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NEWS AND NOTES. The Mails.-The weekly mail for the Eastern States is notified to close at the G.P.O. to-morrow at 7.45 a.m. (late fee 8.30 a.m.) for transmission by the s.s. Kanowna. The ordinary mail for the United Kingdom closes on Monday at 11.30 a.m. (late fee 12.30) for convey. ance by the R.M.S. Malwa. The Weather.-The following shade temperatures were recorded yesterday: Perth Observatory: Max., 69.8deg.; mm., 50.4deg. Perth Gardens: Max., 74.0 deg.; min., 50.6deg. The morning opened with clear skies over the N.W. In the West Kimberley, west coast, East Murchison, and S.W. scattered clouds were reported, and other parts noted generally cloudy to gloomy conditions. During the previous 24 hours light to heavy rain fell, chiefly over inland areas. The heaviest falls were on the eastern railway, between Nangeenan and Boorab bin. Both those stations recorded well over half an inch. The fall at Southern Cross was 0.93in. The whole of the southern goldfields were affected, while the fringe of the rain extended as far as the Phillips River district and Balla donia, a few stations on the North Cool gardie and Southern Murchison fields, and scattered places on the eastern agri caural areas, Midland railway, and in the vicinity of Fremantle. In the East Kimberley district Turkey Creek regis tered 2.53in., and Wyndham 0.16in. At 3 p.m. the only further rain was 0.04in. at Evre. Pressures showed little change, a slight rise being noted on the gold. fields and a slight drop on the S.W. coast. The forecast for to-dav is: "Mostly fine throughout, with S.E. to h.E. winds." The West Perth Mystery.-With the assistance of black trackers the detec tives who are investigating the disap pearance of the young woman, Ethel Har ris, are making a thorough search of the bush near Wanneroo-road, where a mys terious cart is said to have been seen late one night during March. They have ascertained that at about the same time strange wheel tracks were noticed two miles from the road going in the direc tion of the sanitary depot, and they are at present restricting their operations to this particular locality. Alfred Wil son Smart will again appear before the City Court this afternoon at 2.30, when portion of the evidence in regard to the charge of bigamy, to which he recently pleaded guiltv, will be taken. Mrs. Smart, who is being brought from Vic toria to give evidence, will not arrive until next week. All-night Sitting.--The first all-night sitting of the Legislative Assembly of the present session was begun at 4.30 p.m. on Wednesday and concluded at 6.30 p.m. yesterday, 26 consecutive hours thus being devoted to the one sitting with only brief adjournments for meals. Virtually the entire sit ting was occupied by the considera tion in Committee of the Licensing Bill. The measure is one of 217 clauses, and when discussion was continued on clause 110 it was with a determination on the part of the Government to get the Bill through Committee before adjourn ing. The protracted nature of the sit ting was due to stonewalling tactics by members of the Labour Party, who throughout moved and discussed at length and with tedious reiteration numerous amendments of an unimportant character, while clauses dealing with vital principles were at times passed without debate. The Bill eventually completed its passage through Commit tee, and was reported to the House, the consideration of the report being fixed for the next sitting. The Black Case.--Tne High Court (es terday commenced the hearing of an ap peal by J. W. Black and Mrs. Black against a judgment of Mr. Justice McMil lan given on September 2 last in favour of S. Freedman and Co. In that action Freedman and Co. claimed £1,349 7s. 8d. from Black and £745 10s. from Mrs. Black, moneys alleged to represent the proceeds of thefts by Black from Freedman and Co., and in respect to some of which sums Black is now serving a term of imprisonment. Mr. Justice McMillan held that the plaintiffs were entitled to succeed against both defen dants, and gave judgment accordingly. The defendants (appellants) are now ap pealing against this decision. Mr. E. A. Drake-Brockman and Mr. J. B. Mills appeared for the appellants, and Mr. 11. R. Pilkington, K.C., and Mr. John Moss for the respondents. Argument had not concluded when the Court adjourned to this morning at 10.30. The only other case listed for to-day is the Crown (appellant) and Henrickson and Hen rickson (respondents), an appeal against a judgment by Mr. Justice McMillan. Claim for Commission.-Mr. Justice McMillan yesterday gave reserved judg ment on the claim brought by R. TI. Elliott, an estate agent, of York, against Messrs. Ballantine and Brown, farmers, for £268 6s.. money alleged to be due by defendants to plaintiff for work done or commission earned in connection with the sale of two farms, situated re spectively near Brookton and East Beverley. Mr. J. A. Northmore, in structed by Mr. Trask, appeared for the nlaintiff, and Mr. T. P. Draper for the defendants. The defence was that though an agreement had been entered into be tween tile defendants and a prospective purchaser the sale had not been completed. His Honour, in de livering judgment, set out th

