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BROKEN-DOWN SYSTEM. This is a condition (or disease) to which doctors give many names, but which few of them really understand: It is simply weakness-a breakdown, as it were, of the vital forces that sustain the system. No matter what may be'its causes (for they are almost numberless), its symptoms are much the same; the more prominezit being sleeplessness, sense of prostration or weariness, de pression of spirits, and want of energy fo- all the ordinary affairs of life. Now, what alone is absolutely essential in all such cases is increased vitally-vigpur VITAL STRENGTH and ENERGY to throw off these morbid feelings, and experience proves that as night succeeds the day this may be more certainly se cured by a course of the new Frenth remedy, THERAPION No. 3, than by any other known combination. So surely as it is taken in accordance with.the directions accompanying it will the shattered health be restored. The 'EXPIRING LAMP of LIFE LIGHTED up AFRESH, and a new existence imparted in place of what had so lately seemed worn-out, "used up," and valueless, This won derful medicament is suitable for all ages, constitutions, and conditions in either sex - and it is difficult to in'agine a case of disease or derange ment whose main features are those of debility that will not be speedily and permanently benefited by this, we might almost say. never-failing recuperative essence, which is destined to cast into otlivion everything that had preceded it for this widespread and numerous clane of human ailments. THERAPION is sold by the principal chemists throughout the world. P'ic, in England, 2s. 9d. per package. Purchascrs should see that the word "Therapion" appears on British Government Stanmp (in white letters on a red ground) affixed to every package by order of His Ma jesty's Hon. Commissioners, and without which it is a forgery. Sold by FELTON. GRIMWADE, and BICKFORD. Ltd., Perth. SWALLOW and ARIEL'S BISCUITS and CAKES Are Unrivalled in the Southern Hemisphere.

Mr. GENERAL PUBLIC. HOW ABOUT YOUR BREAD? See that it is Made from UNION FLOUR (Fremantle) UNION IS STRENGTH. UNION FLOUR Isa GUARANTEE of PURITY and STRENGTH. We Use it, and will be Pleased to Serve You. McSorley. H.F.. West Perth. Baker. H.. Beaufort-street. Maitland and Son, Subiaco. Sheppard. J., Claremont. Mitchell, E. C., Claremont. Currie and Murray, North Fremantle. Colenso, W.. North Fremantle. Navlor, J. A.. Fremantle Walkemeyer. T.. Fremantle. Mitchell. J. T., Fremantle. Hansen. T. Fremantle. Allen. J., Fremantle. Gersehow. K.. Fremantle. PLInTrW , STATl·~E , Eta. TrHE RONEO DUPLICATOR. IT WILL COST YOU NOTHING TO LEARN HOW TO BE YOUR OWN PRINTER. We have lately taken over a large con signment of the above on very favour able terms, which will enable us to quote you at about HALF the ORDINARY PRICE. Call or 'Phone us, and we will send vou one of our latest Duplicating Ma chines and our expert to explain the working. The RONEO DUPLICATOR Will produce from one handwritten or typewritten original. up to 5,000 copies of any size from a postcard to a sheet of paper 16 x 13, every copy having the exact appearance of an original. A boy or girl of 15 years of age canwork this machine and turn out at the rate of 50 copies a Minute. E. S. WIGG and SON, Perth, Fremantle, Kalgoorlie. TENDERS. B. MAKUTZ, Manufacturer, Iron worker, Safes and Locks, Stan chions, Girders, Forgings of every de scription All ihquiries to Factory and Office. 599 Murray-street. W. Perth. BARNETT BROS.. The Glass People. 709 and 711 Hay-street, Perth. Glass. Oils, Paints, Colours. Lead Lights, Builders' Hardware.. BRICKS. - ARMADALE BRICKS - Double-pressed Bricks, reduced to 35s. per 1,000. Clinkers, 27s. Gd. THOS COOMBE and CO.. 77 Barrack-street. BRIGGS and ROWLANDS, 603 Wellingto i-street, Perth, Opposite Railway Goods Yard. The PREMIER LIME and STONE MERCHANTS of W.A. Absolutely the Highest Percentage Lime in the State. Building Stone, Limestone, Quoins, Shoddies. Dimension Stones. Flux, Rock erv Stone. and,Coral Rockery for Orna mental Work a speciality. Write for prices before purchasing elsewhere, as we defy competition. Lime for Manure at very low rate. T. J. BRIGGS, Manager. COMMONWEALTH of AUSTRALIA. Postmaster-General's Department, Perth. October 3, 1908. TENDERS for CONVEYANCE of MAILS. Attention is directed to a notice appear ing in the "Commonwealth Gazette" of September 19, 1908 (a copy of which may be seen at any official post-office), inviting Tenders for the Conveyance of Mails be tween Guildford Post Office and Railway Station, Glenferrie and Guildford, Bullhbrook and Warbrook, Armadalo and Bedfordale. Tenders close on October 20, 1908. R. IIARDMAN, Deputy Postmaster-General. C[OMMON WEALTI of AUSTRALIA. TENDERS for SUPPLY of TELE PAr-~rT ~(s'PTRinrlr

Tile attention of Contractors is direct ed to Notices which appear in the "Com monwealth Gazette." No. .11, p. 1238, of August 22 last. inviting Tenders for the Supply of Telegraph Material for the Postmaster-General's Department, Ho bart. Tasmania. Tenders are returnable until noon on October 3 and November 2 next. (Signed) HENRY D. EMDEN, Deputy Postmaster-General. JARRA ll SLEEPERS.-TENDERS are invited for the SUPPLY of .10,000 JARIIRAl SLEEPERS ISawn or Ilewn'. Specifications and conditions to be seen at the Midland Railway Company's Office, Midland Junction. Tenders close at 12 noon Wednesday, 21st inst. No tender necessarily accepted. GEO. SMITH. General Manager, Midland Rail vas.

