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STOCK AND CROP RETURNS. The Government Statistician, Mr., Mal colm A. C. Fraser, has received from Sub-Inspector F. G. Mitchell, at Cue, two further reports on the crop and stock statistics in the Murchison district, sup plied respectively by Constables A. L. F. Fitzsimons and J. Page. Constable Fitzsimons, reporting on the Nannine sub-district, savsh---"I have to report for your information that, while collecting statistical returns, I visited Stake .. ell, Burnakurra, Quinns, Gaba nintha, and Star of the East. The whole of the district I passed through, owing to the recent rains, looks splendid. A good year for this distrct is now assur ed, there being abundance of water, while the grass is springing up well every where. The stock are all in good con dition. Landholders in this district are beginning, it would appear, to favour sheep-breeding in preference to cattle." Constable Page, reporting on the Mount Gould district, states:---"I have to report that I returned to station January 27, 1909, having' patrolled the Mt. Gould district for the purpose of collecting sta tistics. From what I could see and learn, the country round Belele Station has had a good year. The stock seemed to be in good condition, and there was plenty of good feed. Two inches of rain fell on Belele early in January, 1909. Other stations 4islted were Moorarie, Beringarra, Milly Milly, Byro, Mt. Nar ryer, Manfred, and Mileura. The ow ners or managers of the stations mention ed seem to be satisfied with the season, and a reference to the previous statisti cal flgures will show a very satisfactory improveneent. I may say that there is a general improvement in the stock car ried on- the stations throughout the Mur chison pastoral areas. The rain that fell early m January was fairly general, and good green grass could be seen every where after it. The numbers of points registered on the various stations were as follow:--Belele Station, 200 points; Moorarie Station, 166 points; Beringarra, 304 points; Milly Milly, 200 points; Byro, 200 points; Mt. Tarryer, 161 points; Man fred, 219 points; Mileura, 750 points. After leaving Manfred Station for Mi leura Station, there was a very heavy rainfall. The early rain in Mileura re gistered 3 1/2 in., and the second rain 4in. I have been informed that -the latter rain was general. Mr. Walsh states that it was the highest flood he has ever seen on Mileura Station. The water was all round the house, and had to be banked out with earth. One could see nothing but water for miles on every side. A large extent of new country has been taken up around Milly Milly, and the owners are doing a lot of well-sinking, also erecting windmills and fencing. The country generally is now looking well, and owners are pleased with their pros pects for toe ensuing season."