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AMUSEMENTS. MHE COMMERCIAL TRAVELLERS' ASSOCIATION OF W.A. Under the PATRONAGE and in the PRE SENCE of HIS EXCELLENCY THE GOVERNOR, SIE GEkaLD STRICKLAND, K.C.I.G., B.A., LL.B. C ome and H ave such A really good and RB oyal time I n assisting T he institutions. Y on know require funds. ALL WEST AUSTRALIA WILL BE AT the ASSOCIATION CRICKET GROUND On SATURDAY NEXT, At 3 p.m. At 3 p.m. At 3 e.m. PRICES FOR THE MILLIONS. ADULTS, is.; CHILDREN; 6d. THE PROCESSION LEaviS CLUB, ST. GhuRGE'S-TERRACE, 2 p.m. ROUTE: .WILLIAM and HAY STREETS TO ' GROUND. A GRAND SPECTACULAR AND GOR GEOUS DISPLAY. glS' MAJESTY'S THEATRE. Lessee and Manager.. William Anderson. LAST THREE NIGHTS Of WILLIAM ANDERSON'S NEW DRAMA-. TIC COMPANY. TO-NIGHT. TO-NIGHT. TO-NIGHT. TO-NIGHT. The Original Drama, in Six Acts, by Frank Harvey, . "THE WORLD AGAINST HER." "THE WORLD AGJINST HER. - THE COMPANION PIECE To "EAST LYNNE." "THE WORLD AGAINST HER" Commentled by THE PRESS, PUBLIC, And THE CHURCH. "THE WORLD AGAINST HER." A Dramatic. Triumph. "THE WORLD ADGAINST HER." S 'Superb Scenic Settings. "THE WORLD AGAINST HER." Greeted Nightly by Large and Delighted Audiences. "THE WORLD AGAINST HER." Is Marriage a Failure? "THE WORLD AGAINST HER." What Is Divorce? "THE WORLD AGAINST HER." The Companion Play to "EAST LYNNE." "EAST LYNNE." ONLY THREE MORE NIGHTS. "THE WORLD AGAINST HER." Prices: 4s., 2s. 6d., and. Is. (Early Doors 6d. axtia). Plan at Nicholson's till 5 p.m., after at the Roselea. GINGLN TURF CLUB. RACE MEETING, OCTOBER 31, 1912. TRIAL STAKES.-Of £8. Six furlongs. For horses that have not won a race during the str months prior to race day. No mination, Ss.; acceptance, 3s. PONY HANDICAP.--Of £5. Five fur longs. For ponies 14.3 a.u. Ijom., 3s.; accept. 2s. GINGIN HIANDICAP.-Of £25. One mile and a quarter. Nom., 15s.; accept., O10s. FLYING HkANDGICAP.-Of £10. Five fur

longs and a half. Nom., 6s.; accept., 4s. DISTRICT' HANDICAP.--Of £10. One mile. For district horses. Nom., 6..; accept., 4s. OCTOBER HANDICAP.-Of £12. Seven furlongs. Nom., 5s.; accept., 4s. Nominations, acompanied by fees, close 9 p.m. 19th October, with the Secretary. Ac ceptances due 28th Otober, at 9 a.m., and horses not scratched by then will be consider cd acceptors, and liable for fees. Races run under the Rules and Regula tions of W.A. Turf Club. Exempt Roles 99 and 41 (c) and by-laws of Gingin Turf Club. Train leaves Perth 7.45 a.m., returning from Gingin 7 p.m. First event, 12.45. Last Event, 5 p.m. Holiday Excurliort Fares. 5s. Place Tote and Bookmakers. Luncheon and Refresh ments obtainable on ground. Admission: Gentlemen, 2s.; Ladies, 1s. P. J. HERBERT, Hon. Secretary. ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS, SOUTH PERTH. The huge Pythons aqd new Boa Constric tors have just shed their old skins and show the most beautiful iridescent colours. Large numbers of new Birds and Ani. ma!s are on view, including numerous rare Monkeys from Africa and South America. The Palms and Floral Display are alone well worth a visit. All Visitors can use. the medicinal warm bore water baths, their effect is wonderful for rheumatisin. Admission, 6d.; Children, Half-price. W FOMEN'S LIBERAL LEAGUE OF W.A. Mount Lawley Branch. EUCHRE PARTY and DANCE, McLeod's Hall, Grosvenor-road, THURSDAY. OCTOBER 17, 1912. Single Ticket. is. 6d.; Double Ticket, 2s. 6d. MRS. A. FREEBORN, Hon. Secretary. A PPLECROSS and CANNING BRIDGE FERRY SERVICE. - TIME-TABLE: Week-days (Saturdays excepted). Leave Perth 7.15, 9.30 a.m., 2.30, 5.30, 7 p.m. Saturdays only, 7.15 a.m., 1.20, 3.5, 615, 11.15 p.nm. Sundays, 9.10, 11.0 a.m., 1.15, 3.., 5.35, 7.0. 9.0 p.m. On Friday nights the boat will leave Perth at 9.30 instead of 1.0. SUTTON and OLSEN, Proprietors. Tel. 512. A PPLECROSS and Canning Bridge Ferry, On Eight Rours Day (Monday 'next), the VALTHORA, VALDAVLA, and VAL HALLA will run Special Trips at frequent intervals. The first boat leaves Perth at 7.15 a.m. DONT MISS THE GREAT GENUINE MUSIC SALE At ALBERT S MUSIC STORE, 20 to 38 CENTRAL ARCADE, PERTH. 2s. Music for Is., is. 3d., and Is. 6d. Sixpenny Editions for 3d., 4d.. and Sd. is. Books for 9i. and 10d. Music Folios, Tutors. etc. Less 20 to 33 1-3 per cent. Discount for Cash Only. All New and up-to-date Lines. 1LTEW Arrivals who wish their friends in 1T the old country to learn something about the State should post them a copy of the "Western Mail" Special Show Num ber. Price Sixpence. ,?L ADE in Australia, for Australians, by L an Australian firm. Noble Cigars, 3d. each.

