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SMal *orEastern.. Statee.-The next j; mail'e-Eastern States is notified ,to C iose oi Satirday :net' :at 9.15 a.m. i(late?feel10 a.m.): for conveyance by the -sis.-Kyarra. ?The Weather.--The shade -tempera S:'-Yitunres:recorded, in Perth -yesterday were .Perth. Observatory: Max., .7?r deg mi.; 56.3deg.. Perth Gar de s:: ?iax?;. 74.7deg.: mrin, 68.9deg. The? following reporhwas issued, by the Meteorological ?Department .yesterdayi ;-- The shallow dpression which has ;. extended; from-the: .north-west. coast thibuiigih"the , the south coat: is gradually moving southwards . a'did allowing a 'high' n d'bur' west coast" 'to advance, ?,barometers having .risen on the west cbast and' ov'er 'the gold fields.,. To-day; has'-.beeni cloudy to overcast on -the.. coast-, fron Perth "" :. southwards to Eyre, as well as over the Coodlgardie fields." Elsewhere it has been fine and clear' to- cloudy, with light tb- moderate west to south-west inds chiefly. A smart shower fell in Pert at 2, 7 points being re corded. andsliowers were also recorded on. the- coast southwardis to Albany. The forecast is: -' Cloudy with scatter : ed- showers throughout' thl south-west and south ..' with cool south-west to south winds, and extending eastwards. Warm and sultry with cloud areas and isolated thunderstorms over the- fields."' S The Holiday.--Monday; the first loli-. day of the summer seagn, passed off in a' highly " satisfaetory' manner, The -weather was ideal,- an overcast sky rob .bing the sun. at once of its glare and its heat while the light breezes-that refreshed the atmosphere were not. suf ficiently'strong to" distairb the dust. As a result of these alluring conditions, Sthe.people were-out of doors in large -.nmbers. Many were- at the W.A.T.C. races, and many .. more were on the excursion trains' and steamers. ' Mili t?ry "rianoeuvres were 'conducted suc e 'ssfully at 'North Beech and at Fre mantle. The Fremantle branch of the eight-hours demonstration "committee .? beld. a popular procession and a sports ,"e?tg. the first of which. was wit nessed by a whole streetful of people, " :. while the sports meeting ' and picnic "were numerously attended. The "row ing regatta, on the .Canning River proved in every way successful, and at South Perth the finals in the annual tonurnament' of the Lawn Tennis Asso ciation2-the' Victorians iron -the doubles championship after a particu larly 'well-fought .contest-served to 'draw a considerable gathering of en "thusiasts. The dry' weather was fa vourablb to picnicking. and accordingly 'this; popular fdrm' of holiday-making was freely indulged in at the Zoological Gardens: at King's 'Park. in the river nooks, on the spurs of the Darling Ranges. and elsewhere. Comprehen sively r4pg?it~ad, the" holiday will be' re. memlieredias ine wlijly satisfactory. Thee Smallpox 'ScaYe-On the ar rival of the" outward-bound R.M.S. Moldavia from Colombo yesterday "she' .was made-fast to the river buoy. She a hd oe p'assenger-Mr. N. L. Hall2 ' who joined the' vessel at Colomlo, for. Fremantle. and' shortly - after her ar rival'he was removed-to th quliarantine s:- -station at Woodman's Point. W]iere he' will. remain until Monday -next." The transit passengers_-vho jomed, the Mol davia remained on' board during her stay at Fremantle,- but those who em barked at other ports wery allow·ed to - land. - " Tenders for Public Works.--The fol lowing were the lowest tenderers for the undermentioned public works:-Port Hedland courthouse, J. Jacoby; Sand stone Post Office, Croals andu.Brookes; Bunbury, school gravelling and drain age, M. Nolan; Kookynie, school and quarters,.; additions and renovatiois, Judge and Stamp; Kaiiowna school re- ?novations, etc., contract, Walters and, Freemen; Claremont Hospital.- for In . sane, farm buildings, S; ithgo 'Nort Perth school .renovations, J. Living 'stone; Clackline school quarters 'iiddi tions, D. McDonald. Timber Workers' -Union of W.A.-A ballot to fill the position of general pre sident and organiser respectively of -the Amalgamnated Timber Workers' Union "'of: Westr'} Australia will' haei len- Qn ;N'ovember' ' and 8&' The candidates, are :-General president,' Denniy Jones and- J.: McGrath; organiser, John Cu sack, W. D. Herrick, Denny. Jones, M. ,W; Lennon, Angus McDonald,. and Thomas P. Stock. Voting will be re corded on the preferential system. Our Boys' Instjtute.--A, pretty and spectacular play, "Three Blind Mice," will be -given by members of the Sun shine- League', in Princes Hall; Bris hane?street. this evening. in.aid of Our Boyd'. Institute manual training class. Exhibitor's Corrction.--Inr the nd tice of the trad~e exhibit of. Messrs. Bolton and Sons, coachbuilders, Fre mantle, at, the Royal Show a deieription of a buggy 'called a "Gilgai" was given Messrs. Bolton and Sons stat6.that this should have read "Gilplin.," the trade rights to the ternh "Gllgai" being held by another firm in Perth. Government ILabour Bureau.--It is hereby notified that the Bureau' will he opened every Wednesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, at the Trades Hall, Freman tle, commencing from to-day. rrq _ ? .._o . m_ .. .

