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CRICKET. W.A.C.A. DISTRICT SCHEME. Following are the districts and boundaries arranged in connection with the W.A.C.A. scheme of district cricket, which comes into force next month: West Perth.-Starting on the north-west at the corner of Redan and Loftus streets; thence easterly to Fitzgerald-street; thence southerly along Fitzgerald-street; thence along Newcastle-street to the west side of Beaufort-street; along Beaufort-street to the north ide of Wellington-street; along Wel lington-street t, the west side of William street; thence to the end of the jetty; thence in a straight line to Coode-street jetty; thence southerly along Douglas avenue to the Fremantle-road; along the Fremantle-road to Lower Canning Bridge; thence in a straight line to Nedlands jetty; from thence along the tramway line to Thomas-street; thence along Thomas-street to the starting point -East Perth.--From a starting point at the Maylands Station, south-westerly along the railway line to the "West Perth" east ern boundary; thence along that boundary to the Lower-Canning Bridge; thence along the Canning River to Bull's Creek landing; then in a line south-westerly to the southern limit of the jurisdiction; thence northerly to the intersection of a line running in a straight line from the starting point along Abernethy-road. North Perth.-On the south from the ' ocean along the northern boundary of Clare mont, Sublaco, Leederville, West and East Perth; thence north-westerly along the north-west boundary of East Perth to the Maylands Station; thence north-westerly in a straight line past reserve 8938, location 111, reserve 299, to the ocean. Claremont.-From the ocean to a point running through section 1911 in a straight line to the north-west corner of the Subiaco Leederville boundary; thence southerly along that boundary to the river; thence westerly along the river to Point Resolution; thence round Freshwater Bay to McNeil-street; thence along that street to Claremont

aven?e; thence to Congdon-street, to the railway line; thence along the eastern side of the line to the road; thence north of Shenton-road; thence west along Shenton road; thence south to the west side of the railway line, along the line to Johnston street to the ocean Subiaco-Leederville.-From a point on the western shore of Herdsman Lake through reserve 831, along Government-road to the corner of North Beach-road; thence souther ly along the North Perth and West Perth westerly boundaries, to Nedlands jetty; thence along the river to location 129. Mzdland.-Prom a. point at the ocean where Road No. 1609 comes in south-easterly in a straight line, cutting close to the north eastern corner of 846, north-eastern corner 299, along the north-eastern boundaries of .North and East Perth to the limit of the jurisdiction; thence northerly to the limit of the jnrisdiction. The Fremantle and North Fremantle boun daries have not yet come to hand. WEST PERTH CLUB. A meeting of the West Perth District Cricket Club will be held to-night at His Majesty's Hotel at 8 o'clock to make ar rangements for the forthcoming season. Players residing in the newly-constituted West Perth district are particularly invited to be present.