TEZDRBES. FRODINGHA.I STEEL JOISTS, F ANGLES. TEES, Etc. Compounding and General Structural Work. SAUNDERS and STUART. Perth. L E A" S 1 N U TENDERS are invited until noon of TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1908, for the GRAZLNG RIGHTS over the Roelands Quarry Reserve, which is situated about 14 miles from Roelands Station on the South-Western Railway. This reserve has an area of about 56 acres, and the lessee may have conditional right to use water in dam. The conditions of lease can be inspected at Clerk of Court's office, Bunbury, Sta tionmaster's office, Brunswick Junction, ani Public Works Department, Perth. F. L. STRONACH, Under-Secretary for Public Works, Perth. Tel. 61. L IME. LIME. LIME. For all classes of Lime and Stone com petition defied. Prices unequalled. A trial will convince. T. McLAUGHLIN and CO., Lime and Stone Merchants, 641 Wellington-st.. Perth (next to Bunning Bros.). Telephones: Perth. 1089; Fremantle, 506. MARSEILLES TILES ("The Bee" Brand), MARSEILLES TILES ("The Lion" Brand). MARSEILLES TILES ("The Star" Brand). That rich, mellow, red colour is one of the most pleasing features of a tile roof; but this colour can only be per manent where it is native to the clay itself. Inferior tiles, even if the colour be good when bought, on exposure, fade and take on a very washed-out appear ance; but MARSEILLES TILES-whe ther the "Bee," "Lion," or "Star" brand-keep their colour for all time. They look as well in half a century as when they are first put on the roof; In fact. in France there are tile roofs many centuries of ago that are perfectly sound in colour and body. Surely the pittance you may save to-day by using other roof coverings won't influence you to use these in preference to the permanently worthful MARSEILLES TILES. Sole Agents: McLEAN BROS. and RIGG. Murray and Pier ets., Perth. MHILLS and CO., Contractors to Pub lic Works and City Council. Largest Stock of Stoneware, Sanitary Fittings, Traps, Sinks, Urinals, Septic. tank Fittings, and Drain Pipes in W.A. Office: Joel-terrace, East Perth. Tel, 269. M ONTEATH 1 BROS., Contractors to W.A. Government For' CAST-IRON WATER MAINS. MANUFACTURERS Of Cast-iron Pipes for Water and Gas, Sanitary and Sewerage Fit tings. MAKERS and PATENTEES Of "Chief" Flushing Cisterns. Over 100,000 in use throughout the Com monwealth. CRUCIBLE STEEL CASTINGS Of guaranteed quality, for mining, agricultural, and other require ments. SOLE AGENTS In Western Australia for DORMAN, LONG and CO.'s Rolled Steel Joists, Channels. etc. JOHNSTON'S Wire Lattice System for reinforced concrete. Continuous Bond Monolithic Construction. Supersedes all other systems for fireproof floor ing and partitions, water reservoirs, sewage tanks, swimming baths, sewers, conduits, etc. MONTEATH BROS.. Subiaoo. Telephone 389. ,Representative: F. MEDCALF, 70 St. George's-terrace. Ta.. 4L9 M UNICIPALITY of NORTHAM. TENDERS for HOSE CART. TENDERS are hereby invited, retvirn able up to 4 p.m. on Thursday, the 1.h October, for the SUPPLY of a HOSE CART. Cart to carry four men, and drum to carry 1,200ft. hose and all neces sary adjuncts. Tenderers to submit de signs and specifications with tender, and state date for delivery at Northam. TENDERS for the PURCHASE of MA NUAL FIRE ENGINE.-Offers are here-i by invited for the purchase of one Merry weather 8-man Fire Engine, in condition as good as new, and suitable for Country Fire Brigade. Address all tenders to His Worship the 1 Mayor, and endorsed "Tender for '(as the case may be). By order, JOHN S. ID'ALTON, Town Clerk. NICKEL-PLATING. SILVER-PLAT BRONZING and LACQUERING. Our Plant for this Work is the Most

