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FOOTBALL. THE AUSTRALIAN GAME. EAST PERTH v. PERTH. At the Claremont Show Ground on Sat urday afternoon, in the presence of a fairly large attendance, East Perth and Perth fought out their second engage ment for the season. In the first match Perth, who were sorely pressed, finished up with only four points to space, but East Perth put one of their strongest combinations into the field on Saturday, and playing in fine form they more than avenged their defeat on the opening day. Perth were certainly not well repre sented. Orr, Wilson, St. J. Kennedy, Chamberlain, and Miller being out of the team, while East's most noticeable ab sentees were Ibbotson and Ogborne. This, however, cannot be said to detract from the merit of the East Perth victory, for Perth, though beaten, gave one of their best exhibitions of the season, their pass ing from both hand and foot being more judiciously executed than heretofore. The match, in contradistinction to many others, played this season, was character istic of the Australian game: it was open. Nothing conduces more to the popularity of the game than fast, clean, open work, but the crowding on the ball, which has so often been indulged in, does much to jeopardise that popularity. Some un   favourable comment was made on Satur day respecting the appearance of the players. East Perth turned out, some in hoops around, some stripes down, some with black undersweaters, and with caps to suit the individual fancy. The League might with advantage insist   upon the clubs turning out their players uniformly clad. The teams were :- East Perth.-Savage, Wallish, White (backs), Kennedy, Andrews, Hogan. (half backs), Crowder, Brown, Oliver (centres), J. Oliver, Toll, Freeman (half-forwards), W. Hesford, McKinnon, Jno. Hesford (forwards), Loughbridge, Hesford (fol lowers), Crawford (rover). Perth.-Southee, Crase, R. Cherry (backs), R. Kennedy, Edwards, Thomp son (half-backs), L. Cherry, Moffat, Fer guson (centres), Shepherd, Winton, Gra ham (half-forwards), Leckie, Edmond son, Cumming (forwards), Clarke and Nankervis (followers), Gilligan (rover). It was the first appearance of Cumming, who hails from the Christian Brothers' College; while Crase and Graham donned the red and black for the first time this season. The play in the first term was nothing to enthuse over. It was open, but the pace that one looks for in an open game was not in evidence, its absence being particularly noticeable in the Perth ranks. East Perth were marking bril liantly, and Southee appeared to be the only man in the opposing team able to hold his own in the air. He gave a fine exhibition of high and brilliant marking. During the first term Perth had three scoring chances and East Perth five. Half of them were easy shots, but not one was converted. After the first change of ends the shoot ing for Goal improved greatly. The play continued open, but force and vigour were again lacking. Perth were playing splendidly together, but the tendency of their forwards to roam "at their own sweet will" prevented any material pro gress. Combination in the opposing ranks was noticeable by its absence, and many free kicks were awarded against them for uselessly hanging on to men. Some fine matches were witnessed on the wings between Cherry and Crowder, and Ferguson and Oliver, and the honours were about evenly divided. At half time the scores were: Perth. 3 goals 3 behinds (21 points). East Perth, 2 goals 5 behinds (17 points). When the game was resumed the play became faster, but a trifle less open. A striking feature during the last half was the splendid work of the East Perth de fenders, Andrews, Savage, Hogan, and, in the last quarter particularly, White. The Perth, forwards, though still wander ing a bit, were playing well together, and opposed to a less capable back line would have rendered considerable service, but many a strong forward movement was re pelled by the brilliant work of the East Perth back division, and this won the match for them. Both sides were weak forward; good players were stationed there, but they were men who might be expected to show out to greater advan tage in other parts of the field. In the last quarter Winton, with a fine place kick. equalised the scores, 4 goals 5 be hinds, but East Perth finished strongly. and although the play was decidedly strenuous, they ran out winners by 10 points. The final scores were : East I'erth, 6 goals 6 behinds (42 points). Perth. 