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MINING AND STOCKS AND SHARES. MINING NOTES. An interesting item of news in regard to the exploration of the Ennuin leases by London capital is shown by the announce ment that the Murchison' Associated along with the Golden Bullfinch Company have secured a six months' option over six 24-acre blocks. It is stated that good prospects are visible over a large surtace area, and with a view to proving the value of these leases a number have been set to work to test the formation. below water level. At the time of the report water was scarce in the district, and it had to be carted 11 miles. The prospectors are Heifernan, Blan chard, and Cunningham. Mr. R. H. Stopher, attorney for the Murchison Associated, is in charge, and he is assisted by Mr. K. C. Church at one time employed on the Great Boulder mine as assayer and. surveyor, and subsequently on a mining property in North Queensland. Among the mining men in town this week is Mr. 'G. F. Mathea, of thd Mikado mine. at Burtville.. The property has beeni under option for thepast 18 months to the Tud son Consolidated Company of London; about £8,000 has been spent in developing and opening up the ?ie to the '300ft: level It had been expected that the mine would have been floated in London at the end of last year, but the Bullfinch coming on the scene and the colpse of that remarkable inflation -has thrown back the. chances, of flotation. At the No. 3 level the water is very heavy, and work recently has been much handicapped through it. A large amount of payable ore has been taken out in' the course of development work, and. if the company do not exercise'the option over Mr. Mathea's property he will return to the 200ft. level and stope ore :there for the mill. . ' The following is . the latest fortnightly progress repiort' issued by-the 3Mararoa Com pany, Norseman:--"No..6 level niorth drive: No. 2 winse sunk 28ft., total 78ft.; reef in face Ift. 8in., value: £1 7s. 6d. N. 5 level: Footwall reef north drive' advaiced '5ft., total 574ft.; reef 3ft. wide, value £1 5s. No. 4 rise advanced 22ft., total 92ft.; reef 2ft., value £1, 16s. No. 4 level: Footwall reef north drive advanced 15ft., total 456ft., no values. No. 2 level: Started mullock pass 90ft. north of north shaft, risen 20ft. rising in hanging wall." In mining circls yesterday there was' a good deal of discussion 'over. the..positibn which has arisen in regard' to .the. issue. of the Bull Aht Proprietary share certificates to local applicants. It was pointed. out. by a leading.investor,that those aggrieved.min ing speculators really had -not much to complain about so far'as delay in receiving the scrip 'is concerned. He said that any established brokei? would accept -as equal to scrip the letter stating the number of shares allotted--the -usual: course where: delay. has aTisen and there is a lively 'arket in the scrip of the company .concerned. He also failed to see what -ground of complaint these people had against the vendors. If, he remarked, the .applicants' in the' scramble for shares tumbled 'over one another to get in chose to do so before they were fortified by independent expert opinion he;really did not have much .sympathy for them. .This position, he added, would not 'have arisen had the shares in this London company.been still at a premium instead 'of a discount. . The action of the Government, on the re commendatioh of the Minister for Mines, in appointing a Royal Commission to inquire into the. causes of pulmonary' fibrosis and other affections of ' miners, is one that will be hailed with satisfaction' by those who have for some, time been 'agitating'against the conditions of. workers employed .under ground. The scope of' the Commission. is onfe thatwill afford wide ground for making the fullest inquiry- into the subjects which' 'have been ehtrusted't6' them. .There are three professional meribers on' the Comzmis sion and two lay members;,all of.whom have had considerable experience in' the, control and direction of mining- in this country, 'with the exception of Dr. J. H. C. Cumpston,; who has recently been' investigating in the other States the causes "of miners' phthisis. The .following are the-members-of the Cornm mission :-Mr. 'A: Montgomery, State Mining Engineer. (chairman); Mr. E. E. Heitmann; M.L.A.; Mr. E. A. Mann; Government Analyst and Chief Inspector of Explosives; Mr. R. A. Varden, .general manager of the Great Boulder. Perseverance; and Dr: Cumpston,. medical. officer, of the Central. Beard of Health, Perth: 'The' public will look forward. to an early. comniencement of the work of the, Commission, the' taking of evidence, and,the writing of the-report. Owing to the workings. of the New Bay ley's mine (Coolgardie) being flooded,' the management has. decided. to apply to. the Warden's' Court: for exemption: on,.three of the leases. The reason :for asking for suspeision of the 'labour covenants is to en able the copiany to obtain funds to un water the' mine. Iypprder to handle -a bigger tonnae. and incidentally- maintain present profits y the treatment of perhapse.a- lower 'grade of ore it is quite on the cards that the .Kalgurli Company will make additions to the' crush ing and roasting sections of its milling plant in- the near future. - THE MINING INDUSTRY. DEPARTMENTAL. NOTES. The following notes on the mining. in dustry for the week ended April 29 have been received from the Mines Department : Abandoned Leases.