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NEWS AND NOTES. -4---- "The Mails.-The ordinery mail for the United Kingdom is notified to close at the G.P.O. to-day at 2 p.m. (late fee 3 p.m.) fdr conveyance by the. R:M.S. China. A mail for the Eastern States closes to-mar:ow at 10 a.m. (late fee '11 a.m.) for despatch by the R.M.S. Orontes. The Weather.-The shade temperatures recorded on :'aturday and Sunday were: Saturday: Max., 79.2; min., 56.., Sunday: Max., 80.5; min., 59.8. The forecast for to-day (Monday) is as follows:-"Cool to moderate temperatures jn south and south-west coastal areas, with some showers along the south coast. Warm to hot and sultry inland, and in the tro pics, with further reattered thunder showers. Variable winds, but W. to S.W. on the ccast." IjTlrown from a Horse.-A boy named Joseph Gallon was thrown from a horse at Mount's Bay-road on Saturday and sustained sereral scalp wounds, which necessitated his removal to the Chil dren's Hospital in the Fire Brigade Am bulance. Concession to Schools on the Fremautle Trams.-At iheir last meeting, held on Saturday .norning, the members of the Fremantle Tramways Board decided, in response to applications received from several schoolmasters, that in future when school parties joJrncy to the South Beach on the cars, a reduction of 20 per cent. on the fares chargestle shall be allowed - The Death of an Old Gascoyne Resi dent.-The funeral of the late Mrs. Annie Mansfield (relict of the late Mr. John H. Mansfield, of Maroonalh Station, Carnarvon), who died suddenly on Fri day last on board the s.s. Minderoo, near Rottnest, took place on the afternoon of Saturday last, and was attended by many Carnarvon and Onslow residents. The remains were interred in the Roman, Catholic portion of the Karrakatta Ceme tery, the burial ceremony being conduct ted by the Rev. Father R. O'Neill. A large number of handsome wreaths were placed on the grave. The chief mour ers were:-Mr. William McCafferty (bro ther), Mrs. Paul Sheard (sister), Mrs. W. McCafferty (sister-in-law), Messrs. Paul Sheard and Philip Ryan (brothers in- law), and Messrs. William, Arthur, Joseph, and Philip McCafferty (nephews). The following gentlemen acted as pall bearers:-Massrs. Sam J. Phillips, of the Grange Station, Irvine; D. Mathe son, of Point Coates Station: H. B. Geyer, of Carnarvon; J. J. Lloyd, of Perth. Many letters and telegrams of sympathy were received by the relatives The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Arthur E. Davies and Co. The deceased lady and her husband (who predeceased her by about four years) were married at Ballarat, Victoria. They came to this State 26 years ago; alid toonI up their residence in the Gascoyne dis trict, where they were well known and highly respected. A Peculiar Accident.-Yesterday a man named Oliver James Mason, a store man, while bathing at Cottesloe Beach misjudged the depth of the water into which he was diving, with the result'that he injured his chest and back. He was taken to the Fremantle Hospital, where he was detained for treatment. Last night lie was reported to be progressing favourably. A Customs Matter.-On Saturday after noon Wing Wah Kee, a well-known Fre mantle identity, and the. proprietor of a greengrocery shop in Adelaide-street, was arrested by Plainclothes-constabsl Richardson, at the instance of the Cuis toms Department, on a charge of having at Fremantle, with another, conspired to prevent the enforcement of the provi sions of the Commonwealth Immigration Restriction Act. The Chinaman will he presented before the Fremantle Police Court this morning. It is understood that the arrest has been effected conse quent upon investigations which are now being made by the Collector of Customs of Victoria into the administration of the immigration restriction laws in West ern Australia. Alfred Washing; who has frequently acted in the courts as Chinese interpreter, was arrested on Saturday on a similar charge. Injured While Tree Felling.-On Fri day evening last a timber-getter named Brown, residing at Barton's Mill, on the Canning line, was injured by a falling tree. A limb from a tree which he had felled stuck in a tree growing close by, and fell on him a few minutes later. His mate went to his assistance, and found the unfortunate man unconscious. A cart was procured, and Brown was co veyed to his home a mile or so away. The injnured man suffered considerable pain, his shoulders being crushed. )te Saturday morning he was conveyed to the Perth Public Hospital for treatment The Western Australian Museum.-Ths Director of the Museum (Mr. Bernard H. Woodward) announces that the mineral gallery will be closed for a few days for cleaning and re-arrangement. During the time of closure, visitors desiring to see any particular specimens can do so on applying to the Director. The Silver Chain.-A meeting of the Silver Chain Christmas Tree Committee will be held an Wednesday afternoonr. at 4.30 in the editor's room, "We-ern Mail" office, St. George's-terrace. Mr. R. Robertson will preside, and a balance Isheet showing the result of the recent

