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QUEENSLAND RAILWAY NOMENCLATURE ORIGIN OF NAMES OF QUEENSLAND STATIONS. (From a Pamphlet issued by the Railway Department.) (Continued from last week.)

Kaban, the country of the flying squir- rel. Kabra, local name for the 10 milles Kadina.

Kaimkillenbun, name of district. Kairi, native name for Mazlin Creek Kalka, kangaroo.   Kalunga, plenty water Kambul, cypress pine. Kamma, black gin       Kammel, spring of water. Kandanga, after adjacent creek. Kanningor, thirsty. Kanyan. Karara, native name for Canal Creek. Karoon, name of house in Victoria of Mr. Ferguson, selector. Karrabin. Kates, after a one-time member for the district. Kawana, flowers. Kawungan, rocks—rocky ridge. Keefton. Kemmis, after resident. Kenbula, ironbark tree.   Kilcoy, name of township.       Kilkivan, name of township. Killarney, name of township. Kinbombi. name of range. Kingaroy, small red stinging ant. King's Creek, after adjacent creek. Named after King, one of the first squat- ters. Kingsthorpe, after the King family. Kingston, King's town.   Kinka, night owl. Kinnen, mosquito. Kirkhall, after Mrs. Walter Hall. Kirk River, after adjacent river. Kital, soldier ant's nest. Klienton, after Mr. Klein, who owned the land before the line was built. Koah. Kooeringa, native name of Inkerman district. Kommamurra, water and grass. Kongula, a mountain. Koolboo, after an aboriginal who is said to be buried near the station. Koondai-i, native name of district. Koongal, local name. Kooringa, small reed. Korenan, pipe clay. Kowari, long journey. Kowguran, laughing jackass. Kowrowa, name of part of Barron River, near by. Kudo, white ants. Kukar, beeswax.   Kulara, fig tree.     Kulburn, iron bark. Kulgun, road or track.     Kullee, fresh water. Kulpi, box timber. Kumbarilla, plenty of ironbark. Kunda, a mountain. Kungurri, knife. Kunkala, running fresh water.   Kupunn, plenty of brigalow* Kuraby, small creek. Kuranda. Kureen, a little crack. Kurukan, blood wood. Kurumbul, magpie. Kyburra, the wife of a chief. Lagoon Pocket, original name of place. Laidley, after Laidley little station, Owned by Messrs. Laidley and Mort. Lakes Creek, after creek of that name. Lakeside, the station is Biruated. on the hillside of a lake. Lamond, after early settler. Lana, aboriginal for white wool. Lancevale, nomo of adjacent pastoral holding. Landsborough, after the explorer. Lanefield, after Mr. Lane, who owned land at this place. Langdon. Langley. Langton, after a former Shire Coun- cillor, and name of adjacent station. Laura, after river of that name, named by McMillan, leader of miners, after his wife. Lawnton, name of farm on which sta-   tion is situated, owned by Mr. Lawn. Leslie, after Patrick Leslie. Lindum, after residence of Mr. Kelk, Linville, name of township.   Littabella, name of adjacent parish and creek. Little Ipswich, after city of Ipswich. Littlemore, name of adjacent township Loanrtidc, descriptive of soil. 1 Lochinvar, after cattlo station in vi dnity tiochnngar, after tovm in Scotland. Lockycpf- after Major Lockycr, an earl) Commandant of Moreton ?ay settlo mem.

Lognnln.i, vfUley of the Logan River, whicu was nrroiod alter another of the ftnrt. com:nncdnnts.

Logan lload, nains of highvay. Logan Village, on the Logan River, Called atti-t Captain Lognn. • Laganmudi, nat&vo name for large •wet':rhole and rocky crossing on the Dugald River in vicinity. Longara, Iguana. Longford Creek, after adjacent creek. Lcngreacb, after ieach in adjacent river. Lota, name of district, and primarily the name of tbc late Mr. Duckett White's xcsidencc. Lowinead, low grass land. Lowood, descriptive of locality. Lyndhroak, after an old resident named Lyml. L^iwood, derived its inmse from the Oiick ccrub in the locality..

