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THE WIRELESS CIRCUIT. APPLECROSS STATION. OFFICIALLY OPENED YESTERDAY. Yesterday at noon the wireless station at Applecross was taken over by Mr. Balsillie, the Commonwealth wireless expert, acting on behalf of the Federal authorities, and was opened for the receipt and transmission of public radio-telegrams. Continuous ser- vice will be given for the future. It is explained that wireless telegraph mes- sages will be accepted at any telegraph office in the State for onward transmission to ships at sea, provided such ships are fit- ted with radio-telegraph apparatus, and are within 1,000 miles of the coast of the Com- monwealth, at the following rates:--Land line charge (from telegraph office to land wireless station) at similar rates to ordi- nary telegrams. Land wireless station charge, 6d. per word, without minimum. Ship wireless station charge: (a) 4d. per word without minimum, when messages are addressed to vessels which do not levy a minimum charge; (b) 4d. per word with a minimum charge of 3s. 4d. per message when addressed to vessels which require a mini- mum charge on each message. The names of ships which require a minimum charge may be ascertained from the postmaster. The full charge for a radio-telegram will be refunded when such radio-telegram is rendered useless through the fault of the telegraph service, and the full charge, less land line charges, will be refunded when a radio-telegram cannot be delivered on ac- count of the ship of destination having pass- ed out of range. On the following ships no minimum is ex- ercised in respect of ship-handled traffic: Afric, Archises, Aeneas, Aorangi, Arawa, As-   canius, Athenic, Atua, Ballarat, Belgic, Bom bala, China, Commonwealth, Cooma, Demos- thenes, Dimboola, Grantala, Hauroto, India, Irishman, Karoola, Kanowna, Kapunda, Kyarra Levuka, Malwa, Mantua, Morea, Moldavia, Mongolia,. Macedonia, Marmora, Mooltan, Marathon, Mora- vian, Miltiades, Marama, Makura,   Moeraki, Manuka, Mataram, Montaro, Maheno, Maitai, Medic, Maunganui,   Moana, Narrung, Navua, Otranto, Or- sova, Otway, Orvieto, Osterley, Orontes, Omrah, Orama, Persic, Ruahine, Ruathune, Riverina, Runic, Suevic, Talune, Tainui, Tofua, Thomistocles, Tahiti, Ulimaroa, Vic- toria, Wimmera, Westralia, Warialda, Wan- dilla, Willochra, Warrimno, Wyreema, Wakool, Wilcannia, Zealandia. On the following ships a minimum charge of ten words is made (that is 3s. 4d.) in respect of ship handling the traffic:--Ade- laide Argyleshire, Berkenfelds, Bremen, Barbarossa, Cassell, Dusseldorf, Frederick der Grose, Goebeu, Groser Kurfurst, Gnei- senau, Konig Luise, Mannheim, Melbourne, Prince Regent, Leopold, Roon, Scharnhorst, Sydney, Seydlitf, Shropshire, Zeiten. On German fitted boats, Mr. Balsillie ex- plained last evening, the system is worked with a minimum rate, so that messages can be sent to all vessels, other than German boats, at 4d. per word, which is the ship- ping charge, but when communicating with German vessels there must be a minimum of 10 words, making the minimum rate 3s. 4d. per message. On other boats fitted by the Marconi Company or the Australa- sian Wireless Company, standard rates are charged with no minimum. As an example of how this would work out, Mr. Balsillie said that a message of six words sent from any place in Perth to a vessel at sea would cost 6d. for land line charges, plus 5s. for radio telegraphic charges- 6d. per word land station and 4d. per word ship station-- mak- ing a total of 5s. 6d. If the vessel were German fitted the cost would be 6d. for the land line charges, plus 3s. for wireless land station charge, and the minimum of 3s. 4d. for the ship station, making a total of 6s. 10d.