etu wiln oe presenicu. A VigPianze Ccmmittee in the Building Trades.-Delegates from the building trades at a largely-attended meeting re cently decided to form a vigilance coon mittee to watch over the interests of those employed in the callings mcntiene4. Mr. W. Hendlev was elected president, Mr. H. Bromley vice-president, Mr. W. Gallie treasurer. and Mr. J. F. Hindges secre tary. The committee will meet fort nightly. A committee was appointed to wait on the elcctrical. workers with a view to asking them to affiliate with the vigilance committee, which, it is stated, represents at present about 700 workers in the metripolitan area. The contribu tion to the committee per member has been fixed at ld. per month. The comrn mittee has decided to bring within the affiliation scheme only those associated with the building trades. It was re ported at the meeting that the Painters' Union had decided to cite before ~the Arbitration Court several cases for alleg ed breaches of award. Natural History and Science Society. A big party, representing members of the Natural History and Science Society, paid a visit to the toological Gardens on Saturday afternoon, and under the cice ronage of Mr. E. A. Le Souef, Director of the Gardens, the visitors were shown over the Gardens, and had pointed out to them many objects of special scieltifie interest. The visitors spoke highly of the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Le Sous'. by whom they were afterwards enter tained at afternoon tea, and of the visit in its relation to the work of t', So ciety. The outings conductkl bJ the Society are always well attended, and the visit to the Gardens was regarded as highly gratifying from that as well as from every other standpoint. The Coronation.-It is the intention of the Premier (Mr. Frank Wilson) to con sult Parliament in regard to the invita tion to himself and Mrs. Wilson to .t tend th. Coronation ceremonies. A Noted Lecturer.-Mr. W lteer T. Mills, a noted American lectu.?,r and writer on political and social p-'hblems, will arrive in this State on .lanuary :I. and will deliver a series of lectures un der the auspices of the Australian Lab. our Federation. At the meeting of the

central executive of the Federation on Saturday night a sub-committee was formed to make arrangements in connec tion with Mr. Mills's visit. Y.M.C.A. Moonlight Trip.-A very en joyable trip was held by the Y.M.C.A. to Gage Roads on Thursday evening, the steamer Zephyr being well crowded. A splendid musical programme was given by St. Alban's Glee Party, under the baton of Mr. Summers. Other. items were given by Messrs. Henderson, Barber, Hawthorne, Appelton, and Bott. An other trip is being arranged for next month. Childlen's Hospital.-The following ie the report for the past week:-In-pati ents: AdmitS'd, 15; discharged, 12; died 2; remaining, 58. Out-patients: Re-at tendances, 2'30; new cases, 73; total, 303. The West Perth Tragedy.-The brief for the defence of Alfred Wilson Smart, who is charged with the wilful murder of Ethel Harris, has been offered to Mr. C. R. Penny. The trial will take place m March. The Rimutaka Immigrants.-The. re ception of the contingent of immigrants who arrived at Albany by the steamer Rimutaka recently so favours ly impress ed Mr. R. W. Pennefather, M.L.C., who was at the southern port at the time of the arrival of the steamer, that he has conveyed to the Colonial Secretary (Mr. J. D. Connolly) an expression of his ap preciation. In his letter Mr. Penne father stated:-"I happened to be in Al bany during the time the immigrants so journed there, and had every opportu nity to observe how they were housed ansi treated. Every provision was made to make the new arrivals comfortable. It was a happy inspiration to fix the camp on the quarantine ground. During their five