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-'; 'WORKS AND BUILDIN;GS VOTE. ESTIM.ATES FOR 1905-8. In the Estimates laid before the As sembly by the Colonial Treasurer last evening, the vote on account of Fublic works and buildings for the year end ing June 30, 1906, is set down at £309,985 -a decrease of £77,512 on the vote for the previous year, but compared with the expenditure for that period-which was less than the amount voted-the decrease is £27,912. Salaries are* set down at £23,915 (including £2,700 wages). The increases are as follows:--Stores manager, £325 to £400; 11 engineers re ceiving £2.990, instead of 10 paid £1,640. A new office was that of the roads boarl searcher at .l275. The salary attached to the office of Under-Secre tary of Public Works is reduced from .d030 to .52j0, and that of the account ant from .£500 to £.417. The assistant accountant's salary at £320 is provided for two months only, and there Is a de crease of .£G30 in the salaries of clerks, who are reduced in number from 60 to 57. The salary of the Lands and Purchase Ebtato Officer is, for six months only, £.200. £425 less go to the resident en gineers. reduced from 10 to 9: engineer ing surveyors are 7 instead of 8, saving .t210; surveyors are reduced by 1 sav ing £270; junior assistant engineers are I less, saving £190. The draftsmen are 8 less, the item being reduced by £1,310, und the juniors are reduced by 2 at a saving of 173; 2 supervisors are taken off. reducing the item by £180. The clerks in the engineering branch are reduced by 12, and the messengers by 2, the saving thus effected being £2,100 and 'l;1: respectively. The whole or the dredge vote disappears-£-1,386, as do. also. several minor officers. In the architectural branch the increases are principal architect £380 to UO£500 and maintenance. The decreases include the following:--Supervisors reduced from 11 to S. saving £4b8; clerks from 13 to 10. saving .£458. The office of chief ac countant at £1,000 disappears, and there are various other minor retrenchments in the architectural branch, saving about £1,000. The following are the details of the different grants: ROADS AND BRIDGES, £112,869. Iloads and bridges throughout the state. S70,000 Roads, .28,023. Rerotes etc.. £10,925.-Albany Road District, Lower King-road to King and Kalgan bridges, £100; Beverley Road Dlistrict, Brookton-Jelcobine-road. £100; leverley Road District. Brookton-Boya garrine-road. £100; Broomehill Road District roads in Tambellup district. £100; Brunswick Road District Coast road, .£100; Brunswick Road District, Brunswick-Australind-road. £100; Bun bury head District. Boyanup-road £100; Buuibury (Suburban) Road Disetriec, Bus selton-road, £100; Canning Road Dis trict. main road to Fremantle, £150; Canning Road District. Welshpool-road, .£100; Collie Road District. Collie-Dar kan-road to A.A., £150; Coolgardie Road' I)istrict. road to Government battery, £?'0; Cuballing Road District, Wicke pin A.A. main road. £.100; Dundas Cool-ardie main road. Coolgardie and Dundas Road Districts, £1,834; Esper ane., Pink Lake-road .