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THE AUSTRALIAN DESTROYERS, SAFE ARRIVAL AT BROOME. THE NORTHERN PORT EN FETE. Broome, November 15. The Australian destroyers Yarra and Parramatta, accompanied by the battleship Gibraltar. arrived in port at 6 a.m. to day. The average speed of the voyage was 13.7 knots. The low rate of steaming was owing to keeping in wireles -touch with the Gibraltar. With the Koombana. the Dutch oil launch with fuel for the destroyers, the surveying ship Fantome, and numerous schooners and luggers. the port presented a lively scene. The following are the offcers:-Parra matta: Captain F. Tickell, C.3.G. (Com mander Naval Forces. Victoria), Engineer Lieutenant A. Barnes (Queensland). Lieut. Feakes (commanding officer. Victoria); First Lieut. F. Keightley (Victoria), Engineer Sub-Lieut. P. J. Hogan (Tasmania), Gunner A. Cameron (South Australia). Yarra: Lieut.-Commander Eidecombe (Victoria). Engineer Lieut. Robertson (Victoria), Engi-" nerr Sub-Lieut. MeMillan Sub-Lie,:t. Porter (temporary lieutenant from H.M.S. Gibral tar on account of Lieut. Warren being left at Singapore Hospital). Interviewed today Engineer Lieut. Barnes said :--"We had a good voyage. and every thing went splendidly. especially the rating of the turbine and the burning of the oil fuel." Engineer Lieuts. Barnes and Hogan were employed as overseers in thi building at Fairfield, Scotland. of the Parramatta and Warrego. The latter vessel is to come out in sections to be rebuilt, and it is owing te their careful supervision that no defects oc curred during the very trying voyage out. With two boilers the average fuel consumed was one ton of oil per hour. and they can steam 3,000 miles without bunkering oil. As showing the patriotic feeling of both officers and men, Lieut. Barnes said: "After an absence of eight months not a man would turn in till they sighted the first light on the Australian coast, and they were all glad to get back to the dear old land of Australia. He had been pleased to receive on his arrival the following telegram from Mr. blacondie, the Secretary to the Director of Naval Forces, Melbourne: 'Heartily welcome, and congratulate self and Robertson, engineer Yarra. Hurrah!' " The ships have been specially constructed for long steaming radius at high. speed. Their most economical speed is 14 knots, and that can be maintained for a distance of 3,000 miles. The vessels have installed the latest wireless apparatus. In the afternoon the officers were given a civic reception. Or. Coleman, the Acting Mayor. presided, and all the councillors and many citizens were present. To-mor row sports will be held. including a tug-of war between men from the Parramatta, Fantome. and Yarra. and Broome residents. On Wednesday a rifle match and cricket. match will take place, and in the evenine a dinner will be held. On Thursday there will be a social and dance. The destroyers will leave here on Friday morning, accompanied by H.M.S. Gibraltar. MINISTER FOR DEFENCE. TO ARRIVE BY ORSOVA. Melbourne, November 15. The Minister for Defence (Mr. Pearce) will leave Melbourne on Thursday by the express to catch the R.M.S. Orsova at Adeo. laido for Western Australia. The Minister intends to be at Fremantle when the Com monwealth destroyers Parramatta and Yarra arrive, and to formally take over the vessels from the Admiralty.