-A new edition of the "List of Cancelled Gold Mining Leases" has jist been issued by the Mines Department, containing full information concerning leases which'have produced gold, but for various reasons have been subsecuuently abanridoiied, and the ground comprised therein being now available:for mining. Details are given of the numbers of the leases, their names, the centre in which they are located, the date of cancellation, the quantity of ore produced, and the gold won therefrom. A special feature of this issue is a 17-page introduc tion, vhich gives a good deal of reliable and interestine informaltion .on the various

goldfields of this State. This will doubt, less be much appreciated by prospectors. Copies are being forwarded to various parts of the State, and may be obtained:at the offices-of the mining registrars throughout the goldfields. Nullagine Returns.--The mining registrar) at Nullagine reports as fdllow s:-Twenty= mile battery treated 337 tons for 570oz. for the month's run. The notable crushings are.-Ard-Patrick lease, 65 tons for 78oz.; Mundalla lease, 17& tons for 680o.; Con glomerate claim, 10 tons for 64oz.; Camp bell's Hill.- 10 tons for 30oz.; Wetherall's claim, 5 tons for 21oz.; Waller's claim, 5 tons for 11oz.; Starlight claim, 79 -tons for 103oz.; Cutty Sark, 5 tons for lloz. There is a new find by Woods and Doherty at Camel Creek, seven miles north of 20-Mile battery; reef, 3ft. wide; length of reef out cropping, 250ft.; part of cap 50 tons crushed; resulting 100oz. gold; depth sunk to date 15ft. :Another find-by Clark and Snell, con tinuation of Barton reef traced 30 chains, average 10dwt., width 5ft. to 10ft., easily' taken out and considered payable. Pros pects of district promising just now. Jawlers District.-The outcrop from the tawlers district for the month of March was 2,624 fine oz. gold from 7,055 tons of ore,- 21oz. dollied gold, and 17joz. alluvial. An applicant for' a.prospecting area at Mt: Keith expresses himself, as. pleased with' the prospects of that place. He states that the well put down between Logan's Spring and Cork Tree is giving a supply of excellent water sufficient for all present requirements. Mr. J. C. Richards; of the May Be, is very sanguine that he will make the old lease a payable proposition. Mrsn Finch reports having struck what promises to be a fair amount of payable ore in the Wild Cat. - Black Range District.-The gold yield from the Black Range district, for the month of March shows an increase. of 1,149.64 fine ,z., the tonnage treated being 9,058 tons (an increase of 1,703 tons over last month), for a return of 5,723.38 fine oz. and 202.89 fine oz. dollied. Theincrease is due mostly to the Black Range Mining Company having cleaned up twice dpring the. month. The Oroya-Black Range, Ltd., show an increase in their return, but the Sandatoae G.M. Co. show a decrease. James Smith, the owner of P.A. 391B, at Biri-igrin, treated 25 tons of ore for a return of 59 fine oz. Tributers of the Black Range-Kohinoor Company's leases treated 68 tons for 102.29 fine oz. Scruby and party, of the Lady Seddon lease. No. 633B, at Hancocks, have cut the reef at a depth of 160ft: in the maiin shaft. It is said to be 5ft. wfde, carrying payable values, and is 28ft. below water level. They have treated a parcel of 26 tons from the reef for a return of 23.95 fine oz., with 7kdwt. in the tailings. This parcel is said to be the first taken out below water level at Hancock's, and it is gratifyiin 'that val ies appear to be niniitained. The owners have been persevering wvith this' poperty for the past 12 months and their own capital becoming exhausted they obtained a loan irom the Mlines Department under the Mining Development Act, and were so enabled to completeothe Jhaft. The average number of men employed in the district during the quarter was 963, being 360 above ground and 603 under ground. Mining at present is quiet. Many prospectors are waiting for a fall of rain to enable. them to prospect the country between Youanme and Mt. Jackson. " Those who have been through lately state that the country is 'ery dry. and that they hare been compelled to keep to the beaten track, feed being ahnost as scarce as water. Ularring District.--The total gold return for the month onl- amounted to 178 tons of ore treated for '17.53 fine oz., owing to the Mulline State battery only having crushed two parcels duriig 'the early part of the month and the 3Mulwarrie State bat tery not tunning during that period. The tributers on the Golden Pole crushed 160 tons for 75.80 3ic oz. Mr. H. C. Casidr.