£100; Forrest road. via Lake Bibra (through Jandakot agricultural area), extension, £450; Goo mailing Road District, road to Koomber kine. £100; Goomalling Road District, main road to Dowerin agricultural area from railway station, .100; Greenmount Road District, Greenmount-York main road. £250; Jandankot Road District, rennup-road. 160;.T Jandakot Road Dis trict. Bray-road, £100; Katanning Road District, Woodanilling roads to railway station. £200; Kelmscott Road District, read from Armadalo railway station to wards Jandakot townsite, £150; Lawlers Road District, Clifton-road, £300; North ampton Road District, Northampton to Geraldine, £100: Northamplon Road District. Alma, Bowesa, and Nonga agri. cultural areas, £200; Northampton Road District. Appertarra agricultural area, .101; Perth-Albany and Bunbury main roads through Victoria Park. Canning. and Kolmscott districts, £500;- Perth --Fremantle-road. maintenance, .2.000; Perth - Fremantle-road. reconstruction, .?31; Perth-Osborne Park main road, third of cost. .?00;: Perth to Gnildford main road, maintenance. £500; Perth to Guildford. via Bayswater, main road, 1.350; Phillips River Road District, Hopetown-Ravensthorpe-road, .£100; Port HIedland. road front jetty to Limestone Ridge. .2150; Serpentine Road District, Mundijong to Serpentine main road, S£10:; Serpentine Road District, Perth JBunbury-road, £50; Sussex, Coast-road, ;usselton-Yallingup-road. .£500: Sussex, Yalingup to Lake Cave, £300; Sussex Road District. Cape Naturaliste Light house-road. £100: Victoria Plains Road ])it rict, Moora-Gillingarra-road, £100; Victoria Plains Road District. Moorna. Coomberdale, .£100; Wanneroo Road Dis trict. Wanneroo. North. main roads, .£I100; York road D)istrict, Gwambygine agricultural area main road. £100. New Works, .£17,09S. Albany, Grassmereo-road, part cost, £100; Balingup, Cunderuup-road, £100; levemley Bowrons to Mt. Kokeby-road, gravelling, .100; Black'wood, IU~per, clearing first 10 miles of road surveyed by Mr. Terry, and erecting bridge over Gnowergeup Brook, .£10-; Blackwoodu

Arthur Rliver distict, clearing, .100; Broad Arrow. Bardoc-road, .£150; Broomuhill-Tambellup railway crossing road. .:50; Brunswick. Pertli-Bunbury road. construction, .£100; Brunswick, Yarloop-Wagenrup road, construction, .0150: Brunswick. Koriejekup Area roads, construction, £100; Bulong, lRandell's road. ±100; Bunbury, suburban, Black wood-road £100; Bunbury, suburban, (len iris. .£200; Bunbury, suburban, Australind-road. £100; Bunbury-Bussel ton-road (between Bunbury and Capel), 4:100: Bunbury Municipality, King-road, .200: Bunhury, road to McCourt's to be made and cleared to be continued to Lud low River, £100; Chapman, Cudgerryna Siding. improving approach. £100; Chit tering. completion of anproach road to Muchea station from Chittering, 0£100; Claremont Municipality. road to show grounds tbali cost), .g175; Claremont, road to Old Men's Depot (two-thirds cost). .0680: Coolgardie. N.E.. Gindalpi (Vospertonl Kurnalpi road. 4100; Cool gardie, N.E., Kanowuna-Kurnalpi road, .£100; Coolgardie, N.. Leonora-Gwalia r-ad. ±iln5; Coolgardio N., Leonora Tower Hill road. .450; Coolgardio N., Malcol m-Mfertondale, Malcolm-M1urrin, Malcolm-Anaconda roads, .£200; Cool rardt.* roac to Bonnievale, £100; Cubal ling. Cumgeeling Brook main road. .£100; Cue. ('ue-Barmbhie road, £100; Darda ,mn. Ferguson-C'ollie road. construction, £l100: Dardanup. roads. Collie Agricul tural Areas. 4100: Darling Range-Mlid land Junction road, from Helena Bridge to Gooseberry Hill. £100: Darling Range. Guildford-road from R?tldo Hill to Pci son Gully. 4.100; Drakeshrook. construe tion of roads west of nel. Samlllp- I ton. Brockman. and Do Hanmel roads. , o100n: Drakcsbrook, Whittaker-road. .'1010: Drakesbrook. Fouratrc-roald and Fawcett-road £100; Fremantle Forlret road upkeep. .