particulars o the claim and defence, and said the result of the trans actions appeared to be that a person named Fairhead had agreed in writing to buy defendants' farm. For some reason he was dissatisfied, his contention being that defendants had agreed on their part to do certain work under the contract which was not done in what he considered to be reasonable time. He was, there fore. not willing to go on with the pur chase. His Honour was inclined to think that Fairhead was dissatisfied for some other reason with the contract which he had made, and that the non-performance of work was simply a pretext enabling him to get out of the bargain. Ulti mately the land was sold to someone else, defendants preforring not to go on with the arrangement which had been made with Fairhead. Plaintiff contended that he had found a purchaser, and if defen dants chose not to enforce the contract against Fairhead they were still under a liability to plaintiff, in the form of com pensating him for work done. The con tract was that plaintiff was to find a purchaser. His Honour thought, there fore, that after contracting to do so, plaintiff found a person who was then ready to buy the rropcrty and who was able to do so. 'here was no express

agreement between the parties as to the way in which plaintiff was to be re munerated. 7The custom in this State was to apply the Chamber of Commerce scale, which provided for what was known as ordinary remuneration for agents doing work of the kind referred to. Plaintlff had done everything in his power to bring about. a sale. He found a buyer who had not entered into the contract, and on the evidence his 7!on our must come to the conclusion that Mr. Fairhead was a person who had ma-le suflicient arrangements with the bank to enable him to carry into effect the cau tract which had been made. For some reason, however, defendants chose to let that person out of the bargain, i ut by doing so they could not deprive plain tiff of his right to commission that he had earned. As regarded the remuse:a tion to be paid to plaintiff--on which question a point had been raised--n:s Honour thought that land agents hi re were the same as elsewhere. They their commission as soon as they thought they had earned it, and they tiok it when they found a buyer who was willing and able to buy. Plaintiff was c:.:arly entitled to commission at the usual ran c in respect to the farm belonging to de fendants, and for which he was in structed to find a purchaser. But he claimed more. He claimed commission on the resale of the land which belonged to Fairhead, and which was taken by defendants as part of the consideration to be paid by Fairhead for the sale ,by them to him of their property. The proper inference, however, to be drawn from the facts was that no commission was lo be paid on the resale of that uroperty. Judgment would be for the plaintiff f.,r £177 10s., with costs, defendants nla7'ng costs on the issue with respect to the le sale of property. Natural History and Science Society. An excursion will be held to-morrow (Saturday) to Boya under the leadership of Mr. T. N. Lee, M.A. Those taking part will leave Perth by the 1.30 p.m. train. Twice Divorced.-Before Mr. Justice McMillan yesterday, sitting in Divorce, Frederick "George Brown, a railway porter, sought for a dissolution ol his marriage with Annie Brown on the grounds of misconduct with 'i. Hurford and S. Magrie, who were cited as co respondents. Mr. F. Martin appeared for the petitioner. Evidence was given by the petitioner himself, who stated that he married his wife in 1900 at Gui'll.urd The marriage had not been a happy one, and after three years Mrs. Browin an nounced her intention of leaving hint, and did so. She went to the goldfiel'ls, ard he heard exceedingly adverse reports upon her conduct. Being without means he could take no proceedings, but beto was recently left property, and was therefore provided with