4 goals 8 behinds (32 points). For the winners, Loughbridge in the ruck was perhaps the best man on the ground, and next to him came Andrews, Savage, White, and Hogan, in defence: Jas. Hesford, who did most of his good work about the centre: Crowder and Olive on the wings, and Toll forward. Perth were most ably represented by Southee, whose brilliant high marking and sound defence work placed him head and shoulders over his club mates. Shep herd, Gilligan, and Winton were very busy in attack; while L. Cherry and Fer guson on the wings, Cumming, while rov ing, and Moffat and R. Cherry also shaped well. Crapp gave an excellent exhibition of umpiring. WEST PERTH V. NORTR FRIEMANTLjE. There was a large attendance at the North Fremantle Oval on Saturday after.i noon to witness the contest between "West Perth and North Fremuantle. A splen did exhibition of football as .given. the city men hbin witners by thrI e points. E. ( oopecr hcad charge of the atine. The teams comnuriseld the flcilowing: \West Pei'th.--Uughes, Mose, i'. Strick land, McCarthy, Balmc, Everett, JeffreY,

Diprose, Troy (2), McNamara, Plunketl4 Golding, Johnson, George, Barnes, O'Cal. laghan, and Kneale. North Fremantle.-Binns, Crow, Ab lett, Rowlands, Gravenhall, Smith (2), Smellie, Bagshall, Meharry, Charlton, Sumpton, Kennington, Munro, L. Butler, Stewart, Kenworthy, and Mitchell. With the bounce Wests attacked. Jeff rey being particularly prominent. M.. Troy from a nice bit of play secured the first goal of the day. Norths married the ball back, but Everett relieved. Barnes, securing from Golding, snapped a. single. Barnes sent the leather to O'Callaghan, who secured the second goal for Wests. A North attack wa.4 reliev ed by Hughes, and some give and take play occurred. M. Troy added a minor. which McNamara improved on a few minutes later with a goal. The bell sounded showing the scores West Perth, 3 goals 4 behinds. North Fremantle, nil. Norths rushed the ball, and through the agency of Smellie, Binns was placed in charge, and he notched a major. A 'minor from Mitchell preceded a nice goal from Ablett. Give and take play on the wing was productive of a free to Gravenhall, who sent on to W. Smith, whose shot dropped short. Rowlands iaddeda single. The Wests- carried the -ball back, and Gravenhall, marking fine ly, added a minor from a splendid kick. Several fine marks were recordedat this stage, Gravenhall. Diprose, and Sumpton being noticeable. McNamara, having put in.a- well-timed run, passed to Plunkett, whose attempt was successful, both flags being raised. Shortly afterwards, through the agency pf Barnes, Balme, and John son, Plunkett raised the flags again. Two minors by Gravenhall and Ablett respectively were recorded before the half-time bell rang, showing the scores West Perth, 5 coals 4 behinds. North Premantle, 2 goals 6 behinds. After the interval North Fremantle settled down to a ding-dong battle. Balme carried the ball well into the Norths' territory, but Binns, Gravenall. and Sumpton returned and kept the Wests' backs on the move. Golding and Diprose carried the ball forward, and, passing to O'Callaghan, that player notched a fine angle goal. Wests rallied, .and Troy, receiving from McNamara and Kneale, scored a point. Back the ball was sent, and from a free Binns scored a goal. Mitchell passed to Gravenhall, and the latter potted a nice goal. Crow repeat ed the performance a little later. From the bounce Wests took the ball up, and Plunkett scored a major. At the bell the scores were West Perth, 7 goals 5 behinds. North Fremantle, 5 goals 8 behinds. The'final quarter was entered upon by both teams with dash and vigour. A minor to Wests preceded a major at the instance of M. Troy. Norths attacked and kept the city men's backs continually on the defensive. A nice bit of combined play. in which Mitchell and Stewart were prominent, resulted in