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Digger Gapers

In New

Comic Strip

Bruce Bairnsfather gave Old Bill to a war-sick world in 1914-8, and as an anti- dote for broken nerves this now famous pen-and-ink character was remarkably effective Now come Bluey and Curley, Old Bill's Australian counterparts cteat ed by the brilliant Tasmanian black and white artist, Alex Gurney.

Bluey and Curley are diggers of 1941 vintage-up-to-the-minute successors to Old Bill, and likely to become just as popular.

They delight In jokes, in poking fun at their superior officers, and their sense of humour is in the best "digger" vein. They get in and out of scrapes with equal facllltv, and their readj wit pulls them oui of many tight corners.

You will laugh with and at Bluey and Curley when they make their bow to readers of "The Mercury" on Monday. Thenceforth they will strut across the pages of "The Mercury" daily, delight- ing you with their adventures

Alex Gurney, the creator of Bluey and Curley, is a student of human nature, and tins is reflected in his cartoons He knows the Australian soldier of 1941. He knows how the ' digger" reacts to any situation. He knows the "digger" ability to get himself out of a tight comer and he knows the gift of good humour that is a part of everv Australian soldier's make

up. In this origma] comic strip he caricatures all these likeable points m the "digger's" make-up, and the result is sparkling fun

Bluey and Curley march into "The Mercury" on Monday Watch for them.

Oversea neus in this issue Is from the Australian Associated Press oj uhich "The Mercury" is a member All right* are reserved in Australia and New Zealand Source« Include Heute« and British United fee». ¡