the necessary funds. There were no children of the marriage. He had never done anything that would cause his wife to leave him. Mrs. Brown had already been divorced once when he married her. She was of intemperate habits, and consorted with undesirable characters. Affidavits by John Pope, Constable Hamilton, and others were read, giving evidence of the misconduct of the respondent with the co-respondents and others. An affidavit by A. Snell, of Kalgoorlie, stated that he had known the respondent in Perth as Mrs. Fitts, and as the mother of the late Milly Fitts, florist, of Hay-street, Perth. In granting a decree nisi his Honour said that he was as a rule averse to deciding an issue of the kind on affidavit evidence; but the case was such a clear one that he was satisfied with the evidence as it stood. He had no power to order costs against the co-respondents, as there was nothing to prove they knew the respon dent was a married woman, although she was living under the name of Mrs. Brown. The decree was made return able in six months. A Compensation Case.-The action brought by T. Luba, as administratrix of the estate of F. Luba, deceased, against the Sons of Gwalia, Ltd., to re cover damages for the death of F. Luba through injuries received whilst working in the mine of the defendant company through the alleged negligence of the company, was yesterday before the Full Court, consisting of the Chief Justice, Mr. Justice Burnside, and Mr. Justice Booth. This cause was tried in April last before Mr. Justice McMillan and a jury. The jury assessed damages at £595. but subsequently the Judge non suited the plaintiff, and having done that the question of whether he should assess compensation under the Workers Compensation Act was brought under his notice. At the request of Mr. Haynes his Honour considered the question of damages, and assessed them at £400. The plaintiff yesterday went before the Full Court upon a motion asking that Mr. Justice McMillan's judgment should be set aside, and judgment entered for the plaintiff for £596 14s., with costs of the action. Mr. Haynes, K.C., with him Mr. Alcock, appeared for the plain tiff, and Mr. W. V. Smith, with him Mr. A. Phillips, for the defendant company. A preliminary objection was taken by Mr. Smith that the appeal was estopped by the fact that application had been mnade in behalf of the plaintiff (appel lant) for compensation, and that Mr. Jus tice McMillan, in pursuance of the pro visions of the Workers Compensation Act, had assissed and awarded compen sation to thie amount of £400. After hearing argument upon the point the Court held that the English authority quoted by Mr. Smith was conclusively in his favour. The fact of compensation

naving been assessea ann awaraea on ine application of the plaintiff was a bar to any further proceedings in the action, and the plaintiff having exercised her op tion of applying for the assessment of compensation could not later revert to her original action by way of proceedings in the Full Court. The appeal was, there fore, dismissed. At the suggestion of the Chief Justice Mr. Smith agreed to forego his right to costs in the appeal. By consent the judgment of the Lower Court was amendei by entering judg ment for the plaintiff for .£400, less de fcndants' taxed costs of the action. Commonwealth Military College.-The Premier has received from the Acting Prime Minister of the Commonwealth (Mr. Hughes) a number of copies of the regulations for the entrance examination and of the form of application for per mission to attend the competitive exami nation for admission to the Military Col lege, which will shortly be established in the Commonwealth. The Acting-Prime Minister also forwarded copies of the con ditions of appointment to the chairs of English, physical science, and mathe miatics, and particulars respecting the College in connection therewith. Those interested may inspect the different copies at the Premier's office and at the office of the Minister for Education. Wild Dogs Skins.-Annually there are destroyed in this State a large number of dingoes. Those who are acquainted with this animal, while familiar with its predatory habits. are also aware of the fact that it has a very fine skin. The practice has been, in dcstroying them on account of the havoc caused by them amongst sheep flocks, to take a strip of the skin from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail, including the ears, as by producing these the reward offered by the Government, or by Vermin Boards, where established, is obtained. varying from 5s. to 10s., according to the district in which the animal is destroyed. In order to ascertain whether these skins are of some commercial value the Under Secretary for Agriculture and Industries has obtained three, one black and two yellow, from the Northampton district. T'hese are being tanned, and will be sent to the Agent-General with a request that he will ascertain their commercial value. Revolver and "Shanghais."