of the Light of Israel G.M., situate near the Great Ophir leases, is erecting a Hunting don mill and a gas producer plant on his lease in order to treat the large low-grade proposition he has there, which he esti mates should bulk at about 10dwt. Owing to there having been no rain for so long the Government dani has only about 3ft. of water in it now. State Batteries.-For some time past the State Battery Department have had in hand the removal and construction of a 10-head battery from Kalpini to Linden, the latter district having been proved by the experi mental 2-head mill to be worthy of a more substantial plant. The erection of the mill is nbw practically.complete,'but a little de lay has been experienced in securing the necessary motive power. However, a 48-h.p. Tangye gas producei plant has been im ported, and is now on the ground ready for installation. It is therefore expected that the mill will be completed and running within three weeks' time. Accumulated Slimes at Meekatharra. Some time ago tenders were called for the purchase of the accumulated slimes at the Meekatharra State battery, but no sufiR ciently good offer being received it was de cided to erect a plant for the treatment of the slimes, and arrangements were made ac cordiingly. More recently, however, an offer of £6,000 was made by a Kalgoorlie syndi cate for these slimes, and their sale at this figure has now been arranged. Greenbishes Mineral Field.-Mining de velopment on the Greenbushes tinfield is somewhat hampered through the absence of rainfall. There is a slight reduction in the output of tin for the month of March as compared with the previous month, owing to Moss's leases at Mt. Jones, Dumpling Gully, and Spring Gully being inactive on ac count of shortage of water. Te. price of tin still remains at a satisfactory figure. The dredging plants are about to commence operations, which will absorb a number of men now in search of employment. -Menzies District.-During March the out put.was 5,070.92 tons of ore for 3,056.77 fine oz., the figures showing a slight decrease on the returns for February. At Mt. Ida the Unexpcted mine yielded 190 tons for 370.49 fine or. THE GOLD YIELD. OUTPUT FOR APRIL. 112,246 OZ., VALUE £476,792. _ The official returns issued by the Mines Department yesterday show that the~ quan tity of gold received at the Mint and enter ed :for export during April amounted to 112,246 fine oz., valued at £476,792 9s. 8 d. The ottal was 6,684oz. more than Ifor. the previous month, and 13.001oz. less than for the corresponding'month last year. The fol lowing" table shows the monthly yield since the beginning of 1908: -' - r1908. - 1909. 1910. 1911. Fine - 'Fine) Fine Fine Ounces. Ounces.- Ounces. Ounces. Jan. . .. 140,816 132,286 127,350 119,497 Feb... .. 131;495 '123,116 111,035 107,038 March .. 129,326.. 126,993,.117,475 105;562 April. . . 145,714' 137,763 125,247 112,246 May ... 139,955 129,408 127,783 " .: June ... .136,708 132,501 120,688 \ July ... 133,423 133,118. 123,790 August'.. 136,423 136,617 116,401 Sept... . .138,240 144,918 124,231 . Octn. ... 