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NEWS AND NOTES. The Weather.-The Meteorological Bureau reported last night that cloudy, sultry, and warm conditions prevailed throughout the State yesterday morning, under the influence of the monsoonal depression which might be exliected to pass through the Murchison and Coolgardii fields, causing unsettled weather, with thunderstorms. ?ine only rain record ed for the 24 hours ended.8 a.m. yesterday wa sa light thundershower at Turley Creek, in the bast Kimberley. Atmospheric pres sure continued to fall during the day, and temperatures of 90deg.. and over were re ported from Perth northwards and at most of the inland stations. The Perth readings .were:.0Observatsry: Max., 91.5deg.; min., 62deg. Government Gardens: Max., 93.4 deg.; min., 60deg. On looking through the maximum readings for the first five days of this month in previous years it was seen that the maximum .reading at thde Perth Gardens yesterday-93.4 deg.-had only twice been exceeded-in 1897, when 93.8deg. was registered on November 2; and in 1880, when the reading on November 3 .was 95.2 deg. To-day was forecasted thus:--'Unset tied, with thunderstorms in west coastal areas and throughout the -Muichison. ex tending later to the Coolgardie fields. Other wise fine and generally warm to hot. E.. to N. winds. A change to cooler conditions slowly approaching the S.W. coast." Tenders for Public Works--The following were the low'est tenderers for :the under mentioned public works contracts:-Fenc ing, etc., at Menzies Post Office, H. Blom field, Kalgoorlie: renovations at Fremantle Prison, chaplain's quarters. Shadgett and Dwyer, Perth; renovations at Clackline school and quarters, J. Z. Meredith, Tood yay. The Re-grading Trouble.-The Premier (Mr. Scaddan), the Minister for Railways (Mr. Collier), and the Commissioner of Rail ways (Mr. Short) yesterday morning visited the re-grading works on which industrial trouble occurred recently on 'the question of wages. The secretary of the General Work ers' Union stated subsequently that as a result of their inspection the Commissioner and Ministers declined to grant the men the increase sought by them: South Beach Opening.-It has been decid ed by the Fremantle Municipal Council that Saturday, the 16th inst., shall be the date of the opening of the South Beach for the summer season. His Excellency the Gover nor (Sir Gerald Strickland) has consented to perform the actual opening ceremony, which is to be held at 3 o'clock. The run ning of special trains has been promised by the Commissioner of Railways. It has been arranged that a procession, headed by two bands, shall march from the railway sta tion to the beach at-7 o'clock in the even ing The .Fremantle Tramways Board has agreed to instal the lighting as in past years along a distance of three-quarters of a mile, and the council has decided to erect addi tional bush shelters along the beach. Greenbushes Miners' Trouble.-On Satur day a deputation from the miners on strike at Greenbushcs waited on representatives of the mineowners and asked for a minimum wage of 11s. per shift. The employers de clined to advance on the old rate of'10s., and it was ultimately decided by the men's delegates to consult the union. A meeting of the latter was held on Sunday after noon, when delegates were appointed to again confer with the employers. A con ference was held on Monday and subse quently the men decided to return to work to-morrow at the old rate. R.M.S. Orsova's Mails.-The tsails which left Fremantle on the afternoon of October 9 by the R.M.S. Orsova arrived in London on the morning of Sunday, the 3rd inst. Children's Protection Society.-The Wattle Blossom Club will hold an "at home" at the rooms, 100 Pier-street, on Friday after noon next at 3 o'clock. An excellent pro gramme of music has been arranged by the members. All interested are invited to be present. Bazaar and Sale of Work.