Let us Quote you for what you Want. THE ARMSTRONG CYCLE and MOTOR AGENCY. Perth and Fremantle. NOTICE to BUILDERS. The Time for Closing Tenders for Large Bungalow Residence, East Fre mantle, is EXTENDED until noon of Thursday, October 22. JOHN McNEECE, Architect, Central Chambers, High-street, Fremantle. PERTH CITY COUNCIL. ANNUAL CONTRACTS. TENDERS will be received at the City Council Office. Town Hall. Perth, until 4 o'clock p.m. on Monday, the 19th inst., for the undermentioned CONTRAC'S- Contract No. 1.-Supply of Steam Coal. Contract No. 2.-Supply of Footpath Gravel. Contract No. 3.-Supply of Four-inch Ironstone Metal and Rgad Blinding Gravel Contract No. 4.-Supply of Stoneware Drain Pipes. Contract No. 5.-Supply of Brush ware, etc. Contract No. 6.-Supply of Disinfect ants. Contract No. 7.-General Supplies. Contract No. 8.-Cartago of Blue Metal. etc. Contract No. 9.-Tar-pavement of Footpaths. Contract No. 10.-Granolithic Pave ment. Contract No. 11.-Lighting, etc., Kero sene Lamps. Contract No. 12.-Supply of Teams. Contract No. 13.-Supply of Teams for Street Watering. Spc-ifications may be seen and tender forms obtained at the City Engineer's Office. Town Hall. All deposit: must hI in the form of 'Bank"-nmarked cheques, to he paid into the City Treasurer's Office before closid? time of tenders, receipts for which must accompany tenders. The lowest or any tender not neces sarily accepted. WM. E. BOLD, Town Clerk. PERTH CITY COUNCIL. TENDER. will be recaived at the City Council Office, Town Hall, Perth, until 4 o'clock p.m. on Monday, the 19th inst.. for tne PURICHASE and REMOVAL 4.f \'INI)MILL. TANK, eti. Particulars can be seen at the City En gineer's Office. Town Hlall. The highmt or ay: tender not neces sarily accepted. WM. E. BOLD, Town Clerk. %1U4ONEY makes money. Trouchet's 1IV Corn Cure cures corns. Sold by all chemists, storekeepers and beotmakers.

TEN DES. PUBLIC WORKS CONTRACTS. TENDERS will be received by the Hen. the Minister for Works till noon on the dates specified for the undermen tioned CONTRACTS : Particulars at the Contractors' Offices, The Barracks, St. George's-terrac4 Perth. and elsewhere as stated: OCTOBER 20. Newcastle-Bolgart Railway. - Bolgart Contract. (Particulars Courthouse, New castle.) Perth Public Library.-Verandah to Quarters. OCTOBER 27. Port Hedland.-Courthouse. (Par ticulare Resident Magistrate's Office,. Port Hedland and Broome.) Sandstone Post Office. (Particu?a.e. -Warden's Offices Cue, Sandstone, and Mt. Magnet ; and P.W.A.D. Office, Ger aldton.) Bunbury School. - Gravelling and Draijiage. (Particulars Courthouses. Bunbury and Busselton.) W.A. Buildings.-Quarrying and De lii'ery of Granite. North Perth School.-Renovations. Kookynio School and Quarters.-Addi tions and Renovatior.s. (Particulars P.W.A.D. Offices, Kalgoorlie and Mal colm ; and Courthouse, Kookynie.) Kanowna School.-Renovations, etc., Contract. (Particulars Courthouse. Kn nowna, and P.W.A.D. Office, Kalgoorlie.) Claremont IIospital for Insane.-Farm Buildings. (Particulars Courthouse. Fre mantle.) Clackline School Quarters.-Additions. etc. (Particulars Courthouse, Northam.l NOVEMBER 3. Broome Corporal and Constables' Quar. ters.-Repairs. (Particulars Courthouses, Broome, Port Hedland, and Onslow.) F. L. STRONACII, Under-Secretary for Public Works. SUBIACO MUNICIPALITY. NOTICE to INVESTORS. LOAN of .£9,000 at 41 Per Cent. Per An num for the PURPOSE of ROAD CONSTRUCTION ADDITIONS to COUNCIL CHAMBERS. IMPROVE MENTS to SUBIACO OVAL, and DRAINAGE. Etc. TENDERS are hereby invited, return able 4 p.m. on Wednesday, the 28th Oc tober, 1909, addressed to his Worship the Mayor and marked " Tender for Loan." for the PURCHASE of .0100 DEBEN TURES in Parcels of whole amount up to .£9,000, bearing interest at 4I ,er cent. per annum. Currency of debentures. 