days' sojourn I had frequent occa sions of conversing with the immigrants, and they were loud in their praise of the generous and thoughtful treatment they received, far indeed beyond their most sanguine expectations. I desire to specially bring under your notice the ex cellent work performed by your officers. Mr. Keeley, Mr. Crawcour. and Mr. Mc Kinley, who toiled not only after office hours, but right up to and past mid night. These officers should be specially thanked for their arduous and successful efforts. I must not forget to mention also the name of the harbourmaster, Cap tain Heanvy, who did all he could for the immigrants. I noticed with keen inte rest the kindly treatment of the care taker and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Bauditz, towards the new arrivals, indeed, they greatly contributed to the health and comfort of the women and children--in fact, they acted as doctor and nurse. ' St. John's Ambulance Brigade.-The Midland Junction division of the St. John's Ambulance Brigade, which was formed some twelve months ago, has made considerable progress. Although the principal object of the members is to qualify for work in time of war, their services are always available in any cases of emergency. The membership of the division now numbers 26, Dr. T. D. Daw son being the heon. surgeon, and the fol lowing the officers:-Superintendent. Mr. W. J. Wilson; sergeant, Mr. E. Muir head; corporal, Mr. J. Duncan: trea surer, Mr. P. Birch; secretary, Mr. F. E. Guy. Dr. Dawson delivers regular lec tures at Midland Junction, and it is hoped to extend this work to Guildford. The brigade has recently placed stretch ers and emergency chests at Guildford (Mr. J. Duncan's), West Guildford (Mr. W. j. Wilson's), and at the Midland Junction Fire Station, these being avail able to the prblic. Fire on the s.s. Koombana.-At II o'clock on Saturday night an alarm of fire was given in the Adelaide s.s. Co.'s North-West coastal liner Koomban;. which is berthed at Victoria Quay. Smoke was noticed issuing from the ventilators of No. 2 and No. 3 holds, and investiga tion showed that about four or five tot,; of fodder stowed in the holds mentioned were on fire, the cause of which was attr. buted to spontaneouts combustion. The alarm was quickly conveyed to the Fre mantle Fire Station, and with commend able promptitude the Fremantle Fire Bri gade motor engine was on the scene. Within a few seconds three lines of ho-e fro n the motor directed an aggregate stream of 350 gallons per minute on to the fodder. A little later the Harbour Trust fire plant was also requisitioned, and helped to flood the holds, in which work the ship's gear likewise assisted. By 4 o'clock yesterday morning the lire was pronounced to be extinguished, and operations were then commenced to pump the holds out. No damage was done to the ship itself. During the proceedings the captain of the German-Australian Jiner Augsburg sent along a smoke hel met to the Koombana for use. As it was not necessary at the time the helmet was not utilised, but the patent, which impressed the members of the fire bri. gade, was inspected with great interest. 1 good suit is known by the shape Ii keeps. The Commercial Tailoring Com. pa' garments are hand-tailored and well md they carry an individuality that only properlyfini'shed suits possess. Our cutters understand the art of building suits with taste and elegance. 794 Hay-street (up stairs). Extended terms if desired. No shop window.. Mrs. Chesters. vresident of the Subiaco Croquet Club, intimates that she will rive a social evening and prmoe'ressive cronquet party on the club's lawn. Rokebv-road. to night to all old, new. and intenlinc mem 1, ?,.

Me~srs. Eben Allen direct attention to a sale of a villa at Mount Lawley, close to the railway station. The property will be submitted in the auctioneer's rooms. St. Georges-terrace. at 3 o'clock this afternoon. Mr. Alex. Trouchet. the well-known French chemist in Perth, believes in roing ahead. The success of his French kidney and bladder herbs has. he states, been so ereat in Western Australia that he is now introducing this popular medicine on the Eastern markets. and a large consignment of five tons of herbs were despatched last week to Sydney. To-morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. in their mart 713 Hay-street. Messrs. T. Tate and Co. will conduct a sale of furniture and effects which have been removed from South Perth for convenience.