136,380 .131,299 123,094 Nov. . . . 137,000133,164. 126,621 Dec. .... 139,159;:134,080 -126,911 Total .1,648,505,595,263 1,470,626 444,343 The following table 'liowd'the:ie arly. yield since .1886:-- `' Fine- . Vilue. ... . ":..,Ounces:. £ :.. 1ý6 ..;.....:.. ·i1 270' 1,148 - 1887-...... .,- .4.359' 18.517 1888 +.......:.. 3;125 13,273 1889 . .. .. 13,860 58,874 S.1890....... 20,402 86,663 1891 .. .. .. 27,116 ' 115,182 -.1892 .. . .... 33271 226,282. 1893 .. ..,. i.. 99,203 421,386 .1894 .. ....... -185,298 ,787,098 1895 . ....... ' 207,111- 879,749 1896 `... .... 251,618 1,068,807 1897 ........... 603;847 2,564,977 1898' .. .. .... 939490 3,990,699 1899 ....... 1,470,605 6,246,733 1900 .. ....... 1,414,311 6,007,616 1901 .. ...... ..1,703,416 .7,235,652 1902 .. .. ..'.. 1,871,038 7,947,663 1903 .. ... .. 2,064.801 8,770,729 1904.... .... 1,983,230 8,424,226 - 1905 .. . ... .. 1,955,316 8,305,651 1906 ;.. ..... 1,794,545 7,692,744 1907.. -. ;:. .: 1,697,550 7,211,399 - 1908 ....... ..1,648,505 7,037,579 1909 ... .. ~. 1,595,263 6,779.403 1910 .. ~ ;.. -. . 1,470,626 '6,212,832 1911 (4 months) ` 444,343 1;887,456 : Total .. ".. :23;528?,969100,932,813 STATEBATTERIES. The follow?ing is a list of crushings at the State batteries for the week- ended" April 29:- .. .. Tons Locality and 'Le.ase cr'hd. oz: dt. gr. Desdembna P.A: 332. .. . 36: 6' 4 0 Mulwarrie Mulwarrie ... 40 .44 10 0 Youanime- P.A. 461B ........ 14 '15 10 0 P.A:.442B .... .. -12 9 7 0 Meekatharra Commodore South,.. 44- 11 0 0 Radium .: .. . .. 35 17 16. 0 P.AN 570N :.... . 952 5 7 8 Commodore South .. 52 2 12 0 P.A. 571N':..-: .... 22 15 11 .0 Commodore South.. 111 20 18 0 Sir Samuel'- - Westralia... . .. 71 21 5 .0 BellevueL.C: . ;.... '36 38 .4 0 Dreamland.. .... .. 20. 9 - 0 0 Norseman-" P.A. 394 .. 2.... . 27 41 12 0 P.A. 383... .73.;-2. 7 2 5 P.A.-395 . ... ... -9 :6 .18 . 0 Leonora- . M.L.1317... .. .. 25.5 12- .12 ·.0 P.A. 761 ' . ....:-. 9.5 ..12. 12. 0 P.A. 755... .. .... 10.5,-' -415: . Coolgardie u~r.1se... ... 17 . 33 ,, ,O

L-lnusays a. . o J, Fenian Cat ...... 16 24 2: 0 Clyde .. .. ;. -'.. 18. 4 7 0 Bnrtville Nil Desperandnum. 153 .274 '0 0 Mulwarrie Rargow .. .. .... 13- .10 8 0 Lady Ellen .. .. .. 34 .79. .6 0 P.A'302 .... "24 24 -14 0 Muilwarrie .. . _.... 40 0. .0 0 P.A. 312 .. .... .. 70'. 0 0 ..0 Quinns-- . Parramattar .. . ?. 150 123 17 0 P.A. ..'. ........ 16- 6 14 0 1,192 989 9 8 Greenbushes.. Yield'of tin Yds. ore. tr'd.', tns cwt. qr. lb. Bimbury End Unregistered . 16.. 0 .2 3 27 Unregistered .. ..16 . 0 2. 2 23 Unregistered .. 11 0 4 2 0 Unregistered .. .. 22 0 3 1 16 Salt Water Gully-, Unregistered. claim 52 0 7 0 0 117. 1 0 2 10 KANOWNA.. A RICH PATCH. 