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Abermain Junction, after Abermain colliery. Acland, family name of present Com-   missioner for Railways, Mr. Chas. Evans,

C.M.G.   .;..; Alba Siting, after Alba Wooiscour. Albion, name of district. ." . :-. Alderbury, alter a town in Wiltshire, ijfeagland. ar/. . Alderjiey, name of district. ' . .?.- Aidershot, namo of smelting works once ( in. operation. *. . Alexandra, after Queen. Alexandra. Alice, after an adjacent river. ,%/ Allan, after Allan Cunningham, th? ex ,plorer. c . Alligator Creek, name of adjacent creek. m Allora, name of township, after "Goal v lor*, "native name of lagoon on Gopm <&urra station. ' '•" •, Mj. Aloomba, name of district. h Alpba, first letter of Greek alphabet,. t Amamoor, after adjacent creek. . ..Ambrose, after a resident of the dis trict. .- ■ '-.......: •Amby, after Amby//Downs ("Amby," a woman). . _ Anakie, aboriginal name for "White man .'.camped there." Anceilala, after adjacent creek. r^. Anthony, after a local resident;, Antigua, after adjacent sugar planta r.tion. . . • ■„. -, Ahfcil Plains, on account of the ant , iills round about. . .. . . H.t ( Apunyal, a,large plain. . ".'•„.' •«.-.• Arabella, female Christian nafua. ..'.;. . ." 'Aramara, name of creek. '[„[ '.'"/' Archer, after the Archer fanaAx. ' V- Archer Park, name of park on . Jwbicb. .station stands. v •"•••.,:, „ ". Argea, outside. ._. "'.'■'. ' ~.; Ascot, after U^racecourse of that name in England, /.^ ', ". -„■'•" . r :/Asmu>, after^J*. resident of ttyodis- Irlet.. ' ■"■'.""... ' " . '■•-. Atherton, the name of an old family in .the district. .., . , . ' Auchenflower after residence late.' Sir jflPhos; M'llwraith. „ - Avondale, name of. adjacent station. Ayr, name of township. After town in Scotland. . .; \j, Babinda, name of district,. , '„ Bajool, stop here. . . . ... n) 'Baking Board Siding, from the finding '„ w-,a • piece of bark which had been used -to make damper on. . '-". Balberra, creek. j , Bald Hills, view of bald hills on the -D'Aguilar Range. ■• . . Bald Mountain, alter adjacent moun tain. t , : , Balfe's Creek, name of adjacent cr.eek. ' Ballandean, . adjacent holding called „ofter two old pioneers, Btessrs. Ball and Dean. ■ . Ballard^ after late Robert Ballard, I( iittpervising-engineer, Ipsw^ch-Tobwtoomb* faction. , ■ Ballindalloch, name of town in north of Bcotland. „ ;^^sSB^' , Balnagowan, name of a .place, in Scot* ..". land. , ... ' ■;. j ' ..... „ , Baaapan, red ironbafli. , .■•.-,.••• ■■■■ .'.Banna, .water. '.' „, ......,....,, ,;-,[-.\ ■'■; Banyo, ridge. " .' .. ' .*.* Barakula, big timber. ... fJ ._ t . '. y \ Barba, the Zamia plant. "... '. .. Barcaldine, alter town ia , Sc6t],and. ''Gaelic name of a bUah, . ''.-": ; Baree, timber.. : - • - Barmaryee, land mark* . "'; Barmundu, name of adjacent creeic* „ Baronta, name of adjadept. etf^k, - Barringha. '" Barron Falls, after the falls near by. . Battle Camp. a.fter a bat.tle between

Caboolture, place of carpet snakes. m Cairns, afMs<Willisas Wellington Q^irH^; -y11.M.G., one-time Gsvernor. "Vi Mpalcium, lime. .•♦•?.( J\ .. 1 ?allan, after the%oii. A. J. tlariahv" " Callandoon Northj^sDftnje of adjacent holding. Calliope, after the Calliope River. Calvert, after an early settler whose name was given to the crossing over ' Mort's Creek near the station. Oambooya, after adjoining Eheep sta tion. ' . ...... "Carabooya," a cfnall subaqueous tuber growing in the waterholes. .-. . Camisla, name of -adjacent, creek. Campbell's Plains, after the late Colin Campbell. Cannon. Hill, alter adjacent estate named by the Weedon family., Oapella, a star in the constellation Auriga. : .. . O^pe River, after, river of that name. Carbeen, name of timber plentiful in district. Carbo, Latin for coal. Carbuckey, native name of on* of the blocks originaJly . forming Oallasdoon station^ Cardlneton, after cattle station ■ in Vicinity-. : , . .-..-.■ . Oarrar, Carrara marble; Umestoae found h*re ; also .same o! Mr. LadbOry's station. . ; . < ;• . . Gapstairs, family name of Mr. John Drysdale. . Cawarral, cattle camp. • Cawdor, from "Macbeth.'* ' Oecdlvale, after Cecil Plains, the parish name. Cedargrove, after .timber in -vicinity. . Charming, after Tchannlng Creek. Oaarlevllle, after a tows i? Co. Oork, Iceland. Charlton, alter well-known settler of the district. . „ Charters Towers, after mining town' of that name. Named after Mr. Charters, Gold Warden at Ravens wood, and "Tow era" 'a corruption of "Tors." Oheeple, whistling duck: Chelmer, name of district. '■ ' •--''• Cherry Gully, a gully where wild cher ries' grow in abundance. l ■ ' - Childers, after Sir Hugh Ohilders.

