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On Monday night the Democratic Club held its general meeting, a here was a crowded attendance of members, and the retiring presi-<*> dent (the Hon. W.A. Robinson, M.L.C.)

ILL.C.) occupiea tne cnair. ine secretary {Bar. .j. u. HenneaEy) read the bauuice-sheet, which was aa?Ptea: j a -t. The election of officers was proceededwith, As there was no opposition Mr. J. H. Schickel I was declared elected as president for toe ■ ensuingmJfy^ ?aid he would do his best to forward the interests of the duo. Air. W. a. Bickford. "M was also unopposed, was declared elected JB vice-president, and thanked the members for the honor done him. rhere waa a conteet for the Becretaryship, wbich resulted in Mr. J. 1j- riennessy being re-elected by a large majority. in responding, Mr. IIENT>Es«r thanked the members for their renewed confi dea,cem,hlm: xl ._. . ~ Thefollowing;genaemen^were electedl toJthe committee :-The Hon. W. A. Kobinson. Messrs. G. H. !Bu?tery. G. M*?egoj. *■ SSSSLiF'T h^S? «! mJt^^K^«r t" . ZiAb™?' 3' P'SS^TrS^i^Tht' nnel?'-^ d Si M^^WMdte Messrs. J. A Sellar, J. Clarke, and \ T StoI? y elft. mnm i«r r«r _™£ PoiSTOX, M.P-. *he mf?ber.f?l \J^l f£f^L?SfL^^ihn^'ES 116^18^ 8 melnber8 > whom ha met with a hearty reception.

====== A Johannesburg (South African) newspaper of March 31 stated that Mr. Julius Ludwig Schomburgk had disappeared from Durban on or about March 9. or a week after his arrival in that town. The deceased was a younger brother of the late Dr. Schomburgk,   curator of the Botanic Gardens. He was by occupation a gold and silver smith,   and a very expert modeller and de- signer. For 25 years he was in the service of Mr. J. M. Wendt, jeweller, of Rundle-street, occu- pying for a considerable time the position of foreman in the workroom. He left a note reading:—" I am tired of life, and therefore put a finish to it. Among his effects was   found a Masonic certificate dated from Ade- laide. No clue had been found to Mr. Schom- burgk's disappearance when the last mail steamer left the Cape. He was 72 years of age at the time of his death. In October last year he left by a sailing ship for South Africa, when he intended taking the trip to recruit his health, which had not been Rood of late years. The deceased was a bachelor and was of a rather melancholy disposition.