£2n0: Fremant's rug1~ loar-road, reconitruction £'0,0 ; Fre m,nl:lc. Spearwood-road construction. 4.1:0: Fremanile. conl tlturtion and cllttine. 1].i?; 'rntad'e 1 :rt hwvvke-road, constructinn. .100, Geraldi!nn. East ern-road nmantnancte and 'c,-t ructiol. .01100 GerallitCn. (;teenoll?l-rodl. 010'l: iGeraldtnn. cross ing at (i;les Creek and Spoon Drains on thr-ee smaller .*reks. na-, side ChIanman Hirer. 1lt11- ingin. Moore Rirer-road, c(le~sit. C(lf0: lGintio. Brook-read, reoarltt and constlruclrion. .100: Goad mrlr'n_. e'rarty-ro".i. .fl;0;('roonht',s'hes, P¶dhmry's Iill-roand. .£100: Greenhusihes, Sprint:" nlly-rr:L. .£ I0t: rreentlt'ls, ged ,."L-wa rdI throC:n Dtod lenn:lning li-Itict :rand well. :100: (;reenn:onmt.I Pt r!:ervill,, to ).i"n .Mill-road. .1133: (E;:*,o:notllt. rennirs to Roundarv. 11.,c01l. and lBankia roadsr. £100l: Green r:olntl, ;aI prlatcll ro:,l to l::thogfl;ny ('reek s!,,lion. .:0;: Glreenmountl?, col t!,.?Iin" .lMundnr:l* We'ir-road to .1un daring stationl. Lan: C:rrcenough Evoa, read. grrv,-I pit. Iln3.: Green"r:ih. Mc Ca rt ley-rou'l t :r -t rlct ioln. . .01'100 Gim reen tough. . rlhur-rand, .1 100; Irwin-lDon ga?r? pt, 1r'in road. lnnsirtlet:ion,x .±101; na;:n-otn:'arr. Yardtlnrino-roadl. .-,: It: i-',t:?d to \n gel's, .021S): Irwin, L'pn;."r 3tinn",uwA". Mullewan-rand. ciear e•:. c'.0.109: Irwin Tup-or. .ingtgenew. Ftr:w.:'hrry .cnctrletiont. .£20n: .laida-_ 1.:t-0'anupl road extension. o£230: Katln ninte-.:;id:ad:! dlp rn::d..1 1nn: Ke!nlmsott. ('mre .l,:,-:n'r,. -? 1t : N eolmi 's ntt. con etrrettln :ltein r:,ld Krlm-rolt to .landa o ln. l- nimbeltrle-.'. West. Lennerd z ,":. lon:,. lake ("-usew'tv r? ,l . .".r .?"r n"lIa O ,rll't co' t). .?3'5: ,iLa - le'r. I:,::lo'--BTnlk lange roadl. l101: I r~,,r I:v kpwo1.' ro:"' from two mile on i.:.sf.lIor.-rnad thlro!fbl' Cudlinun. 1Ie pin2,tot. and join road at lKirrlup, alort six m.les, ±'100; Marradong. new road off

main Quindanning-road to the Lower fi Williams. £100; Meckering Mt. Annie- s road. £100; Meckering. Yorkrakine-road, C £50; Meckering, Station-road. £50; Mel- 4 ville. South-road, £150; Melville, con- p struction. Bultler-road to Bull's Creek, £150: Midland Jiunction. road to Bellevue, .£00: Monrambine, Dwarlarking-road. clearing, £80; Moorambine. Brown-road, clearing, £60; Moorambine, York-Wil liams-road. clearing, £50: Mcoramh:ne, Wickenin-road. forming and gravelling, £50; Murray, Coolup-road west of Coolup Railway Station, £100; Murray. Pinjarra to Mandurah-road (watering-place and coach route). £100: Murray, Shell and( Smart streets (Mandurah). £80; Nellon- F Heater road to Hester Siding, £100; Nel son. Old Winguln-road. £100; Narrowin, Yilliminning-road eastward, £100; Nar rogin. Whenbeir Rock from Wolwalling Siding eastward. £100; Narrogin, roads C adjacent to Collie-Narrogin ra?lway Ine, a £100 : Northam Grass Valley Southern Brook road. £100; Northam. reparing C the Grass Valley Station-rd. between in- C toersection with main Grass Valley-road h and Grass Valley Railway" Station, £100; Northampton. Salt Lagoon. £150; Perth, Perth-Fremantle road, reconstruction, Point Lewis to Swan Brewery, £000; sa Perth regrading Harvest-terrace, etc., £615; Perth. approach road to Maylands si Railway Station. -via Beaufort-street and Eighth-avenue (one-third cost), £200; Plantagenet. Perth-Albany road, £100; Preston. road between quarries and rail way station at Donnybrook. £150; Pres ton. road. Thomn-on s Brook' main road. .11100: Subiaco, Hay-street, completion of widening £.50; Sussex. Margaret-road, £100: Sussex. St. John's Brook, £100; Sussex, Bunbury-road, £100; Sussex, Causeway, £100; Sussex, grant. extension Queen-street to jetty. £'100; Swan, Mid land Junction-Guildford main road, £300; Swan. Newcastle-road, repairs, £200; Swan. Beechboro'-road, construc tion. .