Ablett rais ing the two flags for the Norths. Jeffrey, McNamara, and Plunkett carried the ball back, and Golding. securing the sphere, sent it through the posts. Frees nut Norths to the advantage, and- W. Smith scored a sixer. A minor by Troy preceded a fine run up the field by Gravenhall. as the result of which Bag shall scored a minor, Gravenhall re peating the dose a little later. The play at this stage was exceedingly ex citing. ,4 free to Mitchell was passed on to Gravenls'ill, who booted a fine goal. The bell ran" leaving the final ecores West Perth, 9 goals 7 behinds (61 points). North Fremantle, 8 goals 10 lbehinds (58 points). EAST FREMANTLE V. SUBIACO. These teams met on the Fremantle Oval on Saturday: in the presence of a fair number of spectators. Subiaco put up a game fight, but Easts. who -were never fully extended, won comfortably by 19 points., The teams were: East Fremantle,-Mitchell. Strang. Bes wick. Bidstrip, Iaig (3). Wilson, Honey bone, McIntyre. Sharp, Brown, Christy, Doran, Patfield, Hesketh. Scott, and Sweetman. Subiaco.-Thompson, Griffin,, Bignell. Bockette. Randall Gordon. Ward. Han ion, Treen. Halliday. Geise, Rodd. Sad ler. Curnow, Hugo, Ward, and Hosk ing. The local men were prominent on the bounce, and quickly opened their ac count with a minor point. The ball was then transferred, and, after a spell of even play, Subiaco .registered a single. Easts added several more minor boints before Curnow notched a major point for Subiaco. Up to this stage the local men had the most of the play. but their kick ing was very erratic. Before the bell rang, however, they had placed three maior noints to their tally. In the se cond and third quarters Subiaco played with great dilsh and combination, and the lead of 19 points which their op ponents had established was gradually reduced. At the three-quarter interval the maroons were only four' noints be hind -Easts' total, but, in the final term. the local men gave a much more inter esting exhibition than that which had characterised their play in the preceding oaarters. with the result that they again forged . ahead. and finally won' by 19 points. The scores at the various stages were: Quarter-time: East Fremantle. 3 goals 8 1ehninds: Suhineo. 1 goal 1 behind. Half-time: East Fremantle. 5 coals 11 hehinds; Subiaco. 3 goals 2 behinds. Three-cuarter time: East Fremantle. 5 coils 18 behinds; Subiaco, 6 goals 3 behinds. Final scores: East Fremantle. 7 coals 17 behinds; Subiaco 6 goals 41 behinds. SOUTH FREMANTLE V. MIDLAND JUNCTION. These teams met on the Midland Re creation Reserve on S·aturday last, for the second time this season, before a good attendance of spectators.. The reennrt u~ac in errwl ntrlpow AC +halv fira

meeting Southe Fremantle won by 75 points, and, as the local team has since that time been considerably altered, and the dissension that existed- overcome, it was thought by their supporters that they would put up a much better game on this occasion. The home team led right up to within a few minutes of time, and the issue was in doubt until the final bell rang, leaving Souths win ners by four points. Souths' victory was mainly due to their superiority in the air and long passing. On the other hand, the Midland team were much faster than their heavier opponents, and also superior in ground play. Collier, an umpire from South Australia, controlled the game. this being his initial appear anee in that capacity in Western Aus tralian senior football. He was a de cided success, being very fast, and his decisions were quickly'i and impartially given. The teams were: South Fremantle.-Forwards-Fools, Somerville. McKena ; half-forwards-E. Kelly. Coates. 0. O. Kelly (captain): centre -Pierce. McLeod. Snary; half-backs Snook. Miller, Strong; backs-Hug. Glen, Trctt; followore--Dunn, Banks; rover Abercrombie. Midland Junction.-Forwards-Forting ton. Smith. Bowen; half-forwards-Cres land, Davey, Davis; centre-O'Dwyer, Robertson. Nielsen; half-backs--Iles. Jones, Hummerston; backs-Scrivener, Fisher, Howson; followers-Jamieson, Williams; rover-Crowle (captain). The scores at the end of each quarter were: First Quarter. South Fremantle, 1 goal 2 behinds (8 points). Midland Junction, 2 goals 2 behinds (14 points). Second Quarter. South Fremantle, 2 goals 8 behinds (20 points). Midland Junction. 