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Equipment At


Although thc Tasmanian Aero Club has - had to vacate the Western Junction aero-

drome and move all its equipment and machines to Cambridge, (4 will continue to carry on its training operations with the usual subsidies provided by thc Civil Aviation Department.

"For some time it was expected the Com- monwealth Air Board would Include all the club's aircraft and equipment under the air training scheme," said the secretary of the Aero" Club (Mr. W. J. Manthci) at Launces- ton yesterday. "Information has been re- ceived, however, that this club will not bo Included In thc general scheme, and lt is expected to carry on Its training operations. Unfortunately the establishment of tho No. 7 elementary flying training school at West- ern Junction aerodrome has necessitated moving all the club's aircraft and equipment to the Cambridge aerodrome.

"The committee of the club decided to co-operate with thc Air Board by agreeing to vacate Western Junction aerodrome, and leave lt free for Royal Australian Air Force training. Aircraft and equipment ls thus concentrated at Cambridge, where the club has hangar accommodation and adequate clubrooms. Facilities are available there for members to stay over night if necessary."

Mr. Manthel said the club s Instructor (Mr. A. T. Heller) had charge at Cambridge, and lt was hoped shortly to arrange for weekly visits of the Instructor and aircraft to West-

ern Junction. Thts would give Northern members and intending pupils the opportun- ity to use the club's aircraft. There were two machines in service at Cambridge, and a third was being overhauled for its annual certificate of airworthiness.

Realising that persons accepted for the R.A.A.F. might desire to do some training while awaiting their call-up, thc club com- mittee has decided to admit all such reserv- ists as honorary members of the club so they may usc club aircraft for such training. Thc club Invites Inquiries from reservists re- garding flying facilities and costs.