AMUSEMENTS. UBENS HALL, PERTH. Direction .. Victor Picture Co., Ltd. TO-NIQHT at 8. TO-NIGHT at 8. The Superlatively Great VIC'S VIC'S PICTURES. PICTURES. THE GREATEST "STAR" FILM TO DATE Will be presented To-night in HIS LAST PERFORMANCE, HIS LAST PERFORMANCE, HIS LAST PERFORMANCE, Or "THE CIRCUS CATASTROPHE." A Thrilling, Novel, and Exciting Story of "Sawdust and Spangles" Life. A film that holds the spectator spellbound throughout its many hair-raising and sensational inci dents. WHEN ROSES WITHER. WHEN ROSES WITHER. Featuring Everybody's Favourite, Maurice Costello. BIG SISTER. An Instructive Drama, full of heart interest. SUBMARINE ' MAN FAUNA. WANTED. THE RENUNCIATION. POLIDOR'S WIFFLES, CYCLE ANIMAL ADVENTURE. BENEFACT)R. COWBOY LIFE IN U.S.A. PATHE'S AUSTRALIAN GAZETTE. VIC'S POPULAR- ORCHESTRA. (Perth's Premier Musical Combination). Prices: Is. 6d., Is., and 6d. Reserved Seats, 2s. and Is. 6d. - Box Plan at Queen's Hall. 'Phone 2497. A NIGHT AT VIC'S. W.A. ROWING CLUB'S GRAND GALA LIGHT. TO-MORROW (TKURRDAY), OCTOBER 17. Read the Programme Above. , TOWN HAL, FREMANTLE. Direction .. .. .... ...Vie's Pictures. TO-NIGHT. Only. TO-NIGHT. Only. TO-NIGHT. GRAND SPECIAL GRAND SPECIAL VAUDEVILLE-PICTURE VAUDEVILLE-PICTURE VAUDEVILLE-PICTURE ENTERTAINMENT. ENTERTAINMENT. "REFLECTIONS OF.BATTLESHIP LIFE." "REFLECTIONS OF BATILESHIP LIFE." "REFLECTIONS OF BATTLESHIP LIFE." A Talented and Versatile Company of AUSTRALIA'S AUSTRALIA'S 'OWN BLUE-ACKETS, OWN BLUEJACKETS, .,ill To-night present Unique Selections from their' BIILLIANT VARIETY REPERTOIhE. Cutlas and Club Swinging Display. Cutlias and Club Swinging Display. The Jack Tar with a Voice. The Jack Tar with a Voice. The Jack Tar with a Voice. McNally. the Navy's Lightweight, McNally, the Navy's Lightweight, In a Dashing Sparring Match. Uniaralleled Gymnastic Display. Uaparalleled Gymnastic Display. Concluding with THE TABLEAU BRITANNIA. THE TABLEAU BRITANNIA. Supported by AN ENTIRELY NEW SERIES Of VIC'S PICTUEES VIC'S PICTURES And PHILLIPS' and MERRITT, PHILLIPS and MERRITT, "The People of Joy. and' Gladncs'" THE GREATEST ENTERTAINMENT EVER PRESENTED IN FREMANTLE. Prices: Is. 6d., Is., and 6d. Res., 2s. TOWN HALL, FREMANTLE. The Port's Recognised Home of VAUDEVILLE AND PICTURES. TO-NIGHT, TO-NIGHT, ENTIRELY NEW PROGRAMME. EINTIRELY NEW PROGRAMME. Positively Last Three Nights Positively Last Three Nights Of PHILLIPS and MERRITT, PHILLIPS and MERRITP, PHILLIPS and MERRITT, PHILLIPS and MERRITT, , '"The People of Joy and Gladness."

in their Celebrated Sketch, "COME INTO THE OFFICE." Introducing New Songs,, Dances, etc. This Week's Brilliant New Series of VIC'S PICTURES / VIC'S PICTURES VIC'S PICTURES Includes LUMBERING IN AUSTRALIA. YELLOW Two PANDORA'S BIRD. Vitas. BOX, MYSTERY OF ROOM 29. Pathe's Gazette. Fatal Chocolate. Prices: Is. 6d., Is., and 6d. Res. 2s. Plan at Nicholson's till 6 p.m.; at Town Hall from 7 o'clock; or ring Telephone 618. T ICTORIA RACING CLUB, S FLEMINGTON. CUP WEEK. CUP WEEK. DERBY DAY, November 2. CUP DAY, November 5. OAKS DAY, November 7. STEEPLECHASE DAY, November 9. RECORD ENTRIES. Stakes will amount to £27,000. New Grandstand will hold 6,000. Magnificent New Refreshment Rooms. Extensive and Handsome New Tert..o. The Non-members' Tearoom Doubled. The Hill Grandstand Lengthened. A Large Ladies' Lounge on the Hill. Alteration of Course ro Widen Narrow Neck at Weighing House. Numerous Other Improvements. H. BYRON MOORE, Secretary. EUCHRE PARTY and DANCE, In Aid of Cathedral Altar Society, HIBERNIAN HALL, Murray-street, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1912, At 8 P.M. Refreshments. Good Music. Valuable Prices, and may be seen at Shine's Catholic Book Depot, Pier and Mur ray streets. TICKETS Is. 6d. S. McARDLE, C. BOLADERAS, Hon. Sees. SALVATION ARMY, PIER-STREET. TO-NIGHIT. TO-NIGHT, 8 P.M. Grand Spectacular Demonstration by a Trained Company of 24 Young People, Entitled SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS. Tableaux, Marches, Drills, Action Songs. Admission, 6d.: Children Half Price. DANCING.-Special Notice.--Mr. and .7 Mrs. Goldsworthy's Class. Final Dance for present season THURSDAY NEXT. We shall be pleased to see all pupils and friends present. Dancing taught privately, 3 les sons. Office, upstairs Ezywalkin's. 'Phone 1987. N ORTH PERTH Croquet Club.-Euchre Tournament and Dance, to be held in North Perth Town Hall Wednesday, Oct. 16. Cards at 8 p.m. sharp. Double tickets 2s. 6d.; Single is. 6d. M. Edmunds, Hon. Secretary. DON'T fail to secure a copy of the "West ern Mail" Special Show Number. It will contain 24 pages of Illustrations. 3IGH-CLASS CIGARS for everybody, at everybody's price. Noble Cigars, 3d. each.

