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MUSICAL EXAMINATIONHS THE ASSOCIATED BOARD. RESULTS OF 1911 EXAMINATIONS. The examiner (Mr. Percy H. Miles) ap pointed to conduct the examinations by the Associated Board of the Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Music, London, having completed his work in this State, left on Tuesday last for the Eastern States. The names of successful candidates are shown be low under the various divisions. The gold medal awarded by the Board to the candi date obtaining the highest honour marks in the Local Centre Examinations was won'by Miss V. T. Harvey (pupil of Mr. A. J. Leckie, A.RC.M.), who obtained full marks. for Intermediate Harmony. THEORY EXAMINATIONS. Primary Theory.-Beatrice Fitzpatrick, Norman Dix, Matilda Ward, Ena - Keane, Maude Howe (Convent of Mercy, Coolgar die). Muriel Carter, Mabel Gee, Marguerite Ryan, Elizabeth McNamara, Delia McNa mara, Rhoda Bindley, Marguerite Bolger, Annie Willoughby, Hilda Wooller. Gertie Woodruff. Alice Johnson (Convent of Mercy. Midland Junction). Enid Carroll. Jessie Mar tin, Marion Copley, Gertie Treacy, Dorothy 'Smith (Loreto Convent, Osborne). Gladys Symonds, Gertrude Halliday, Doris Brumbcy, (Miss E. Palmer). Irene Mt. Sdubnrt (Mr. E. J. Bastian. Rudiments of Music.-Ivy Stewart, Do rothy Crawford, Margie Woods (Convent of Mercy Coolgardie). Mary O'Neill; Rose Home, William Woodthrop, Mary. Lough ridge (Convent 'of Mercy, Midland Junction). Olga Strelitz (Loreto Convent, Osborne). Nellie Symonds (Miss E. Palmer). Thelma D. Wright. Edna F. Sedgman, Adela sM. James (Methodist Ladies' College). Lower Division Harmony.--Charlotte O'Rourke, (Convent of Mercy, Midland Junc tion). -Eileen' Daly, Mollie Moseley, Melba Mitchell (honours), May Riley, (honours) (Loreto Convent, Osborne). Higher Division Harmony.-Verona Ro driguez (honours); Nelly P. Stodart (hon ours), Lily Kavanagh, Edith M. Castieau (Loreto Convent, Osborne). Valerie Priest ley (Mr. R. J. Bastion). Rudiments of Music.--Ethel Bregenzer (Convent of Mercy, Coolga~die). Olgd Mac millan (Convent of Mercy, Norseman). Hilda E Hough. (Convent of Mercy, 'Bunbpry). Marcelle 'Carroll (Loreto Convent, Osborne). Grace Howgate, Cecilia Dobinson (Mrs. Ben nett, Kalgoorlie), Cora H. Blackmore .(Miss Meugens, Perth). Sylvia Byass (Miss Barnes, Guildford). Florence Webb, Gertrude Miih chin (Mrs. Barnes, Guildford). Phyllis M. Watson (Miss Rowley, L.A.B., Perth). Violet SM. Bond, Florence M. Bright, Maudie Riedus set, Nellie Grant, Edmund F. Flynn (St; Brigid's Convent, Perth). Gladys Cordingly, Tillie Futcher (Mr. R. J. Bastian, Perth). .Teresa I. O'Connor, Hilda Corbett, May Hooan, Madio O'Rourke (Conveint of Mercy, .Perth). Nests M. Mofflin, Mary D. P.Roin son, Ruth L. Fellows, Madge C. Crawford (Methodist Ladies' College). Stella Brady, Ida Lillis (Loreto Convent, Pcrth). Intermediate Harmony.-Nellie Turner (Convent of Mercy. Midland Junction). Mrs. It. Ferres (Miss A. North- L.A.B., Clare mont). V.vienne T. Harvey (Mr. A. J. Leckie, A.R.C.M., Perth). Advanced Harmony.-Ruby Cornwall (Lo roto Convent, Osborne) Lesse L. IIUnrell (Miss Meugens, L.A.B., Perth). Dorothy G_; Orchard (Mr. A. J. Leckie, A.R.C.M., Perth). Beryl Keane (Miss A. North, L.A.B., Clare mont). Counterpoint.-Mary A. Hamilton (Miss E. Cochrane, Perth). PRACTICAL EXAMINATIONS. Primary Pianoforte.