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-, f--..STAT LOA1N WORKS. H :. .,,:-- PROGRESS IN 1907-8. ANTICIPATI4ONS FOR 190859. Attached to tthe Loan Estimates noew blefor thei Legisitive Assembly is a re t:: rshoing the progress made and the antilcipat~d progress with works provided for oiit of Idoan. The progress made is that for the ipendituro fotthe financial' year, 1907-8'' which ended on June 30 ' .st. and the anticipated progress which is expected"td .be made during the cur 'rent: financial year, 1908-9, w?ich ends on JdiiYun30th' next. In the following all items i?iginst' which this progress is shown arc grhen.. The amount following the item represents the estimated expen diture for 1908-9, and the amount in parentheses-wherever given-the. esti mated unexpenided balance on June 30, 1909, of the loan authorisation, inclusive iof the new Loan Bill. The remarks fol lowing the year "1907-8" represent the progress made for the expenditure which, took-place that year. The remarks fol Slowing the. year. "1908-9" indicate the progress anticipated to be made during the year eding Jnue 30, 1900. Railways. Additions and improvements to opened ` railways, £75,837 (£68,163): 1907-8--Fre mantle-Spencer's Brook. duplication com pleted. New station, West Subiaco, coal storage facilities, Midland Junction; coal ing appliances for shipping at Bunbury; Sfencing in agricultural districts and facilities at stations.ouu spur lines under-. .. taken. . 19089 -Completion of works ini :hand as per page 71, railway annual re-. port, and to undertake part of pro gramme detailed at page 8 thereof. Collie-Narrogin, £1,000 (£4,512): 1907 B--Completed and handed over to work ,ing railways, October 7, 1907. 1908-9- -'hole amount required to pay outstand inig accounts, principally in connection with alterations to Narrogin station. Coolgardie-Norseman, £46,468 (£20. 600): 1007-8-First section .vas com pleted on June 2, 1908. Tenders are in vited for. the second section. 1908-9 Outstanding accounts of first section to be paid, and good progress in construe tion bf second section expected. Denmark-Torbay, £50,000: 1908-9 Purchase of line. Donnybrook-Preston, £18,813: 1907-8 First section was completed and handed aover to working railways on March 26, 10958. ,..The clearing and earthworks of second section are being pushed'forward. 1908-9--Completion of construction. Greenhill-Quairading, £4,700: 1907-8- Completed and handed over to working railways; April 24, 1908. 1908-9 ALmount required to pay outstanding ac coiints. lHopetoum-Ravcnsthorpe, £14,373: 1907. 8-Clearing pr.ctically complete to ehd of 'line, earthworks well forward. Rails 'laid to 23. miles. 1908-9-Completion of :contract. Jandakot-Armadale, £5,400: 1907-8- : Completed and handed over to working - railways, July 10. 1907. 1908-9 Amount required to pay outstanding ac "`. counts. Katanning-Kojonup, £700: 1907-8--Im ." provements effected to line by working ri.rilways. 1908-9--Completion of ballast ' ing portion of line by working railways. SMount Magnet-Black Range, £20,000 : (.1,303): 1908-9--Tenders called; good progress withl construction. Nannine-M??katharra, £2,000: 1908-9 Commencement.. Narrogin-Wiicopin, £17,899: 1907-8- :'Contract let on May 4, 1908; good pro Sgross; made with construction. 1908-9 ': Compiletion of contract. Newcastle-Bolgart, £20,000 (£8,0001: 1908-9-Tenders called; construction work - ell advanced. LL injarrah-Marrenup, £10,000 (£3. 