£100; Toodyay, Norman Area-road, connecting Norman Area with Nunyle road via Woodendale. with farm, £,200; Toodyay, approaches to footbridge over Avon, at Jnmperdine. £100; Toodyay, Plain,. 'Wvjing-Boligan Gate road, £150; Victoria Plains Moora-Berkshire road. construction, £100; Victoria Plains Walebing-Coordos road, clear. ing and construction. £100; Wagin, c Barton main road. £100; Wagin. main : road. Barton Siding. £100; Wagin, Dongolickinis-road. £100; Wagin. new road from Dumbling Lake. Wagin. mb bit-proof fence, £100; Wagin. Old Black- d wood-Arthur road. .200: Wagin, road ( from. 180 miles. Perth-Albany road to wards Wedgerno. £40; Williams, York- I road. £100; Williams. Williams 14-mile a Brook-road, £100; Y.ilgarn, road from Leviathan to Greenmnunt. and clearing t track through Never-Never to .Taccoletti, £150: York Kelly's Pool and Duck Pool, 3 rlenrine and forming roads, £100; York, b Kelly's Pool and Duck Pool. two culverts 1i at Salt River. £100; York, Cold Harbour a and Woodlands. roads and culverts, £100. 3 Bridges, £14,846. Revotes, etc., £7,315.-Albany, new c bridge over Kalgan River. .028; Arthur road district, Katanning-road, bridge over Lime Lake, £180; Beverley, Hunt E River bridge, six miles north of Brook- f ton. £;750; do., reconstruction town bridge over Avon River, £1,400; Broome- a hill road district, Tambellpp, bridge h over Gordon River, £420; Bunbury-road r district, Boronia Gully, bridge over S' Capel River, £105 ; Fremantle-road bridges (two), lighting and mainten ance, £500; Guildford West, bridge, re construction, £410; Kelmscott-road district, over Wongong River. Janda kot, £405; Leonard's bridge on Guild ford-road, reconstruction, £5;. Murray road district, reconstructing bridges over the Lower Serpentine, at Barragup, J Stake Hill, and Nambellup, £900; Nel son-road district, Marrinup, bridge over Black-wood River, £.750; Northam-road a district, over Mortlock River (north d branch) at Seabrook Siding, £30; Perth 1 Causeway, renewing lighting, mainten ance, and reconstruction of road on em bankments, £1,100; Preston, Collie, and Brunswick Rivers, bridges over, .£110; Wandering-road district, Old York-road, d bridge over the Hotham River, £200; S Williams-road district, Albany-road, bridge over Crossman River at 831 miles, £22. • New Works, .7,531.-Balla Balla Causeway, £250; Beverley. Talbot River I bridge, enlarging, etc., £200; do., Water 1 Hatch Crossing, Dale River, .£200; Bun- C bury sub., two small bridges, one near a bridge over Preston River, £200; Can. ning, Upper Canning. bridge on Perth Albany road, £1,050; Drakesbrook, bridge ( over Sampson's Brook, £200; Darling d Range; Bellview, bridge over Helena p River, on main road to Kalamunda. a £650 : Geraldton, Moonyonooka, Gigles o bridge over Appa Brook, £250; Gingin, 5 over Gingin Brook. old stock route. £390; b Greenough, McCartne.v-road' bridge, £270; Greenmount, bride on Newcastle- V road over Wariloo Brook, .