-Maggic Bourke, Minnie Bourke, Reka Edwards, Clara Risdon (Convent of Mercy, Perth). Gertie Treacy5, Gracie Shell (distinction), Gertie' Morgan, Enid Carroll, Dorothy Craig, Winnie Porter Loreto Convent, Osborne). Ethel Dorham, Mabel Sims, Chrissie Bible, Lorna Miller, Gladys Martin, Charlie Snaden. (Miss L.' McClelland Perth). Dorothy Sinclair, Mal calm Higham (Miss L. G. Sinclair, Clare' mont). G(rtrude Bulger (Miss L. Hill, Lee derville). Eileen G. Bevan, Elsie V. Wrigley (Miss L M. Clancy, Perth). Doris M. Oaten (Miss W. Stone, Perth). Dorothy A. Gordon (Miss C. E. Wilson, Perth). Myrtle Hollis: (distinction) (Miss MI McDowell, L.A.B..: Perth). Charles Page (Miss K. . O'Connor, Perth). Ada P. Thompson, Emmie Jackinan S(iss O. Howson, Claremont) Ivy Harding ham (distinction). Paul Reiehardt, Mabel Gibson (distinction) (Mr. R. J. Baitian, Perth). Nellie Coyle (Miss J. L. Young, Perth). Madge Dowden, Gladys Gill, Wini - fred McCann, Eva Corbett, Rose Troy Peter McInnes,. Lizzie MeInnes, Eileen Lrelaca. (St. Dominick's College, Dongarra). Kath leen Coffey, Wilfrid Holmes; Flerrie Powell, Leslie Walker, Kathleen Sander (Present-= tion CQonvent, Geraldton). Dulsie Lee (Miss L. Lee, Brown Hill). Janice Brougham, Ray Horwood, Kathleen Barber (Mrs. R. A. Ien onett, Kalgoorlie). Gladys Budge, Lorna Bell, Annie Bell. Lizzie Cochrane, Shirley Dcla motte, John Scholey (Convent of Mercy, Norseman). Ena Keane. Kathlcn D'Arcy: May Noonan, Ida Giles, Truda .Dix, Jcan Barker (Convent of Mercy, Coo!" gardie). Genevieve Carsawell distnction) (Methodist Ladies' Collee). Ritm M' Lane (Miss Bunin. Buury) Mm . Erskine, : Olive Walker, EIsie . May Peat, Ollee Gelding (Miss H. B:. lough, L.A.B., Bunbury). Kitty Eyans (Convent. of Mercy, Bunbur). Marnrie 3. Carr, Lilian I. Honus (Bunhry Girls' Grammar School). Maggie Wilson, May Godceke, Olive Melvin, Alice Gilson. Mar;y Robsou, Mona Gane, Beryl Reeves, Gwen Watt, Mary O'Loughlin, Rosie Reynard-on (Presentation Convent, Collie). Brigid Connolly, May Downer, Irene McDonald, Myrtle Kimberley, Dorothy Winter (Our Lady's Convent, Arran more). Kathleen 0 Sullivan, Alice McCarthy, Kathleen Bryant, RBose Hardie, Ernest Luseomba, Kitty Conner (St. Bnigids Convent, West Perth). Lulie Rhodda, Kath .lecn Shell. Myrtle Gillies, Veronica Dodd, Kathleen O'Cennor, Willie Walker, Thoenr Murphy (Presentation Convent, Cottcs!oe Beach). Ida Linda Wood, Phyllis Ogle Moore (distinction); Jean O. Moore (Girls' High School. Cotteslee). Margaret Ryan,

Gracie Smith,- Rosie Hornme, Annie Wil loughby, Maggie Halpin. Maggie Bolger, Nellie Niland, Delia McNamnara (Conient of Mercy, Midland Junction). Hild' Wcol ler, Gladys Joyce (Convent of Mercy, East Guildford). Primary Violin.-Eunice Angwin (distine tion) (Miss B. Carr, Kalgoorlie). Agnes O'Brien, Margery Reynardson (distinction) (Presentation Convent, Collie). Bertic Krug (St. Brigid's Convent, West Perth). Clio Dorcas (Presentation Cpnvent, Cottesloo Beach). Primary Singihg.-Fanny" Barker, Josio Gettaz, Cissie Jeffery, Camilla Reidl (St. Brigid's Convent, West Perth). - Elementary Pianoforte.