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STOCK A ND CROP' -`--'-` RETURNS. : BUNiBURY. The. Government Statistician' Mr :MalecoV A. C. Fraser,- has received from-Sub- ispec: : j : ΒΆ tor T. G. Mitchell, at Bunbury, eportb Constables L. W.. Smith', andP. E.Cusck in'connectios, with the collection of the sea son's- crop and stock statistics in the Bui= hury sub-district.. . . : Constable Smith writes: "I lhaye ':co-: pleted .the collecting' of the agriculturalI and pastoral s.trtistas for the year 1909-0 1 for the Bunbury ;city area, and find. thait the various market gardens in.and :aroiuhd Bunbury .have eiperenced .the' usUal'~ri-l Stable* returns from the sale of theirvarl -: ous products, for which' there . is' alwwys;: ?? brisk :demand; owing, no adubt.:" to, the large number, of oersea vessels. calling. a unburiy forcoal and tiinber. The same thing, applies to poultry 'raising, although there is .shown a less number following that particular calling, but they speak fav onrably of their prospects. :I` find that-re latIve to :.other. stock. tlere -is not-:muc difference to the previous year;'and speak ing generally of the prospects. and. pro perity for- the Bunbury city -area these'-e most favourable on-the whole.". Coistable Cusack writes: "I "ave.con pleted the statistical" returns ..for... abo mentioned district. During the course of collecting these returns .the folowing loca. lities were visited:-Australind, Banger Boyanup, Brunswick, Capel, Dardanup, El gin, Ferguson, Glen Iris, Ludlow, Minnlnup, North Coast, Picton, .Roelands, Wterin, and Wellington Mills; and the seroeunding country of each 'locality. 'I am unable to pass an opinion as. to whether the. district is now 'in a more prosperous state than m any. previous season, .as I have only .bet fotur months, in. this district. Sheep-in seems to be the principal industry,:e ly in the localities of Ferguson andRo lands, the country being very adaptable .fo that purpose, and the farmers-generally are commanding better'prices for their wool thi season than any previous year.: A very gis percentage of lambs also has been recorded in many cases. Dairying is receiving a lot of attentiop, and is a: coming indstry this district, all the settlers being well s.-, isfied with the results which they 'aM 's r ceiving from the local factory... As far. cattle-raising is c oncerned for: public and private constmption, \it is ani absolite frpo as the grower cannot obtain the small price of 21d. perlb. for theirimdat. ' There axe come very promising poultry farms to: b seen in this localityand this industry is well'worthy of attention. As regards agri culture, the results have been highly satias factory throughout the district, where .so most cases oaten hay was principally.gon in for. The fruit season has apparently been very successful during 1909, and' far mers are securing good prices or the fruit and grapes. 'otatoes have been grown with good results throughout the district with the exception of the Stirling Estate in the vicinity of Capelf where most of the settlers lost their swamp crop of potatoes. through floods." YUNDAMINDERA? . T?he following report -by Constable ?;G Lynch in'connection with the collectiono the. season's statistics deals withthe Yn dainindera sub-district: "I beg 't report that' under separate cover I forward stock returns 1909-10 for 'Yundamindera sub district. The principal places visited Yundamindera, Yarn, Edjudina, Pingin,?.ad Linden. During the season 1909 rains above the average fell totalling about 10in., but out of-this 4in. fell in January, and again nice rains: in June, July, and September which caused grass and herbage to grow i abundance. All the stock in this ditrict ' are in good condition. There is a sub stantial. inmecrease in cattle, althougheach the large holders sold a considerable num her of fat cattle during the season. Rau bits also have thrived well, and' can now be seem in-thousands in this district but ar to be doing very little harm to lar?g Constable S. Pimblett.has dil a . port on the collection of the season's crop and' stock returns in the Gingin ~i istric The constable remarks:-"This has .been- ' good season all round, and at..the'prices rul ing farming is a good investment.:Only'in a few instances did I find that farmers, were not growing as. much grain as formerly. The reason given was: 'We have the machi nery for: cutting into chaff, and as welive near the railway we consider it pays us bes ter.' A fair amount of -land has been alien ated from the Crown, and the Midland Rail. way Company from January 1 to' December 31 have disposed of about 50,000 acres of their land. This' is: principally graing lail? and it has mostly been, secureg byodset- ., tiers, as it adjoins their holdings. This has provided,.a fair amount of employment; in. fencing, clearing, etc."