£150; Irwin, Upner, bridge over Greenbrook, £300: ti Katanning. ford at Boyerine Pool. £100; ,; Kojonup. Cranbrook, bridge over Gordon E River. £150;' Lower Blackwood, bridge s, over Sheepyard Gully, on Balingup-road, ti ,£100; Lower Blackwood, Darradup, I bridge over Blackwood River, £170; v Murray, Marinup. bridge. £270; M-ou- t rambine, four culverts at Uambine, Chip Gully, Ivanhoe, and Nimbeadiling, £160; fi Nelson. bridge over Eagleup Brook, c £200: Serpentine. Perth-Bunbury road. bridge, £75; Swan. bridge over Jane- S brook Creek, £200; Sussex, Toby's In- I lot, bridge. £125; Williams, Cornwall q Terrace, bridge over Williams River, q .1,20: Wagin. Barton Siding, bridge S over Arthur River, £5119; York, redeck- C ing central bridge and widening ap- i proaches, £75. e HARBOURS AND RIVERS, £15,4551 Revotes, .£8.001.-Additions and re- a pairs to jetties, stockyards, and river q improvements, etc.. 53.500; additions a and repairs to lighthouses and quarters. f o£750; Cottesloe, ocean jetty (part cost) and accommodation for bathing, .£900: N.WV. tramways, provision of new and f heavier rollingstock-. .£500; plant and l

tools, and repairs to came, including dredges. £1,000; South Perth, Coode- r street Jetty, .2151; tramways. mainten- I ance, rolling-stock, etc.. £1,200. New Works, £.7,450.-Broome, enlarge meat of goods-shed, £600: Busselton re elamation, foreshore, £100; Carnarvon t Jetty, shelter-shed, £150: Derby. re nairs to old jetty end viaduct. £2.000; Encla, Customs and goods-shed, £400 ; Northam. river impreyements, £1,00n; Point Sampson Jetty, strengthening a spring niles at head. etc., £1.200; Wan- a nerup Estuary, opening, £500; Wynd ham, repairs to jetty, £1,500. WATER SUPPLY-£18,640. Generally, £13,610 Revotee, etc, £9,110. - Agricul- q tural lands, boring for water, d and wells, .£1,500: Stock Routes-Main- a tenance and minor improvements, £1,500. Stock Routes-Eucla to Cool- S gardie, £1.500. Stock Routes-Cue to I Wandery Springs, .790. Water Sup ply and boring generally, including maintenance of plant, etc., £2,200-. Water Supply-Broome, Derby, Wynd- q ham. and Esperance-Maintenance, £1.650. New Works, £4,500. - Day Dawn, drainage of flood waters, £500; grants for sinking wells, etc., in country town- I sites. other than municipalities, £500; ) Moojebing daml or tank. £150; New castle, water supply. £300; stock route, Beagle Bay-Broome, £350; stock routes. Peak Hill-TLeonora, £.1,000: stock routes, Mullewa-Mingenew, .£700; Wyndham, t improvements to water sunply. £1,000. Metropolitan. £?,000. - Incidental. in cluding materials, upkeep of services to houses, etc.. £5,000. i RAILWAY CONSTRUCTION, £71. Owen Anchorage, Woodman's Point railway. £71 MISCELLANEOUS, -£2,660. t Land resumption surveys and plans on opened lines, £t100; lithographing and printing plane, .£50; maintenanceof and additionu to electric bells and tele phonettes. £380;maintenance of and addi .lions to elect ric apparatus, lighting, etC., £:I(1; miscellaneous surveys. £200; Nar- I rosin railway, trafE4 expenses, £.-0; Newcastle drainage survey, £100; Perth Ma:rkets-Maintenance and tpikeep, .d70; Robb's .Jetty-.landakot railway, traffic expenses. .£100. BUILDINGS, £126,3709. Generally, .£-11,404. Additions, Repairs, Maintenance, etc., j:32.55S. - Minister for Justice's De partments. 1; per cent. on capital value of £143.310, .£2,150; Education Depart meont. 2. per cent. on capital value of .3357,.401 £8,935; Health. Lunacy. and Charities Departmerius, 2 per cent. on c;apital value of ,211.10. 