-Amv Gordon, Maggie White, Eileen Wilson, Nellie CoNey (Convent of Mercy, Perth)." Kathleen McDonald, Jessie Martin, Pattie Mitchell, Elsie Scott, Kathleen - Castiea, Eva Wenlock (distinction), Lelia Davey (Lor eto Convent, Osborne). Margaret W. O. Stephens (Miss D. J. Main, Perth). Dorothy Maconachie (Miss L. Hill, Leeder ville). Esma A. Angel, Gladys E. Meakins (Miss L M. Clancy, Perth). Kathleen I. Finlay, Dorothy M. Howie, Mervyn A. Ran dell, Jean C. Barnett, Nellie P. Barnett (Miss C. E. Wilson, Perth). Florrie V. Dodd, Ralph Cleal (Miss L. Anderson, Perth). Madeline Hartland (distinction), Kathleen Trethowan (distinction), Florence Benstead (Miss M. McDowell, L.A.B.. Perth). Mar"aret F. T. Cooke (Miss Thurs'ield, Pert's). Irene M. Seubert (Mr. R. J. Bas tian, Perth). Irene Strelitz (Miss G. Or chard, Perth). Thelma Pilmer (Miss E. Simpson, Perth). Ruby Dowden (St. Domi nicks College, Dongarra). Imilda Conway, Frank Fels (Presentation Convent, Gerald ton). Florence M. Chapman, Vcra W. Jack son, Gladys M. Baston (Mrs. Sherlock, ier aldton). Blodwen Fletcher, Minnie Aln wick (Mrs. R. A. Bennett, Kalgoorlie). Helen Vincent, Hylda Atkins (Convent of Mercy, Norseman). Tillie Ward, Kathleen Agnew, Norman Dix, Maude Howe (Convent of Mercy, Coolgardie). Jessie M. Taylor (Methodist Ladies College). Jean Bennett, Faith M. Cullen, Lyla Hands (Convent of Mercy Bunbury). Stella Henderson, Mar iory 6'Neill, Nellie Larney (Presentation Convent, Collie). Claire Prendergast, Viola Letcher. Eileen Prindiville, Rose McDavitt, Olive Prl.diville (St. Brigid's Convent, West Perth). Hilda Emery, Maggie Burcide, (Presentation Convent, Cottesloe Beach). Dorothy E. Piesse, Jean L. Munro. Alice B. Chalmers. Dora Andreas (Girls' High School, Cottesloe). Lizzie McNamara (Convent of Mercy, Midland Junction). Mary Lough ridge (Convent of Mercy, East Guildford). Elementary Violin.-Gertie Treacy (Loreto Convent, Osborne). Ivy Stewart, Beatrice Fitzpatrick, Nellie Howe (Convent of Mercy, Coolgardie). Vera Reeves, Stella Hender son (Presentation Convent, Collie). Camilla Riedl (St. Brigid's Convent. West Perth). Elementary Singing.-Eileen McMullen, Winnie Darley (distinction), Ettie Kennedy (St. Briid's Convent, West Perth). Lower Division. Pianoforte.--Mugi Kay ser, Evelyn Hoare, Edith Sheridan (Convent of Mercy, Perth). Olga Strelitz, Gladys Meagher, Mary O'Reilly. Gladys Jackson, Ida Wenlock, Connie Mollor (Loreto Con vent. Osborne). Arnold Bible (Miss L. McClelland, Perth). Iris E. Baker. May Guthrie (Miss I. M. Clancv, Perth). Mervyn S. Brooking (Miss C. E. Wilson. Perth.) Dora Lodge, Phyllis McMillan (?Hiss A. North, LA4.B., Claremont). Cecil Foreman. Irene Stapleton (Miss K. M. O'Connor. West Perth). Hilda Devenish (MIiss R. Rowley, L.A.B., Perth). Elsie M. Davenport (Miss O. Howson, Claremont). Bessie Williams (Mr. R. J. Bastian, Perth). Joyce Pike (Miss F. Hodd, Perth). Muriel 3M. Arm strong. Vera McN. Prowse (Miss R. Meu gens, L.A.B., Perth). Kate Stanley (Miss G. Orchard, Perth). Gladys Crossland (Miss

G. Barnes, Guildford). Muriel Williams . Barnes, Guildford). . Elsie M. Carr N. Pearson, Claremont). Doreen , Muriel Joyner (Miss E. Simpson, Perth). Kitty Whitfield, Gertrude Keogh (Mrs. R. A. Bennett, \Kalgoorlie). Helen Vincent (Convent of Mercy, -Norseman). Melba, Stott, Isabel B. Maine . (Methodist Ladies' College). Mary D. Robinson, Alma Trigwell (Miss V. Bunting, Bunbury). Gwen dohne Clarke, Jack Evans, Mary Johnson, Viva Stewart (Convent of Mercy, Bunbury). Sadie Stone (Presentation Convent, Collie). Marion Cooper, Irene Ohlenschloger Edith Pass, Cissie Jeffery, Ursula Salter (St. Bri gid's Convent, West Perth). Vera Potter, Alice Pung (Our Lady's Convent, Arran more). Marie Le Nay, Gracie Bahen (Pre sentation Convent, Cottesloe Beach). Madge L. MacKay (Girls' High School, Cottesloe). Muriel Carter, Nellie Lurner (Convent of .Mercy Midland Junction). Charlotte O'Rourke (Convent of Mercy, East Guild ford)-. Lower Division, Violin.