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ROADS BOARDS,. ----- PERTH. The adjourned monthly meeting of the Perth Roads Board was held on Tuesday, Mr. Chappell in the chair. There were present. Messrs, Schmidt, Hawkins, Irlam, Jones, Robinson, and Shearn. Light at Mt. Lawley.-A letter was read from the Secretary for Railways stating that -arrangements had been made for the station stan to look after the light at the entrance to the station. Mosquito Pest.-A gaport was read from the inspector, Mr. Rodd, respecting the era dication of mosquitos, and it was decided to purchase £10 worth of crude kerosene for that purpose. Mt. Lawley Bowling Clnb.--A letter was read from the club asking for a donation towards further improving the grounds, and it was resolved to donate £10 10s. Sanitary Site.-A letter was read from the secretary of the Osborne Park Lecal Board of Realth asking the assistance of the Board in securing a sanitary site. It was resolved to inform the local society that the Board was agafnst the proposed site. Gentral-avenue.-The Under-Secretary for Public Works wrote stating that the Min ister had approved of the grant of £50 towards the construction of Central-avenue from Guildford-road to Railway-terrace, in front of the Blind Asylum. Tefers were received for the work, and that of A. Ban ning at £16 1ýs. per chain was accepted. Cape-street.-Instructions were given to clear Cape-street from Main-street, Osborne Park, to the Wanneroo-road school. Street Watering.-The tender of Mr. Kelly at is. 9d. per hour for street watcr ing in Maylands was accepted conditionally upon him conforming to the specifications. Osborne Park Streets.-It was resolved to construct Roberts-street, Osborne Park, as far as Frobisher-road, and to continue Nelson-street over the hill, in order to give producers there easy access to the main thoroughfare. It was decided that this work be put in-hand at once. Miscellaneous.-It was resolved to spend £10 in clearing and erecting additional sign boards in Bellingham-road between the head of Curtis-street and Balcatta school house." It was resolved to clear the scrub from Fer'uson-avenue, Maylands. Peninsula Ward Loan.-The following schedule of works to be carried out in the Peninsula Ward was approved and a loan of £4,250 for same was also approved, the matter having been postponed from last meeting, when the other wards' loans were considered:-Boundary-road, £412 10s.; 8th avenue, £26 5s.; Central-avenue, £93 15s.; Peninsula-road, £180; Falkirk-avenue, £105; 6th avenue, £120; Railway-terrace, £422 10s.; Warne-street, £157 10s.: Conroy-street, £187 10s.; 9th avenue, £262 10s.; Guildford road,. £140; Peninsula-road, covering blocks, £350; East street to river, £150; 4th avenue, £75; View-street to 4th avenue £150; Eli zabeth-street, £90; Watson-place, £75; wid ening Railway-terrace, £142 10s.; 6th ave nue, £60; Caledonian-avenue, £100, foot paths £400, East-street jetty, £250. Financial.-The balances were: Treasury, cr, £1,15 12s. 6d.; bank, cr, £1,060 16s. lid. BELMONT PARK. The regular meeting of the Belmont Park Roads Board was held on Friday evening last, there being present Messrs. If. G. Duncan (chairman), A. E. Rowe, J. J. Jack son. F. If. Pitman, J. F. G. Robinsdn, and T. L. Garvey. The Queen's Park Munici pality wrote with further reference to the question of drainage in which the Bielmont and Gosnells Roads Boards and the munici pality were inter.sted. The Board were unanimously of opminion that the time was most opportune for carrying out the work, and that as the terms would not involve the district in any "reat expense the work should be proceeded with. The secretary was instructed to reply that the Board was agreeable that the spheme be carried out under the terms indicated in the original ettimate by the Public Works Department and in the more recent proposals of the council. \ It was resolved that a new cul vert be constructed in Harrold-street, near the river, in order that holders of garden areas might be better provided for. In the matter of two applications for the con struction of approaches favourable con sideration was given, the secretary to fur nish the applicants with an estimate of cost and to request payment of one moiety in advance. It was also agreed that the Board become affiliated with the Roads Board As sociation of Western Australia. In refer ence to the question of the creation of a special area for rating on the annual value system, it was pointed out that approval of the area decided upon was not likely to be obtained, and it was unanimously agreed that the unnecessary words in the memoran dum levying the annual rate be eliminated so as to provide for the whole district being uniformly rated. In