blacks and party of miners travelling to the Palmer goldfield. Beaudesert, a French word meaning" "a beautiful waste" or lovely de?ert. Beaufort, after adjacent cattle station. Beecher, mountain in vicinity. ' ' . Beenleigh, name of township. Beerb'urrum, parrot. Beerwah, up in the Bky, also nulla. , Behana, name of adjacent creek. Bell, after the late Sir Joshua Peter Bell. Belle&aen-Ker, mountain lit vicinity. Benaraby, name of adjacent station. Benarkin, Blackbutt tree. Benholme, Scotch' najnV-'*Ben," moun tain, "Holme," low river valley land. Benlidi; paddock on Malvern Hills bold lag. ■ ■ ■ • -■•-•V. • Berat, a great spirit who lives in the mountain. ■-■■•.•. Bergenslde, after adjacent village (Ber gen). Berserker, after range of ,hill* near by. Beta r second letter^ p| Greek alphabet. Bethaoia Junttibn\',frbpt Bethany. Beverley, after town in East Riding, Yorkshire. 1' Blbobhra, one of the. native names: for the Barron Falls. ' ." " ; • " Btggenden, name of township. ;" Bimbam, thunder. ' • ' Blndango; after sheep station through which line mho. '": ■ ' Bingera, name of adjacent tfugar plan tation. Birkdale, valley of birches. ' Birnam, from "Macbeth." Birru, plainr-no timber. Birthamba, aboriginal for camp. . Blackall, after Col. Samuel Wensley Blackall, one-time Governor. Blackbull, blade bull found in mob by Wm. and Joseph Taaffe when mustering. Blackbutt, name of timber. Blackmount, self explanatory. Blackwater, black sand tinder water la adjacent creek. # .. , Blair Athol, place in Scotlandi Blantyre, after town in Scbtland, Blaxland, after the explorer. ' T Bluff, adjacent mountain. Blythdale, aftet catile station' on Blyths Creek, through which tie line runs. .. f _ .. ; f_ v- ■ Bobawaba, large swamp. < Bogantttngan, grass t^ree.. . Boggo Junction, after adjacent road. , Boldon, atippossd to be .ajt, Jrlah njune. Bonaoola, abundance of \water. ' .. Boodua, hawk. ... . •".... : Boolbooada, n*«ie of adja«e?t rapuatain and native nan>e giyen to Mt..', fitxrj. Meaning "burying place.." ...... .-,,...'-'• Eoolburra, big water. . . f,^ .- Boomerang, native we«t>o?? - > >„. " Boompa, name of pajisb. ■. -';• Boonah. (Buaa) bloodwood, .., . , w • Boonarga, big water holt. ■;-.■: . Boongana, rich cattle country. . Boongary, tree kangaroo,, • Booningba, native name of Point Dag ger, from "booning," the porcQpln*. Boori, nrs. " • ■.•■-■ Bootharh, eagle hawk. Vootooloo, native name for sawmill. Booval, where young men make kippers. Boowoogum, after mountain called Goo woothorn, also means "owl/ . Bdoyal, name of district. •■.>■■■■ Borallon. Boree, name of timber. - -> • BorilU, after Borilla Raoge. NaUve meaning "big plain." ' ~ Bororen, big mountain. .-_..■:.■ Boyanda, home or place of rest, ? Boynedale, after tne Bb'yns River. Boyne Valley Junction; Junction for Boyne Valley lin« k > Bo wen, after Sir George Bowen, first Governor of Queensland. So wen Hills, after. Sir George JBOwen, first Governor of Quesnalan*. . Bowenville, after Sir George Bowen, first Governor of Queensland. . . . Braealba, mountainous scrub. „ .r Brandon, after Duke of Hamilton. and Brandon. ■ ■ . : Brlgalow, scrub tree of that name; Brinsop, a villag* in Herefordshire, England. .; - - . • Brisbane (Central), after- the capital city. Brisbane (Roma*street), after city -street: ■ ■ ■ • • .■■■■,. ■ •:. JSrlxton, place in England. Broadmead, name of. district. ■ .. '■ Broadmount, after well-known land mark. . , Brookhlll, descriptive of, locality. . , Brook?tead. name of adjacent estais. Brooloo, parish name. v Brooweena, crab. ... v Broxburn, after an early settler. ■. ' Brunswick-street, name ,of city Btreet> Buccan, Boocan, hay.- Builyan, stony plover (land curlew)* Bular, jew fish. ' . . BuJlery, two waterhole,s.... ~ ' Bullock Creek, name, of adjacent creek. Bullyard, after stockyard in locality. Bundaberg, after, the, town of that name. . -\ , .' Bundamba, a corruption of "Bttndattba," the parish name, '.'■"■■ Bungalien, high. '.'... . " v , Bungalow, after building of this type at the stopping place. Bungeworgorai, after a creek. Bungunya, high or «afe house. Bureoba, name of parfsb. Burpengary, after adjacent cree?, ?' , Bufra, name ot mountain"rang*, *" Bur rum, after a river. Burua, meaning not known, ' Buruda, forest oak. Burunga, kangaroo rat.' • - - Bnshlcy, in the centre of a scrtlfc :-' Bustbinia, bush name "for the country round there. Byer, open country. Byrnes town, township named after Horn, T. J. Byrnes, one-time Premier, -^f.barlah, range or mooatsift riur«