-This afternoon at 3.30 Mrs. Frank Wilson will open a bazaar and sale of work in the Brisbane-street Methodist Church, Perth. The bazaar will be open this evening and again to-morrow night. Church members have been prepar ing for the event for some months past, with the result, it is announced; that a most attractive collection of articles will be offered for sale. Horticultural Society's Show.-The annual spring show of the Horticultural Society of Western Australia will be opened by his Excellency the Govqrnor at 3.30 p.m. to-day in St. George's Hall, Perth. Numerous en tries have been received and an excellent exhibition is assured. Afternoon tea will be provided for the visitors by the lady members of the society. In the evening the Perth Banjo and Mandoline Team will ren der items. The High Court.-The High Court yes terday dealt with a case in which Mary Edwards was plaintiff (appellant) :an the Curator of Intestate Estates and the Min ing Registrar of the Yilgarn goldfieldswere defendants (respondents). The appeal was to set aside an order by Mr. Justice Rooth on October 10, 1911, cohfirming a judgment of Mr. J. 3. Finnerty, Warden of the Yilgarn goldfields, .at Southern Cross, on June 16, 1911. on the ground that it was against the weight of evidence: The High Court was also asked to make an order directing the registration of the plaintiff as sole applicant for gold mining leases Nos. 2,389 and 2,390 in the Yilgarl gold field, and an order further directing A. P. Jeager, or his executors, administrators, or transferees, if any5 to forthwith execute a transfer to the plaintiff <{ all' shares in the said leases standing in his or their name or names, failing -compliance with such order the mining registrar to execute such transfer. Mr, N. Kecnan, K.C. with him Mr. Hubert Parker, appeared for plain tiff (appellant), and Mr. H. W. Hensman for defendants (respondents). The Court dis missed the appdal with costs. The Court next proceeded ,to deal with the case of Willshiro and Beely (appellants) and the Guardian Assurance Co. (respondents). Mr. M. L. Moss, M.C., and Mr. J. P Dwyer appeared for uppellants, and Mr J. A. Northmore, KgiC. and Mr. C. L. Stawell for the respondents. The case originally came before 'Mr. Justice Rooth and a

jury, Mr. Feely, carrying on business under the trade name of Willshire and Feely, pro ceeding against the company upon a certain policy of fire insurance. The verdict was then for the plaintiffs for £700 with costs. On appeal by the company, however, to the Full Court, the judgment of the lower Court was reversed and entered for the company. Against the decision of the Full Court the plaintiffs are now appealing to the High Court. The case stands partly heard. The Unemployed.-The General Workers' Union has been successful in placing 15 of the unemployed. The men. it is stated, have been engaged on Government works in the metropolitan area. Shop Assistants' Union.-At a meeting of the Shop Assistants' Union held at the Trades Hall, Perth, on Monday night, the secretary in answer to a question said that whilst there were a few members in al most all the shops which were covered by the constitution of the union, in Perth and Fremantle, there were only a few shops where they could claim to have 80 per cent. of the employees financial members of the union. After a good deal of discus sion it was *resolved to draw up a list of the shops in the metropolitan area where SO per cent. of the employees were finan cial members of the union, with a view to publishing the list in the "Worker." The secretary was also instructed to send a list of these firms to every union in the State, so that unionists would know where they could be served by members of the Shop Assistants' Union. Adelaide University Examinations.