200) : 1908-9-Preliminary expensnes and commencement of construction. ::::Port Hedland-Marble Bar, £10,000 (£65,000): 1908-9--Tenders to be called in February; commencement of construe :. tionii Rails and- fastenings, £252,000 (£154l159s1: 1907-8-Works: Tenders were -accepted on January 10, 1908, for 100 miles af rails and fastenings, and a con tract .is .being prepared for 218 miles. Railways: Rails and fastenings supplied for works under additions and improve nients. vote. 1908-9-Works: Delivery of ` balance of 100 miles of rails and portion of 218 miles of rails for proposed lines. :'Railwanys: Supply of rails and fastenings for works under additions and improve :ments vote. Railways generally, £10,000 (£90,000): 1908?9-Com letion of construction of ariilway to Kalgoorlie explosives maga zines and abattoirs. Rolling stock, £80,000 (£99,818): 1907 -: S dditional carriages and waggons and coinversion of locomotives, as per pages 40-2, railway annual report, under pro grammo of construction of January, 1907. 1D908-9-rCompltion of programme of con struction of January, 1907, and conver sion of five additional class "0" locomo tives to class "N." Also expenditure of £8,000 for vacuum cylinders to equip freight trucks. Further provision will require to be made for Black Range and Marble Bar railways. Sunrveys new lines, £8,500: 1907-8- Completed: Wonnerup Extension, Upper SChapman. deviation Coolgardie-Norseman ,'in Higzinsville, PinjarrahI-Marrenup,

eL UUob UUULL LUnmuu . nuauge, ueonora Lawlers (trial survey), Goomalling-Won gan Hills (trial survey), Preston Valley Iojonup Extension. Nannine-Meeka tharra (trial survey), Bridgetown-Wil ga.rup. Land resumption: Jandakot-Ar .:-imadale, Collie-Darkan, Katanning-Kojo nup, WVagin-Dunbleyugg. In progress: ':.Wagin-Darkan (trial survey), Denmark ?Deep River (trial survey). Land resump :.tion: Donnybrook-Upper Preston, first srection. Greenhills-Quairading, Narrogin •Wickepin, Bridgetown-Wilgarrup. 1908 -C .ompleted: Wagin-Darkan (trial sur vey), Coolgardie-Norseman, deviation ;,near Norseman; Denmark-Deep River , t.(trial survey). Land resumption: Donny ii?;iook Preston,: first section .Greenhills

Quairading, Narrogin-Wickepin, Bridge town-Wilgarrup, Wonnerup Extension. In Progress-iLand resumption': Donny brook-Preston (extension to Boyanu!), Port Hedland-Marble Bar, Coolgardie Norseman, Mount Magnet-Black Range, and Upper Chapman. Other surveys as authorised. Wagin-Dumbleyung, £400: 1907-8 Complete. 1908-9: Adjustment of ac counts. Water supply for new lines, £15,000 (£35,000): 1908-9-Completion of water supply at Widgiemooltha, and commence-, ment of works for water supplies for. second section Coolgardie-Norseman, Hopetoun-Ravensthorpe, Mount Magnet Black Range, and Port Hedland-Marble Bar railways. Wonnerup-Nannup, £30,100: 1907-8- This line was. commenced in March, 1903, and is" being carried out depart mentally from Jarrahwood to Nannup. 1908-9-Completion of construction from Jarrahwood to Nannup. "Workqhops, . buildings, etc., :7,000 (£10,548): 1908-9-Completion of build ings on the IIopdtoun-Ravensthorpa rail way, and commencement of those on the Port HIedland-Marble Bar and Mount Magnet-Black Range railways. Point Sampson-Roebourne, £11,000: 1907-8: Line was commenced in March, 19008, and good progress made. 1908-9- Completion. Harbour and River Improvements. Additions and improvements, North West, .£10,000 (£4,187): 1907-8--Broome tramway completed; Carnarvon tram way in progress; Onslow work not yet started. 1908-9-Completion of Carnar von works, Onslow works, also Port Sampson Jetty, lengthening and strengthening. Albany harbour works, £2,500: 1907-8 -Dredging outer channel to "Banjo" area .to 33ft. in progress. 1908-9-Com pletion of work of ' deepening "Banjo" area. Bunbury harbour - works,. £17,000 (£13,484): 1907-8--Construction of mole completed. 