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Prime Minister's wife honored, and .



Canberra, Thursday  

THREE Victorians are among eight Australians

who haye received knighthoods from the Queen

in her New Year Honors List.

But pride of place in the list goes to a woman-Mrs. Menzies, wife of the Prime Minister, who becomes Dame Pattie Maie Menzies, G.B.E.

Her appointment, as a Dame Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire heads the civil list of honors.

Dame Pattie Maie

Menzies' award is in  

recognition of "years   of incessant and un- selfish performance of public duty."

The three Victorian knights are:

Air Marshal Richard Wil- liams, C.B., C.B.E., D.S.O., of Melbourne, Director-Gen- eral of Civil Aviation.

He has been created Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire for "a most distinguished career in peace and in war in the service of Australia."

William John Allison, of Mont Albert, president of the Associated Chambers of Commerce.

He has been made a Knight Bachelor for "out- standing work for Australian


Wing - Commander Law- rance James Wackett, D.F.C., A.F.C., B.Sc., Melb., of Beaumaris.

He is created a Knight Bachelor for "his outstand- ing pioneering services to the Australian aircraft in- dustry in peace and in war."

The other knights-all of them Knights Bachelor are:  

Daniel McVey, C.M.G., M.I.E. . (Aust.), F.I.R.E. (Aust.), of Pymble; N.S.W.

former Director-General of Posts and Telegraphs, who, as managing director of a large company, has been made a Knight Bachelor for

"distinguished service to the  

Commonwealth in an honor-

ary capacity."  

Walter Thomas Merriman, of Yass, N.S.W., well-known sheep stud owner, for "out standing services to Aus-  

tralia in the sheep-breeding industry."

Dr. Harry Wyatt Wun- derly, M.D., Ch.B., Melb., M.R.C.P., Lond., F.R.A.C.P., , F.C.C.P., of . Canberra, direc-

tor of tuberculosis in the Commonwealth Health De- partment, "in recognition of his distinguished record as the outstanding authority on tuberculosis in Australia."

Richard Oliver Harris, C.M.G., Lord Mayor of Hobart.

Brian Herbert Swift, of

South Australia, in recogni-  

tion of his valuable services to public hospitals and to the University of Adelaide.

Dame Pattie Maie Menzies' honor is in recognition of years of incessant and un- selfish performance of public duty, in hospital work, and in her distinguished repre- sentation of Australia on a number of occasions over-


Air Marshal Sir Richard Williams has been honored for a most distinguished career in peace and in war in the service of Australia.

He graduated from Point Cook in 1914 as the holder of the first pilot's licence issued in this country, and in 1916 left Australia as a flight commander in No. 1 Squadron, A.F.C.

Early in World War II he became the first Australian to reach the rank of Air Marshal.

He was appointed Director General of Civil Aviation in 1946, and the Civil Aviation services in Australia devel- oped rapidly under his direc- tion.

Sir William Allison has done outstanding work for Australian commerce and much honorary and valuable work for the Commonwealth in business investigation of defence expenditure and control of imports.

He is president of Asso- ciated Chambers of Com-


Sir Daniel McVey is for- mer Director-General of Posts and Telegraphs.

He resigned from the Commonwealth Public Ser-

MR. H. .J.  




vice in 1946 to become man- aging director of a large company, but has continued to render distinguished ser-  

vice to the Commonwealth in an honorary capacity. .

Sir Walter Merriman, of j

Yass, N.S.W., in recognition of outstanding services to Australia in the sheep

breeding industry.    

Sir Harry Wunderly has   been honored in recognition of his distinguished record as  

the outstanding authority on tuberculosis in Australia.

He has been active in   patriotic, charitable. and public health spheres for

many years.

His public benefaction to the Royal Australian College of Physicians enabled ap- proved medical graduates to go abroad on scholarships to further their training in diseases of the chest.



Dr. Ian Clunies-Ross, D.V.Sc. of Deepdene, chair- man of C.S.I.R.O. since 1949. In recognition of his dis- tinguished public service in scientific research for the promotion and improvement of primary and secondary in-


The Most Rev. Howard West Kilvington Mowll, M.A., D.D., of Sydney. In recogni- tion of distinguished services in religious and social wel- fare. Primate of Australia since 1947, and Archbishop j of Sydney since 1933.

The Very Rev. Jeremiah Matthias Murphy, S.J., M.A., of Melbourne, for distin- guished services to Austra- lian education. Rector of Newman College. University   of Melbourne, since 1923.  





Rear-Admiral John Web- ster Wishart, C.B.E., R.A.N.. who retired in September last after more than 38 years' service with the R.A.N.



