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LAWTN TENNIS. WILDING AGAIN SUCCESSFUL. London, September 9. A. F. Wilding. the New Zealand ten nis player, beat Frcitzheim, in the finals of the Men's Singles, at Baden Baden, Germany, 6-3. 6-2, 6-3: [The London "Sportsman," to hand by the last English mail states:-"A. F. Wilding, notwithstanding the signs of staleness in the recent Davis Cup matches, has been at it again. His latest feats are his successes in the Marienbad Championship and the Auers perg Cup. In the former event he beat Mr. Powell easily by 6-0, 6-2, but in the final for the Cup lie was given a splendid match by Herr von Wessely. The first set went to the Austrian by 6-4, Wilding won the second by 10-8. von Wessely the third by 6-2, Wilding the fourth by 7-.. and also the last by 8-6. Never before has the colonial been so severely put to it on the Continent. Von Wessely play ed brilliantly, and the play was followed with intense excitement. It was. nt a little surprising to see Wilding and Os car Krenzer beaten in the Doubles by von Wessels and Powell, but once more von Wessely-who was singularly erratie in his recent English tour-gave a fine ex hibition of the game. His low volley is a superb stroke."l