1908-9--Final settlement for mole construction and works incidental thereto, and commencement of coaling wharf. Busselton Jettty Extension, £5,000 (£20,000): 1908-9-Fair progress. Carnarvon Harbour Works, £683: 1907-8--Foreshore protection works com pleted. 1908-9-Completion of repairs involved by recent floods., Dredges and Barges, £3,000 (£1.,440): 1907-8-Supply of delivery pipes and pon toons, and preparation of dredge "Fre ,mantle" for work in Perth Water, com pleted. 1908-9-Supply of barges and tow boat for Perth Water improvements. Fremantle Dock and Slip, £25,000 (£82,?)l): 1907-8--Borings and investiga tions, also sinking of trial shaft complet ed. 1908-9-Completion of new plipway, commencement of excavations for dock at Rous Head, and preparation of special plant. Fremantle Harbour ,Works, £2,227: 1907-8-Extension of electric. cables and runways and erection of cranes complet ed. Strengthening of -Victoria Quay in progress. 1908-9-Completion of work. Fremantle Sea Wall and Esplanade, £30 (£458) : 1007-8--Completed. 1908-9 -Adjustment of accounts. Hopetoun Jetty Extension, "£2,600 - 1907-8-Jetty extension nearing comple tion. 1908-9--Completion. Improvements to Rivers and Harbouis, £15,000 (.£25,486): 1907-8--Deenening of channels in Perth Water in -progress. Pleasure boat houses completed. Mends street shelter shed completed. Repairs Son sea wall Perth Water completed. Strengthening Broome' jetty completed. Fishing boat harbour, Fremantle, com pleted. Albany, . dredging swinging basin at Town jetty. 1908-9-Continua tion of work on Perth foreshore. Widen ing and deepening channels, Mounts Bay reclamation. Barrack-street square, stone facing, raising, and repairing. Overhaul dredge "Governor." Completion of dredging swinging basin and channel approach, Albany. Extension of Vasse and Wonnerup River weirs. Lighthouses, £20,000 (£13,074): 1907-8 -Lightkeepers' quarters, Cape Leeuwin and Breaksca, in progress. Preparatory work in connection with North-West lighthouses in hand. 1908-9-Completion of Breaksea and Leeuwin lightkeepers' quarters, and Cape Inscription light house. Construction of lighthouses at Pt. Cloates, Bedout, and Cape Leveque will be commenced. Port Hedland Harbour Works, £11, 551: 1907-8-New jetty contract in hand. 1908-9-Completion of jetty. Installation of channel beacons. Water Supply and Sewerage. Albany Water Supply, £300 (£3,079) : 1907-8-Submerged weir and reservoir and storage tank for shipping completed, and new mains to deep sea and town jet ties laid. Reticulation of main streets completed. 1908-9-Completion. Water supply for Towns Generally, £12.392 (£8.000) : 1907-8-Derby : Im provements to town well and reticulation completed: work of fixing meters in pro gress. Broome: Standpipes erected in town. Pt. Sampson Jetty : Stock well equipped with windmill and storage tanks. - remantle and Claremont : Ex tension of reticulation and high level scr vice reservoir completed for each. A tank has been completed at Wagin for a stock supply. Katanning town supply in vestigations completed. Broomehil sy phon and troughing erected for stock supply in townsite. Minor works were carried out at Bunbury, Dowerin, Mt. Kokeby, and Narrogin. 1~908--Derby:

worK o01 nxmg meters completea. alec trically driven pumps, etc., to Fre mantle.. High level service reservoir will be completed and extension of reticula tion proceeded with. Improvements to water supplies at Busselton, Narrogin, etc. Claremont extension of reticulation proceeded with. Brookton water supply. Boring for Water on Stock Routes, etc. £21,680 (.£16,000): 1907---Works: 67-Mile bore, Derby. down to 1,850ft. Flow 140.000 gallons per day. Wyndham bore down to 1,100ft. Contracts accept ed for bores at tladstone and Maud's Landing and at the Old Men's Home, Claremont. Mines : Opening up Sturt's Creek-.Wilun, stock route. 1908-0