Brigadier Ian Ross Camp- bell, D.S.O. and Bar, Aus- tralian Staff Corps, com- mander headquarters Aus- tralian Army Component, B.C.P.K., for outstanding, service in the Australian Army in peace and war.

Brigadier Ronald Godfrey Howy Irving, O.B.E., Aus- tralian Staff Corps, of Mel- bourne, for more than 37 years' continuous service holding important command and staff appointments.

Air Commodore Ian Dou gald McLachlan, D.F.C., of Townsville. A.O.C. North Eastern Area, for outstand- ing leadership and devotion to duty.

Captain Alan Wedel Ram- say McNicholl, G.M., R.A.N., of Melbourne, for outstand- ing service in the adminis- tration of Australia's part in the atomic weapons test, Monte Bello Islands, 1952.

Dr. Kate Isabel Campbell, M.D., B.S.. of East Kew, Vic- toria, for her outstanding contribution to medical science.

John Grenfell Crawford,

M.E.C., Syd., of Canberra, permanent head of the Com- monwealth Department of Commerce and Agriculture, for distinguished adminis- tration of Commonwealth agricultural marketing and overseas trade.

Eleanor Mary . Lady Latham, of South Yarra," Victoria, for outstanding ser- vice to the Royal Children's Hospital for more than 20 years.

Patrick Silvesta McGovern, of Canberra, who joined taxation branch. Melbourne, in 1919, Commissioner of Taxation since 1946. for his distinguished public service during the most difficult ad- ministrative period in the history of Australian taxa- tion.

William Alexander McLaren, A.F.I.A.. of Can- berra, permanent head of the Department of the Interior since 1949, for valuable public service.

Lyle Howard Moore, of Killara, N.S.W., for valuable and sustained public service.

Dr. Frederick William George White, of Brighton Beach, Victoria, chief execu- tive offleer, C.S.I.R.O., for his valuable work in the de- velopment of radio physics

in Australia.



Group - Captain Frank Headlam, R.A.A.F., of Pen- rith, N.S.W.. for exceptional ability and devotion to duty.

Wing-Commander (Acting Group-Captain) James Wil- liam Reddrop, R.A.A.F., of Melbourne, for Iiis work as Director of Telecommunica- tions and Radar at R.A.A.F.

! headquarters.

Surgeon - Commander Eu- stace Alwynne Rowlands, R.A.N.R., of Melbourne, for long and zealous service, and in recognition of his services to the R.A.N. in World War II.

Lieut. - Colonel Charles Newton Barton, of Mackay, Queensland, for enthusiasm and selfless devotion to duty.

Lieut.-Coionel (Temporary Colonel) Leonard John Bruton, Australian Staff Corps, of Melbourne, for un- selfish devotion to duty.

Lieut.-Colonel Frederick Ronald Evans, Australian Staff Corps, of Sydney, for untiring devotion to duty and constant interest hr the good of the service.

Major (Temporary Lieut. Coloncl) Clarence Stanley Harrison, E.D., Australian Army Labor Service, of I Yamba, N.S.W., who has ! contributed greatly to pre 1 serving good relations with ! labor leáders in Japan,

j Wing-Commander Derek Randal Cumins, A.F.C. and Bar, R.A.A.F., of Melbourne, commanding officer No. 1 Long Range Flight, which was formed to plan and pre- pare for participation in the England and New Zealand air race.

The Right Rev. Richard Bardon, of Kalinga, Qld., Moderator-General of the Presbyterian Church, for dis- tinguished, service to re- ligious and social welfare.

Mrs. Alice Miriam Berry, of Clayfield, Q., for outstand- ing public work.

John Augustus Bostock, of Mansfield, Victoria, for his meritorious services and pub- lic benefactions in the in- terest of the Mansfield Dis- trict Hospital. President and vice-president of the hospital committee for many years.

John Huntly Collins, of Bondi, N.S.W., for outstand- ing service to ex-servicemen.

Miss Hilda Young Daniell, M.A. Melb., of Kew, Vic- toria, for distinguished ser- vices to Australian education. Principal of Ruyton Girls' Grammar School, Victoria, for 40 years.

Dr. Reginald Murray Dun- stone, of Wahroonga, N.S.W., for outstanding public ser- vice and social welfare work.

Dr. John Thomson Gun- ther, M.B., B.S., of Port Moresby, Director of Public Health of Papua and New Guinea. Joined the adminis- tration in *1946 and has de- voted himself unstintingly to the interests of the native population.

Aubrey Halloran, M.B.E., B.A., LL.B. Syd., of Rose Bay, N.S.W., for outstanding ser- vices for many charitable and literary bodies over a period of 40 years.