Lyra, after the constellation "Lyra." Macalister, after Hon. Arthur Macalis ter, one-time Premier. Macdesme, name of adjacent district. Mackay; name of township called after Mr. John Mackay. Macrossan, after the Hon. J. M. Ma- crossan. Malabar, particular class of sugarcane. Malanda, native name for the Upper Johnstone, running rivers. Malbon, name of river near by. Malchi. Malvernton, after Malvern Hills hold- ing. Mangalore, after town in India. Manly, name of seaside resort. Manoo, a clear straight track. Mantaka, silk wood. Man ton, name of an early sclectar. Many Peaks, name of adjacent- mine. Manyvng, name of fruit growing in the scrub. . - - Marathon, after the historic plain in Greece. Marbango.   Marburg, name of district. Mareeba, part of the name of a haste* cast woman of Moreton Bay vribe. Marian, named after neighbouring sugar estate, "Mary Ann." Marmor, limestone.     Mamhull, name of locality* Maroondan, Big iguana. Marraba, name of adjacent township. Marrawing, the sea. Mar ton, afteV birthplace,^! Captain Cook, in England. Mamie, ground iguana. Mar wood, name of parish* Maryborough, nam« of township. Mary vale, name of locality, v Masisle, supposed to- be called after Mr. Massie, who lived about the place. Maxwelton, name of adjacent sheep sta tion. Mayne Junction, after late P. Mayne. M'Donnell'-s Creek, Name of adjacent creek. Meadows, descriptive of district, ttfeadowvale, low and flat grass land. Meeandah, from * Serpentine Lagoon, Meandu, a river in Greece, converted into Meeandafa to give it a native sound. Meeba, woman's name. Meerawa, name given by Tramway Board, meaning not known. Meluwondi, Dawson blacks. Memerambi, scrubby tree. Merinda, aboriginal for hair on the head. Meringa, red soil. Merlngandan, from Moorin-ffan-dan, meaning broken fire clay. Mid gee, after adjacent creek, Miles r after Hon. Win. Miles. Millhill, the first flour ami saw mills established here in proximity ta a hill. Milmerran, aboriginal name, and name of township. Milton, after the poet. Minehan's Siding, after Mr. P. MinU han. Minerva, a Greek goddess* Mirani, name of township. , Mirani West, name of township. Miriam Vale, probably named after sta tion near by. .. Mitchell* after the e*plorer< Miva, stoney knob. In another dia lect means "Moreton Bay Chestnut." Mocatta's Corner, name of locality. Mocatta was one of the first settler? on ttit Downs. Moflatt, after Mr. Thomas De Lacf Moflat. Molendinar, after a place in Scotland. Monkland, name of district ; after tha Monkland reef. Montrose, town in Porfarshire, Scot land. Moodlu, mountain of stone. Mookarra, pain in th'a head. Moolboolaonan, after adjacent cattle station. Meacs "white cvan'a camp" In one dialect and "old woman'/ In another. Mooliba, name of township* Mooloolah, schnapper. Moomln, name of township* Moongan, top of the hill. Moonmera, bottom of U? bill. Moore, name ol township, * aftsr the Moore family, holders of cattle station. Moorland, low marsh land. Mooroobie, death adder. Moorooka, name of district. Moray field, the name of one of tbM first sugar plantations owned by the late , George Raff, native of Moraysbire, Scot land. 1 Morgan Park, after the late Mr. Jas. Morgan. Morningsidc, name *pf district* Morugo, ridges. Morven, after town in Scotland. Mount Chalmers, name of mountain and township. Mount Convenient, after mountain near ' by. Mount Coora, mountain in vicinity. Mount Debateable, name of district. , Mount Hallon, mountain in vicinity, i Mount Larcom, mountain in vicinity. Mount Lawless, mountain in vicinity.. Mount Martin, mountain in vicinity. , Mount Miller, mountain in vicinity. Mount Morgan, after gold mine of that s name discovered by. Edward Morgan, c July, 1882. Mount Nicholson, mountain Ci vicinity. Mount Perry, after copper mine of that name. Mount Pleasant, mountain in vicinity.   Mount Sophia, mountain in vicinity. Mount Sturt, mountain in vicinity,   Mount Surprise, mountain in vicinity.   Mount Wright, mountain in vicinity. Muan, mountain. Muckadilla, plenty water. Mudgeeraba, low-lying ground.   Muirlea, after resident named Muir. Muldu, shade.   Mulgowie, big round hill.

Mullet Creek, after adjacent creek. Munbilla, name of township. Munbura, poplar gum.     Munderbong, ironside.     Mundic Creek, after adjacent creek.   Mundubbera, name of township, abori- ginal for high bank of river. Mungallala, after adjacent creek. Mungar Junction, (Mungar) blue gum. Mungunburra, name of country and tribe of natives. Muntapa, plain turkey. Murada, adjacent creek. Muranu, good timber. Murarrie, plenty (or sweet) water* Murgon, running water. Murlaggan, name of place in Highlands of Scotland—"A fertile hollow." Murphy's Creek, after adjacent creet called after a well-known settler. Murray's Creek, after adjacent creek.^. Murweh, big water hole. " •* Myendetta, the bend of a river. Myola, a coined word. Nagoorln, emu. Nambour, tea tree bark* Nanango, name of townsMp. Nandi, plover. ■ Nankin Junction, after adjacent creek. Nany,a, native name for Retro Creek, close by. • Nara, wild duck. * Naraku, kangaroo. Narangba, small place* Narko, good soil. Nashville, after Nash, discoverer «i Gym pie goldfield. NeLo Road, after adjacent roadway, Natcha, scrub turkey. Neerkoll, after adjacent creek* Nelia, name of parish. Nelson, name of township. Nerang, after adjacent river, aboriginal for shovel-nosed shark. Nerimbera. Netherby, a town on the Scottish bor der. Netherdale, foot of range* Net jar, outside. Neurum, after Neurum ' (meaning "wart") Creek. Newbury Junction, after Newbury in Berkshire. ■ ' Newmarket, name of district. Nikenbab, she oak. ' Nimaru, emu. Ninderry, name of adjacent mountain. Nobby,' after an old crossing from Clif ton Estate, which used to be called Nob by Crossing. Nome, initials North Queensland (O) Meat Export Company. Nonda, name of parish. Noondoo, name of pastoral holding. Normanby, after the Most Honourable George Augustus Constantine —Marquis of Normanby—one-time Governor. Norman Park, name of district, prob

