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Although It was expected and hoped that Vic-<*> torian team would be able to pay us a visit this season those [?] and topes have not been fulfilled, as Mr. Smith, the energetic secretary of the

S A. Laoroete Atnuciauon: hu received a final com inubicatlttii from tbe secretory of the Victoria*] asso ciation eiatii-g that the association bad found it utuui3' impossible to raibe&le&d Co come over, mncb to their regret. This decision mill be also regretted by vili wiio tiftvc the jtit^fj*fftfl of tbe jjune he beorti here, &s t?o or three goo« intercolonial matches *t the coi-cHition of the ordinary round of matches would have tbe i ff ect of largely popularising tbe game, which hits alrtadjt. judging from tbe inter. 8t manifested by tile numbers of }>eopte who have watch-aine matches Ihroaehout the reason, goaeup largely in the esti mation of t.i c public K*xl lear tli£ association are anxious to mert some of the team* from th« other colonies, and communications have been addressed to the kindred associations in Melbourne, Syoney, and briebaue, bringing tbe nutter under their nrtioe Sow that dtui lacrosre ee&aon is over a few detail* of ttie season* play may tioc be without lotereab. Tbe Iroquoia hold the uroud position ol topping tbe list* having obtained 22 points oat ot a possible 21, caving sustained only on? defeat dming the reason, which I is a mule whwh the dub may well view witbi tatiifaction. Toe premiers have thrown 62 goals Against their opponent*' 29, tbe principal goal' taroK-ere being H. M. Orr IS. C Bolmes IS, H. E. Hill 11, B. J- Hill 10. aiid A. H. Hill 7. Several new players hare been triso during the season, aba the beet of cnem to have been L. L. I BUd. Tbe Uolverf lty A and KorUi Adelaide Claba have ted for second place, each team baviog scoured 18 points, b>viog suffered tDieedeleateduring tbe Beaaon. Xbe Univetsity team has Riven a very good account of themselves, some of tdieir men having shown them reives to be auoue the amkrtnt *n the The club hu thrown 67 goals against their oppo nent*1 Sfi, the pricoipaleo<hrowers bdse Uainwar ing ->5, P. NeMacd IT, and A. Powell 6. P. Hewland bus proved himself to Da the best of tie new men who have played in the team duriM i? tbe !«aBOn, and he has sbown by his consUtent play thac he is fit for any ict-ercolonlilte-m. Tbe North Adelaide) appeared to sreb Into form at the btgiuring ot the eeason much more quickly than an> of the other teams, and they went of! with eueh a lead of wins that their ooaooe of getting the coveted premiership eeemed very rotrj'. Their victorious career contained the first check at the bands of tbe Kniphtsbridjje dub, and then in the last match againct the Eqoaws tbe Norths went down ratoer badly, the premiers baviog rather the whip buid throoghout the game- Tbe Siorth Adelaiaes have thrown 03 goals, as com pared with 15 tflnown by their opponent, the prin cipal fcoilthrowere beiog A Bowley 17, o. Lord 10, O. Foihrrlogbam 11, and F. Parsons 6. Tbe Norths bad the great mistorrone to lose the valuable services of Acraman and Eowley in the later matches of the season, and the fact of these two pl?y«s being absent must have had a very substantial effect on tbe dual result The Enlgntsbridge dab holds fourth place on the MoriJ>cl>st Tte *fasa ha? thrown 32 soak again?t S3 goals thrown by vaeir opponents, toe principal goalthrovrers being G. H. Corfin? 13, and H. Adam "rht Adelaide dab, altooufb ioelodSng in Its pUyen kotos ol the most brilliant men in tbe asso ci.tion. have not been able to ouUin a higher position than fifth on the list. They have thronn 50 goal* « oompared with 62 eoale thrown by their opponents. Tbe prinoipsl goalthrowers have been C. DeMole 15. B. Erans 18, A. D?venport 8, and Prince 7. Stront, * moet promisuig new player, un'ortunately broke his arm, and this mishap was dmihUess lelt severely by tun dnb. The Univenlty B turn, although they showed very protuiaiop 4onu at tbe neginning of tile eeason, have Lot been able to make much headway against tbe older and more formidable team*. They have thrown ?l cock otf&hwE 68 thrown by their opponents, tbe principal gas.narowera being A. J. Campbell 3 and Oorbin 9, while A. W. Campbell. Horaabraok, and Dowrjer bate all shown promising form. The Heatnpoote, who are equal to the 'vsrtctr B team for list place, have thrown IS goals as compared ! wiiL 101 thruwn against Uitm, the principal goal-1 throivurs beicg J. A. Henderson 6, T. Broaabent 6, j arul 11. M Krowles 4, while the men «-bo have shown the uiost proinitiug iorm have beta Henderson, Hay- i cratt, and Cuok. The ciiamcionship flag has on been wot tsdee by both the University team and the Iroqaois. so that probably these twuns will have to play cli next season to e*e who is to bs the ultimate hulder ol the flag. Xo. other medicine has won for itself such ' universal confidence as Ajer'b Sarssparilla. It is the most powerful combination o£ vegetable alteratives ever offered to the public, and is acknowledged to be the best blood purifier. ! P2s4aiuBx2sa