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ROADS BOARDS. FERTH. The monthly meeting. of the above Board was held- on the 8th instant. There were presenti Messrs. Chappell (chairman), Ha mer, Sheaq, Robinson, "Tyler, Jones. Schmidt. District Boundaries.-'A letter ,was read from the Leederville Council offering to take in a portion of the Board's locality, and this was agreed .to subject to lots 588 and 177 being included. Reqgiestt.'. large number of requests were received for various wprks, and on the suggestion of Mr. Robinsonit w re solved that they be postpoled until the annual' estimates were under consideration. Outer Suburban Railway.-A letter was .received from Mi. S. Hayward asking for delegates to 'attgnd -a conference re 'the o t ber-subaurb railway. The letter was re ceived. Timber Cutting.--An application was re ceived from J. E. P. Rose for. permission to cut, remove, grub, and clear firewood on the roads from Maylands to Morley Park estate. It was, decided to asa that the various roads propose# to be cleared should be defined. . Railway Approach.- A letter was 'ieceiv ed f?am the Railway Department eop the question of the Seventh-avenue bridge over the railway. The chairman pointed out that "them had been 'several deplitations from. residenits on the matter, and it was time finality was reached. lt' was 'conteqded that the propositions of the Railway Depart ment were absurd, and it was agreed, on the. proposition of Mr. Hamer, that a deputation from the. Board wait on the Commissioner with a view to settlement. Working Foreman.-The resignation, of E. uQutirie as working foreman of the Board' jpr the last 15 years was received with'.re gret, and a gratuity of one month's salary was given to him. G. W. Cox was appoint ed foreman for the Osborne Park ward albne. fProposed Loan.-A proposition from the Peninsu?a ward f~r a loan of. £2.332 10s. was postponed, and it was decided to 'bold a special meeting on the 19th 'inst. to con 'rider the questien and other applications from- the respective watrdj. It was also' de cided -tha.t the next m?nthly 'meeting be held on October 5, owing to election day being on the Srd, the usual meeting day. Reports.--The engineer reported that the contractors on the North Beach-road were making good progress. Maintenance work was being carried out in the various wards with the exception pf Lawley ward, where ll work _as completed. E. Guthrie report ed the completion.of work in 3'awley-street, *S-metallivig Cuttis-street, road relaying in Curtis-street West, and e?tension work in Nelsao-street. The' inspector reported on the itate of the roads, drainage, cattle straing,-- and -mqg?uito pest. - Finance.-The secretary (Mr. H. Browsi reported that the balance at the treasury was £1,166 10s. 6d., and at bank £1,552 s: 4d. SWAN. - The inthly j'eeiei of the Swan RZe'ls Board was held at Midland Junction oh Thursday last. The chairman (Mr. W. G. Johnson) presided. There were also presefit: Pessrs. ?oton, Minchin, Gigeri, Kerruish, and Sim?s. Mr. Kerruish:reported having attended the c-nference of local governing bodies recently held in Perth, aua gave a resume of the proceedings Mr. A. Japnieson was granted £45 .progres payment on lis contrapt. The Public/ Worgs Department'fdr warded a reply from .the Crown Law De parfment in regard to 'the rating of land purchased from the Midland Railway Cam pany. It wasbheld that a purchaser from the' company under a contract as within his possession of the land -as the ,holder of an equitable estate of freehold, pod. was the "owner" within the meaning of the, Roads Aet, 1911. . It was 'decided to hold the an nual appeal court on Thursday, October 12. Mr. A. W. foore wrote undertaking to pay. all expense in connection with the declra. tioa -of the ro?d applied for by Mr A. D. Doig on eastern boundary of Herne Hill estate, northward. Messrs. .Edwards .and Spence wrote in regard to the state of the Gimgin-road near Bullsbrook. The secretary was instructed to reply than ,the Board had made, application for a special gnmat; and that( if. this was granted the nmatter would be given attention. The manager of the Swan Meat Company wrote in regard to repairs to the lNewcaatle-coad. The Board decided to expend £10 in carrying but Ze pairs. Mr. Kerruisli reported that the Mea dow-street bridge had not been properly lighted for- some considerable time. It was decided to write 'to the Guildford Ceuncil on the ma.?te. The secretary was instructed -to'obtain 10 additional trucks of gravel tor the further imprbvement of the Kalamunda Guildford-read. Mr. Kerraish moved, "That in the opinion of tsd Board the fee pro vided in the Act for registration of sitalhous is not sufficient and should be sfot less than £10, and for bulls £1." The motion was ear nied, and .it was decided to forward it to the Roads Board Association. Mr. -James FaweU's seat as , Board -memhbe became vaca, throuig? non-attendance at thre 'consecutive meetings.