this connection it was decided that amended notices, where neces eary, should be served. The foreman re ported having obtained locally the miterial necessary for the erection of a pound yard at a cost much below prices quoted for timber from other districts. New works on Hargraves-street, Belgravia-street, and Abernethy-road had ,been carried out since the previous meeting. In regard to the mosquito pest eradication, it was reported that the first consigninent of petrolite had come to hand. The Board directed that ar rangements be made forthwith for the treat ment of the stagnant waters of the district. ,'he Board 'also gave instructions for the ordering of sufficit timber for the con struction of about 20 chains of plank road on Belmont-avenuo .The foreman having reported, that as he was somewhat short handed he could not at the present time pro ceed with the erectioh of the pound, the Board decided that necessary labour be em ployed, and that the work be carried out under the superviaioa of the foreman. Mr. E. B. Murray, the suciessful' applicant for the position of collector and health inspec tor. was present, and expressed his willing ness to accept the position under the terms as recently altered by the Board, and it was decided that he should enter upon his duties on the 16th inst. It was decided to grant the temporary assistant two weeks' salary aend ive one week's notice of taer

-ination of services. The Board confirmed the action of the secretary in accepting the tender of Messrs. Lyons and Hart for the upply of a number of sanitary pans. The Board decided to issue an invitation to the new member for Canning to be present at the next meeting in order that local re quirements" might be discussed. Accounts amounting to £404 l1s. 6d. were passed for payment. COTTESLOE BEACH. The usual meetings of the Cottesloe Beach Road and Health Boards were held on Mon day, the 9th inst., when there were present: Messrs. Anderson (chairman), ,Eliot, Briggs, Henry, and Jeffrey. A letter was read from the secretary of the Roads Board Association drawing attention to the annual conference of roads boards to be held shortly. The Board decided to join the Association. A letter was read from the secretary of the W.A. Fire Brigades' Board asking for per mission to erect indicator posts on the foot path kerb. adjacent to the fire plugs, the posts to be painted white and stand three feet out of the ground. The secretary was instructed to reply that in the Board's opinion the posts would be dangerous to per sons using the footpaths, and to suggest to the Fire Brigades' Board that a distinguish ing mark should be placed on the fences opposite the fire plugs. A further letter was read from the W.A. Fire Brigades' Board stating that unless its overdue contributions were paid within ten days a writ would issue. It was decided to reply that the Board was short of funds, and would send a cheque alone for £10 on account. The inspector reported that no infectious diseases had oc curred in the district since August 15. The resignation of Dr. Darbyshire as medical officer of health was accepted with regret, and Dr. Blackall appointed to fill the .vacancy. The secretary reported that rates and taxes amounting to £417 2s. 4d. (road rates £245 18s. 7d., health and sanitary rates £171 3s. 9d.) had been collected since the previous meeting. Accounts amounting to £175 8s. 8d. (Road Board £94 13s. 10d., and Health Board £80 14s. 10d.) were passed for payment. The Road Board's credit ,mounted to £161 16s. 10d., and the Health Board's £253 13s. WANNEROO. The ordinary monthly meeting of the Wanneroo Roads Board was held on the 7th inst., there being present Mr. C. A. Shaw (acting-chairman), Messrs. E. H. Caporn, W. J. King, and J. O'Connor. The secretary submitted a report of work executed during the month, which was adopted. Messrs. J. and A. Gibbs, through their solicitors, Messrs. Downing and Downing, wrote offer ing to pay £20 in full settlement of a claim for rates accrued on pastoral licence 265 during the tenancy of the late W. L. Gibbs. It was agreed to accept the offer condition ally that approval be granted to write off the balance. Mr. D. Lillhngstone made an application for permission to close that por tion of a road passing between th. boun daries of locations 2396, 2397, 2402, and 2403, which was agreed to. The Mount Haw thorn Progress Association wrote asking the Board to appoint a delegate to attend their next meeting to discuss the routes of the proposed Wannerod railway. It was re solved that Mr. O'Connor be appointed a delegate from the Board The day men were instructed to repair the road between the 14 and 15 mile. Accounts amounting to £39 2s. 7d. were passed for payment. • m laii I a