2 . Kalgoorlie, May 1. Cable, Kelly, and party, who are:working a claim at what is known, as the 19-mile patch, have cleaned up one ton of ore: and tailings for the handsome return of 136oz. Some two months- ago this party dollied rich stone -for 850oz;, and two other patches gave a return of 181oz., making a total of 1,167oz. of gold. BRONZEWING SYNDICATE'S BULLANT SCRIP. - Western Australian shareholders in the Bronzewing Syndicate, no liability (in liquidation), who are entitled -to shares -in the Bullant Proprietary, are notified by ad vertisement that scrip in the latter is ob tainable from the -agent for the liquidator of the Bronzewing Syndicate, " Mr. Harold Wilkinson,, 25 Henry-street, Fremantle. , THE SHARE MARKETS, PERTH. The following were yesterday's quotations on the Stock Exchange of Perth: Associated, b 7s. 3d., s 8s. Associated Northern, b 5s. Id., a 5s. 4d. Chaffer's, b ls. 6d., s is. 9d. Flag Gold and Copper, s 2s. Golden Poleb 3d.. s 5d. Great Boulder, b 18s. 3d.. s 18s: 6d. Great Boulder Perseverance, s 5s. 3d. Hannan's Star Consolidated, b 2s. 11d., s 3s. Id. Oroya Links, b is. 10d., s 2s. 2d. Sons of Gwalia, b 35s. Bullfinch Stocks. Eulifinch Proprietary subs., b 21s. 9d., s 22s. 6d. Great Chaffinch. con., b is., s is. 3d. Great Finch. con., b is. Greenfinch Proprietary, con., b 4s. lid., s 4s. 5d. Investment Stocks. Perth Gas, b 40s. 6d. Perth Tramways, pref., b 19s. 6d. Perth Tramways, ord.. b 14s., s 15s. 6d. Swan Brewery, pref., b 24s. Swan Brewery. ord., b 81s. Swan River Shipping, con., b 13s. 9d. W.A. Trustee, b 33s. 6d. W.A. Batk, b £35. ADELAIDE. Adelaide, May !. The market was fairly active in Bullfinch

stocks to-day, but, very little business was done in the older W.A. gold shares. Sales:- Associated, 7s. 10d. Cumberland, is. 8d. Great Boulders, 18s. 3d. Mararoa, 15s. 10d., 15s. 6d. British, new, 15s. 7ld., 15s. 9d.,.15s. 6d. Junctions,' 1s. 11d. Bullfrog East, 25s., b 35s., a 44s. Exchange Tanami, £21, £24, b £30, a £.31. Greenfinch, 4s. "Id.; 4s. 7d., 4s. 3d., b 4s. 3d., s 4s. 4d: Bullfinch Proprietary, 22s., 21s., 22s. 4Jd., 21s. 10l d., b 21s. 9d., s 22s. Bullrush, b ls. 4d., s Is. Sid. Chaffinch, is. 2d., is. Id., ls. 2d., b is. 2d:, s 1s. 3d. Young Bullfinch, Is. id., b 1s., s. is. Old. Mr. A. G. Bird, sharebroker. St. George's-ter race, received the fo!lowing. Adelaide quotations yesterday: Opening Prices.-Young Bullfinch, b 11d., s is. 2d.; Greenfinch Props., con., b 4s: 3d., s 4. 4..; Greenfinch Props., paid, b 3s. 6d.,'; 3s. Sd..; Bull finich Props., '22.; Bollfinch Wests, b Is. sld.. s 25.; Golden Butterflies, 74.; .Great Chaffinch, b is. Id., s Is. 4d.; Golden Ridges, b 17s. 7Td., a 17s. 101d.; Mararoas, 15s..9d.; Associated horth erns, b Is. 6d., s Is. 10d.; Great Boulders, b 18s. 1ld., s 18s. 3d. Closing Prices.-Bullflnch Props., 225.; Oreat Chaffinch, Is. 2d.; Greenfinch Props., con., s and b 4s: 44d.; Bullfinch Wests 1i. ald.; Cumber lands; Is. ??4.; Great Boulders, 1Ss. 3d.; Mara ross, 15s. 74d.; Marvel. Lodhs, paid, b .. a 2sa. 3d.; Great Pinch, Is. 2d., Is. 3d.; Exchange Tanami; £35; Greenfinch, paid, 3s. 10d.; Mara ross, 15s. Ed. Mr. W. H. Willis, sharebroker, St. George's-ter race, received the, followin_ Adelaide quotat.ins yesterday:- . Opening Prices, 10.41 ?.m;-Bullfinch Prop., sales 22s..3d.; Great Finch, dsles Is. 3d.: Green finches, sales 4s. 31d.; Bullrushes, b Is. 41d.. a Is. 6d.; Bhllfinch Wtsts,' b s. 8d.,'s s. Closing Prices, 3.20 j~.m.-Bullfnch Props., b 21s..9d., a 22s.; Chaffinches, sales Is.