* AMUSEMENTS. NWW THEATRE ROYAL. EW THEATRE ROYAL. Sole Direction ........ C. SPENCER. YOU CAN EAT YOUR CAKE AAAAA NNN D HAVE IT At Spencer's SIX NIGHTS A WEEK ! I And Every Time you Par take of this Superb Programme of Infinite Var iety, Splendour, and Beauty, you Will Relish and Enioy it Still More ! ! TO-NIGHT. Everything TO-NIGHT. TO-NIGHT. New. TO-NIGHT. LAUGHTER LAUGHTER Irresistible and Infectious, Healthy and Wholehearted, Characterises Every Moment of the Indescribably Funny Film, BUNNY BUNNY BUNNY AS BUNNY BUNNY PSEUDO BUNNY BUNNY SULTAN. / BUNNY BUNNY BUNNY With Miss Flo. Finch as "Sultana" (At Spencer's On!;). SEE ALSO ! The Strangely Appealing and Powerful Drama of Western Life, THE LAND BARON OF SAN TEE. THE- LAND BARON OF SAN TEE. THE LAND BARON OF, SAN TEE. The Stirring Story of a Water Famine and of how the Rich Man Went Thirsty! EGYPT-The Nile and the Pyramids! MAKING A RAILWAY ENGINE!. A CHILD'S REMORSE: Sweat Out to tSea- Power Boats to the Rescuie-Mnj nificent lv Realistic! NICK WINTER AND THE BANKER: A Thrilling Detective Story ! THE EXTENSION TABLE: A Fine Drama! "LOVE OR DEATH." "COWBOY MAD." "WEEKLY GAZETTE." (H.M. the King at several Gatherings). INCIDENTAL MUSIC By "The Royal Orchestra." Overture: Selection, "The Orchid" (Caryll and Monckton). ' Entr'acte: Morceau, "The. Village Blacksmith." PRICES-2s., Is. 6d.. ls.. and 6d. Book in free at Theatre or Telephone32517. SHAP1'ESBURY. . . THEATRE. Direction .......... T. A. Shafto. GREATEST ,SHOW 'ON EARTH. Headed by KING and .MILARD, In a New Original One-act Play, "Brown's Pal." One of the B'hoys, one of the' K'nuts. THE CARLYONS, Comedy Sketch Artistes, in "The Artistes', Studio," featuring Comedy Dual, Song Spe ciality, "Oh, oh, oh." ARDELLE and MADAM HALLE,. The Cofee-coloured Coons. Sensational Head Balancing on a Bar Rope. LYALL SISTERS, .THE ROSEBUDS, Dainty Danseurs. Refined Serios. BRIGHTIE" HOLT, The Dainty Singer of Dainty Songs. AN EXCEPTIONAL PICTURE PRO GRAMME. SHAPTESBURY PREMIER ORCHESTRA. Popular Prices i. 6d., la:. ls. 6d., and 2s. Booking free. 'Phone 1448. COMING. FRANK HAWTHORN and COM COMING. PANY, COMING. From England, COMING. In the Latest Successful Scream COOING. ing Comedy, COMING. "The New Dressnaker." .ERTH LITERARY INSTITUTE. SERTH LITERARY INSTITUTE. Winter Series of POPULAR SCIENTIFIC LECTURES. W. J. RAINBOW, Esq., FL.S., F.E.S. Lecturer of Australian Museum, Sydney, Final Lecture, TO-NIGHT, At 8. "IN. ANCIENT EGYPT," 'IN ANCIENT EGYPT," The Story of the Signet' Ring. His Excellency the Governor will preside. Tickets Is., at the doors; or at thelibrary Initute, with the privilege of booking and reservng seats. Tickets reserved free of charge. SWESTERN AUSTRALIAN TURF. CLUB.

60th ANNIVERSARY MEETING. SATURDAY AND MONDAY NEXT. BOOKMAKERS wishing to BET at the above Meeting must APPLY for their LICENCES not later than 5 p.m. on FRI DAY, OCTOBER 18, at the Office of the Club, Howard-street, Perth. LICENCE FEES: Enclosure ........ 24 Guineas. Leger .......... 12 Guineas. GEORGE H. WIGKHAM, Secretary. KIELMCOTT AGRICULTURAL SO CIETY. TWENTY-SECOND ANNUAL SHOW. MONDAY, OCTOBER 21. SHOW OPENS at 12 NOON. ADMISSION, Is.; Children, 6d. Section A Classes, 11-12-13, to. be on the grounds at 12 o'clock. G. V. CROSS, Secretary. .S. ZEPHYR. This STEAMER is NOW AVAILABLE FOR CHARTERS Of EVERY DESCRIPTION DURING SEASON 1912-1913. W.A. TRAINED NURSES' ASSOCIA TION. ANNUAL BALL (Plain and,Fancy Dress). St. George's Hall, THURSDAY, OCETOBER 17, 8.30-2. Valuable prizes. Lite trains. Gentlemen, 5s.: Ladies, 3s.; Double, 7s. 6d Mrs. A. Butler, Geo. Abbott, Joint Hon. Sea. EAST Fremantle Presbyterian Church. ? Grand Fete and Sale of Gifts, in the East Fremantle Town Hall. Opening Cere mony This Afternoon, 3 p.m., by the Hon. the Premier (J. Scaddan, Esq.) The East Fremantle Brass Band will play selections in the evening. Thursday, 8 p.m.: Scotch Night, to be opened by the Mayor of East Fremantle (J. F. Allen, Esq.) Novel Com petitions. Admission: Afternoon, Free; Evening, 6d. EL'UCHRE TOURNAMENT and DANCE, J2 Protestant Hall, Perth, Wednesday October 16, 8 p.m. Six excellent prizes. 1st., Massive Gilt 400 day clock, in glass dome. View City Tailoring Company, Barrack-st. Double 2s. 6d. Refreshments. Banks and Searle. Organisers. ON'T MISS THE GREAT MUSIC SALE At ALBERT'S CENTRAL ARCADE. 25 to 50 Per Cent. Discount. 0OW TO DANCE. Etiquette of the 1 Ballroom. Ballroom Guide, latest, up to-date. 6d., posted 7d.. from H. B. ALBERT and CO.'S Music Stores, Central Arcade. Perth. AUSTRALIANS, be loyal. Support your industry. Smoke Noble Cigars, 3d. tieh.

