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SECONDARY SCHOOLS' SPORTS. SUCCESS OF CHRISTIAN BROTHERS' COLLEGE. IN CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS. NEW RECORDS ESTABLISHED. The lar e number of people who gathered at the Association Cricket Ground yesterday alternoon to witness the sixth annual ath letic championship meeting in connection with the secondary public schools derived a very real pleasure from the day's proceed ing:. The weather. although dull, did not interfere with the attendance, and the snorts wero carried out in a manner which reflect. ed distinct credit on the Secondary Public Schools' Spo-ts Association and on the large staff of oficials, including the hen. secre lary (Mr. J. L. O'Sullivan). Each succeed ing year increased interest is evinced in the sports. and the treeting yesterday can with out qualification easily be regarded as the most successful on record. The entries were large, and the events were all well contested and in a commendable spirit of friendly rivalry His Exceltency the Governor (who afterwards presented the prizes). Ladv Ede line Strickland, and Miss Strickiand, accom panied by Capt. lKer-Pearse, were in terested spectators for the greater portion of the afternoon. With the honour of their schools to up hold. and with handsome prizes awaiting those successful, the competitors fought out keenly the racing and other events. Cham pionship honours went to the Christian Brothers' Collego. Scotch College being next. Christian Brothers' College were also represented by the most successful ath leto in Cummings, who, it may be stated in passing, is a prominent League foot .aller. The Eame College was successful last year, add on that occasion also Savage. one of its representatites. proved the cha:n pion athlete. The next best champion yesterday was Richardson. of Scotch Col lege. The only occurrence to mar in any way the enjoyment of those present was an unfortunate accident in the High Jump, under 16. Wilkerson. one of the last of the three competitors to remain in, fell heavily on his wrist. It was afterwards found that he had broken it. First-aid appliances were quickly brought on the scene, and Wilkerson was shortly afterwards conveyed to his home. Several new records (indicated below) were established during the after noon. while in other events the time was equal to records already held. Of the younger competitors, Gonzales stood out as an athlete of fine promise. The Mile Open Race-the final event-was won on the tape by Richardson, of Scotch College, after a magnificent finish with Yelverton, of the same school. At the close of the afternoon His Excel lency the Governor presented the trophies to the successful competitors, and at the instance of Mr. Faulkner. headmaster of the High School. three lusty cheers were afterwards given for His Excellency and Lady Edelino Strickland. A programme of instrumental music was carried out on the lawn during the afternoon. Following were the officials:-Patron, His Excellency the Governor Sir Gerald Strick land, K.C.M.G.; referee, Mr. D. W. MeKel lar: judges. Messrs. J. F. Campbell. A. McDougall, C. B. Cox, Felix J. Whitwell, Colonel Irving; stewards, Messrs. D. G. Gawler, M.L.C., W. J. Rooney, K. J. Four drinier. W. A. Goland, F. D. North, R. A. Sholl, W. Lappin. Chas. Horebourgh, and H. B. Stone; timekeepers. Messrs. T. F. Jolly and S. Caris, and Bro. Doyle; starters, Mr. S. Grimwood, jun., and Lieut. Emmott; executive committee, Messrs. F. C. Faulk ner, Rev. Bro. W. G. Culligan, P. C. An derson, Rev. P. V. Henn, A. H. Lowe, R. E. Burns, T. D. Newham, Rev. L. W. Parry, and J. L. O'Sullivan (hon. sec.); Press stew ard, Mr. R. T. Troy. Appended are the results, the schools being indicated as follows:--"C.B.C." (Clhristian Brothers' College). "H.S." (High School), "C.E.G.S." (Church of England Grammar School), and "S.C," (Scotch College): Throwing the Cricket Ball.-Troy (ii.), C.B.C.. 1; O'Dea, C.B.C., 2: Halliday (i.), S.C.. 3. Distance. ll2yds. Ift. 4in. 220yds. (Open).-First heat: Richardson. S.C., 1; McDougall. H.S., 2. Time, 24 3-5th sec. Second heat: Cumming, C.B.C., 1; Evans, S.C., 2. Time. 24 2-5th sec (equal to record held by N. Higham, 1906). Third heat: Brown, C.B.C., 1; Montgomery, H.S., 2 Time. 24 3-5th sec. Final: Cumming. 1; Richardson, 2; Brown, 3. Time. 24 3-5th sec. Kicking Football.-Cumming, C.B.C., 1: Lockyer, C.E.G.S., 2; O'Dea, C.B.C., 3. Dis tance. 67yds. 100yds., under 16.-First heat: Dobson, C.B.C., 1; Bostock, C.E.G.S., 2. Time, 11 4-5th sec. Second heat: Hill, C.B.C., 1; Anthoness. H.S., 2. Time .12 3-5th sec. Third heat: McDermott, C.B.C., 1: With nell, C.E.G.S., 2. Time, 12sec. Final: Hill, 1; McDermott. 