3 goals 5 behinds (23 points). Third Quarter. South Fremantle. 3 goals 10 behuds (28 points). Midland Junction. 5 goals 7 behinds (37 points). Final. South Fremantle, 6 goals 14 behinds (50 ntoints). Midland Junction, 6 goals 10 behinds (46 noints). The goalkickers were:-South Freman tie: Dunn (2). Fooks (2), Abercrombie, and Pierce. Midland Junction: Davis (2) Jamicson (2). Nielsen. and Davey. The best nlavers for South Fremantle were McL.eod. Banks. Coates, Trott, Alhrcrombie. Strong. 0. Kelly. and for Midland Junction Jamieson (best man on ground). Bowen. Davey, Fisher, Wil liams, Nielsen, O'Dwyer, and Iles. THIRD PATE ASSOCIATION. Perth Juniors v. Victoria Park.-This match was played at Victoria Park. After an interesting game the Juniors were winners by 19 points. A special feature of the match was the splendid kicking for goals, both teams having a majority of, goals over behinds to their credit. • In the first half Perth Juniors had slightly the better of the game, but in the succeeding quarters the game was very even. The final scores were: Perth Junior, 9 goals 6 behinds (60 points): Victoria Park. 6 goals 5 behinds (41 points). For the Winners, Christie. Little, Keally, Healy. McDonald. Jones, Snow. and Iisborn were the best; while for Victoria Park. Fitzpatrick, also (led des. Clark, Judge, J. Cadden wore most noticeable,.

A-BUNBURY MATCH. Bunbury, June 23. To-day's footballs match resulted.: Railways, 5 goals. and 13 behinds, beat Lum per, 2gols behinds. This-places the~nree.contesting teams on even terms. They have scored 8i points each. C4GDFIELDS MATCHES. A BIG'SCORE. Kalgoorlie, June.23. The results of to-day's senior football matches were:--Railway 7 goals 8 be hinds, defeated Warriors, 4 goals 9 be hinds. Boulder City, scoring the phe nomenal number, 31 goals 20 behinds (206 points), defeated 'Kalgoorlie City, 2-goals. 5 behinds. ADELAIDE MATCHES. Adelaide. June 23. In League football Port Adelaide (10 -goale..18 behinds) beat .South (4 goals.- 6 -behinds), Norwood (11 goals 7 behinds) hboat West Torrens '(2 goals. 6 -behinds) and West Adelaide. (7 \gals 7 behinds beat Start (6 goals 7.behands). MELBOURNE ?MATCHES. Melbourne, June 23. St., Kilda was again defeated yester day, Carlton winning by 8 goals 14 be hinds tQ 3,goale 15 behinds. These two clubs are now level in points in the League competition. Other League matches resulted as follows :--Melbourne (7 goals 10 behinds) beat South Mel bourne (5 goals 10 behinds). Collingwocd (11 goals 12 behinds) beat Fitzroy (11 goals 3 behinds), Geelong (7. goals 1 be hinds) defeated Essendon (3 soals 10 be binds). In the Association competition Essendon (6 goals 4 behinds) beat Wil liamstown (4 goals 13'behinds), Footscray (7 goals 6 behinds) beat West Melbourne (2 goals 19 behinds), Richmond (14 goals 8 behinds) beat Brunswick (7 goals 5 be hinds), Prahran (7 "-als.9 behinds) beat North Melbourne (3 goals 9 behinds). BRITISH ASSOCIATION GAME. EX-STUDENTS V. CITY UNITED. These teams met on the Esplanade on Saturday afternoon last, in the presence of a fair crowd of spectators. Ex-Stu dents had a good team out. City United were also well represented, although they were without the services of Hatton. City United kicked off with the sun at their backs, and at once made trucks for goal, but were repulsed, and a visit was paid to the other end, but nothing resulted. Citys were playing better to gether, and had the better of the deal for the first fifteen minutes. Johnston, after a good bit of play on their. right wing, sent in a lofty shot right across the goal mouth, and Wear, in attempt. sag to clear over his head, kicked through, giving United the first goal of the day. Ex-Students livened up con siderably, and forced a corner, which was splendidly placed by P. Pearce, and an exciting scrimmage followed, the City United goal-keeper clearing splendidly on several occasions, and the ball was taken out of danger. Uninteresting play then followed until half-time, honours being even, and the teams, crossed over with the score unaltered: On resuming, Ex Students strove 'hard to obtain the equalising point, and the play for this half was confined, , except for an occa sional rush by the- City United forwards, round the latter's goal, but owing to the splendid defence put up by R. Taylor, in goal, and C. Taylor and McDowell at back, Ex-Students were unable to score, although they spoilt many chances by overcrowding near the goal. With about 15 minutes to go, C. Pearce got well down, and secured the equaliser, which might, 'however, have been saved had a misunderstanding not occurred between the goalkeeper and the hacks. En couraged by this success, Ex-Students kept up a warm attack, Wylie having bad luck with a shot which hit the crossbar. With time near at hand, City United rallied, but were unable to make any impression, and the whistle then blew, the game being drawn. Ex-Stu dents' backs and half-backs played well, but their forwards were very patchy. Their best players were Booth, Epps, and P., Pearce. For City United, R. Taylor, who has hot played for some time, gave a splendid exhibition in goal, and it was mainly owing to his and his namesake's efforts that Ex Students did not score more than they did. Spalling, who also played for the first time this season, gave a good display at half-back, and with a bit more practice would be one of the best halves at present play ing. Johnston and Rimmer also played well. Mr. Ormond. as referee, had the game always under full' control. Second Division. Claremont "A" and Training College met on the College ground on Saturday last-, and a fast and very evenly-contested game ended in a win for Claremont by 3 goals to 1 goal. Claremont's combined play was the main factor in their win, and this style of play was in marked con trast to that of the College, whose com bination was not of a very high order. For the winning team Short and Jones both played fine games, and Bennett, Shepherd, and Woodroffe were also con spicuous for good play. For the College Harper, in goal, saved extremely well, and his efforts were well sppported by Potts, Cole, Andrews, and Little. Mr. Band refereed efficiently and kept the game very fast. Reserves v. Ex-Stuaents.-This match, which was played on Wellington-street Reserve, resulted in a draw. both sides scoring four goals. As each team were successful in its last two mnatches, a good game was expected: 'In the first half neither side had the 'advantage, the ball travelling from one end of the field to the other in quick succession, an't but for the sound play 'of both custodians many goals would have been scored. By ?, nnn d F,,,,*"i RO ..~ i ,,?..? ~ ? ...I 1.," . ..

Smalley beipg responsible. Shortly after ihis Students scored through the agency of Young. At thik stage of the game Students were whistled " off-side" two or three times. Before half-time each team added another -goal to their score. On resuming, Reserves carried the ball doian the field without much opposition, and their third goal was registered. For a time the Fremantle team had things all their own way, but Students at length livening np equalised the score. Five minutes before time, Reserves' right wing got away, and, centring well. a scrimmage in front of goal resulted, from which Smalley placed the ball through. With a goal in the lead, Re serves were confident of success, and. in a measure became careless. Students miade many determined r'hses. and were at length rewarded, Allen shooting their fourth goal. Reserves were best repre sented by Richardson, Smalley, Hale. O'Brien, and Denton. Wynne, Dorney, Sheridan, Allen, and Po:ritt were con spicuous for Students. Third Division. Rangers "B'" v. Wanderers.