0ltu uL1i5s Or irusaee6.-At tae COn clusion of the listed business in. the Bankruptcy Court yesterday the Regis trar (Mr. F. A. Moseley) drew the'at tention of the Official Receiver (Mr: M. Moss) to the remissness of the trustee of a debtor named Rubble, in not filing proper accounts, and. in neglecting to respond 'to an admonition officially de spatched to him on that score. Mr. Moss offered to take immediate. and ef fective measures to bring' the erring trustee to a proper sense of duty, but the Registrar, with the leniency of power, directed that a few more' days be given the.delinquent; "after which," he added, "you may bring him formally before the Court for an explanation." The Snake. Season.-From November till February is generally regarded as the snake season in this State, during which the public more or less observe the principle laid down by Josh Billings as to the proprietary rights of "that snaix" to its domicile. .. A large' brown one, which attempted yesterday to aso- quire a new .domicile. was not. how ever, viewed with the same respect by. Mr. Brewer, .of Crawley. The reptile, which measured '5}ft. .in length, evi dently bent on acquiring more civilised tastes, paid that gentleman's residence ii more or less friendly visit, designipg to take up its abode in his bedroom.. The inmates of the house did not re ciprocate his advances, which were rendered futile by a gauze screen in front of the bedroom window, at which the snake attempted to enter, and also by a large stick wielded by Mr. Brewer, who despatched the unwelcome intru der. The previous day the same gentle man killed close to his house another of the same species, measuring 2ft. 8in. in length, The Arbitration Court.-The Court of Arbitration will hold a 'sitting to-day, beginning at 10.30' a.m.- Further con sideration will be given to the saddlers' dispute, and Mr. Gee. Taylor, M.L.A., will be heard as the workers' represen tative in the North Coolgardie miners' dispute, evidence in respect to which was taken at Gwalia recently. Alleged Interference in Trade--In the Supreme Court.yesterday, before Mr..Justice. Rooth and ai special -jury; Charles Buckland (plaintiff) sued F. R. Rea, W. J.-Allen, D. T. Bantook, E. Hewitt, R. J. Horrigan, Max Ber'ov, J. J. Holmes, F. Fuller, W. Toulson, and G. Stanbrook (defendants) for dam ages for alleged conspiracy to injure the plaintiff in carrying on his business as a butcher.' The statement of claim set out that the plaintiff was a butcher carrying on business at Central Arcade, Perth, the defendants being the execu tive committee of the Coastal Butchers' Retail Association, with the exception of G. Stanbrook, who was the secre tary of the Association: that in August, 1908, at Perth, all the defendants, with the object of impeding plaintiff in his business, maliciously conspired together to prevent certain persons, namely, Copley Bros. and Patterson, Phillips and Co., James Atkinson and Co., and Forrest Emanuel and Co., from supply in . the plaintiff with meat for the pur pose of his business. By reason of this the plaintiff alleged that he had been compelled to relinquish his business on

-Auguste "19, :and;, had- suffered-loss of custom owing. ;to his-. inability' to obtain supplies. -The plaiitiff clained, an injunction to restrain, the, de feiidants from 'endeavoiriing to pre vent any person from entering inito'any contract with .the plaintiff-'for. supply ing him with meat, In the' defence it .was' denied. that there had bee aiiny conspiracy against, theplaintiff, o'dr that anyone was. prevented fromdinsuipplyng .him with meat. It was also stated. that if the defendants did combine together, which was not admitted; in the way al leged, it was only with the. object of protecting their own' interests.i. Mr. J. Moss Solomon.. with him Mr.: J. B. Mills, appeared for -the plaintiff and Mr. J;. 'Northmore for the?defendantb. 'In 'his evidence the plaintiff said that he-had joined 'the Associatioi' but 're fused' to sell at the schedule prices. He was accordingly placed on the.-blank list, and debarred from getting his sup plies from any of the.wholesale butcher ing firms.: After -evidence -for ;the plaintiff, Mr. Northmore . ask~ed i his honour to rule that the case shouldhbe withdrawn from the jury, on ithe. ground that the evidence did istence of a: conspiracy. . His 'Honour declined to comil'y with the': reqil~t, and said he intended piitting it to the jury that some form of ,agreement did exist between the Retail .'Ao'ciation and the' wholesale dealers., Fiurther hearing was adjourned until this morn ing. Gold Shipment.-The R.M.S Orient which sailed for' London on bionday, took away 100,000 sovereigns for Lon don. - The shipment was ,consigned, by the Bank of New South Wales... Western' Australian Sponges.-When the R.M.S. Ortona was mn portt'on 'Thursday last Captain 1 iehaid Armstrong, R.N., sent 'a, box 6f West,. ern Australian spongi'es on; l;oard for Lady Dudley. Yesterday. Capt. Arm strong received the fqlowingý telegram from -Lady Dudley:--"R.M.S Oiton Port Adelaide.