-In the Midland Junction Police Court on Wed nesday morning, before Messrs. P. F. Robinson and F. R. Honey, J's.P., Tho mas Holt was charged with having pointed a revolver at two lads named Leslie Thomas and Stanley Eastwell. The boys aLleged that when they were passing defendant's pig and poultry farm near Swan View he ran out, and after saying a few words to them, which they were not near enough to hear properly, he went into a building and came out with a revolver, with which he fired six shots at them. Three of the bullets went close to them. To Sergeant Kelso, who appeared for the police, the lads de nied having annoyed defendant in any way themselves, nor had the dogs they had with them done so. They had not been shooting with "shanghais," having had none with them. Defendant, who pleaded not guilty, stated that on numerous occasions he had been consider ably annoyed, and had suffered loss of

poultry, etc., by lads who came out and worried him. The two lads had been near his place for about an hour and a half "shanghaing" birds, and their dogs came around his poultry yards barking. He told the lads to keep their dogs away, and as they did not do so he got a re rolver, which he kept for shooting birds, and fired six shots into the air to frighten the lads. He denied having pointed the revolver at them. The Bench said that the charge was a serious one, but they. were unable to find that defendant had pointed the revolver at the lads, and would dismiss the case. There was no doubt that defendant had been annoyed by people with dogs, etc., and the Bench hoped these visitors would take a lesson and not worry settlers. Defendant's best course would be to charge anyone who annoyed him in the future in the Police Court. The magistrates com mented upon the contradictory evidence given as regards the "shaighai" shoot ing. At the Children's Court the same morning a lad, 13 years of age, was charged with having broken a window with a "shanghai." The Bench severely lectured the boy, and inflicted a fine of 5s. and costs, together with the cost of replacing the window, making a total of £1 in all. Universities of Melbourne and Adelaide Music Scheme.-The examinations in con nection with this scheme commenced on Wednesday, the visiting examiner being Mr. H. A. Thomson, of the Conserva torium of Music, Melbourne University. Subiaco Municipal Council.-The fort nightly meeting of the Subiaco Municipal Council was held on Wednesday night, when there were present:--The Mayor (Mr. S. White), and Crs. Brown, F. Gray, Mtaddison. Morrison, Solomon, Bray, H. Gray, Delamere, Boas, and Duffell. The following accounts were passed for pay ment:-General, £212 11s. 6d.; electric light, £134 15s. lid.: health, £28 6s.; deposit, £8 15s. The finance committee reported having deferred payment of the third quarterly instalment of the Fire Brigade Board's account, and recom mended that the Board be asked what action had been taken with regard to the reply by the, Colonial Secretary to the deputation some time ago, "that a mistake had been discovered and that the assessment would be considerably re duced." Commonwealth Forces.-A telegram was received from Melbourne on Tuesday to the effect that applications for the appointment as manager of the proposed Commonwealth Saddlerv and Harness Factory at a salary of £300 a year, and as manager of the Commonwealth Mili tary Clothing Factory at £400, must be lodged by noon on October 29, no appli cant to be over the age of 45 years. It was intimated by the District Com mandant (Lieut.-Colonel Irving) last night, however, that in response to a telegram of his he had just received in formation from the authorities in Mel bourne that the applications would not close until November 29, and not Octo ber 29. Forms of application for per sons in this State can be obtained at the military headquarters in Perth. A Battery Manager's Death.-The Com missioner of Police yesterday received the following telegram from Sub-inspec tor Duncan, of Menzies:-"Morris, mana ger State battery, Pig Well, went riding in the bush yesterday, and his horse returned alone. A search was made and Morris was found dead. Leo nora police left with Coroner this morn ing to investigate." Property Sales.