Works : Bores at 67-Mile, Derby, Wynd ham, Maud's Landing, Old Men's Home, Claremont, and Busselton, will be com pleted and Gladstone bore commenced. Mines : Boring, wells, etc., Sturt's Creek Wiluna stock route. Deep Boring Transcontinental Route, .£3,000 (£5,000) : 1908-9-r'air progress. Sewerage for Perth and Fremantle, £120,000 (£120,145) : 1007-8-Matilda Bay stormwater drain complete ; Parry street main and sewer, complete; Claise brook main sewer and Parry-street branch, t complete ; interception Claise brook drain, complete ; Matilda Bay main extension to Thomas-street, com plete ; Fremantle main sewer, laying pipes in tunnel, complete: Fremantle treatment works, in hand ; Mounts Bay stormwater main, second section, in hand ; Mounts Bay stormwater main, third section, and Claisebrook main sewer, third section, in hand ; Leeder ville branch. Matilda Bay main, in hand : Howard-street main drain, Fre mantle, in hand ; Oval sewer pipes (sup plies contract), year's work ; stoneware pipes (supplies contract), year's work ; manhole covers and step irons, in hand : 'reinforced manhole covers, in hand. 1008-9-Howard-street main drain, Fre mantle, completion; Fremantle treatment works, completion ; Mounts Bay storm water main, second section, completion ; Mounts Bay stormwater main, third sec tibn, and Claisebrook main sewer, third section, completion ; Leederville branch Matilda Bay main, completion ; Hyde Park main and sewer, in hand ; Fre mantle main, first section, completion: Fremantle main, second section, com pletion ; Lefroy-street main drain, Fre mantle, completion ; Mt. Eliza main sewer, in hand ; Terrace main sewer, in .hand: Mt. Lawley main sewer, in hand; Mt. Lawley stormwater main, in hand ; Claisebrook main sewer, second section, in hand; reticulation started; Oval sewer pipes, year's work ; stoneware pipes, year's work. Development of Mining. Eastern Goldfields, £24,000 (£18,608) : 1907-8--Works completed :-Surveys, etc.: Eundynie, Pingin, Parker's Range, Yel ladine-road, Jubilee, Higginsville, Ka-. nowna, Gindalbie tank. Water Sup plies : Leonora, town and mines. Im provements : Norseman batteries and mines water supply,.Menzies extensions, Linden aid Mt. Celia, Jaurdie Hills, Paddington, Jacoletti, Buldania. Tanks: Kundip, Eundynie. Boring and Wells: Mt. Redcliffe, Copperfield, Menzies-Ida road, Armadale, Widgiemooltha. King's Well, Linden. Works Partly Complet ed : Pingin tank,' Jaurdie Hills battery water supply, Mt. Ida battery water sup ply. 1908-9-Water Supplies : Jaurdie Hills, Murrin Murrin, Ida-Menzies road, Lawlers Town, Eundynie, Pingin, Men zies domestic, Randall's domestic, and battery, Ora Banda; Camel Backs, Copperfield, Carbine, Mt. Morgans domestic, Laverton'Cosmo-New bury road, south of Southern Cross, Men zies town, general in new country. Suf veys : Randall's domestic, Mt. Morgans domestic, Gindalbie, catchment areas Norseman and Carnage. Tanks : Ka nowna-Gindalbie road' tank, Jubilee tank. Improvements : Fencing No. 2 Camel Farm, general construction and develop ment work. Murchison and Peak Hill Goldfields, £8,000 (£6,151) : 1907-8--Works complet ed :-Surveys, clearing tracks, etc.: Barrambie-Berrigri nroad, Mecl:atharra extension, Palagea Rocks-Youanmo road. Boring and Wells : Gabanintha, Han cocks, Sandstone, Prominent Hills, Montagu-Walgagunyah road, Errols, Redcastle, Messenger's Patch, Nannine Wiluna road, Touanme-Palagea Rocks, Cue-Mindoolah road, Magnet-Palagea Rocks. Improvements : Maninga Mar ley, Mindoolah, Mt. Magnet, Meeka tharra water supply, Mt. Magnet-Black Range road, Cue-Wiluna road. Meeka tharra-Peak Hill road and stock routes. Works partly completed : Cue-Fortescue stock route boring. 