2: Withnell, 3. Time, 11 3-5th sec. (equal to record held by Treeood, S.C., 1909), Long Jump (open).-Lockyer, C.E.G.S., 1: Cumming. C.B.C., 2: Riley (i.), H.S.. and Evans. S.C., tio for third place. Distance. l9ft. 5in. High Jump (open).-Cumming, C.B.C., 1; Reysolds. C.B.C.. and Jenkins, H.S., tie for second place. Height, 4ft. 10tin. 100 Yards (open).-First heat: Mont gomery, H.S., 1; Brown, C.B.C., 2. Time, 11 1-5th. Second heat: Troy (ii), C.B.C., 1; Lockyer, C.E.G.S., 2. Time, 11 1-5th sec. Third heat: Richardson, S.C., 1; Cummino C.B.C., 2. Time, 10 4-5th sec. FinaT: Richardson, 1; Cumming, 2; Montgomery, 3 Time, 10 3-5th sec, trecord) 100 Yards, under 14.-First heat: Gos zales, C.B.C., 1; Sawyer, H.S., 2. Time, 12 3-5th see. Second heat: Caris, H.S., 1; Povey, S.C., 2. Time, 13 1-3rd soc. Third heat: Gregory, C.E..C., 1; Slors, S.C., 2. Time, 13 15th sec. Final: Gonzales, 1; Cars, 2; Povey, 3. Time, 11 4-5th sec (re cord). 120 Yards, under 12.-First heat: Freed man, C.B.C., 1; Sharman, H.S., 2. Time, 16 4-5th sec. Second heat: Riordan, C.B.C., 1; Hope, H.8., 2. Time, 16 1-5Sth see. Third heat: Redrienez (iv), C.B.C., 1; Morrison, H.S., and Lange, C.E.G.S., tie for second place. Time, 16 3-5th see. Final:

liordan, 1: Needbam, 2; Rodriquez, 3. Time, 15 3-5th sec. (record). Half-mile , (open).-Riehardson, S.C., 1; Glowrey, C.B.C., 2; Yelverton, S.C., 3. Time, 2min. 11 1-Sth sec. (reixord). Glow roy led right up to within a few yards of the post. A splendid finish. High Jump, under 16.-Cadd, H.S., 1; Quinlan, C.B.C. and Wilkerson (i), G.E.G.S., tie for second place. Wilkerson. when jumping splendidly, broke his wrist. Height, 4ft. 8Oin. 120 Yards tiurdles (open).-First heat: Boor, C.B.C., 1: Halliday (i), S.C., 2. Time, 19 4-5th sec. Second heat: Riley (i), H.S., 1: Lockyer, C.E.G.S., 2. Time, 20 2-S5th sec. Third heat: Cumming, C.B.C.. 1; Evans, S.C., 2. Time. 18sec. Final: Cumming, 1; Evans, 2: Boor, 3. Time, 18sec. (equal to record held by Savage, C.B.C., 1909.) Relay Race, 660 yards (under 15). C.B.C., 1: S.C., and H.S. tie for second place. Time, 1min. 26 1-5th sec (record). 75 Yards, under 12.-First heat: Rodri quez (iv), C.B.C., 1; Lange, C.E.G.S., 2. Second heat: Riordan, C.B.C., 1; Morrison, H.S.. 2. Third heat: Freedman, C.B.C.. 1: Sinclair. C.E.G.S., 2. Final: Riordan, 1; Freedman. 2: Sinclair, 3. Time, 10see. (equal to record held by Withnell, C.E.G.S., 1905). Old Boys' 100 yards.-First heat: Gerloff, H.S., 1; Oliver, C.B.C., and Gull, C.E.G.S., tie for second place. Time, 11sec. Second heat: Telford, S.C., 1; Long, C.E.G.S., 2. Time, 11 1-5th sec. Final: Gerloff, 1: Tel. ford, 2; Long, 3. Time, 10 3-5th see (equal to record held by Telford, C.B.C., 1906). 440 Yards (open).-Richardson, S.C., 1; Cumming, C.B.C., 2; Lckycr. C.E.G.S., 3. Time, 56 1.5th sec. (equal to record held by Savage, C.B.C., 1909). 220 Yards, under 14.-First heat: Carts, H.S., 1; Maswilk, C.B.C., 2. Time, 30 2-5th sec. Second heat: Mouritzen, C.B.C., 1; Withnell (ii), C.E.G.S., 2. Time, 30 3-5th see. Third heat: Gonzales, C.B.C., 1: Saw. yer, H.S., 2. Time, 30see. Final: Genzales 1: Carts. 2; Mouritzen, 3. Tiwae, 28 2-5th see. (record). 440 Yards, under 16.-McDermott, C.B.C., 1; Cadd, H.S., 2; Withnell (i), C.E.G.S., 3 Time, 60 3-5th see. Relay (open).-C.B.C., 1: C.E.G.S.. 2. Time, lmin. 49 4-5th sec. Cumming (C.B.C.), put up a fine performance. Mile (open).-Richardson, S.C., 1; Yelver. ton, S.C., 2: Wroth, S.C., 3. Won on the tape, after a magnificent finish. Time, 5 min. 3 4-5th se'. Champion Athlete and Champion School. -Conditions: Scoring-Points aworded as follows:-Open events: 5, 3. 2. Under age events: 3, 2, 1. In the Relay Race indivi dual cometitors score no points. No poin:3 For Old Collegians' events. For kicking the football and throwing the cricket ball points-3, 2, and I to be awarded. The school gaining the greatest number of points ts be styled champion school for the year and to hold the Alcoek Shield (such chield never to be won outrighil. In case of a tie. the school gaining the greatest number of points in open events to be the champion school. The boy who gains the greatest number of points in the open erents to be styled the .econdaryv Pblic fchools Cham pion of W.A.. and to he awarded the Cov. ernors Cup (donated by IIis Excellency the Govcrnor), in addition to any other prizes. in each event the winner to be awarded a silver medal, and the sccnindl a bronze medal. First and second in eac"h iheJt to start in final. Channion athlete: Cumminu (C.B.C.), 28 points, 1: Richardson (S.C.), 23 j:ints 2. Chaumpion School: Christian iros." Colleze, 78 points. 1: Srcoth Ccllege, 3,9) points. 2; Church oCf E:uland Grammar School, 16) points, 3; Hligh Schecel, li