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Her Majesty's Birth Day.

In spite of dull times, overdue promissory notes, long lawyers' bills, and longer faces, Sydney, by one general consent, determined yesterday morning to make a holiday in favor their affectionate recollection of Her Majesty's birth day. With the first dawn of day the National flag was seen proudly waving over the lofty lurretted batllements of the new Go- vernment House. At four bells up went the gayest demonstrations of loyalty which each and every commander in port could muster. Business, and its dull cares, were universally set aside, and breakfast being studiously dis- cussed, lest luncheon should be long postponed, the citizens of Sydney poured out by general consent in search of the amusements of the day. The unusual circumstance of four or five field pieces being taken in great pomp of procession to the usual ground of exercise, and the an- nouncement of a grand Review (!) made the back of Macquarie-street a great point of at- traction ; but the loyal excitement of the people was in no wise responded to by the activity of the military. In the times of Colonels Snod-   grass and Despard, years ago, we were accus-  

tomed to see far more imposing military exhi- bitions upon every common field day. His Excellency the Governor, we believe, was not on the ground ; we were, however, gratified to see Sir M. O'Connell, alive and well, active, and full of the buoyant enjoyment which is ever the accompaniment of a green old agc, and  

the reward of a well spent life.

But the PEOPLE-it is true at this season there is a larger influx from the country-but it was truly gratifying to see the concourse of well fed, well clad, happy faces that surrounded this circle of loyal festivity. We do not think


there were less than ten thousand people pre-

sent; and, oh! what a contrast to a London mob ! A new jacket, a pair of snow white trowsers, and a cabbagetree hat, and shirts of every colour but a dirty one, were the prevail

ing order, of the day ; and as for " swell mobs" and " take care of your pockets," they had no more influence upon the feelings of the assembly than if such things, had never been.

After the Review took place, all the ** chosen' few" wended their happy steps towards Go- vernment House, where they were nodded to by His Excellency, and then walked away, some of them half a dozen inches taller in cunseqtii nee. Well, after nil, it is a pity that great folks are so stiff. Condescention costs so lillie, and then it makes people so happy, and on such wondrous good terms with themselves. The Levee was well attended, we have seen it more' numerously so, but no doubt many were kept »way by recent family bereavemenls. The assemblage around Government House was numerous and highly creditable to Sydney., and the shipping in Sydney Cove and Darling Harbour kept up a constant di .charge of loyal ebullition, which perhaps will furnish a sufficient exeuse for the quiescent slate of the 'bond, which we put down in our own mimi as a little re- markable at such a time. T-he crowd after leaving Government House directedtheir foot- steps towards Church Hill, where it wns said a balloon was to ascend at twelve A. M. After wailing for two hours, a great number of per- sons relurned to their homes ; however fresh parties arriving the crowd went on 'increasing, until all the south end of Prince-street, the' whole of Church Hill George-street to Kent-street presented one living ma«s, all eager with expectation for the moment of the ascen- sion of what we heard one of the byestanders call the " Big Bladder"--but three o'clock passed and no symptoms of its appearance-a little after three, a fellow was se n pushing his way through the mob with a large board on Ins shoulders, announcing that the grand -flight was to luke place at half-past three, which accordingly did ; the Balloon being only par- tially inflated with gas it rose slowly from the triangular -scaffold, gradually winging tis way to the southward across Darling liur bour-it then gained a greater elevation, and continued a course east south cast f >r the space of ton minutes, when it disappeared ; though small it had rather a fine effect as the rays of the evening sun struck its variegated


In consequence of the announcement made by the Gas Company, xsiotvds were assembled in the vicinity of Go- vernment llous-, Church Hill, Lower (Jeorge-street, und opposite ilia Austra'mn t tub Illino, during the early part ol' the evening, to witness tlic Iong.ialk.ed-of illumination of the City We regret lo say that the Manager of the Company was nut enabled to redeem his pledge to the public so fully as he unticipateJ in consequence of the ineffective condition of th.- gasiineter. which, notwith- standing every tifjrt, waa scarcely one half full. .The result, as may be suppoeed, wa« that the lights when ex* posed to the action of the open air fluctuated, and in some in'slances were extinguished. The only place trlirre wa observed the lights to burn steadily was the illuminated star over the Company's offices.

The triangular ucofiulding erected by the Company for the purpose of displaying to full advantage the effects of gus, failed from the circumstance stated above. '1 his building, which was thirty feet in height, presented on the sida facing Charlotte-place, a large crown with the letter V on one side and R on the other. On the side looking towards Darling Harbour, a crown; and on the third side a V, star, snd R. I hege were several times lighted up, and during the timo they were so.the offset was most beautiful. The V, crown, and It over the gateway load- ing to Government House, were also illuminated with gus ; be&ides a few of the lamps in thal neighbourhood. Where the lights wera screened by glass they burnt bril-


Several houses were illuminated, some with candles, others with oil, and many more with gar.

The Club House was more splendidly illuminated tiran any other in Town Over the entrance u large Crown, formed of small lamps, blue, white, nud red. had a most beautiful appearance, several R.'d V.'s and blare were suspended on a puralell with this, all of oil lamps. H ung to the roof of the upper -verandah were festuons (onutel in a similar manner. The " Oxford Arms," " 'I bree Crowns,"' with many others, displaced their loyalty in the various modes, in which they were lighted up.

We hope the native youth of Australia will not feel over disnppointrd at the partial failure of the gas illumina- tion-rh'y h.ive yet to see the t-ffact, and learn to appre- ciate its value. We throw out this merely as a hint that the Gas Company, when they get all their arrangements, completed, should endeavour to cover this unfortunate: failure by strenuous efforts at a displav.

We h-ive seldim in any Town in the Mother Country, on an occasion of this kind, where such large assemblages were, kne» less disturbance or attempts to break the peace. All passed over in a manner highly credituble to the parties concerned,

A grand took place in the evening at Government House, which nus numerously and respectably attended. forced greatly, (fi om unavoidable circumstances,) to curtail our report of the proceedings on this joyous occasion. j