-The degree examinations, conducted by the Adelaide University, which commenced on Monday, are being held in the Perth Tech nical School. For these examinations 35 undergraduates are sitting, and the total number of subjects being taken is 56. These subjects are divided over the B.A., B.Sc., LL.B., and Mus. Bac. courses. The Higher Public Examinations will be held in St. Andrew'ss Presbyterian Hall, Pier-street, commencing on Monday, the 11it inst. Forty candidates intend to sit for. this examina tion, and the total number of subjects for which they have entered is 161. The junior and senior examinations will commence on Monday the 25th. inst. For the former 375 candidates are sitting, and these will be distributed over the following centres: Perth, Fremantle, Midland Junction, Boul der, Albany; -,Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Bun bury, Northam, Collie, Bridgetown, Cool gardie, and Dougarra. The examination in Perth will be held in St. George's Hall, Hay-street. Of the 375 candidates 145 have entered for the scholarships, etc., offered by the .Education Department. The entries for the senior number 98, and of this num ber 38 are candidates, for the Education Department scholarships. In addition to the Perth centre, this examination will be held in Fremantle. Midland Junction Bun bury, Boulder, and Kalgoorlie. Candidates who are sitting in Perth will attend St. An drew's Presbyterian Hall, Pier-street, Navigation Bill.-The Collector of Customs at Fremantle (Mr. O. S. Maddocks) has re ceived from the Comptroller-General oe Cus toms (Mr. Lockyer) a copy of the Naviga tion Bill at present before the House of Representatives, together with amegdments and proposed amendments to the measure. Navigators and others interested in the pro visions may inspect both the Bill and amendments at the offices of the Customs Department. Perth Public Hospital.-In the Legislative Council yesterday Mr. Hamersley gave notice of the following questions:-"1. Will the Minister lay on the table of the House all papers relating to the proposed retire ment of the . three principal officers of the Perth Public Hospital? 2. For what reason have the principal officers ,of the Perth Public Hospital been asked to send in their resirnations?" Land Applications Approved.-The follow in% return shows the extent of the land ap plications approved during the month of Oc tober, the figures in parentheses being those for the previous month of September:-188 applications under conditional purchase con ditions, embracing 70,019 acres (203 for 67,278 acres); 72 homestead farm applica tions,,embracing 11,396 acres (107 for 16,801 acres); 62 applications under grazing lease conditions, embracing 47,317 acres (64 for 48,881 acres); applications for conditional purchase lease .under Agricultural Lands Purchase Act, nil (1 for.1,479 acres). Total, 322 applications, embracing 128,733. acres (1375 for 134,439 acres). In addition there were 25 applications, embracing 1,746,150 acres, under pastoral lease conditions (39 for 2.818.028 acres). State Steamship Service.-It was origin allly arranged'tliat tile'State steamer West= ern Australia should be thrown open for public inspection at Fremantle this after noon, but it has now been decided not to make the vessel available for inspection by the members of tlhe communitv'until Friday .afternoon next between 2 o'clock and 5.30. His Excellency the Governor will be amongst the visitors on Friday. No cards of in vitation have been issued. In the evening after the inspection the Western Australia will sail on her first trip to the. North. With regard to the voyage of the s.s. Western Australia from England to Fremantlo the following notice of questions was given in the Legislative Council yesterday afternoon:-1. The ,total quantity of coal on board leaving England and the price paid per ton for same? 2. The quantity of coal taken on board at Port Said and the price per ton for same ? 3. The quantity of coal taken on board at Colombo and the price paid pe.r "on for same. 4. amount paid for Sues Canal dues. 5. The total tonnae o f cargo carried and the freight received her sume. 6. The total number of passengers carried and the amount received in fares from same. Dental Board.--Nominations for the elec tion of three medidal practitioners and three renistered dentists to comprise the Dental Board as from January 1 next will be re ceived by the Registrar, Mr. Francis M. Syme, 45 St. George's-terrace, Perth. Par ticulars are advertised.