Eric Harding, M.M., of

Dame Pattie Menzies.

Sir Daniel McVey.

Brighton, Victoria, Assistant Secretary, Department of Army, and president of the Disabled Soldiers' Council, of Victoria, for distinguished public service and for his work in the interests of dis I abled ex-servicemen.

! Dr. Ralph Bodkin Kelley,

of C.S.I.R.O., for outstand- ing services to beef and dairy cattle improvement in North

Australia. .

Samuel James Frederick Kellock, Director of Posts and Telegraphs, New South Wales, for outstanding con- tribution towards the de- velopment of the communi- cation services of the Com- monwealth.

Alderman Alexander Stuart McDonald, of West Maitland, N.S.Wy for outstanding pub-

lic service.

Charles Ernest Naismith, of Alphington, Victoria, for long and valuable service to the dairying industry over 47


James Tindal Stewart Scrymgeour, of Warwick, Qld., for service to the cattle industry in particular, and





tireless efforts for returned servicemen.

Harold John Stewart, M.A., Melbourne, of Toorak, Vic- toria, a former master and head master of Wesley Col- lege, Melbourne, for distin- guished service to education.

Ernest Keith White, M.C., of Neutral Bay, N.S.W., for his valuable work in further- ing Australian-American un- derstanding and good will.



Lieutenant Harold George Betts, R.A.N., of Bondi, N.S.W., for long and zealous service.

Major Donald Beaumont Dunstan, Aust. Staff Corps, of Somerton, S.A.< who since 1949 has held appointments in Headquarters, Central Command.

Major Frank Ronald Wil I liam Charlton, of Linden Park, S.A., officer command- ing 3rd Field Squadron, R.A.E., who has devoted time to his unit beyond that ex- pected of a C.M.F. com- mander.

I Major Cyril Charles Hall, Australian Staff Corps, of Caulfield, served in Korea in 3rd Bn., and later as brigade major, 6th Inf. Bde., where his initiative, enthusiasm, and capacity have been out- standing.

I Major Arthur Cecil Pep-

per, Royal Australian Infan- try Corps, of Epping, N.S.W., for outstanding and loyal


Major (Quartermaster) Francis Edward Resuggan Australian Instructiona Corps, of Windsor, for valu- able and tireless service.

Captain (Temporary Major) Colin Hubert Alar East, Australian Staff Corps of Maroubra Bay, N.S.W. has made an outstandin¡ contribution to the succesi of Australian infantry ii


Captain (Quartermaster Norman Neels, Australian In structional Corps, of Soutl Yarra, for splendid servia

Air Marshal Sir Richard


to the Australian Army and a great contribution to the efficiency of R.A.A., 3 Divi- sion.

Captain Gordon Charles Allen King, E.D., Royal Aus- tralian Signals, of Turra- murra, N.S.W. Served with Britcom Base Sig. Regt., Kure, from October, 1945, until June, 1953, and for more than three years of that period held appointment as adjutant.

W.O.I William Waddell Sudney. Somerville, Royái Australian Infantry Corps, of Bexley North. N.S.W., has worked long hours cheerfully, and by his enthusiasm and drive has been an example to all ranks.

Squadron - Leader John Tennent, R.A.A.F.. of Toronto, N.S.W. Entered permanent Air Force 1928. On reaching retiring age March, 1953, volunteered and was accepted for further ser- vice in Citizen Air Force.

Squadron - Leader Henry Murdoch Bain, R.A.A.F., of Ballarat. Was materially responsible for the training of large numbers of airmen who reached commissioned rank during the last war.

Pilot - Officer (Acting Flight-Lieut.) Theo Gough Phillips, R.A.A.F., of Ash- field N.S.W., commanding officer No. 7 Flight, New South Wales Squadron- Air Training Corps.

W.O. Ernest Avery, R.A.A.F., of Hawthorn, at- tached to Air Force H.Q., Melbourne.

W.O. John Alfred Charles Negus, R.A.A.F., of Erming- ton, N.S.W.. whose ability and devotion to duty have made him a most valued member of the 391 (Base) Squadron, Japan.



Major Dulcie Vera Thomp- son, R.A.A.N.C.. of Adelaide, for nursing skill and devo- tion to duty as deputy matron at the British Com- monwealth General Hospital, Kure, since May, 1952.

Matron Agnes Teresa Cleary, R.A.A.F., of Haw- thorn, for outstanding devo- tion to duty. Matron of No. 3 R.A.A.F. Hospital since November, 1952.


Flight - Lieutenant Alex- ander John Bunyan, R.A.A.F.. of Hay, N.S.W., and 86 Transport Wing, has completed more than 4,600 hours.