AMUSEMENTS. KI KLBY LUNN. CONCERTS. Box Plans Open To-morrow at Nicholson's. HIS MAJESTYS THEATRE. Direction ...... .... J. ,and N. TAIT. KIRKBY LUNN CONCERTS, WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 23. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24. SATURDAY, OtITOBER 26. MONDAY, OCTOBER 28. The KIRKBY LUNN CONCERTS Have Created UNPRECEDENTED ENTHUSIASM Throughout the Continent, And it is UNANIMOUSLY ADMITTED By Australia's Musical Critics .that Madame KIRKBY LUNN S Isthe GREATEST CONTRALTO This Country . HAS EVER HEARD. In presenting such a world-renowned Singer as Madame Kirkby Lunn, Messrs. J. and N. Tait wish to announce that they are introducing to Perth ONE OF THE WORLD'S GREAT ARTISTS Whose GLORIOUS VOICE CONSUMMATE ARTISTRY, And WONDERFUL PERSONALITY Have Placed Her at the HEAD OF ENGLISH SINGERS. The celebrated Artist will be supported by a brilliant Company: Mr. Anidrew Shanks (Baritone). Mr. William Murdoch (Pianist)... M, Andre de Ribaupierre (Violinist). Miss-M. A: Marrie (Accompanist). Reserved Seats 7s. 6d. Unreserved Seats, 5s., 3s., 2s. ' Box Plans Open To-morrow at Nicholson's. M ELROSE THEATRE. Direction.. WEST'S and BRENNAN'S, LTD. American Artists. Received with Shrieks of Laughter. BUDD and CLARE ' Musical Cpmedians, BUDD and CLARE Introducing their BUDD and CLARE Change Specialty, Direct from London. Wonderful Success of DAN LLEWYLLEN DAN LLEWYLLEN The World Famous Tramp Tenor. LAST NIGHTS OF MAUD FANNING The Greatest of all Coon Impersonators. Also those Dainty Artist, THE TYRELS . And ARTHUR ELLIOTT, Australia's Comedian. Absolutely last Three Nights of those Won derful Acrobats in New Sensations. THE GREAT BARTZ TRIO. THE GREAT BARTZ TRIO. THE GREAT BARTZ TRIO. The Cheering is Terrific at the termina. tion of their Marvellous Acts. TO-NIGHT. TO-NIGHT. GRAND CHANGE WEST'S PICTURES. THE FAMOUS MELROSE ORCHESTRA. Amateur Trials Every Friday Night. Note.-Prices: 2s., Is., and 6d. Box Plan at Nicholson's, then Moss. Tobacconist, Mel rose Theatre. No booking fee. W EST'S PICTURES, SUBIACO. WESTS PICTURE PALACE (Under New Management). 8 P.M., TO-NIGHT, at 8 P.M. imense Pictorial Change. "THE PICK OF THE BASKET." Thrilling "The End of the Trail" Sensational Touching "Nipper's Lullaby" Pathetic Interesting "Pathe's Gazette" Educating "Mimic Bull Fight," "The Marauders." Supported by a Glittering Array of the. - World's "PICTURE GEMS." Bright Music.. Popular Prices. ING'S HALL, MURRAY-STREET. GRAND REOPENING of KING'S PIC TURES, late of Esplanade, SATURDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 19. Direction .. .. .. Brown and Deas.. THE WRECK OF THE DUNBAR, THE WRECK OF THE DUNBAR. THE WRECK OF THE DUNBAR, Or the " YEOMAN'S WEDDING. YEOMAN'S WEDDING. YEOMAN'S WEDDING. The Greatest Australian Production yet Achieved. 3,500 Feet of the Grandest and Most Thril ing Picture Drama ever Conceived. A STORY OF AUSTRALIANS, for Austra lians, of which King's Picture Company have exclusive rights. Besides Other Stlar Attractions. Popular Prices: Circle,.ls. 6d.; Stalls, Is. Back Stalls, Sd. OLYMPIA PICTURE PALAGCE, FREMANTLE. Continued and Unabated Success of the PERFECT and PEERLESS OLYMPIA PICTURES. OLYMPIA PICTURES. Our Tenth Brilliant and Unequalled Com bination of EXQUISITE, ARTISTIC STAR SUB JECTS.

DEFEAT OF THE BREWERY GANG. DEFEAT OF THE BREWERY GANG. An Indian Drama. An Indian Drama. THE HORO'S REDEMPTION. THE HORO'S REDEMPTION. LOVE HAS WINGS. LOVE HAS WINGS. And Others. OLYMPIA'S POPULAR ORCHESTRA. Admission: Front Seats, Is.; Back Seats, 6d. MAJESTY'S THEATRE, PERTH. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22. Under the patronage and in the presnce of His Lordship Dr. Clone. In aid of the "Furnishing Fund" of the BISHOP'S PALACE, Victoria Square. Sidney Grundys Powerful Three Act Play, "A FOOL'S PARADISE," By the "MASQUERADERS." Prices, 3s., 2s., and Is. R: E. HOURIGAN, Business Manager. SCOTCH COLLEGE.SIXTEENT AN NUAL ATHLETIC SPORTS MEET ING, Claremont Agricultural Show Ground, FRIDAY AFTERNOON, October 18, 1912. The first event is timed to start at 1.20 p.m. All the parents and friends of the College are cordially invited to be present. G. GOOCH, Hon. Secretary. ST. GEORGES HAIL. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26. OCTOBER 26. RECITAL By the Puoils of MISS HILDA TEMPLE. Proceeds in Aid of THE WAIFS' HOME. PARKERVILLE. Plan Opens Nicholson's Saturday. 1.O.O.F. REBEKAH LODGE NO. 11 EUCHRE PARTY and DANCE. FREMANTLE TRADES HALL, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16. Six Good Prizes. Refreshments. Cards 8-10. Dancing 10-12. Tickets Is. H. L. KNAPP, Secretary. - HIBITION SKATING RINK. ITION SKATING RINK. TO-NIGHT. Admission, 6d.; including floorage. Skates, 64. C?RIBBAGE, Cribbage, Mechanics' Insti . tute, Leederville. Mr. Cary holds his usual Cribbage Party every Thursday (not Tuesday). Good prizes for ladies and Gents. Tickets Is. Cards, 8.15. Refreshments. E. CARY, Sec. ROADS BOARDS. ROCKINGHAM ROAD BOARD. It is hereby notified that all Stock on Commonage after October 12, 1912, not being duly registered will be IMPOUNDED with out further notice. A. G. KIDSTON HUNTER, Secretary.__ THE "Wcstern Mail" Special Show Num Ser will contain 24 pages of Illustra tions. HIGH-CLASS CIGARS for everybody, at . everybody's price. Noble Cigars. 3d,. each:

