- walla aerodrome, Hamil- ton, yesterday.

The Queen smiled happily at little Rose- mary, who performed her duty permectly.

Scores of people saw the Queen and the Duke arrive at the airport and then followed her car into the gay streets of Hamilton, seven miles


Here nearly 80,000 people were waiting to greet the Royal couple.

Many who came from other country towns were up before dawn. Some, went without sleep.

Many of the children who welcomed the Royal couple at Melville oval yesterday were up ot tile crae* of dawn. They had travelled hundreds of miles from outlying districts to see them. Some arrived at the oval at 8 a.m. - and they had this grand view of the Queen and Duke driving in an open car. Children's cheers broke out hundreds of yards ahead of the Royal car and continued until it was well past.

Nurses from Hamilton Hospital turned out in full force to welcome the Queen. From a first floor balcony of the hospital they had a grandstand view of the Royal progress. Hamilton "let its hair down" and yelled

itself hoarse when the Royal coupla arrived.

The Queen, who was visiting her first Victorian country centre, was obviously impressed with the heart _ warming welcome,