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Rankin— Thomson.

A very pretty wedding was cele brated on Wednesday week in St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Mary borough. The bridegroom was Lieutenant-

Colonel Colin Dunlop Wilson Raakin, V.D., M.L.A. (commanding the Wide Bay Infantry Regiment], eon of Mr. William Rankin, of Howard, pueansland Collieries Company ; the bride. Miss Annabelle IXavidson Thomson, is the diughter of Mr. Jag. Thomson, bead master of the Mary borough Boys' Grammar School. The cere many was performed by the Rev. J. I. Knipo, D.D., and the Rev. (J.T. Paletborpe played tihe " Wedding 'March" on the organ at the conclusion of the ceremony. Thtt church had been beautifully decorated for the occasion by the bride's girl friends, the materials used being palms, inter epersed with scarlet and white flowers. The service was clhoral, and the wedding hymn, " The Voice that breatili«d o'er Kden," ■was also sung by the choir. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore o. beautiful bridal gown of ivory crepe de Ohine, over a slip of cream chiffon taffeta. The skirt, which hung very full from the waist, was finished at the foot with a deep padded hem, and had insertions of Irish guipure. The bodice, made in bolero style, had a pointed yoke of embroidered cliiffon and Irish guipure ; elbow sleeves, ornamented with similar Joce, and bands of taffeta edged with chiffon kiltings ; high swathed belt, and corsage bouquet of orange 'blossom ; tulle veil, worked in Honiton lace in a design of true lovers' knots ; coronet of orange Wossom and white heatiher. She also carried a lovely shower bouquet, tied with white streamers. Jler turquoise and pearl hair ornament was a gift from the bride groom, and her turquoise and pearl pen dant the gift of ilier grandmother. The four bridesmaids wore the Misses Maud ar.d Tsabel Rankin (sisters of the bride groom). Graliam, and K. Bryant. Each wore a dainty costume and a pearl 3brooch, the gift of the bridegroom, who aiso pave them their bouquets at whits diknvcrs. tied with scarlet streamers. The TJon. J. W. Blair (Attorney-Genera!) aca;d as best man, the groomsmen being Major Captain R. S. Rankin, and Lieu tenant W. C. lUnkin. Mrs. Thomson, mot her of the bride, wore a graceful j;own <<f black chifVon talfeta, made >viLh ti full trained pkirt, and boilice with rest <f crenvn point-de-^azc. relieved with touches of laviiider. IJournc wo:e a costume of pctiinia crepe 'lc Chino, over t'hcc silk, the sl:irt omaniented with twine-coloured jVlaliues laco, and the boiln-.e having a yoke of twine-coloured point d'esprit, edged with Mnlines lace and tiny silk Ixnw _: miffed >k-evc9. friUdd with net. Miss Siitton's co^tunto was of cream canvas voile?, ornamented with Indian embroidery. Miss MtM'gan. gnvn of pastel pink canv;is, Avitii tiu-ked_ skirt, and bodice ot' Me?*iline relieved witli point d'Alencon. Mi.-<» RolK>rt6<«n. pretty costume of chiffon canvas, with design of rosos in fawn and liale-«rreen, on a white ground, the skiit inserted with cream gurpirre ; gathored bodico. ornamented with cream guipure, and nic^s-grecsn medallions. Ollicexa and men of the Wide Bay Regi-

merit lined tlhe inside «f the church, and a number of Grammar Sdhool girls with ojs kets of flowers were also present. Cadets were stationed along tlhte Btreete, and the Military baud waa also in attendance. After the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Thomson held a reception at the Boys' Grammar School, where Colonel and Mrs. Rankin received the congratulations of their friemis. On leaving for the honey moon Mrs. Rankm wore a travelling cog tu-me of navy-blue clotih, made with corselet skirt, and Eton coatee with collar and revere of cream military cloth and Indian embroidery ; mouscnietaire sleeves, •with gauntlet cuffs of black silk ; vest of Sucony lace ; hat of navy-blue Yedda straw, trimmed with navy-lblue chiffon velvet, ami bird of paradise plume. Many very costly and beautiful wedding gifts were received, amongst which were : —A marble clock from the boarders of the Maryborough Boys' Grammar School^ a silver cake basket (wibh inscrintjptni from the clay pupik of the schooL«JyA£ entree dish and small clock fi"ofe 4jSe "Past Girls' Society"; and a hmshfmq. i silver afternoon tea Rervice andl#alvea from the non-commissioned office^ -AJjf men of the Wide Bay Regimen*. The employees of tihe Qaeena^d. Collieries Company presented him witftua* massive silver tea service wifch plate, and the officers of the Wide Bay Regiment presented him with a beautiful silver tea and coffee service. The bride's costumes and many of those •worn by guests were made by Finney, Isles, and Co., Limited. South—Hartley. The marriage of Mies Chrissie Hartley (eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Hartley, Waterview, Victoria-parade, Rockhampton, and granddaughter of the late Rev. Robert Hartley) and Dr. Harold South, of Boonah, and son of the Rev. George Frederick South, New Zealand, was solemnised at the Hartley Memorial Church, Archer-street, Rockhampton, on September 3. The church was very taste fully decorated by a number of the girl friends of the bride with a profusion of white flowers and greenery. A beautiful bell of asparagus and freezias was sus pended over the bridal couple, and the initials of the bride and bridegroom in white flowers were placed over the pulpit. The bride, "who was given away by her father, wore a very lovely gown of rich ivory Louisine, made with a plain trained skirt. The bodice had a transparent yoke, and was draped with point d'Alencon, and had a long spray of orange blossom. The elbow sleeves were finished with deep frills of accordian-pleated chiffon. She also wore a veil, and a coronet of orange blossom, and carried a shower bouquet of choice white orchids and Eucharis lilies

and asparagus fern. The bride was at tended by three bridesmaids—Miss Blanche Tilbury and the Mieses Verney and Leslie Hartley (sisters of the bride). Miss Til bury wore a very dainty and becoming frock of white hailstone muslin trimmed witlh Valenciennes insertion, and a hat of white crinoline, the brim looped, pale blue velvet and autumn leaves, cache peigne of pale pink roses. The two younger bridesmaids also wore pretty and simply made white frocks, and white hats trimmed with autumn leaves and tulle. They all carried bouquets of crimson and pink roses with pale-blue streamers and wore pearl brooches (the gift of the bride groom). Mr. G. H. Baker acted as best man, and Messrs. Lyster and George Hart ley (the bride's brothers) as groomsmen. The Rev. A. E. Fox officiated. The church was crowded with interested spec tators, but the guests were limited to relatives, a few very intimate friends. The bride's mother wore a very graceful gown ... pale-gray cloth trimmed with ivory lace ... a hat of heliotrope crino- line with velvet in a darker shade. The guests included Mrs. W. H. Buzacott and the Misses Buzacott, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. ..., Mrs E. Buzacott (Brisbane), ... the Misses Campbell and Marsh,   Mr Harold Hartley (Mount Morgan), and Dr. Stuart. After the ceremony at the church the party drove to the residence of the bride's parents, where morning tea was served. The bride and bridegroom left by the mid day train for Melbourne, where the honey moon will be spent. The bride travelled in a very becoming gown of fawn checked tweed made with a pleated skirt, and a bolero coat opening over a white silk vest; brown straw hat trimmed with brown velvet and brown wings.