AUCTIONb. SUMMARY OF AUCTIONS. THIS DAY. October 16.--Jas. McEncroe--Medium, heavy, and light mares and geldings, ponies, vehicles, etc.. at the W.A. Horse Bazaar, Stirling-st.: 10.30 a.m. October 16.-F. A. Mansfield.-Furniture tand effects, at the mart, 125 William striet; 2.30. October 16.-Learmonth, Duffy and Co. Palmerston-street residence, in their rooms, Emanuel Buildmngs, St. George's terrace; 3 P.m. Oct; 16.-Eben Allen and Co.-Household . -furniture and effects, at 778 Hay-st., opposite Foy and Gibson's; 11 a.m. October 16.-T. Tate and Co.-Household furniture and effects, on the premises, Lindsay-street; 2 p.m. October 16.-McCarthy, Parker, and Co. High-class motor cars, motor cycles, spare parts, etc., on Messrs. A. Hor dern's~vacant ground, opposite Brennan Bros.; 2.30 P.M. October 17.-A. Terelinck.-Furniture, fix tures, stock, etc., at the Crossley Tea rooms, 809 Hay-st.; 11 a.m. October 17.-F. A. Mansfield-Buildin: ma terial, etc., at Walcott-st., Mt. Lawley; 11 o'clock. October 17.-T. Tate.andlCo.-Piano, furni ture, etc., at the mart, 88 Murray-st.; 2 p.m. 'October 17.-Harry Wilson and Co.-Mort-1 gagee's sale of house and land, at A. P. Hamilton and Co.'s rooms, High-st., Fremantle; 3 o'clock. October 17.-Chas. Sommers.-Brick Villa residence, Myee, 14 Hooper-street, West Perth, in the rooms, 56 St. George's-ter race; 3 p.m. October 17.-Chas. Sommers-Brick villa, Fitzgerald-st., Perth, in the rooms; 3 p.m. October 17.-Chas. Sommers.-Building sites, North Perth and Victoria Park, in the rooms, 56 St. George's-terrace. October 18.-A. Terelinck.-Residential sites, Leederville, Nedlands, Pertis, Park, and Victoria Park, in the Property Parlour, 40 William-st.; 11 a.m. October 18.-F. A. Mansfield--Furniture and effects, at 50 Outram-st., W. Perth; 11 o'clock. October 18.-McCarthy, Porker, and Co. Furniture and effects, magnificent bed roonis suites, and office desk, at,524 Hay street; 2.30 p.m. 1 October 18.-Chas. Sommers.-In the rooms, 56 St. George's-terrace, mortgagee'ssale of 2,291 acres; 3 ).m. October 19.--A. W. Ducat.-Crg n, f.rni ture.and effects, at Bernard-3t'e,.t, i est Leederville; 2.30 p.m. Oct. 22.-Learmonth, Duffy and Co.-Furni ture and effects on premises, 31 Thomas st., West Perth: 31 a.m. October 23.-Eben Allen and Co.-Household furniture, at 44 Bedford-ave., Subiaco; 11 a.m. October 23.--W. Wilford MitchelL-Farm at huannoppin. Builders' Exchange, St. George's-terrace; 3 p.m. October 24.--Cha. Sommers-Mortgagees' sale, 1,274 acres, East Brookton, in the rooms, 56 .St. George's-terrace, Perth; 3 p.m. October 25.-Learmonth, Duffy, and Co., in conjunction with Milner and Co. Cottesloe shop- property and main road business sites. October 26.-Chas. Sommers-Nine excel lent building sites, Cottesloe Beach, on the ground; 3 p.m. October 29.-Eben Allen and' Co.-House hold furniture and effects, at McNeil's Chambers, Barrack-st.; 2.30 p.m. October 29.-Chas. Sommers (in conjunction with Robt. A. Elliott, York)--Valuable freehold property, 1,389k acres, at bit. Hardy, near York; in the rooms, 56 St. George's-ter.; 3 p.m. October 30.-A. W. Ducat.-Unredeemed pledges, at 56 William-street; 11 a.m. October 30 -Eben Allen and Co.--Household furniture, U.G., piano, billiard table, etc., at 55 Mount-st.; 11 November 8.-Chas. Sommers and J. J. and F. G. Higham.-Building sites, North Fremantle, on the ground; 12 o'clock noon. COCKRAM'S STOCK BAZAAR, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1912. At Half-past Ten A.M. Sharp. 45 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN HORSES. 45 45 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN HORSES. 45 45 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN HORSES. 45 Arriving ex S.S. Karoola, Thursday, October 17. A. E. COCKRAM will SELL by AUC - 'ION on account M. Rasheed, of Gum Park Station, Redhill, S.A. 45 real good young farm mares and geldings, broken and unbroken, and advices describe them as a really good shipment. Also, 1 Account Lane Bros.: 1 extra good cow, heavy milker, quiet, Holsteinm, calf at foot; 2 tip-top young forward springers. Without Reserve. COCKRA'S STOCK BAZAAR, 202 Pier-street. Telephone 1111. CENTRAL STOCK BAZAAR. THIS DAY, at 10.30 a.m. PERRY and THOMAS have been instruc-, ted to SELL Account Mr. A. Jones: 6 nice medium draught mares and geld-. ings, 3 to 5 years. Account Owner: 12 medium draught mares and geldings, 4 to 6. years. - Aeoount Mr. Williams: I heavy draught gelding, 5yma. 1 draught mare, 6yrs., a perfect model. Account Mr. Woolhouse: I heavy draught gelding, 5yss. SAccount various Owners: 20 useful horses, all classes. Also springeart and sulky turnouts, sul kies, carts, and harness, and all lots entered. PERRY and THOMAS. Tel. 2173. CENTRAL STOCK BAZAAR. SATURDAY, OCT. 19.

At Half-past Ten A.M. PERRY and THOMAS have been in structed by the well-known Victorian shippers, Messrs. Collis and Nolan to SELL 25 head of Goulburn Valley bred. mares and geldings, comprising 10 heavy draught geldings 4 to 6 yrs. 5 active lorry or farm gelding, 4 and 5 years. 10 ?rand fprm mares, 3 to 6 yrs. This shipment arrives by the s.s. Karoola on Thursday, the 17th inst., and are for positive sale. PERRY and THOMAS. Tel. 2173. THIS DAY. THIS DAY. At Half-past Two o'clock. AT MANSFIELD'S AUCTION MART, 125 Williamstreet. 'VALUAB~B HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, U.G. IRON-FRAME PIANOS. SINGER" DH. SEWING MACHINE. ". A. MANSFIELD will SELL on account of various owners SMALL BILLIARD TABLE (slate), 7 a 4. HANDSOME OAK BEDROOM SUITE, 3 pieces. MASSIVE BLACK and NICKEL D. FRENCH BEDSTEAD, toilet sets. SOLID OAK SIDEBOARD, 4 OAK D.R. SUITES (different designs). Cream and nickel French BEDSTEAD, wire mattress. H.P. Bedroom SUITES, combination bedsteads, washstands. Very large DUCHESSE CHA N T, H M.-top pedestal WASHSTAND Dressers, D.D. safes, s. safe, double bed steads, ICE CHEST, OAK HALL STANDS, patent washing machine, 4ft 6in. modern design SIDEBOARD, wal nut SIDEBOARD, single bedstead. H.B. chairs, A.B. chairs, kitchen chairs, go-carts, toilet set, tumblers, TOOLS, 4-d. duchesse chests, Al LINOLEUMS, 12 x 12, 12 x 16, and 12 x 18, pass lino., 2 carpets, and large quantity sundries. 3 UNION JACK FLAGS. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17. At Eleven o'Clock. On the GROUND, Walcott-street, MT. LAWLEY, Near Corner of Beaufort-street. Continuation BUILDERS' MATERIAL. BUILDERS' MATERIAL. . A. MANSFIELD has been instructed F by the owner, O. Stubbs, to SELL. AUCTION SALE At OARNARyON. DURING RACE WEEK, IN EARLY NOVEMBER. ONE COMPLETE ARTESIAN BORING PLANT. Makers: Overall, McCray and Co., of Syd. ney. For further particulars apply to F. F. Mar mion, Esq., Solicitor, Carnarvon, or A NGELO and ANGELO, Auctioneers, Carnarvon. jTEW Arrivals who wish their friends in I the old country to learn something about the State should post them a copy of the "Western Mail" Special Show Num ber. Price Sixpence.