-These teams met for the second time this year tn the Esplanade. and an even game re sulted. Frcm the start the Wanderers' pressed, and within a few minutes had scored through the agency of Butts worth. After the kick-off the play was more even. The Wanderers' right wing was playing well, and from a fine centre by him it was converted, thus giving the Wanderers the lead by two goals to nil. This put the Rangers on their mettle, and the game became very fast, but though the Rangers were having the bet ter of the play, it was some time before they scored. Lyons being responsible. After half-time the Rangers again began to press, but each time.their attack fail ed'at the crucial moment. When within a quarter of an hour of time the ball Mns handled, and the Rangers were awarded a penalty. which Jackson took. and easily converted. Those who played their usual game for Rangers were Jack son, McBride, and Rivn. Those who ulayed best for Wanderers were Jones, Evans, and Buttsworth. THE RUGBY GAME. SYDNEY v. PERTH. Mr. R. D. Jones had charge of this game, which took place on the Espla nade on Saturday after the junior fix ture. A goad match 'is always expected when these teams meet, and a large crowd of spectators was present. Sydney won the toss, and Perth kicked off from the northern end. Cable and Molloy ex changed kicks, and Storey dribbled to centre. Mcintosh and Arens carried on. and Peters forced. Senior returned the kick-out, and Garcia returned. Walker and Cable carried back to centre. From a serum Wilkins started a Sydney pass ing run, and Maloney. Grant, and La hiff broke through the ruck. Walker sent into touch. Morris. Storey. and Prendergast transferred play to Perth 25, and Frankel and Garcia cleared. Gouly returned, and Molloy, by a well-judged kick. sent out at Sydney 23. From a mark Crombie sent the ball over the bar with a fine kick, but as an opponent touched it in transit the kick was dis allowed. After even play Wilkins broke round a serum and punted, and Peters sent out. Storey, Morris, and Arcus broke through and A. Todd re lieved. Wilkins again brolk round a ncrum, and Frankel responding sent to Molloy to Sheather to Jago, and Sydney forced. J. Todd put

in a fine dribble to Sydney ground, and Lahiff carried on, and Hicks and Hen °derson relieved. Maloney and J. Todd again attacked, and Walker and Gouly carried back. Crombie had an unsuc cessful shot at goal. Storey and Hamp stead led a Sydney rush, and Crombie' and Molloy returned, and Frankel from a free kicked a fine goal, but a player being off-side the kick was disallowed. No score had been recorded at half-time. The second soell was also hotly contested, -nd after about 20 minutes of give-and take play Gouly from a free had a shot at goal. The ball. striking the cross-bar. dropped back, and A. Areas following fast scored a try. Gouly converted. .After 10 minutes of more even play Syd n?ew forwards attacked, and Morris by good dribbling scored their second try. 'Gouly again, added the extra points, and. Sydney won by 10 points to niL Second Grade. Perth-v..Sydney.-These teams met.on, Saturday afternoon on the Esplanade. Mr. Crombie refereed. Perth started, the ball rolling, and after even play. the blue and whites entered Sydney ter-. 'ritory, but Sydney backs cleared to-cen tre, and Symonds picking up outpaced his opponents and scored a try. Mc Adam failed at goal. No-further score took place before half-time. On chang ing ends Sydney attacked, and from a free Fleming made a good attempt at goal. After even play Sydney gradually worked the leather to Perth ground, and. Fleming had another shot at goal. Perth; forwards assumed the aggressive, and Symonds by another good run scored their second try. No goal resulted. From another Perth attack a free was award ed to them, and Davis dropped a goal. After give-and-take play Perth forwards carried the leather over their opponents' goal-line, and Campbell scored their third try. Perth eventually won by 12 points to nil. Mack, Male, McAdam. Sy monds, Campbell, and Waldron best re presented the winners, and Sydney' were Fleming, Percival, Burges, Wat kins, Wilson, and .Tocey. Pioneer v. Maori.-This match took place on Saturday on the Wel lington-street Reserve, with Mr. W. B Sanders as-referee. Maori losing the toss kicked off from the eastern end. The first half was very evenly contest ed, the only score being a try by Pio neer, which was not converted. During thesecorsd half Pioneer scored four more, tries, one of which was converted, and. they finally won by 17 noints-to nil. For the winners Haddon, Daniels, Morriday, and Carter played well .and for Maor's. Goodhlild: Lawlor, Smith, Appleby, and Phelps were prominent.