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Soviet Film

An inspiring message of faith, cour- age, and determination is contained in "Russia Aflame," previewed in Hobart yesterday before a representative audi- ence. The film was made In Soviet Russia, and reconstructed and drama-

tised in English by Charles Chauvel, well-known Australian film producer.

Apart from its educational and infor- mative merits, "Russia Aflame" ls not- able for its fine photography. The shots of Russian peasants at work have been treated with rare artistry and imag-


The film opens before the Nazi attack on Russia in June. 1941, and shows pea- sants at work in fields along the Volga, shepherds looking after their sheep on the steppes, and crop cultivation in the Ukraine. In all these peacetime rural activities women are seen playing a prominent part. The camera then switches to Soviet hospitals, and one of the most dramatic shots ls that of a Russian girl blood donor writing a let- ter in her own blood to a Moldier at the front whose life may be saved by her sacrifice. Thc commentary also re- veals that there are 70,000 women physicians In Russia today.

Then war-and Russia's intense pre- paration In the factory and on the land. Unusual shots are those of a women's

fighting army, and soldiers helping with the harvesting of crops.

"I was particularly impressed with the fine work being done by Russian wo- men." said Mr J. Ross, a vice-president of the Australian Soviet Friendship League. "I thoroughly recommend the picture, as it shows the tremendous effort called for and forthcoming from


"It should be ari education to politic- ians, experts, and military advisers." said Mr J. H. O'Neill, secretary of the Trades Hall Council, referring to those scenes in which soldiers were shown assisting with the harvesting of Russia's huge crops. "The film also forcibly de- monstrates to unionists what they might expect In the event of a Nazi invasion. As a representative of the Hobart Trades Hall Council, I strongly urge all union- ists and Labour followers to view this picture."

"Russia Aflame" begins its Hobart season at the Strand Theatre today.