AUCTIONS THIS DAY, THIS DAY, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16, At THREE P.M. CHARMING RESIDENCE In PEPPERMINT GROVE. LEARMONTH, DUFFY and CO. have been favoured with instructions to OFFER. in their Rooms, St. George's-terrice. on above date, that well-known brick and atone Residence of the late Captain Pitts, "BOSLOWICK," Containing 5 rooms, kitchen, maid's room. servery, pantry, and bath. 7ft. verandah in front, detached brick washhouse and stable and , coach house (W.B.). Good well and aermotor windmill, with two each 1,000 gallon tanks. The land is Lot 10 of Sec. XII. of Swan Loc. M4, with 66 feet to Forrest-street, by 4k chains deep to r.o.w. at rear. The posi non is one of the finest in this fashionable and delightful suburb. TERMS: Casb deposit £400; balance of purchase money can remain for 5 years at l per cent. per annum. THIS DAY, THIS DAY, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16, At3P.M, In ,Auctioneers' Rooms, EMANUEL BUILDINGS, PERTH. The Well-known Passenger Steamer, S.S. WESTRALIAN. LEARMONTH, DUFFYand CO. have re L ceived instructions from the owners to OFFER by AUCTION (in order to adjust partnership account. The well-known passenger steamer s.s. Westralian. of 120 tons register. This fine boat, which is a steel twin sclew, was built by Messrs. Hoskin and Co., i 1906, under the supervision of Lloyd's sur veyor, and in accordance with the specifi cation of the s.s. Manz Fairy a full de scription of which appears in Lloyd's Regis ter. The boilers were supplied by Hudson and Co.. of Glasgow. The engines have bene thorouhily over hauled by Messrs. Hoskin and o., and severai hundreds spent on modern improve ments. .The steamer is fitted with electric engine and dynamo and, in addition, electric inm stallation; she has a powerful searchlight and switchboard. Two telescopic funnels, which can be rais ed and lowered readily, enable the steamer to go under all.ordinary bridges.. The centre of the steamer is built up, forming a top deck, which greatly increases accommodation. Forward is situated ladies' cabin, lavatory and waiting and tea rooms, with up-to-date pantry attachments for the latter. The whole of the saloon is upholstered in silk tapestry; ceilings stamped, metal, and all woodwork white enamelled.' A large smoking room and bar is situated aft.. with men's quarters for~ward. The Westralian is licensed to carry 400 passehgers inside the river and 265 outside the river. The coal consumption is very economical, and the steamer can' be worked with the following crew ;-Captain, engineer, fire man, steward, and deck hand. In addition to full complement of life belts, the steamer has a piano, ice chest, cash register complete ~at of awnings, and a spare propeller blade. A general overhauling has taken place dur ing the winter months. Cards to Inspect may be Obtained from The AUCTIONEERS. THIS DAY, THIS DAY, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16, At Three P.M. TWO-STOREY BRICK RESIDENCE, PALMERSTON-STREET. EUARMONTH, -DFFY and CO. have re ceived instructions to OFFER by PUBLIC AUCTION as above,- in their rooms, Emanuel Buildings, Lot 4 of Perth Sub. Lot N 76, having a' frontage of 40ft. to Palmerston street, by a fine depth of 210ft. IMPROVEMENTS. Splendidly built two-storey brick mansion house, with magnificently lighted and ven tilated basement, 'with large verandahs and balconies. GROUND FLOOR contains spacious en trance hall, three large rooms and kitchen. FIRST FLOOR: 5 bedrooms, two linen closets, and bathroom; also Spacious Flat Roof for summer use, com manding splendid view of city. The building has a Marseilles tiled roof, and all up-todate accessories. The Basement is divided into three large compartments, and could be also utilised for residential purposes. Electric Light Throughout. The Owner, who is going on the land, has given definite instructions to sell; £1,000 of Purchase Money can remlain on Mortogage for a number of years. Cards to inspect from Auctioneer. THIS DAY, THIS DAY. WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 16, At Thre P.M. VICTORIA PARK SITES. SEARMONTH DUFFY and CO. have L been favoured with instructions from the W.A. Trustee, Executor, and Agency Coy., Ltd., to OFFER by AUCTION as above: fai Lot 1 of Cannine Location 2. havino

55.8 links frontage to .Albany-road, Victoria Park, by 209.6 links along Argyle-street. S (b) Lots 73 and 74 of Canning Loc. 2, having 50 links frontage to Bank street, Victoria Park, by a depth of 229.8 links. THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), OCTOBER 16, At Three P.M. SALE of a GENTLEMAN'S CHARMING RESIDENCE, In a, PICKED PORTION of PEPPERMINT GROVE. T EARMONTH, DUFFY, and CO. have J been favoured with instructions from Hon. D. G. Gawler, M.L.C., to OFFER by Auction, in their rooms, St. George's terrace-. His well-known residence in Cottesloe, occupying one of the best positions in View-street. This bungalow stone residence is roofed with slate, is replete writh every modern convenience, and consists of drawing-room, dining-room, smoke room, 4 bedrooms, linen closet, cellar, pantries, nursery, maid's room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Surrounded with wide verandahs on three sides. The grounds consisting of Lots 1, 2, and 3 of Section XII., have a frontage to View-street of about 204 feet by a depth along McNeil-street of 238 feet to r.o.w. r at rear, and are beautifully laid out in flower and vegetable garden and croquet lawn. The house is let at present at £4 4a. per week, the lease expiring in December next. TERMS: -£1,500 can remain on mortgage at 6 per cent. per annum; balance. £500 deposit, balance six and twelve months. SALE of VALUABLE FREEHOLD PRO PERTY, SITUATE at LEEDERVILLE. FRIDAY, the 25th OCTOBER, 1912. At Three P.M. T EARMONTH, DUFFY, and CO., under instructibns from the Mortgagee, will OFFER for Sale, at their Rooms, Emanuel Biildings, St. George's-terrace, Perth, on Friday, the 25th day of October, 1912, at 3 p.m.: Those portions of Subdivision 31 and 32 of Subdivision 4 of Perthshire Location Ac. on Deposited Plan 956, having a frontage of about 50ft. to Richmond street, and a depth of about 130ft., upon which is erected a concrete and brick two-storied residence known as "Lake View," containing two large rooms and balcony on first floor, and four rooms, kitchen, vestibule, and bathroom on ground floor, with de tached iron shed. A beautiful view of Monger s Lake can be obtained from the property, which is situated in an elevated position overlooking the Gov ernment Reserve and one minute's walk from the Oxford-street tram. For further particulars and conditions of sale, apply to the Auctioneers, or to Messrs. Parker and Parker, Solicitors, Howard street, Perth. TATTERSALL'S HORSE BAZAAR. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17. At Twelve Noon. l (EO. H. KIRBY, under instructions from 'X the owner, will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION the well-known 14.2 Pon- Cartridge, b e. a., by Carbinier Quality. r MADE in Australia, for Australians, by LJL an Australian firm. Noble Cigars, 3d. each.