ably after Sir Henry W. Norman, one time Governor. Vormanton, name of township: - Jforth Arm, after adjacent arm of rivtc, North Bumlafeerg, after town o! Bunda berg. Northgate Junction, junction for North Coast Line. North Rockhampton, after city of Rock bampton. North Rosewood, name of district. Nudgee, a corruption of an old native same, Nudgtn Nudgen. Nudgee College, after St. Joseph's 00l- Jr?ge. Nudgee. Nukkn, watershed. Nundah, chain of waterholesV Nurinda, emu. Nutgrove, name of district. Nyleta, wild honey. •. Oakey, after adjacent creek. Oakhurst, presumably from oak trees thereabouts. Oaklands, English name. Oakview, from number of oak trees in vicinity. Oakwood, presumably derives its name from oak trees in the locality. Ofiham, after place of same name in England. Okuloo, running water. Olio, aboriginal name for corroboree in this district. Oman-ama, -native name for Mayfield. Oondooroo, aboriginal for "move on.'* Oonoonba, suburb bf Townsville. Ooralea, kangaroo park. Orrimli, name of parish, and native lame of Williams River, i.e., stone. Ormeau, after resident named Jas. Orr. Ormdston, after Hon. Louis Hope's sugar plantation and mill. Ottaba. Otter burn, North of England name. Owanyilla. Owini, name of mountain in vicinity. Oxenford, after Captain Oxenford. Oxley, after the explorer. Padda, named by tramway board, mean ing not known. Paget Junction, after Hon. W. T. Paget, Minister for Railways. Pallas-street, name of street in the town. Palma, capital of Balearic Islands. Spain. Palms, after a neighbouring estate. Palm woods, self explanatory. Palpananco, excellent. Pampas, after the extensive plains la La Plata. Pandoin, mountain wallaby* Paree, black soil. Parkhurst, name of local school. Park-road, name of adjacent highway. Partington'-« Siding, after brickyard ad jacent.

Paterson, originally Paterson's Siding, called after a settler named Paterson. Pea*' Grossing, after Peak Mountain^ named by Flinders, '^fl^- Pechey. name bl timber merchant. Peejamon, name of hill near station. Pengarry Junction, after Pengarry, aa old lengtbsman. Pentland, name of township* Peranga, name of township. Perry's Nob, after mountain alongside. Perthton, after old pastoral holding, "Perth." Petrie, after an old pioneer. Phillip Street, after street in township. Phillott, name of resident and district* Philpott, name of local creek. Philp's Siding, after Hon. Robert Philpj. M.L.A. Pialba, (Pilba), butcher bird. Pickanjinnie, aboriginal for "children at plaj?." Pidna, ear. Pilerwa, name of aboriginal in dis trict. Pimpama, swamp between two hills. Pine Hill, supposed to have been named after surrounding ridges, at one time covered with Cypress pine. Pine Mountain, name of mountain in vicinity. Pinkenba, "Binkinba," native name for Mew Farm (a place of the land tortoise)* Pinnacle, name of mountain near by. Pioneer, after adjacent sugar mill. Pirrinuan, name of locality. Pittsworth, after Mr. Pitts, one 4Bto pastoral pioneers and /owner of Grandpa station. Plain View, descriptive of district. Fiant Hill, after Hon. E. H. T. Plant, M.L.O. Pleystowe, after sugar plantation (Eng lish name). Plum-tree, after Burdekin plum treed, growing in locality. Police Camp, site of police paddock, used in nearly day? as a depot. Pomona, the goddess of fruit* Port Alma, name of port. Powlathanga, big waters. . . Prairie, characteristic of country. Proserpine, Latin for Persephone, tfaf wife of Pluto. Prubi, plains. Purga, name of parish* Pyealy. Pyramid, after peak known as Walsh's Pyramid in the vicinity. Quamby, name of original settler. Quarrell's Siding, after resident. Qullberry, plenty emus. Quingillt, blue gum. Raby Bay, name of inlet. Racecourse Mill, mill near racecourse. Radford, after town in Nottingham England. (To b? concluded.>