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A POLL ot British exhibitors con

ducted by the "Motion Picture Herald," reveals that George Formby was the biggest money making star in England last year The next in order were Gracie Fields ,Will Hay, Jessie

Matthews, Sandy Powell, Jack Buch a n a n. Charles Laugh ton. Anna Neagle, Will Fyffe, und George Aiiiss. Formby this year displaces Miss Fields at the top of the list. Jessie Matthews has dropped from third to fourth - (George Formby -pict.) place. It is an

nnounced that this

actress has now retired from

Jack Buchanan has gone back one place. George Arliss has slipped from sixth to 10th place, and Will Hay steps up from fourth to third. A new ent rant is Will Fyffe, and his popularity  

is due in large measure to his work in "Owd Bob."              

Formby, famous son of a famous father, had no intention of following his father in a stage career. From earliest childhood horses were his pas- sion, and at the age of 10 he was ap- prenticed as a jockey to n Dublin stn lile. After Formby sen. died, George visited London and saw a comedian exploiting his father's stage mate- rial. He \vas convinced that he could do better, and the following year, at the age of 16, and under the name of George Hoy, he made his debut at the Eaistown Hippodrome. George and his ukulele became a sensation In var- iety, and later he made a film called "Boots, Boots." It was enthusias- tically received in England, and he followed it with "Off the Dole." Eal- ing studios snapped him up, and he has appeared in seven plays for that com- pany. His most recently completed film is "Trouble Brewing."

James Cagncy and Rosemary Lane aie the principals in the Warner Bros.' film "The Oklahoma Kid."

* * # *

The Italian actress ha Miranda' will make her American screen debut in Paramount's "Hotel Imperial."

Rose Stradner, who appeared oppo-

site Edward G- Robinson in "The Last Gangster," has been signed by Columbia to a long-term contract. The dramatic portrayal of this Vien- nese actress opposite Robinson will be recalled by Tasmanian fihngocrs.