AU?TIONS. PRELIMINARY. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22.' At Eleven A.M. On PREMISES, 31 Thomas-street, Corner of Churchill-avenue. COSTLY HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS. LEARMONTH. DUFFY and CO. have been favonred' with instructions from Mrs. Geo. A. Burk! t, who is leaving for Europe, to SELL by AUCTION as above. Full Details Later. METROPOLITAN FAT STOCK MARKET, NORTH FREMANTLE. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1912. M SRS. C. H. FIELDING, LTD., have received instructions to SELL by PUB LIC AUCTION, account owners: 150 SHEEP. 500 LAMBS. 60 PIGS. THIS MORNING. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1912. At Eleven o'clock. ON THE PREMISES, 778 HAY-STREET Under Adelaide Tailoring Co. (Opp. Foy and Gibson's). REMOVED. FROM SOUTH PERTH FOR CONVENIENCE OF SALE. IMPORTANT SALE of SUPERIOR and USEFUL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS. U.G. PIANO, Walnut Case, Iron Frame. E BEN ALLEN and CO. have been fav oured with instructions from the own ,er to SELL as above, comprising-, SOLID WALNUT diningroom SUITE, comprising. LOUNGE, 2 EASY CHAIRS, and 4 DINING CHAIRS. MODERN DESIGN KAURI SIDE BOARD, with B.G. mirrors, drawers, and cupboards. CEDAR and WHITE EN. OVERMAN TELS, with B.G. mirror. Fire screens, pictlres, linos. B.R. FENDt.. and IRONS, brass table lamp. OCC. CHAIiS and TABLES. SOLID WALNUT DRAWINGROOM SUITE, with woven straw seats. RUSH OCC. CHAIRS. BRUSSELS CARPET SQTI ,S. UNIQUE DESIGN BaACONSFIELD BEDROOM SUITE, 3 pieces. - CHESTS of 4 and 5' DRAWERS. HANDSOME BLACK and BRASS DOU BLE FRENCH BEDSTEAD and wire mattress and bedding. CEDAR (full length) SWING MIRROR. A.B.' CHAIRS, KITCHEN TABLES,. K. SAFE and UTENauLS. ALSO. ON ACCOUNT OF VARIOUS OWNERS. UNIQUE DESIGNS OAK and KAURI HALLSTANDS. Handsome DRAWINGROOM SUITES, in WALNUT and ROSEWOOD, 5 and 7 pieces. 3 U.G. PIANOS, by/ "Renardi"I and "MignonL" VASES. RUSH OCC. CHAIRS. Brussels- CARPETS. SQUARES. Singer SEWING MACHINE. SOLID OAK DINNER WAGGON. 'Handsome DININGROOM SUITES, in oak' and walnut. MODERN DESIGNS OAK and KAURI SIDEBOARDS (all sizes). EASY CHAIR, upholstered in real lea ' ther. SEVERALICECHESTS, "Grand Rapids" and "Challenge." A.B. CHAIRS, ELEC. FAN. 4 and 5 DUCHESSE CHESTS (new). SOLID OAK BEDROOM SUITES, 3 pieces each, also in imt. oak and piney M.T. and R.B. WASHSTANDS. 5 PAIRS LACE CURTAINS. . Handsome OAK BEDSTEAD. 5ft. KITCHEN DRESSERS, SAFES, TAB LES, and a HOST of SUNDRIES. SALE AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK. EBEN ALLEN and CO., Auctioneers. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23. 1912. At Eleven o'Clock. On the PREMISES, 44 Bedford-avenue, Subiaco. IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS. U.G. PIANO, walnut case and iron frame, "Mignon." EBEN ALLEN and CO. have been favour ed with instructions from the owner to SELL as above. Full particulars later issues. EBEN ALLEN, Auctioneer. TUESDAY AFTERNOON, OCTOBER 29, 1912. At Half-past Two. ON THE PREMISES. McNEIL'S CHAM BERS, BARRACK-STRE,, PERTH. IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND FUR NISHING.

[oy aOurfIn son iumoas.j EBEN ALLEN and CO. have been fav oured with instructions from .Mrs. Schifmann, who is leaving Perth for the summer months, to SELL as above. Details later issue. EBEN ALLEN, Auctioneer. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1912. At Eleven o'Clock. On the PREMISES, "Remeura," 55 Mount street. IMPORTANT SALE OF SUPERIOR and VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNI TURE AND EFFECTS. U.G. Piano, Iron Frame, and Ebony Case, Sostenute Piano Co., cost £90. } Al cock's Billiard Table and accessories. -BEN ALLEN and CO. have been J2? favoured with instructions from W. F. Lathain, Esq. (in consequence of Mrs. Lathain's departure on a visit to the Eastern States) to, SELL as above. Full details will appear in later issues. EBEN ALLEN, Auctioneer. HORSES. HORSES. HORSES. THIS DAY. At the W.A. HORSE BAZAAR. STIRLING-STREET. At Half-past Ten A.M. TAMES 31cENCROE will SELL by PUB t LIC AUCTION. On Account of several owners: 12 head of medium and heavy draught mares and geldings, ex Laverton; 6 head of medium mares and delivery sorts. On several accounts: 20 head medium, heavy, and light sorts, several tip top ponies. Also 4 sulky turnouts, 2 springcart turn outs, 2 pony sulky turnouts, spring and crank-axle carts, buggy, sulkies, lorries. Heavy, light, springeart harness, sulkf and buggy harness, saddles and bri dles, spare collars and a lot of useful harness. Tel. 2425. To arrive ex Pilbarra to-day: 15 head of heavy draught geldings, imported from Victoria, including some prize takers. A U C T I O N S A L E. In the ASSIGNED ESTATE of E. M. PETTIT, Farmer, Woodenanning. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19. At Two P.M. LAND, CROP, STOCK, and MACHINERY. The property, which is situated on the Goldfields-road, 28 miles from York, and about 11 miles from Balkuling Siding, com prises 640 acres, of which 320 is cleared, 130 under crop, and 40 in fallow. The whole is well fenced and subdivided into 5 pad docks. The purchaser will have the option of acquiring the adjacent property at a rea sonable price. For further information apply to J. J. LAWLER, Trustee, York. M ADE in Australia. for Australians, by V.. an Australian firm. Noble Cigars, 3d. each.