1908-9-Boring and Wells : Well between Yarrabudda and Granites, Yallogindat, Youanme-Magnet road, Wiluna water supply, Hancocks, Youanme water supply for prospectors, general in new country, Jillawarra water supply. Road Clearing : Mt. Magnet. General construction and development work. Pilbarra Goldfields, £4,000 (£2,961): 1907-8 - Works Completed :-Wells : Murphy's Gap. Improvements: Wells on main roads, Wodgina, N. Shaw, Suell's, Chessman's and Yandacoogina. Boring and bore wells on main roads and about mining and prospecting 'centres. 1908-9 -Boring between Abydos and Pinnacles, Boring Wodgina--e "trey, Doherty's Find Well, Murphy's Gap Well, Mul gundunnah Well, Bore Well for Prospec tors, Well between Caporn's and Croydon mines. Water supplies generally. Other Goldfields, etc., £4,200 (£1,218): 1907-8--orks Completed :-Water Sup ply : Ravensthorpe. Tanks : Ravens thorpe, Nos. 1 and 2. 1908-9-Kybullup Creek-West River track. Water supply and tracks to Bremer Range and other narts. Sundry small water supplies. Boring for coal. Development of Mining, £29,000 (£17,432) : 1907-8-Loans under Mines Development Act, etc. 1908---Loansi under Mines Development Act, etc. State Batteries and Treatment Plants, £31,000 (£19,000) : 1907-0---Ercctioo of State batteries, etc. 1908-9-Erection of State batteries, etc. Development of Agriculture. Abattoirs, Cold Storage, Export Depot.,

(£27,006): 1908-9-Fair progress made. Development of Agriculture, including drainage. £92.415 (£58,175) : 1907-8- Lands: Water supply, boring, £1,741;i boring plant, £498 ; wells, £1,042; dams, £395; tank, £50. Ringbarking-Doodla kine, £7.584; Denmark, £1.607: Balbar rup, £1,360: Margaret, £630; Pine Plan tation, Ludlow, £492; Denninup, £128. Clearing Roads-Leopold Ranges, £546: Williams District, £350: Darkan Town site, £218; sundry. £50: Drainage, £603: Pine Plantation. £4510: Nangeenau Set tlement, £219; sundries, £146; adminis tration, £621 : total, .18,732. Agricul ture : Purchase of stock for' settlers,

£22,903; Brunswick Dairy Farm, £8,651; Experimental Farms, £2,451; Loans, £1,676; Tammin Depot and Special Set tlement, £376 Producers' Conference, £224; Winm. Patterson's American trip, £200; Phosphatic Deposits, £158; Bee Industry, £151; Dairy Industry gene rally, £123 ; Wheat Testing Mill, £105; sundry amounts (less -than £100), £478; administration,' £360; total, £40,856. Works : Upper Harvey River, snagging completed ; Weeks drain and cnulvert; Lower Harvey, straightening and snag ging completed to Hout's Bridge ;- ori jekup Fruit Settlement, drain completed; Harvey Itain Drain Extension, in pro gress ; Waroona Drain, 4] miles com pleted ; Caris Drain in progress. 1908-9 -Lands : Clearing and ringbarking land, providing water, pine planting, reaffores tation, clearing roads and tracks, clear ing poison from roads and reserves, and minor works in new townsites and agri cultural ureas. Also £12,000 for im provements, etc., Denmark Estate, and £10,000 for surveys before selection. Agriculture : Agricultural farms, pur chase of stock, milking machines, irriga tion plants, silos, phosphatic deposits, loans, etc. Works : Completion of Har vey Main Drain Extension, Clarke's Brook (widening), Yalup Brook, Bridge over Samson's Brook ,Harvey Main Drain (deviation), Waroona Drain (se cond section), .Drakesbrook Drain Exten sion, Caris Drain Extension, Greenland Road Drain (Coolup), Wannamal Drain age, Wonnerup Floodgates Extension, Stirling Estate Bridges, etc., Kokeby Drainage and Clearing Elvira Gully through Clifton Estate, Snagging Bruns wick. and Hirvey Rivers .also Boring for Water in. agricultural areas. Agricultural Immigration, £12,848 (£10,019.) : 1907-8--Lands : -Advqrtising and Lecturing in Great Britain and the Eastern States. Colonial Secretary : Salaries, lecturing fees, advertising, printing, exhibits, etc., as follows : London, £1,709; Head Office, £749 ; Perth Immigration Agency, £610 ; Fre mantle Bureau, £280. 