-2d.; Green finches, b 4 2d., a 4s. 3d.; Ballfinch Wests, sales 1s. 11 id. SMessrs. Saw and: Grimwood jun..:, sharebrokers, St. George's-terrace, received the following Ad. laide quotations yesterday:-' Opening Prices, 10.40 a.m.-Bullfinch Propy., b 2t.k 105d., a 22s.; Young Bullfinch, b Is., a 'Is 2d.; Chaffinch, Is.; Greenfineh ' 4s. 3id., sale= from 49. Id.; Bullfinch West, Is. 7d.; Bullfinch South, b 9d:; Birthday Gifts, a 7d.; Bullrushes. Is. 5d. Closing Prices, - " Propy., 21s. 10jd., 21S; Yoang-Bullfnh,.Io.;s f Birthday Gifts, 6d.; Sid.;. Pine Hills, 4d.; Green finch, 4s. 3id;: 'Bullrushes; Is. 4l4.; Ballflnch West,, Is. lid.; Great-Finch,-is. 3..; Greenfinch, paid, 3s. Sd., 38. 9d.;-Bullfinch South. 8d. Mr .4 J. Mellor, sharebroker, St. George's terrace, received the following Adelaide quota. tionas yesterday: Oppening prices, 11.6. s.m.:--Bollfineh, b Sis. 10;.. s m.; Greenfinch b 4s. 3d., 'a 4s. 3.; Greehfinch paid, b se. 7d., a 3s 8d.; .Bullfinch West, b '. s. .,s 2s; Btterfly, sales 7d.; Bull rush, b is. 4d. eis. 6d.; Great Finch, b Is.; Rowans, b' d., a "7d.; 'Young Bullfinch cales is. ld.:; rdya Links, b I. Sd., a Is. 9d.; Associated. b s, 9d., a s. Id.; South Kalgurlis, b 12s. 9. 13s ;- Commodores, :a 3s? Mararosa, sales 1as. 95.; Great Fitzroys, s 7s. 3d.; Oroya Black Range- b.6s. 3d.; Cmberlands, b Is.. 7d s s. Sd. : Great Boulders, b 1Ss lid.; Great Boulder No. -1, b Is. 3.; Lake' Yiew nd. Star, b s lid, sa3s.; Hainaults b as. Sd., s s. "ild.; Ohiffnch, b 14:.ld.. s Is. Sd.; Pine Hills, 'b 4d. s 5d.; Babylonians. b d.. a 7ad.; Marvel Loch paid, b.-s., - s 2.?d.; . Golden Ridges, b 17a. 7id., a 17s. 10id.; Sons of Gwalia, b-34s. 6d.; Gwalia outh,. b 4s- 6d.; NorthernE, bh s 3d., s as. 7d.; ' North- Kalgarlia b lld ..a s.; Broken Hill Proprietary b 37s. 3d.; - Broken Hill North. b 88?;, Junctione:. sales 25.; Junction ''North, b IAs. .d., s"?7s.; British old, b 17s.. s..ITs. d.; British new. b 1s:,, s 15s. 6d.; Hampdens. b 27e.''Mohat organs,' sales E6s; 6d.; Chillagoes, 7e. 3d.; Ealeowk, sales 4d., Bronzewing; as d.; Birthdayf Giftr.h -d,; l Kookynie Option, sales Closing Prices 4 -p m.< Bullflnli. sales S-s. : Toung- Bullfinch sales .is. i Id;'- Greenfinch, b 4s. 3d., s 44.'d.; Bullfneh. Wet, b .e. 10d. a s::: Bullros , b- 'l:4d., a ls. 6d.; Great Finch, h ,is: .B3tteriy sales 7d.; .-Greenfinch paid.'" 3I .: a s't . Ad; :Bullfinch, b 21s' IOd...s 9e.; Chaffinch,"sales I s ': Great" inch. bh s. Id., a is l .; Rovwd?, ' 6d:, a 7d.; Birthd's, Gifts b 7d.; Eagseliawk, sales do.; Great Boulder, sales. 1s. 31.: Geat' Boulder No'. 1; b 2s . '25. 6d. Mararos, sales 15s' 7d.; Associated, s s. 'lid.; Noithern."b to as Ed.; .s lid.; Camberlands. sales ,Is. d ; South KalgarlI, b 32:s Sd., s 13s.; North Kalgarli, b 114d., a Is.: Commodores. s 3s.; Great Pitzroys b 7s.; Lake View, nd Star. b .2s lid., 3s. Hainaulte' b s 9d., s . lid:; Oroys Black. Range, b o. 3d1. Oroy Links. "bIs. d.," is. 9d.; -Miarde Loch paid. b 2., a . d; Amalgamated. Zinc, b 3x. aid.; ]Munt Lyells. b 31s 3d., 'a 3.2.; Wallaroos b'31s Id.,s 31sa'6d.;-Chillagoed, b is: .l1d.; Hamprens, b :se 6d.; ..ount'Elliotts. h ..98s..6d:;. Great ~Fitzroys, .ss. lid.; Mount Motirans, 6Ts; British ' bl 70s. 3d., s'l1T 9d.; British -new, 'a15s 6Ed;,. sl?. 9d.; Junctions, b Is. 10i..