-At the Builders' Ex change yesterday Mr. W. P. Hayman, auctioneer for Dalgety and Co., Ltd., submitted a number of well-known pas toral properties for sale. There was a good attendance of buyers. The pro perty first offered was the late M. C. R. Bunbury's Williambury Station, in the Carnarvon district, consisting of 300,000 acres leasehold and 500 acres free hold, and carrying 25,000 mixed sheep, 44 horses, the thorough bred stallion Mosman, 50 cows, and two purebred Devon bulls. There was keen competition for this sta tion between Mr. T. F. Quinlan, M.L.A., and Mr. John Melrose. of Adelaide, Mr. Melrose eventually sechring the property for £28,000. Lynton Station, 28 miles from Northampton railway station, com prising 74,208 acres, and carrying 10,000 merino sheep and 40 horses, was passed in for private sale. The Glenronald Estate, of 2,291 acres, in the Boyanup area, was also passed in, while the offers made for properties submitted on behalf of Mrs. E. Scroope did not reach the reserve. For 3,180 acres of improved land in the Irwin district, carrying 2,300 sheep in one paddock and 150 cattle in another, £2 5s. per acre was hid, and £2 5s. per acre was offered for 200 acres of agricul tural land six miles from Minginew. River Trips.-The series of river trips run under the auspices of the Perth Literary Institute will be inaugurated this evening, when the s.s. Zephyr will proceed to Gage Roads. Cottesloe Mavoralty.-The Mayor of Cottesloe (Mr. H. A. Wisdom) announced yesterday that he would comply with the request of the deputation which had waited on him to nominate for a further term. South Perth and the City.-After a long discussion the South Perth Munici pal Council at a special meeting last night agreed that the Perth Electric Tramway Company should be written to and asked to fix a charge for running their cars from the Perth Town Hall and over I he proposed South Perth tramlines

O 0111s1 trome. Inc LOuncii ueslren to know especially what mileage the com pany would charge and what percentage of the fares they would require for the use of their lines. It was alsodecided that a letter should be sent to the North Fremantle Municipal Council inquiring as to the terms of the agreement that body had with the Fremantle Tramway Board and the approximate cost of their line. The meeting then adjourned until Thursday next. The Snbiaco Oval.-At a meeting of the Subiaco Council on Wednesday even ing Cr. Boas, on behalf of a committee of ratepayers, submitted a scheme to raise money for the purpose of enabling the Council to make improvements to the Subiaco Oval and at the same time to assist local charities, sporting clubs, anl le.nevoie:,t societies. The scheme pro vides:-(1) That the council should light up the Oval with electric lights and erect a platform. at an estimate cost of £.40. the lighting to be the first portion of a permanent scheme, and to allow the com mittee the free use of the Oval one night a week during the ensuing 12 months; (2) in return the committee should guar autee to arrange a series of continental concerts and picture shows, the proceeds of which would be devoted as follows: Fifty per cent. to be handed to the Coun cil for the purpose of making improve. ments to the Oval, the cost of lighting up the Oval and erecting the platform to be a first charge, and 50 per cent to be devoted to charities and local clubs and societies interested in the organisa. tion: (3) the maximum charge for ad mission to any portion of the Oval not to exceed is., with a minimum of 12 con. certs: and (4) the committee to pay 8d. per unit for all electric current used. After some discussion the request of the committee was agreed to by the Council. Tihe local committee is composed of the following gentlemen :-Crs. Maddison, Solomon, Boas, and Messrs. A. E. Whit taker, A. E. Larrad. J. G. Enright, E. Phillips, S. Grimwood, G. Shawyer, and G. B. Moysey, with Cr. Boas as hon. secretary. It is proposed to start the first evening's entertainment and picture show on the 16th prox., the proceeds to be devoted to the widow and children of the late Mr. Amsberg. Aiding the Hospital.-At Fremantle on Wednesday evening last a joint meet ing of the Hospital Aid and Children's Ward committees was held, the Mayor (Mr. E. H. Fothergill) presiding over a large attendance. , It was resolved to amalgamate the two committees under the style of the "Hospital Aid and Char ity Committee," andi that a fund should ue created to be divided as follows: 50 per cent. to general funds of Freman tie Hospital, 30 per cent. to the Children's Ward at the hospital, 10 per cent. to the ambulance fund, and 10 per cent. to de serving charities. Mr. G. Cross was ap pointed honorary treasurer, and Mr. Fothergill honorary secretary of the new committee. It was resolved that Satur day, December 3, should be observed an hlospital Saturday, and that the usual effort to raise subscriptions should be made. An interesting proposal for home collection was explained and adopted by the meeting. Under the proposal, resi dents will be asked to have a box in their