0.£4,202; Mines Department, p.' pr cent. on capital value I of ..£111;40. ,£1,671: Police Department. 2 per cent. on capital value of £182,537. £:3.,503 ; Perth centri'. oftice. £1,100:1; buildtings n ot otle'rise provided for abow, .±3,5i0; I:eatini, lighling anl I iwater for Government. offices. . ±1.01:,; Ssanitary conlracis, etc., Perth and F're mantle. 2,500I;: incjideliatls, ±60O. 1'urnitlur. etc.. for Go;ernment Build ings, ±£,8-l.;. - - Claremont Hospital for t lasanoe, furniture menerally. ±2..t)0; Claremont Hospital far Iniiane. Inspec i?or-(General'a quarters. .4i350; Claremont ()id Mien's Hone. furnituro generlly. ( 8041l: F"reiantle Hospital fcr furniture for Assistant Medic-l Olicer's I onmrters. .`6: icw Parliamenr.t lcuses. £147; Perth Goverurent Analyst, oflice

fittings. £54; Perth Monitors' classroom. science laboratory. £182: Perth Police Courts, £650; Perth Police quarters, £187; Perth Public Hcspital, £21.250; public buildings generally, £3,000. For Colonial Treasurer's Department, £2,202. New Works, .2472. - Government Printing Office, gas and electric lighting. £92; Photo.-Litho. Office additions, £380. Libraries. Museums. etc., £1,730. W.A. Museum, fittings for Jamosstreet wing. £1,730. For the Minister for Justice's Depart ments, £8,971. Courthouses, £8,036. Revotes, £4,460. - Central Police Courts. .4,432; Kalgoorlie Courthouse, alterations and improvements, £28. New Works, £3,576. - Bunbury Courthouse, £1,812; Midland Junction Courthouse, £1,474; Narrogin Court house-Conversion of old school. £290. Titles Office, £935. Revotes, £775. - Lands Titles Office, strongroom fittings. £775. New Works, £160.--Land Titles Offices, steel presses, £160. For the Colonial Secretary's Depart ments. £8,892. Gaols .and Quarters, £1,425. Revotes, etc., £330. - Broome Gaol. removal of old building, including fenc ing, £200; Geraldton Gaol, additions, £130. New Works. £1,095. - Broome Gaol. new cells; £400; Bunbury Gaol, electric light, additions, and renovations, £295; Kalgoorlie Gaol, additions, £400. Industrial Schools, etc., £139. Bevotes, £139. - Subiaco Industrial School, additions add improvements, £139. Police Stations and Quarters, £7,328. Revotes, etc., £1,970.-Black Range, police station and cells. £490; Davy hurst, police station cells, £155; Fitzroy, quarters, £125; Nullagine, police station, stable, and forage room. £300; Perth, central office and men's barracks, £450; Tableland. lockup and fencing, £450. New Works, £5,358.-Busselton, quar ters for officer-in-charge, and married constable, and fencing. £976; Cue, pad ded cell for lunatics (£172) and fencing (£130), £302; Davyhurst, quarters, charge room, kitchen, and fencing, £630; Day Dawn, police station, charge room, and office. ;140; Derby. storeroom, cell, and exercise yard. £420; Fimiston, addi tions to quarters, cell and exercise yard, £270; Highgate Hill, quarters, £500; Marble Bar, quarters for single consta ble, and verandah, £.300; Meekatharra, lockup, stables, forage room, etc., £310; Miindaring. station and quarters, .£640; Murrin Murrin, police quarters and lockup, £500; Perth Central Police Sta tion, muster and lumber rooms, and closets, £370. Schools and School 4uildings, £32,961. Rovotes. etc., .11ll,170.