20 years, with the right reserved by the Council to re deem same in 12 years. Money to be available on delivery of de. bentures. Interest payable half-yearly on July 1 and January 1. at Subiaco branch of the Commercial Bank of Australia, Ltd.. or at the Commercial Bank either in Mel bourne or Adelaide, as required. A sinking fund of 2 per cent. will be provided towards liquidation of the loan. A deposit of 5 per cent, in bank cheque, bank draft, or cash must accom pany each tender. } per cent. brokerage allowed to recog nised stockbrokers. Any further information may be obh tained from the Town Clerk. Municipal Offices, Subiaco. The highest or any tender not neces earily accepted. ALEX. RANKIN, Town Clerk. Council Chambers. Subiaco, September 23. 1909. T ENDERS are invited until noon on Saturday. 17th inst., for the EREC TION and Completion of a Brick Resi dence at Goomalling for C. O. Royal, Esq. Planse, specifications etc., may be seen at Iron H. Royal's Store. Goomal ing, or with the undersigned. A deposit of -1 per cent. by cash or marked cheque to accompany each tender. No tender necessarily accepted. J. STROUD GLASKIN, Architect, Hamburg Chambers, Hay-street. Perth. FTENDERS are invited until THURS. SDAY. the 22nd inst., at noon, for the ERECTION of Additions to Resi-. dence at Claremont for W. Finey. Esq. The lowest or any tender not neces. sarily accepted. Plans and specifications may be seen at my offices. E. SUMMERHAYES, F.R.I.B.A., Architect.t Forrest Chambers, Perth. TENDERS for ERECTION of Brick . Reformatory at Leederville will close at noon on THURSDAY, 22nd in stant. " R. J. DENNEY,. Architect, Barrack-street, TENDERS invited for CLEARING and SBurning ready for the plough 5 Acres of Land (dead timber), about I mile from Mullalyup Railway Station. Specifications may be seen at J1. llaw. ter's Blackwood Nurseries, Mullalyup, to whom tenders are to be addressed. W. D. POOLE. TENDERS are invited until noon of . SATURDAY, October 17, for the SINKING of a Well at North Perth. Particulars may be obtnined at the

street. No tender necessarily accepted. rTENDERS GIVEN for Roofing Com. .1 plete wit!h BELL'S ASlrs.TSOI POILITE SLATES. Absolutely the cool-st and most durable roofing. First class work guaranteed. G. A. MARKIIAM. Glyde-street, Cottesloe Beach. T E N D E R IL FENCING.-PRICE wanted. Care of COLGAN BROS.. Maylands. TENDER for BRICKWORK. I'LAS TERING,. and PAINTING of Villa. C. WILLSON. Zebina-strect, Norwood. THE West Australian Pottery Co., Ltd., makers of Drain Pipes, Agri cultural Pipes, and Architectural Terra cotta. WORKS: BELMONT. Tel. 985 M. T O B U I L D E R S. TENDERS are invited until noon of Saturday, October 24. for BRICK IESI-. DENCE, etc., Queen's Park. for G. IL. Holmes, Esq., J.P. Plans, etc.. may he seen at my office. No tender necessarily accepted. WILLIAM A. NELSON ...W.A.I.A., Commercial Bank Chambers. St. George's-terrace. Tel. 825. T O CARPENTERS. TENDERS will he received at noon on Wednesday, 14th inst., for I)ISMANT LING and Removing \\ood and Iron Building, known as Falkirk Tavern. Mar lands, and Erect Wood and Iron Stables at North Perth lHotel with the materials. for Swallow Brewery. Ltd. No tender necessarily accepted. Drawings and spccifications at our of. fices. OLDIIAM and COX, Architects. Iloward-street. W .A. GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS. TENDEIIS. addressed to the under. signed. and markel in oztsid,. " ender for -.' will be received up to nwa on date.- specifierl. October "'. 1?08.-For Oil Engine, Cltaffutter, and other Appurten. alnces. October 29. 19(8S.-For I'Purrhase and Removal of hay and chaff shed at East Perth. Forms and full particulars obtainable from the Chief Engineer of Existing Lines, \\'ellington-street. Perth. No tender necessarily arccepted. .ou1IIN T. ShiORnT. Commissioner of Ihalways. (OOD old King Solomon, said to bhe the wisest man who ever lived. knew absolutely nothing of Trouchet's Corn Cure. What do you think of that? Sold by all chemists. HIAD old Methuselah lived till th., Spresent day he could not have used a corn cure approaching Trouchet's. It is sold by all chemists.