Pinjarrah Show.-The Murray Agricul tural Society's Show will be held at Pinjar rah on Saturday, the 9th inst. In the battle a business the Commercial Tailoring Company has attained an impregnable position. Ever perfecting its system of cutting. that departm-nt, under newest methods and newest develhpments, stands to-day unsurpassed for excellence in the Austialian States. 'Import ing extensively from the home market; its own woollens, the range is superb, choice, And exelu. sive. Visit their huge showrooms, 794 Hay-street (upstairs). M'ount Claremont Estate.-The whole of the first subdivision sold. Second subdivision now open. Beautiful undulating property, situated close to rail and sea. Prices, £15, £18, £20, £25. Area, l acre. Terms. £1 deposit, £1 per month No interest. Harold Redcliffe and Co., West Australian Chambesa St. George's.terrace. Dr. J. P. Kenny has commenced medical prae tico at 607 Beaufeort-street, North Perth. Tel 531. Messrs. J. A. Thomson, Ltd., of Perth and Fremantle, are advertising that they have a big stock of new pianos which they invite inspection of, as well as application for illustrations and prices, as they state they employ no travellers. The proprietor of the Meoans Cafe, which is to be opened in Market-street, Fremantle, to-day, intends to give the whole of the first day's tak ings to the Fremantle Hospital. The secretary to the Perth Public Hospital de sires to acknowledge with thanks receipt of the following contributions towards the funds of the hossnital: W. J. Splatt; £1 Is.; A. O. King. os. Pd.; Mrs. M. A. Beaver, £1 Is.; Metters, Ltd., £2 Is.; A. S. Roe, £1; Simpson and Hollings worth. £1 Is.; R. Purser and Co., £1; "Back Bloz," £5 5s. The committee of the Commercial Travellers' 1912 Charity Carnival desire to thank the fol lowing firms and private persons who gave dona. tions or assisted to make their show on October 19 the great success it was:-L. HI. Butt. East P'erth; it. Hunt, East Perth: Albany Bell; D. Angels 3Moana Cafe, Perth: Plaistowe and Co., Perth: Walter Mews, Fremnntle; Calthrop Bros., Fremantle: the Nestles Milk Co., Fremantlo; W1. W. Berry, the Alexandra Cafe: Mrs. Davis, Harvey; Mrs.. R. H. Maxwell, Harvey: Mrs. Har per, Harvey: Mrs. Walters. Harvey; Mrs. R. 1. Wilson. Harvey; Mrs. T. Owen, Cottesloe Beach; the C.S.R. Co., Fremantle; Currie Bros., Perth; W. Watson. Fremantle; Hoamer and Co., Perth; F. H. Faulding and Co., Perth: R. Holmes and Co., Perth; E. S. Lazarus and Co., Perth p Chas. Moore and Co., Perth; Bonn Bros., Perth; Sand over and Co., Perth; E. S. Wigg and Sons, Perth; Spncer's Pictures, Vic's Picture Co., West's ] ictures, Fremantle Picture Co.; H. Burden, George-street; Y.A.L. Home Band, Perth Caledonian Band, League of W.A. Wheelmen, the Y.M.C.A. Athletic Club, W.A. Newspaper Co., the Bunbury "Herald"; J. Rome, Clare mont; Ben Strange; Sands and McDougall, Perth: Bert Bosling, Perth: the Perth Tramways, the Fremantle Tramways; Montgomery Bros., Fremantle; the Hoyal Agricultural Society, Perth Munmieipal Council, the Commissioner of Police, the Public Works Department, the Military De partment. the Baptist Union, the Golden West Aerated Water Co., Donaldson and Collins. Perth Aerated Water Co., D. and J. Fowler, Ltd.; Car. roll, Dwyer, and Daniels, Perth; Phil Goatcher and Son, Perth; Goode, Durrant and Co.; P. Folk and Co.. the Bon Ton Cafe; Mills and Wore, Fremnntle: Bethell and Thurston, Perth; the Union Stores. Perth: Metters, Ltd.; Mitchell and Blackburn, Perth; W. J. McCormack. Perth: T. IV. Jones, William-street; N. A. Rubens and Co., Perth: D. F. Duncan, Wellington Buildings: .l. Atkinson and Co., Perth; Perth Concert Band,. Our Boys' Band, W.A. Football League, the Boy Scouts, W? . Motor Cycle Club, the "Sun dlay Times," the "South-West Advertiser," Mrs. Keadrick, Cottesloe Beach. Mr. Chas. Sommers announces that he will co-. duct a sale of household furniture from Robert. son and Moffat's, on the premises, 16 Vincent. street, off Beaufort-street, North Perth, this morning at 11 o'cloek. IMr. Baker will deliver an address on the Bal kan situation in the Town Hall, Perth, next Sun day at 7.30 p.m. What is stated to be some of the richest of the swamnp lands of the famous Osborne Park and Mongers' L.ake will be submitted for sale by section this afternoon in the estate of the late Patrick Wholley. A brick villa with vacant land attached will also be sold on the same ac count. Messrs. Learmonth, Duffy and Co. will conduct the sale in their rooms, Emanuel Build ings, St. Goorge's-terrae.