1908-9-Lands: Advertising, lecturing, etc. Colonial Secretary : Expenditure on same lines as last year. Rabbit-proof Fence, £16,000 : 1907-8 Works': Completed. 1908-9--Agriculture: Construction of 10 miles of fence at Bar rambie. Roads and Bridges. New Roads and Bridges in Country and Goldfields Districts, including feed ers to railways, £25,030 (£30,970): 1907-8-Completed : Kowigin Bridge, Moore River, and Layman's Gully Bridge ; Payne's Gully Crossing, half completed. 1908-9-Roads and bridges generally, including feeders to Agricul tural Railways. Fremantle High-Level Bridge, £4,000 : 1908-9-Completion. Puolic Buildings. Public Buildings, £127,520 (£55,680) : 1907-8-The following Schools, School Quarters, and Additions completed : Hawthorn, Kalgoorlie (quarters and in fant additions), South Kalgoorlie and Northam. Following also completed : Male and Female Wards (Claremont Hos pital for Ihsane), for quiet and chronic, recent and acute : New Wards and Din ing Hall (Claremont Old Men's Home), Fremantle Prison Additions, Perth Art Gallery. Perth Government Electrician's Office, Perth Government Printing Office, Perth Refrigerating Works, Plant, etc., and sundry other buildings. Fair pro cress made with the following :-Clare mont Training College Additions, Bed cliffe School and Quarters, Kalgoorlie Abattoirs, Maylands Police Station and Quarters, Perth Museum. Office. etc. Following well in hand :-Lighting in stallation and other works, Claremont Hospital for Insane, and other work than abov e at Old Men's Home. Cominenced : Perth Technical School, Permanent Build ings. Alterations. etc. 1908-9--evotes : £ .,-148. Claremont Hospital for Insane, £33,458 : Claremont Old Men's Home, £4,880; Perth Technical School, perma nent buildings and alterations, £10,746; Kalgoorlie Abattoirs, £8,425; Perth Se condary School. .£5,000; Kalgoorlie Ex plosives Magazines, Removals of Build ings, Roads, etc., £2,800 ; Fremantle Prison Additions (to cover steam connec tions with baths, etc.), £1,560 ; Clare mont Training College, £1,125; South Perth Police Station and Quarters, £1,049 ; Victoria Park- Police Station and Quarters, £962 ; Maylands Police Station and Quarters, £762 ; Perth ('Thomas-street) School Additions (Hall), £716 ; Perth Art Gallery (liabilities). £733 ; Mundnring School and Quarters. 2£689; Redcliffe School and Quarters. .£550 ; Perth Museum (fence, etc.), £475: Kalgoorlie School Quarters, £43 ; Nor tham School Additions, Hall and Class room, £40 : Government Printing Ofice. .£15 : sundries, £120. New Works . £42.386. Claremont Hospital for Insane -Female Block £5,000, Male Block £5,000. Farm Buildings £700, Laying out grounds £100. Perth Hospital-Nurses' Quarters £10,000, Laundry, Kitchen. etc.. £3,000 : Erection of Native Hosnital, Dorre Island, £1,200; Kalioorlie Hospi tal, Nurses' Quarters, £1,000; Coolar die Hospital, Additions, etc., £1.000: Perth Government Store. £4.500; Pre mantle Gaol--WVomen's Wards £1.000. Wrarders' Quarters, £2,000X: Perth Cen tral Board of HealthLI-Laboratories, £2,000; Perth Home for Women, £1.000: Perth Royal Mint, Additions. £1.000 : Northam. Resident Magistrate's Quar ters. £1,230 : Goomalling. Police Station, £736 : Kellerberrin, Police Station. £520 : Beverley School Additions and Quarters, £700 ; Burswood School, £700.