Flight-Lieutenant Frank Robert Davies, R.A.A.F., of Richmond, N.S.W., No. 86 Transport Wing. Distin- guished service as flying in- structor, and has flown more than 3,400 hours.

Squadron-Leader Peter Frank Raw, D.F.C., R.A.A.F., of East Malvern, captain of one of the R.A.A.F. Can- berra aircraft which gained second prize in the speed section of the London-N.Z. air race, despite damage. ,

Warrant-Officer Roy Rose- vear, R.A.A.F., of Welling- ton, N.Z., served as transport pilot in the Berlin airlift and in Japan. Has completed over 4,700 hours.

Flight-Lieutenant William Henry Scott, R.A.A.F., of Yarraville, who tested the first Australian-built Avon Sabre jet fighter and broke the sound barrier for the first time in Australia.

DR. F. \V. G.



i Chiei Petty-Officer Allan ! Sly, R.A.N., of Flinders I Naval Depot, for long and

I zealous service.

Sgt. Harold Jackson Bailey Burrell, M.M., Royal Aus- tralian Inf. Corps., of Ben i digo, for initiative and out I standing personal sacrifice.

Staff-Sgt. George John Alfred Kelly, R.A.M.C., of Bowral, N.S.W., senior hygiene assistant inspector at H.Q., B.C.K.F., and H.Q., B.C.O.F., since February,


Sgt. Richard Osborne Mc- laughlin, D.C.M., Royal Aust. Inf. Corps, of Ingle- burn, N.S.W., an outstanding soldier who served with 1st Bn. in Korea.

Staff-Sgt. Charles Roland Selvage, R.A.E., of Padding- ton, Queensland, whose re- tirement now will be a dis- tinct loss to the Royal Aus- tralian Engineers.

Staff-Sgt. Bernard Patrick

Sir Walter Merriman.

McCarthy, R.A.A.S.C., of Hobart, who has given ex- cellent service in Tasmania i Command since 1947.

I Staff-Sgt. John Wheeler

i Arnold, Royal Aust. Inf. I Corps, of Cronulla, N.S.W.,

for outstanding personal leadership and effort in training reinforcements for Korea as R.Q.M.S. in 4 Bn.,


Staff-Sgt, William Nug Plunkett, R.A.A.S.C., of St. Peters, S.A., for outstanding loyalty to the Army and his


Staff-Sgt. Robert John Roberts, Royal Aust. Armored Corps, of Hampton, Victoria, who as orderly room ser- geant, . 8th/13th Victorian Mounted Rifles, has spent a great amount of private time on Army work.

Private (T. Sergeant) Eileen Maud Baker, R.A.A.N.C., of Brisbane, who has served since 1951 as operating theatre technician at Britcom General Hospital, and has been a source of in- spiration to other ranks.

Private (T. Sergeant) Rob- ert Brian Corcoran, Royal Aust. Inf. Corps, of Tanta- noola, S.A., assistant infan- try instructor «of 1 Common- wealth Division Battle School, Japan, whose know- ledge and experience have been of great value in train- ing reinforcements.

Corporal (T. Sergeant)

Richard Arthur Hines, R.A.E., of Kure, Japan, at present serving in Seoul, for technical skill and ability, devotion to duty, and deter-


Sir William Allison.

Sergeant Herbert Vercoc Carne, R.A.A.F., of Mallala, S.A., whose loyalty and in- terest in No. 34 Squadron Aircraft Service to a large extent has been responsible fo>' the good record of the squadron., and the high morale of the technical flight.

Sergeant James Brown Mccallum, R.A.A.F., of Can- non Hill, Brisbane, mainly responsible as engine fitter at No. 1 initial flying train- ing school for the high stanr dard of engine servicing.

Sergeant Henry Thomas Moore, R.A.A.F., of Momote, Manus, for outstanding ser- vice. Largely responsible for a continuous supply of water, power, and refrigeration.

Flight - Sergeant George Henry Stirzaker, R.A.A.F., of Amberley, Queensland, at- tached to Base Squadron,

j Amberley, where he has ren j dered outstanding service,

and has displayed an abso- lute disregard of working




Flight-Lieut. Thomas Clif- ford McGrath, R.A.A.F., of Richmond?1 N.S.W. Flew 780 hours between Japan and

Korea. '

Flying - Officer Leonard Richard Watkin, R.A.A.F., ol Sale. As instructor, hai flown over 1.375 instructional hours to achieve excellent re; suits with student pilots.'

Warrant-Officer Frederich John Wood, R.A.A.F., ol Townsville. Has flown 3,28(