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COUNTRY. COOLGARDIE. A five-roomed house in Woodward-street owned and occupied by Mrs. Austin was de stroyed by fire on Tuesday night. The building and its contents were insured m the Colonial' Mutual Office for £200. An inquest concerning the death of Frank Taylor, who died as the result"of injuries sustained through a fall of rock in the Han nan's Reward mine on the 7th inst.. was opened to-day and adjourned to Monday. DUMBIEYUNG. Tenders have been called for the new agricultural hall at Dumbleyung. It will be the first building erected at the terminus of the line, and will fill a long-felt, want. It is hoped that the education authorities will utilise the building for school purposes. Nothing has been heard of Mr. Mitchell's promise to give special help towards a- hall at the 125-mile gate, on the rabbit-proof feice, in order that it -may also be used as a school The methods of the Eduncation Department are so slow that it is feared by thetime it is erected the pr pupil will have grown up and selected a hundred .miles further east. Church services are held every Sunday at Mr. James's residence, a mile from the 125 mile gate, and the congregation is seldom less than 35 yeople. The advent of the winter is stirring up the sporting element in the farmers' sons, and three football clubs have been formed the Rovers, at the 118-mile; another club at the 129-mile, and another at Dumbleyung. The formation of. the new Dumeleyung Roads Board is causing a good deal of satis fection, and a public meeting has been called at the Dumbleyung Siding by the settlers to elect delegates on Saturday, April 17. The delegates will attend the conference at Wagin to adjust the boundaries of the new district. MOUNT BARKER. Winter has begun in earnest. We seem to be having an abnormal amount of wet days for this time of the year, bringing up the young grass and doing a lot of good to the late apples. Growers here are very pronounced in their verdict of prices obtaining this year for fruit. There is talk of forming a local fruit association. No doubt this would be a step in the right direction. This place if slowly is surely forging ahead. Recently two good substantial shops have been completed, also a number of dwellings. The coming year-promises to be a record as regards orchard planting, most of the growers adding to their acreage, one orchard ia alone putting in 50 acres of apples. Local cricketers have had a good season. The local association matches resulted in the Blackwood Road team securing the pre miership. In outside matches the associa tion has also been very succesful, defeating Albany and Tenterden-Cranbrook combined each twice. The sports committee have recently had a new recreation ground cleared, and are anxious to have couch grass planted. 'As this ground abuts both the railway station and Council Chamber it will prove a great improvement to that part of the town. NORSEMAN. The Rev. Mother Antonia and Sister Mary Clare, of thc Coolgardie Convent, visited Norseman last week for the purpose of com pleting arrangements for the opening of the Norseman Convent School It is, munder stood, that the school. will open early in June, and 86 pupils-have been enrolled. It is a matter for general regret to notice that recently a large number bf splendid trees in the vicinity of the town have been cut down. Hitherto Norseman is oneof the few "oldfields' towns that has not suffered greatly in this respect. Re presentations have repeatedly been made to the Roads Board with a view of having the timber adjacent to the town protected, but unfortunately without effect. The small fines imposed upon persons who have been detected .by the police in cutting timber within the two-mile radius has evidently not had a deterrent effect, and it is deplor able to notice the timber that has been wantonly cut down within the town bound ary. Several miners' homestead areas have also been granted in the State forest reserves within a mile of the town. - It seems somewhat remarkable that these areas, which in many instances are held for speculative purposes, should be granted on these reserves. Evidently the nature of these applications should be carefully inves tigated by the Mines and Forestry Depart ments. A good deal of work is still in progress on the railway line, and it will be some months before the Government take over the second section. The goods-shed was completed last week, and is a very serviceable, building. The locomotive shed is expected to be cdm pleted next week. The railway station will also be completed early in the ensuing month. So far the goods and passenger traffic is excellent, and general satisfaction is expressed at the "facilities afforded by the company for the transit of goods and ma chinery. The uniform rate of 28s. per ton from Widgiemooltha and 10s. for pasengers are considered to be reasonable charges, especially when it is considered that only a few months ago the return coach fare from Norseman to Coolgardie was £4 10s., exclu sive of expenses for a two days' journey, and goods were charged for at the rate of 2d. per lb. It can well be imagined that the present conditions are generally appre ciated. It is generally understood that when the second section of the railway is taken over by thk Government that the recommendation made some time since by the Public Service Commissioner, to the effect that the position of Warden and Resident Maogistrate for the Dundas gold field be abolished and that the duties be performed by the Coolgardie Warden, will be carried into effect. The proposal is very generally regretted, the present Warden, Mr. L. L. Crockett, who has occupied the position during the past five years, is held m the highest esteem by all sections of the community, and it is generally desired that the Government rmay yet decide upon re

taming his serviccs in this district. Mr. W. H. Shaw, who has been chief operator at the Norseman Post Office for the past sixteen months, has been transferred to Coolgardie, where he will act in a simi lar capacity. Mr. Shaw's departure from. the district is generally regretted. Prior to his departure on Monday evening a num ber of representative business representatives assembled at the Criterion Hotel for the purpose . of bidding the departing official farewell. Reference was made to his gene ral courtesy to the public and the efficient manner in which he had discharged his duties. Mr. Shaw will be succeeded at Ncseman by Mr. Warne, from the Kanowna office. A fatal accident occurred on Tuesday evening. A man named Serra, who was working in the Record prospecting claim, fell down a ladder, sustaining injuries to his abdomen. He died shortly after admission to the hospital. ONSLOW. At a meeting of parishioners on Tuesday evening, over which the rector (the Rev. W. H. Boake) presided, it was unanimously decided to accept the offer of Messrs. Hooley Bros. of £50 for the wreckage of the church hall, which was blown down in the rectnt willy-wi~y.