-Anstralind, school and quarters, £31; Boulder, In fants' School. additions, £351; do. South School, additions. £18; do. South School, additions and shelter shed. £38; Brown 'hill School, shelter shed, £14; Clare mont East, school, £153: do. North, school, £479; . Cuo School, additiohs, £494; Cunjardine, school and quarters, £24; Day Dawn, school additions, £467; Dumblyung, school and quarters, £16; Elsternwick, school and quarters, £12; Fremantle Technical School. addi tions, .£2; Glenlynn, school, £242; Ha. mel, school and quarters, .2590; High gate Hill School, additions, £174; Janda kot East, school and quarters, .325; Jolimont, school, £450; Kalamunda, new school and conversion of old school into quarters, £210: Kdlgoorlie school. additions, £20; do. Infants' School; ad ditions, £21; do. North School, addi tions, £43; do. South School. additions. £21; Lake View School. additions and shelter shed, £37; Midland Junction School, additins, £369; miscellaneous schools and quarters, £3,000; Mt. Har dy, school and quarters, £104; Mt. Sir Samuel, school and quarters. ,£577; Mu chea. school and quarters, £25; Nannup, school and quarters. £169; Narrogin school and quarters, ' .£113; Narrogin East, school and quarters, £260; Niga lup, school apd quarters, £17; Perth Central School, additions. £453; do. moe nitors' class rooms. £.507; do. conversion of cottage into store. £202; do. (East) Infants' School. additions, £11; do. (Thomas-street) School, additions, . £49; do. Technical School, additions and im provements, £,723; Popanying, school and quarters, £18; Ravensthorpe School quarters, alterations, £4; Southern Cross School, additions and repairs, £40; Tam bellup, school and quarters, £15; Wicke pin A. area ,school and quarters. £250; Wooroloo, school and quarters. £20. New Works--£21,791.-Armadale, addi tional class room, training room, etc., £520; Arrino, school and quarters, .£325; Balingup. quartcrs. ?228; Barswater school, additions,&400; Beechboro', quar ters and alterations to school, £295; Bellevue, additional class room and la vatory. £125; Boorara, school and.quar ters, £675; Boulder. cookery and laun dry schools, £774; do. School, gravelling, fencing, and drainage. £313: do. School.. caretakers' quarters, £250; do. Technical School fittings, .£400; Boulder - West School, additional class room. £5380: BEones Agricultural Area, school and i quarters, .£325; Boyagarra, school and1 quarters, £325; Claremont Infants' School, additions. £212; do. Trainingi College, science fittings, £*100; Davy hurst, school and quarters, £450; Dow erin Agricultural area. school an'd quarters, .£325; Geraldton. manual training room, £180; Goomalling, school and quarters, £350; Gwalia, school and quarters, £352; Heidelberg, quarters and alterations to school. £227; Highgate, In fants' School, additions. .'440; Indarrie, school and quarters. £325; Kalgoorlie Senior and Infants' School. additions. £243; do. North. hall, class room, and lavatories. £1,350; do. South. additional

class room, etc.. .?60; IKataining, class room and teacher's room, £463; Keys brook, school and quarters. `£325; Kooky nie School, additions. £450; Laverton, school and quarters. £500; Leonora School, removal from Gwalia, new qnar ters and fencing, £403; Mallahane School, additions, £j160; Marwongy, school and quarters,. `£300; Moonies Hill, school and quarters, £325; Murrin Murrin, school, £840; Nangeenan. school and quarters, £325: Nebrikinning, school and quarters. £350; Perth Central School, gravelling, latrines, etc., £550; do. (Central), manual training room. .