-Please accept my sin cere thanks for. the 'beautitul. b-oxof sponges sent on board as a gift to me. Greatly appreciate kind t-hoghts. Rachel Dudley" An Early Shipment of Lambs.-On Monday; by 'the R.M.S. Orient the W.A. Co-operative Producers'- Union sent its first shipment'this season 'of4 frozen lambs to London. In conversa 'tioh. yesterday with a zrepreseItative.of the "West Australian" nthe, unager of the Union (Mr: A. 'M..:Oliih'aiit).said that xthese lambs, of ihich,'.there::were 1,090, came from 'farmers in:the'Bkver lev and York district, -the average weight being a little over 321b.". "The animals 'had. all "been 'aliihtered - aid dressed at 'Hutton', siding;, (hbeoid Robb's Jetty). whe're the buildings were eminently, suited' for: this class' of trade, while the actual. freesingi f'the carcases, was carried: "out by, Mr. H. Davey,.manager of the Western Fresh. Food and Ice The ; few lambs -.which'i"ere foundi after: slaugh-, tering to }have ben' somewhit 'b'iruised in the .trucking down were -sold at' the Producers' Market :direct t- thie con eurier at prices vairying~ifrom 4d., toy6d. per lb. Great'oare was e?ercised-in the slaught'ering. of :these export lamibs, continuedL Mr. Oliphant: every one iof theni with the slihghtest, bruise being rejected by the UniUmon's supervisor, :Mr. 'Isaac Woods.' Mr. 'Cairtn, s'engineer of the'Government Refrigeiatingi Works~ e who saw the consignmerit shipped, hEid. told him (Mr.' Oliphant) that 'the- car cases formed a very fair- shipment' aniid had been'carefully and cleanly.handled. 'When' also spoken to regarding' this, shipment Mr. H. Davey said thait 'a 'gratifying improvement had- taken nlace this year in the grading of ,the lambs. 'there being' much. more;nsmifo? mity in their. weights.- This improve ment was an indication of an added appreciation "by the farmers ofiwhat wasi required in the way of an 'export lamb. There 'was one.branch of -the 'ii dustry. however,. that .required lookingl to. and that was the, proper. "topping off'' of the _lambs by means of some special fodder growi for the pdiurpoise; and fed ouil to them, while still running with their' mothers. ' ' An Appeal from Esperancu.-At last night's meeting of the Perth Chamber if Commerce a letter, concluding ."For God's sake, help us' if yot -can !" was received from Mr. J;:C.hBui~h ain, stoie keener,' of Esperance Bay ;' : ppealinig for assistance in the matter: of ?-epe iting cargo from Albany. .According to Mr. Burman horses in Esperance were sometimes literally starving when the steamer came in, and. it was not' infrequent that there was 'in the town scarcely sufficient food for-the people themselves, On the date on- whichi M. Burman was driven to' the length .of apoealing to the Perth Chamer .of Commerce (the 9th inst.) the steamer Maitland had arrived 'from Albany. bringing only four' tons.of cargo for Esnerance, and "mostly grog?anid"beer at that," while a vast quantity of;gene mel cargo lay in Albany ?waituig"spCi?e in the hold. Mr Burinan encltd several letters from merFhants of Al4 banv and Perth. each of: whom repidi ated any hlame for the fr~.iently re curring delays. On the inotion of Mri. Sanddver, it was resolved to bring thq matter under the niotice of the Pre mier. with an urgent.request that he should endeavour to induce the' Cori monwealth Governmenit't effect an im provement thruingh the' 'terms of the new mail. contract. ' '

Fire in Aberdeen-street.-At half past 9 o'clock last night a fire occurred in a terrace of, shops in Aberdeen -street, near Lake-street. owned by Mr. J. R. Johnston, ' of . South' British Chambers. The outireak 'started in two of the shops occupied by Mr. E. Hunt. fruiterer.whb had left the pre mises early in the evening to attend' an entertainment in the city. When the Metropolitan Brigade .arrived. the fire had destroyed the stock and fit tinas in iMr. Runt's shops, and was attacking the shops adjoining oh either side, one being empty and the other occupied by an Indian. Aker 'Walli. There was a good pressure of water and this enabled the firemen to save the terrace, with the exceptioi, of . M. Hunt's shops which were gutted. Mr. August Knapp, specialist in eye testinaL may be consulted daily at, the rooms. 25 Barrack-street, opposite the Treasury. Hours. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. No agents The Commercial Tailoring Company, importers of, higb- rade woollens,. cater only for first-elassbusiness. Its eutter has a London West End 'experience,. and holds recognised English diploma6ai Cash .or extended terms if desired: Hay street, opposite Zimpel's (upstairs), and High-street, Fremantle. Taufik Raad. Pear. U.S., M.C.S.S., the well-known Herbalist, who has been es tablished at 275 and 277 Murray-street. Perth, for many years. and who recently returned from an eight months' trip to the old countries, can now be seen per sonally at the above address. Sufferers should" not miss the chance of. eeeing him. Tel. 1744.