AUCTIONS. TO-MORROW. TO-MOEROW. In the ROOMS, 56 St. George's-terrace. At Three P.M. EXECUTORS' SALE. BRICK VILLA, "Myce," 14 Hooper-street, WEST PERTH. i-HAS. SOMMERS has been favoured with instructions from the West Australian Trustee, Executor, and Agency Co., Ltd., to SELL as above All that piece of Land being Lot 59, portion of Perth Town Lot 117. hav ing a frontage of 40ft. to Hooper-street by a depth of 123ft., upon which is erected a Double-fronted Brick Villa, containing 5 rooms, bathroom, kitchen, pantry, front and back verandahs, laundry (cement floor), 1,000gal. tank, iron shed, fowlruns, etc. Nice gar. den, with lawn, gravelled paths, vines etc. This property is situated only a few min. utes' walk from the Haw-street tram, withia easy walkin" distance of King's Park. Terms and conditions of sale may be ob tained upon application to the Auctioneer 56 St. George's-terrace TO-MORROW. TO-MORROW. At Three P.M. In the ROOMS, 56 St. George's-terrace. BUILDING SITES, NORTH PERTH and VICTORIA PARK. C HAS. SOMMERS is favoured with in. structions to SELL by AUCTION as above NORTH' PERTH. (a) All those pieces of Land being Lots 332/3 of Swan Location 658 on deposit ed plan 2334, havinb a frontage of 121ft. to Wellington-st., by a depth of 275ft. VICTORIA PARK. (b) All that piece of Land being Lot 6 of Swan Location 36 on deposited plan 489, having a frontage of 33ft. to Armagh-street by a depth of 112ft. MAYLANDS. (c) All that piece of land being Lot 94, Guildford-road, next to the Hotel, and very close to station, 74ft. fron tage by 270ft. Details and conditions of sale upon appli cation' to the Auctioneer. 56 St. George's. terrace. FRIDAY. OCTOBER 18. In the ROOMS, 56 ST. GEORGE'S-TEE . RACE. At Three P.M. MORTGAGEE'S SALE. GLEN RONALD ESTATE, containing 2,291 ACRES. Six Miles from Boyanup Township, 14 Miles from Bunbury. And Immediately Adjoining Elgin Siding. CHAS. SOMMERS has been favoured with instructions from the mortgagee to SELL as above GLEN RONALD ESTATE, containing 2,291 acres of C.P. land, selected 14 years. Good soil, nearly the whole of ihich could be cultivated, and including about 00 acres of rich potato land. The property is specially suitable for sheep and dairy farming. 400 ACRES at the expense of a few pounds can be made ready for the plough. Thirteen miles of sheep-proof fencing, subdivided into 9 paddocks. A permanent brook runs for about two miles through the property, while water is obtainable at from 10 to 20ft: depth. Five-roomed residence, large kitchen and outbuildings. Further particulars on application to Messrs. Keenan and Randall, Solicitors for the Mortgagee, Perth, or from the Auction. eer, 56 St. George's-terrace, Perth. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24, At Three o'Clock. IN THE ROOMS, 56 ST. GEORGE'S-TERRACE. Neat Detached D.F. and Double GABLE Brick Villa, No. 135 (high side) FITZ GERALD-STREET (near, corner of NEWCASTLE-STREET). WEST PERTH. CHAS. SOMMERS has been 'avoured with instructions from Mrs. BEATRICE WHOLLEY to SELL as 'above, . All that piece of land, being Lot 2 of Y181, having a frontage of 33ft. to Fitzgerald-street x 90ft. (r.o.w. back and side), and upon which is erected a neat detached DOUBLE-FRONT and DOUBLE GABLE BRICK VILLA on stone foundations, containing 5 rooms, vestibule, pantry and bath room, .with detached washhouse and trdughs, veraihSiah back and front. This desirable villa occupies a firstclass position, being high. negr school and tiam, and within luncheon hour distance of the city, and is practically FOR ABSOLUTE SALE. Pull particulars and letters to inspect from the Auctioneer. COTTESLOE BEACH. COTTESLOE BEACH. OOTTESLOE BEACH. AUCTION, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25. ON THE GROUND, At Three' P.M. THE OCEAN ESTATE, THE OCEAN ESTATE, THE OCEAN ESTATE, Adjoinipg the Residences of the Hon. A. G. Jenkins, the Hon. Sept. Burt, and Mr. H. D. Holmes. NINE CHOICE RESIDENTIAL SITES, On the Crest of the Hill, between the BRail. way Station and Ocean. LARGE BLOCKS, 50ft. x 148ft. 6in. ADVANTAGES: Beautiful Beach. Good Bathing, Fishing. and Boating. FEih. Healthv Positions.

Close to Golf Links. This is the last opportunity to secure a Building Site in one of the best positions in this Favourite Seaside Suburb. S. SOMMERSn under instructions Jffronm F. A. Moseley, EEq.) will SELL as above. TERMS: 1-5th cpsh, balance 6, 12, 18, and 24 months, with 6 per cent. p.a. interest added. Plans and all further particulars may be obtained upon application to the Auctioneer, 56 St. George's-terrace. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1912. In the Rooms, 56 St. George's-terrace, Perth. At Three P.M. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY Situated at MT. HARDY, near YORK, Containing 1,389 Acres 2 Roods. CHAS. SOMMERS (in conjunction with ROBT. A. ELLIOTT, of York) has re ceived instructions to SELL by Public Auc tion as above- Lots 1, 6, and 7 of Mt. Hardy Estate, containing 544 acres 2 roods, and Avon Locs. 1656, 1578, 2040, 2139, 8966, 8967, and 8968. containing 845 acres, total 1,389 acres 2 roods. The property is situated four miles from Mt. Hardy siding and about nine miles from York. The land is all fenced and subdivided into 35 paddocks with wire-netting and barb wires; about 1,100 acres cleared, about 40Y) acres growing crop, looking well, and about 200 acres fallow. Other improvements in clude a trico 4-roomed stone house, also 5-roomed wood and iron house, large machi nery shed and stables, hay, buggy, and chaff sheds, good water supply on the property. This is undoubtedly one of the best pro perties in the York district. nearly the whole of the land is a deep, rich, red soil, and has produced the heaviest crops in the dis trict. Anyone wishing to obtain this beau tiful property should make an early in spection, as my instructions are impera tive. Any further particulars may be obtained upon application to the Auctioneers, 56 St. George's-terrace, Perth, or Robt. A. Elliott, York. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1912. On the GROUND, at 12 Noon. BUILDING SITES. I BUILDING SITES. NORTH FREMANTLE. Frontages to John-street and Higham road 7 minutes' walk from station, opposite the Oval, high position, made streets. Easy terms. C HAS. SOMMERS (in conjunction with Messrs. J. J. and F. G. Higham) will SELL by AUCTION as above. Further particulars in future advertise ments. Plans (in course of preparation) can be obtained from the Auctioneer, 56 St. George's-ten-ace, or from Messrs. J. J. and F. G. Higham, Fremantle. DON'T fail to secure a cony of the "West ern Mail" Special Show Number. It will contain 24 panes of Illustrations. A WORD of good advice to Sufferers of A Kidney Troubles. Try cno packet of Trouchet's French Kidney and Bladder Herbs. SA USTRALIANS, be loyal. Support your industry. Smoke Noble Cigars, 3d. each.