Chinchilla, after the animal of that 2 Ch^Do, ftmt of Chine?eJ§Bidfak;> ' f. abiraitfde, ,£na*ne of adjaceijit &taT{pn ■'• •'-■ "■*■ Chowey, name of parish. Chumbrumba, name of forest pocket' at station. .. ■ - • Churchbank, .'■■'-: • Churchill. ■ . - Cinnabar, Cinnabar found her*. -, Clarendon, after adjacent lake. Clarina, alter Mrs. Clarina Taafle, wife of owner of cattle station, . Claverton, after sheep station. Clayfleld, old brickworks. Clayton, alter one of the earlj settlers. Cieeve, after CUeve Abbey, or Cleave Hill, England. , Clermont, name of township. . Clevedon, after a town on the Bristol Channel. Cleveland, name of seaside resort. CUffdale, typical of adjacent country. Clifton, name of township. Named by Harsh, one of the first holders of th« station, after hip birthplace. ~ Clinton vale, after Lady Morgan, nee Clinton. Cloncurry, name of township. Clud.en, small stream . near Dumfries, also name of.early'resident. " ' Clyde, river in Scotland. ' ' Cobba-da-mana, native name for Ba^dy -Hill. . ■ jColeman, after- well-known resident. College, station for agripoltural college. Colosseum, name of adjacent mountain. Colton. \ Columboola, after adjac«nt creek. Comet, after the river named by Leich- hardt, who sw a comet the night be- fore. Cooktown, after Captain Cook. . Coolabunla, bear sleeps. r Coolangatta, after a steamer. wrecked there on August 18, 1846. „ Coolcorra. Coolmunda, name of parish* „ . Coom«ra, an edible yam. ..' ' Coominya, ' \ .. . . ■Coongoola, after «heep statioa*- , Cooper's Hill, after an old resident named Cooper. Cooper's Plains, after Dr. Cowper,

medical superintendent of the old penal ~ae,tt|emcnt. •Cioran, (K.utm,> Jdoreton Bay a?b, also ojossum. S^r^w. ..-*-• Coorooman, name of creek, "Coora- wan," kangaroo. Cooroy mountain peak, also opossum. Coorparoo, .name of district. Coppery, applicable to minerals in locality. Cooworiga, pigeon. •Cooyax, name of township and tribe of blacks. . , Oordalba, name of township. . Corella, a bird ot the cockatoo fanifly. . Corinda, atter Sir Arthur Palmer* cattle station. Obrneld, after member of Parliament. , Cranley, after an early settler. . Crawford, after Mr. TI. R. Crawford, who was in charge of building line Tat time. Creen Creek, name of adjacent creek,' Crescent View, descriptive of district* Cromarty, after Scotch county. Crow's Nest, aboriginal name, Tooboo* gandaunce, meaning "the home of tht crows." Croydon, after, town of that name. ... Croydon Junction, after Croydon rail* Way station in England. Cu-Canla, Cv for'Cupium, Latin tor copper, and Cania said to represent caUe. Cunnamulla, after town of that name. Cunningham, after Allan Cunningham X the explorer. Curra, In one dialect "No," in anothtc "Cabbage palm." ... . , aX . Currumbin, high up, or a place WhlUr"1 high trees .grow. . Cutella, eagle. D'Agoilar, an old name for the di«? trict and range. . .... - „ „' Dagun, home camp, Dakabin, grass tre?. '■ ■ . Dalby, name of township. ■ - • ■ Dallarnil, name of district. s . •■. - : Dalrymple, after Dalrymple Creek". Dalrymple Creek, after adjacent creek, Dalveen. pass in Scotland. Dalwdgon, turtle. Dalysford, after Mr. B. Daly, one*tia* station-mfMiter, North Bundaberg. (To be continued.)