-Beatrice Mallan, Bernie Guy, Margaret Duffy, Geraldine Kenny, Wilfrid Brady (Loretto Convent, Perth). Eileen O'Reilly, Lily Kavanagh (Loreto Convent, Osborne). Jack McClel land, Edith F. Furze, Royce Woodhead, Hub ert L. Dobinson (Miss B. Oarr, Kalgoorlie). Leo. Buggy (St. Bri"id's Convent, West Perth). Lucy M. Rfuleahy (Presentation Convent, Cottesloe Beach).\ Higher Division Pianoforte.-Mary C. Strickland (Loreto Ladies' College, Perth). Eileen Kenny, Dorothy Smith, Lily Kavan agh, Kathleen Cornwall, Mollie Moseley Mar jorie Wilson (Loreto Convent, Osborne). Gladys B. Tobias (Miss D. J. Main, Perth). Jessie M. Russell (Miss C. E. Wilson, Perth). Olga E. Hartree, Kathleen Meakins (Miss R. Meugens, L.A.B.. Perth). Mollie Plaistowe (Miss E. Simpson, Perth). Mary Toohey, Mar-- Carroll (St. Dominick's College, Don garra). Cecilia Goldberg,. Madeline Holmes (Presentation Convent, Geraldton). Fey Yeo (Mrs. R. A. Bennett, Kalgoorlie). Doro thy Crawford (Convent of Mercy, Coolgar die). Edna F. Sedgman, Gladys E. Davis, Thelma D.?'Wright. Adela M. James, Aimee H. Barclay (Methodist Ladies' College). B. Gwen Tipping, Myrtle Knight (Miss H. E. Hough, L.AB., Bunbury). Herbert Bladen (Presentation Convent. Cottesloe Beach). Bessie E. Readhead (Girls' High School, Cot teslee). *.. " Higher Division Violin.-Guido Mayrhofer, Geraldine Kenny (Loreto Ladies' College, Perth). Eileen O'Connor, Maud Rieus3et (St. Brigid's Convent, West Perth). Higher. Division Singing.--Maggie Calla way, 'Kathleen M. Shine (St. Brigid's Con vent, West Perth). Intermediate Pianoforte.-Teresa L O'Con n6r'(Convent of Mercy, Perth). Stella Brady (Loreto Ladies' College, Perth). Eileen Daly, Eileen O'Reilly (distinction), Mary A. Riley, Verona'. Rodrigu- (Loreto, Convent, Os borne). Bora B~ntington (Mr. A. J. Leckie, A.R.C.M., Perth). -Phyllis M~ Watson (Miss R. Rowley,: L.A.B., Perth). Tillie Futcher (Mr. .R. J..Bastian, Perth). Grace. Howgate (distinction) (Mis. Degenhardt. Kalgoorlie). Olga Macmillan (Convent of MerCy, Norse man) . Eileen Outridge (Convent of Mercy, Coolgardie). Madge G. Crawford (Methodist Ladies' College). Violet Mary Bond, Aundrey Croucher, Winifred M. Madigan (St. Brigid ' Convent, West Perth). Intermetdiate Singi~ng.-Florence Webb (Mrs. Barnes, Guildford). Intermediate Organ.-Edwin S. Craft.(Mr. A.'J. Leckie A.R.C.M., Perth). Advanced Pianoforte.-H?lda Corbett, May Hogan:.(Convent of Mercy, Perth). Kitty Falconer (distinction) (Loreto Convent. Os .b`ye). Hilda C. Clancy (Mrs: Curthoys, eith). "Co'ra'H. Blackmore (Miss R.- Men-. gens, L.A.B., Perth). Ettie Krug, Carmela. .Stazbury, Rosetta Garcia, Jessie V. A. ?eilly (St. Brigid's Convent, West Perth). Elsio. M. North (Convent of Mercy, Mid land Junntioi):. Nora Mulligan '(Our Lady's Convent, Arranmore). Advanced Singing.-Maggie Burke (Loreto Convent; Osborne). Beatrice Brady (St. Bri gid's Convent, West Perth). Solo Performers, Pianofdrte (Licentiates of the Associated Board).-May Jowett, Kitty Kenny (Lore?o Convent Osborne). Dorothy G. Orchard (Mr. A. J. Leckie, A.R.C.M., Perth). Hilda E. Hough (Convent of Mercy, Bunbury): ' .