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Four saw flying saucers

speed over Hamilton

. Two flying saucer stories came from Hamil- ton yesterday.

. At 4.25 p.m. last Thurs- day, Messrs. X. Karamostos and A. Pantazls. of the Vic- toria Fish Cafe. Gray st., Hamilton saw "a silvery, cir- cular object with a para- chute-like acfjunct remain stationary for 20 seconds,

then fly off at incredible speed."

. At 9.45 p.m. the follow- ing; day, Mr. and Mrs. Allan Brown, of Clifford st., saw a bright object to the north- west - "like two saucers, the top one inverted.".

Its color was. bright orange, and lt left''a vapor trail for ' 20 minutes, they said. ' ? : - '

Mrs. Brown who. like her husband, served in the Air' Force during the war, said the object's brilliance sug- gested powerful . electric generation.

Both were «certain that it was not a plane.

Meanwhile, reports about flying saucers continue to pour in at Civil Aviation De- partment headquarters in Melbourne;

Nine arrived by yesterday's

mail, bringing the total to 50 in just over'a week.

But if you' thought you saw a saucer yesterday, bc


There's a very good chance it was a cosmic ray research


Di-. V. D. Hopper, leader .of the cosmic ray research team at the Melbourne Uni- versity, invited journalists to see the birth of a ''flying


He released an 8ft. dia- meter hydrogen-filled bal- loon,» carrying an alumin- ium-coated undercarriage containing photographic plates.

And he would like the ap- paratus returned to the Atomic Physics Laboratory, Melbourne University, if you

And it.