-s s.; Broken Hill Northg b s 8.; Sulphide ord., 'b 0s. 3d., a 21s.; . Junction North, b, s 17s.- ;s-algarlis 'b SbQ.; South Kalgaris, b 12s. 9d., s 13.. - Messrs. .. C. Ward and Co., sharebrokers, Barracko-treet, received the following" Adelaide quotations yesterday :--. Openin . rices, 10.52 am.: -Buff Proprie tary, sales .'st2 Young Bullfinch; b' Is., a is. 2.; F?Te Hills, b 3d., s d.;:.Rowans. 'b,6d.,s &i.; Gre-'t Fach sales-s. l d 2 - Greenfinch, h 4s. 3d., s 4si. 4, sales . 4. Id. ·West Bnlfich, bh Is. 8d.; s-2.; ,Bottefly, alrs':d. Pabyloi anrs. b d., s Sd.; Associated, b 7,s 9d.. s 8s, Id. Cumberldnds. b Is d., 's aIs: 8d.; Commoodoiee, s 25. 103.; Orovs Links, b is.: 8d. s Is. 10d.; Hainaslt, b:s C a.'s s?. lid. KalgurIi b hSO:; North Kalgarli "'b. lId.; Soouth Kalgarli,. h '125. "9d. "s' 1.1;.; Lake iView and -Star, b':3." 11ld:; Golden Ridges. bs 17s. 7id., s 17i. 11d.: Great Boulder, 0 d18.. a 8.s "3d; Boulder -No."1l, b a'. 2d., s-'is. 6d.: Lake Viewn Conso!s, b 1bs.. a 1s 9d.; Mararoas sales 15s .d.; Marvel Loch paid b 2s. a . 4d.;- British old, b 17s. 3d;. British new b 15. aid.; Junctions, b le. 9S:a sa s.'Id:; 4 uInction" orth, b 16-s. Ed., s Io. 3d: Great Fiizroy, s -s. '2d.; "Moont Morgans,' b E t .: d erth Gas Co.; '425.;' Kookynie, b :73s.,-s aSs. Cloaig price to "5a.42 p.m. :--Bullfinch Pro. priears,. b.-s. 10fd.. l4 a. s. sales 2-.; YToung Bulfinech Ob 114. "s Is. ld.; Chaftnch. b Is. 3d., s is: ?., 'us sle 2d.; Pine Hill-, bI 3d.. s M.; Rowans, b6d. 8 4.; Gre.t fnch. aTres ls. 3d. h,ls. 2I., a ls. .3d.; ,Ceenfinch, sales 45. 31. Bnllrush ir Is . 4 . d. West Bullfinch, Ss. ld. Chaffinch paid. sales Is. 01d: Green. finch paid. sales 's. Ad.: Zeiglers', sales 5s. "Ikl.h Coath Kalgarli-b 1h4 l9e s 13s I- _Or'ya Lnki' to : I d. E s lE.:d.;" Haainult. b Os. Sd., o 3m lid.; Lake tier and 'Star b 2. lId.:; orth Kslgarli,'b lId., Is.; Kalgarlis, b Its.; A_ 'osinted, b 7s..10ld. s is lid.: roeciate-l Northerne b ?. h Ed_ s 'is 10d. Exchanre Ta nami.,-- h£30.a £.3;.1 Kooksne ale$ Tis "to 7s,; Com-nedores, 025. 10td." Chaffe, 'bs. d-., I is. 7d.; Cumberland . .alem:ls sEd.,s l? I74..; s 1 ..; Great Bousders, hbl. lid a ls .- .d. Boulder .o I b t o. . , os. Ed- -taki?i j-e a las 104 ca.," les o St Mo_..; arsel Loch paid, b lv. ld. s 25 3d -;-Rides bt1s. r 7d., a is lOd.; Gwalis 0oath b fe E6d. a. E d-. Wal larso' b 31h . s s ; E6d.: Eampdenm, b 7s Ed.; Challagoes. bh s. 4l, Moonn. ~Trgooc. ,- sal. _6s': Great eittromys. as. 11 d.,British -&a'd h las I1.d 1.. Sd.;' Britisha ew bsxd... , a f~:~Ia, 54 Jcti oa h Is~ 104I. s "t;',Sn'lpbide