homes and each member of the household will be expected to contribute at least one penny per week for the hospital. It was resolved to procure all information possible in regard to the methods of col lection adopted in different places, and to make arrangements for collections to be taken up at the various houses of enter tainment in the district. A public meet ing will be held on Tuesday night next to further the objects of the movement. Children's Hospital.-The annual meet ing of the Children's Hospital will be held at the institution at 8 p.m. on Mon day. The following nominations have been received in connection with the elec tion of the general committee:-Mr. J. Ainslie, Mrs. L. Alexander, Mrs. Eben. Allen, Mr. J. S. Battye, Mrs. Paul Bar rett, Mr. Paul Barrett, Mr. T. L. Beau champ, Mrs. W. W. Berry, Mrs. T. Bird, Mr. A. J. Cantor, Mr. A. Carson. Mrs. C'ollett. Mrs. Ii. Daglish, Miss F. Davies. Rev. D. I. Freedman, Mr. W. W. Garner, Mr. G. J. Gooch, Mrs. J. W. Hackett, Mrs. D. Harwood, Mr. ii. Hocking. Mrs. W. Kingsmill, Mr. W. Leslie, Mr. Chas. Moore, Mrs. F. Mosey, Mr. J. T. Mosev, Mr. A. C. McCal lum. Mr. G. F. Pitclhford, Mr. Ed. Pj man. Right Rev. Bishop Riley, Mr. t3. Rosenstanun, Mr. A. Sandover, Mr. Sydney Stubbs, Mr. Paul Strelitz, Mr. J. "I'ucker, Mrs. R. P. Vincent, Mr. W. H. Vincent. Mr. H. Williams, Mr. E. F. Waterhouse, Mrs. Frank Wilson, Mr. Shirley White. As only 34 members are to be elected subscribers have to strike out the names of those six they do not wish to vote for. The Mayoral Election.--A fairly large and representative meeting of Mr. Mol Ior's ladies' committee was held at the Bon ton Cafe on Wednesday afternoon, all wards being represented. Mrs. Fordhain and Mr. J. H. Noble were in attendance. and addressed the meeting. Afterwards Miss Molloy entertained the ladies pre sent at afternoon tea, when a pleasant hour was spent. Next week being Royal Show week, the customary meeting will not be held until the following Wednes day. Great Southern Show.-The annual show of the Great Southern District Pas toral and Agricultural Society commenc ed yesterday, and will be continued to day. Owing to pressure on our space the report of the first day's proceedings is unavoidably held over. The Case of Warder Wise.-Relative to the dismissal of Warder Wise of the Fre mantle Prison Staff., owing to his having declined to sever his connection with the local defence forces when ordered so to do by the Comptroller of Prisons, the Fremantle branch of the Australian La bour Federation Council is in receipt of a memorandum from Mr. Needham, of the Senate,. setting out that Federal members ,,a still concerning themselves in the matter. The branch has decided to ask fheir local Parliamentary Labour Party to take the matter into consideration, it being understood that Mr. Troy is secur ing the correspondence touching on the whole affair, with a view to laying it be fore the Legislative Assembly. It has aLo been reported to the branch that sev eral private employers have expressed their intention of placing an embargo on their employees attending military duties in working hours if the Government sus tains the action it has taken in dispens ing with Warder Wise's services. Some employers, it is said, claim that they have frequently suffered monetary loss in per mitting their employees to attend mili tary duties, and they argue that if the Government refuses to put no with slight inconvenience it can hardly expect pri vate employers to do other than follow the example. Military Parades and Eight Hour Day Demonstrations.-Complaints have been made that on Monday last members of certain Labour organisations were pre ciuded from joining in the Eight Hour procession through having to attend mili tary parades. and the Fremantle branch of the Australian Labour Federation Council has been discussing the position. :demlers of the council contend that with the advent of compulsory military train ing this practice will seriously interfere with any future Eight Hours Day demon stration, Proclamation Day being the day set apart legally for the demonstra tion, it was decided to bring the matter before the central executive, and obtain the co-operation of other organisations in making strong representations to the Federal authorities, with a view to ar ranging that military parades should not be held on that day. The Fire on the Koombana.