£150; do. Newdastle-street Infants' School. additions, £555; Pingelly, school and quarters, £1.,150; Port Augusta,. school, .250; Port FHedland, school and quarters, £750; Rlavensthorpe School. ad ditions. £370; Stirling Estate, school and quarters, .2325; Victoria Park., school additions, £470; do. Infants' School, additions, £350; Wagin School, additions, fencing, etc., £586; White Gum Valley. school additions, .£75; Woodanilling, school, .£200; Woolgar. quarters, £155; Yarling. school and "quarters. £350; York (old school), zeno rations for Infants' School, `£275. For the Minister for LMines' Depart ments, £L,076. Revotes. .326.-Kalgoorlio School of Mines (mineral museum and" fittings, lecture-room for geology and mineralogy, electrical workshops, etc.). .2`23; Perth Geological Museum, fittings, £103; Now Works, £23.450.-Kalgoorlie School of Mines, completion of museum, lec turc-room, etc., ,£2,650; Laverton, Min ing Registrar's quarters, £400; Nannine. do., .400; Kalgoorlie explosives re serve, preliminary surveys and plans for proposed removal, £.300. For the Minister for Lands' and Agri cultural Departments, ,£4,418. Revotes, .2497.--Yallingup Accommoda tion House. additions and improvements. £497. New Works. .£3.921.-Albany fruit in cinerator, .£139: Fremantle fruit incine rator, ."237; Perth Lands Office. fittings to plan room. £2.535; Perth refrigerat ing works, additions and repairs, .1,000. For the Minister of Commerce and La bour's Departments, £12,281. Hospital and Quarantine Stations, £12,281. Revotes. .£l,46:.-Broome Hospital, ad. I ditions, £600; Claremont Hospital for Insane, laying-out grounds. £180; Frc mantle Old Men's I[ome. additions and improvements, .2151; Lawlers Hospiial, additions and repairs. ?110; Perth Hos pital, new wing. £3.393. New Works, £.7.818. -Bunbury. quaran tine station, £600; Bun bury Hospital, septic tank and irrigation, £3S10; Car I narvon operating room, wards for abori. ginals. and fencing, £450; Coo!gardie Hospital, phlthisical wards, £9!00; Fre mantle quarantine station, fumigator and blrge, .£1,3010; Kalgoorlic Hospital, RX 1ays apparatus. 190; Knalgoorlie, lay ing-out and lplauting hospital grounds. 1.200; Ktatnuning. staff quarters. .400; Mount Sir Samuel Hospital., £363; Porth HIospita, lint water inst.llation, .£1.1?85; do.. nurise' quarters, etc.. .£700; Port Hcdland. Resident Medical Officer's ullar trs, .£1.070; Roebourno Hospital, addi tions and renovations, £1611. Minister for Works' Department. Revotes. .£3.521.-Boulder. building for Court, Savings Bank, an:d Goldfields Water Sulpl.y oilices. £2.113; caves., telephone to Yallingup, £180 : goldfields, public hbuilings. fire prevention appli ances, £.100; Perth 'Barracks," convecr

sion of pensioners' quarters, etc.. into offices for P.VW.D., £31; do., new Parlia ment Houses, .£900. New Works, £3,100.-Fremantle Monu ment Hill Reserve, fencing. £350; Kal goorlie public buildings, alterations to Public Works offices, £610; Perth, cen tral offices, conversion of lift, £840; Perth Markets, re-arrangement of stalls and painting, £800; Perth old Police Courts, conversion into offices. £400; Sharks Bay, Fisheries' office, £100. Grants, Mechanics' Institutes, Road Board Offices, etc., £4,750. Grants-in-aid (in accordance with re rulations) for construction of and addi tions to mechanics' institutes, miners" institutes, and agricultural halls, £2.500; grants for erection of road board offices, £2,000; North Fremantle Institute, spe cial grant, £250.