m' ". """,s yi.; G Orth End Develop-. mert'- Is. bd.; -rrth Ga. b i42s: MELBOURNE. Mr. G. Bird received the following Md bourae quotatioas yesterday - Bullfinch Props., b 2ls., a? ;i -. Great-Finch, Sld.a s id.; Marvel Loch, paid, b.2s. 3d., S ...LONDON. Messri."Saw and Grimwoed, jnu., received tho following London"quotatinds yesterday.-Mt.. El liots, mp-; 4-S19. 41d.; Mt. Morgans, m.p. 66. 3d.: others Unqoteod. . Mewsrs. S. C. Ward'and. Co., received the 'fol lowimg London, qnotations yesterday:.. Associated, m.p. s . d.;. Asociated Northirn, m.p. 's. 3d. Pereverane,' m.p. s. 3d.;- Ida H., mr.n 9- ; S lock 10, bh 30s. British, old, b U7s 3d. Broken Hill Propr b 37s. 3d.; .ornh Bro ken Hill, b 88s.:.d; %onth; paid, b H £ 3o. 9d.; Sulphide, ord. b s. 3d. Zinc 'Preference, b 3s. d.; Blocks. b 189. 3d.; Chillagoe, m.p. 68. id:; Mangs te; rus p s,- H ampaden, m.p. 27s. Ed. ;-Mt. 'Lyelydia' 30so 3d- 31q& 3d.; Mt. Eliotts m.p 99. 4Jd.;l Greate Cobars, - m.p. os. 9d.; Mt. Morgan., m~p. Mo 3d.; Amalgamated Mr. A. G. Bird received the following 'London quotations yesterday - iosted "ohtherosho thPeseer ACret FinG m.p. s 19. 93. ; k Ieanhoes,. ;p. 6.s ofs walgria, -m.p. 1s-; 10id.; Sons of Calim, m.P. 3is. Asocinttds.m.p. sus s .OAsso cis?ted orternd.; s, m.p. 5.; Perseveranc, m.p. 5 L. d.; Lke iew Conool, m.p . lsq.; Great Co bars, m.p. 933. d.; Mor t Ellitts mL. a. 990. 4md.; North Broken Hills, m.p. 3.; Mot. Lyells. o.p.S31s.; Broken Hill Props., e .p. s. 3d.;: Block 10, m.p. .s.-3d. :-Hampden, m.p: ie7. 3d;; T"smanian Gold, m:p. 3S. Ed. Mr. . H. Willis receied thocfndloang London quotatione yesto rdy o :-- . Bullfinch Prios., Esi. D 3d.; Mt.' lorgans, E6s 3d.; Mt. Elliotto,'99s1 41d.; Great Cobars, 030 Mr. A. . uMellor, received the following Lon don quotations yesterd ay:-, Associated: o s - oreth rEn, b?l,; Persever ance, m.p. Io. 3d.; Lake View Consol, b 1.5s.; Sons of Gwslia, m.p. 37st; Kalgurlis, m.p. 81e. 10d.; Ivanhoes, m.p. £6 Io; .Qrova' Exploration. b 14s. Sd.; Ida H., m.p. So.; Mount E;liotts. rm.p. 99s. 41d.; Great Cobar, m.h. 93s. 9d.; Mfount Morgan,. o.p. t~s. 3d.; Amalgamsated Zinc, ?.Ps-. Ea.; billagoes. a Ge. 47d.; Menganar, t.p. ? s.; Hampdens. b r7s. 3d.- Mont Lyells. b 31s.; Broken Hill - Proprie? r. b r is.. lid. Broken Hill North, -p. 90.; Broken atHill Block 10,-8 30s. 3d. A . J. MELLOR, Stock Share, and Investment Braken Member Stock Exchange of Perth. ONE COMIISSION ONLY. - Sactok Exchnoge Boildias. - Tel No., 1247 and 2162; Private Phae, 2015. Agents London and throughouc Eastern State. Cable: Broasihall. Moreing sod \'eill, Bedford and McNeil; also Private Code, SAW and GRIMWOOD, Jun., Sto k and Share. brokera, 16 and 17 Nsw Zealand Chambers, St. Georo's-terrace, Perth. Tel. i7. Members Stock Exchange or Perth. Agents in London aC Eastern States. HAROLD WILKINSON. Sharebroker on Corn mission only. 25 Heorystreet, A remantle. Phones. Fremantle 116 and 314. Direct coso. munication -with Eastern State.. Quotation. posted thronghont the day. A. G. BIRD. Stock, rsare, pod Investmen - 12 Now Zealand Chambers, Perth. Member oi Stork Exchange of Perth. Tel. ±064 (Commission Business Only). W--. H WILLIS. SEAREBROKEB. Somber 'of stock Exchanges or Adelaida and Perth. BT. OZOGES-TEE bACE, Tel. LO0t 6 C. WARD and CO., Stock tad Sharebrokers, Telephones ±011, 2_103, 3203. 23 Barrack-street, PERTH. 12 Pirin-street, ADELAIDE. Agents for WARD and CO., 136 Cellin?ctnet; MELBOURN]E