-The fire which broke out amongst the cargo in No. I hold of the Nor'-west steamer Koombana just prior to her arrival at Port Hedland was still smouldering on her arrival at Fremantle early yesterday afternoon. As soon as the outbreak was discovered the Clayton Patent Fire Ex tinguisher, with which the vessel is fit ted, was brought into requisition, and by this means the fire was prevented from spreading. The apparatus did not extin guish the fire altogether however, and on hter arrival yesterday it was decided to pump water into the hold affected. After a considerable quantity of water had been admitted into the hold the hatches were removed, when it was found that the outbreak had been completely sub dued. A considerable portion of the cargo, consisting mostly of wool, was damaged by the fire and water, but the reseel itself suffered no damage. A Broken Leg.--Alex. Williams, of Garrett-street, Barswater, was unload ing a truck at the Perth goods sheds last

-c" ,05 UCU ne lCse uesween te plai form and the track fracturing his leg. Tae Commercial Tailoring Company have opened up their spring suitings. These are beautiful, classy goods. Good dressers who aim for exclusiveness are invited to inspect cur great selection. Order your spring suit early, to ensure its being ready when the first warm weather comes. 794 Hay-street (upstairs). Extended terms if desired. No shop windows. As the Rev. John Enright has given his straight, conscientious advice to the suffer ing humanity on page 3, lose no time in reading it. At the Builders and Contractors' Ex change to-day, at 3 p.m., Mr. James Gar diner will offer, acting under instructions from James Morrison, Esq., his well-known Talbot and Malahide Estates. These estates have been subdivided into 13 lots of areas from 10 to 1,200 acres, and will be offered on very liberal terms. A Civil Service smoke social will be held to-night in St. George's Hall. At a mission meeting in St. Andrew's Hall. Pier-street. at 3.30 this afternoon 3iss McGregor will speak on the child wives of India. A public meeting for the purpose of dis rucing the provisions of the Licensing Bill will be held in King's Hall, Subiaco, at 8 o'clock to-night. T. Tate and Co. announce a clearanro tale on the premises of the Melbourno Furniture Marn, 953 Hay-street, at 2 p.m. today. A horse, lorry, and harness will bo included. Those desirous of inspecting the college reservo which is to be sold by auction on the ground. Newcastle and Carr streets, Perth on Saturday next, at 3 p.m., ty Mr. 'has. Sommers. are reminded that they may obtain plans and all particulars at the auctioneer's office. Mr. F. M. Williams notifies in another column that his studio in T. and G. Cham hers (Moir's Chambers). St. George's-ter race, is now open to the public. The last of the series of free science lectures arranged by the Perth Literary Institute will be given on Monday night by Professor Lowrie on "Technical Educa tion in Relation to Agriculture." His Excellency the Governor will preside. Under the auspices of the Fremantle Caledonian Society a Halloween entertain ment will be held this evening, in the local Caledonian Hall. A cordial invitation has been extended to the Highland Bri gade to attend in uniform and to meet at the Frcmantle railway station at 7.30 p.m. A full fife band, led by Major MeKenzie, will head the procession. The "fayre" in connection with the Maylands Presbyterian Church will be con tmued to-night, when the opening cere mony will be performed by Mr. Chas. S~mmners, M.L.C. Each child present will receive a gift. A good programme has been arranged. The Perth Caledonian Society will hold th, annual Halloween gathering on Mon. day evening next in St. George's Hall. There will be the usual "haggis" and "chacn. pit tattles," the "dookin" for apples, and other joys which go to make this bairns' night such an enjoyable one for them. A start will be made at half-past 7. There w;:! be a dance for the adults after 10 o'clock. Mr. Reg. Webb notifies that a further .:>p.1 r.c plans of the Palmyra Estate ;s rar ready. The auctioneer states that all i.., mut go under the hammer. The sale ts'-e: epa-e on Monday and Tuesday next, a: Victoria Hall, High-street, Fremantle, : d o'cilock.