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NEWS AND NOTES. --- "Western Mail."--A page of illustra tions of the W.A.T.C. race meeting last Saturday is a feature of the current issue of the "Western Mail," two views showing the race in which V. Bailey was killed. There are two pages of "pic turesque Tasmania," illustrating Hobart, Launceston, and New Norfolk. Among the other illustrations are some views of Norseman, a group of swimmers who competed in the inter-State swimming matches at Melbourne, and portraits of Lieutenant-Colonel Wallace, the new Military Commandant, and of Mr. J. C. Smith, winner of the W.A. Bowling As sociation Singles. A striking picture is supplied by Mr. E. Shenton's yacht Suli tuan, which won the trophy presented by Mr. C. R. Penny. rear-commodore of the Royal Perth Yacht Club. The let terpress covers the news of the week, and contains a humorous ar+~cle on "Banting," or "Food Fads," by 'Mr. Dooley." Local Court.-In the Local Court, be fore Mr. Jas. Cowan, P.M., yesteiday, an action was continued in which the India-Rubber and Gutta Percha Com pany were sued- by Claude W. Dean for £30, being damages for the alleged im proper and negligent charging or twelve electrical. accumulators by the defen dants. Mr. Durston appeared for the plaintiff, and the defendant Company was represented by Mr. Cox. After spending the day m hearing the re mainder of the evidence, the Magistrate ordered a nonsuit. Civil Service Association.-The first meeting of the newly-elected council of the Civil Service Association was held on Tuesday evenibng, there being a fair attendahoe. Mr. Munt was present, and briefly referred to the businees which was left over by the old council, and which would require early consideration. A letter was renewed from the Premier with reference to the status of certain olfcerp who were transferred from the Government Stores Department to the Railway Department. A further letter from the Premier stated that the ques tion of retrospective increases would be settled as speedily as possible in terms of the assurance given to Parliament. The treasurer's repor{ .showed that the credit balance had during the month in creased from £25 Is. to £29 13s. The formation of a general purposes com mittee was postponed until the next monthly meeting. It was stated that the next business of importance requir ing attention included the completion of .fresh arrangements for the publication of the "Civil Service Journal," and the question of approaching the Govern ment with a gequest that the service should be allowed to elect one of the two temporary Commissioners. Wills and Bequests.--The following were issamed out of the Supreme Court during the week ended February 8: Probates: Amos Firth, late of Clare mont, chemist, to Mary Firth and Thomas Wosmick Firth, £1,011 18s. 6d.; Thomas Seymour, late of Bulong, miner, to Edward Bryant, one of the executors, leave being reserved to James Caugh Ian, the other, to come in and prove, £124 12s. 7d.; Joseph Sanderson, late of Leederville, stableman, to Robert San derson, Thomas Williams Sanderson, and Mary Jane Sanderson, £607 11s. 7d.; David Addenbrook, late of West Guiidford, pattern-maker, to Martha Viccars, Addenbrook, £163 ; (sealed from Victoria) Patrick Perkins, late of Haw thorn, Victoria, gentleman, to Ellen Mary Perkins, £1,100: Emily Belinda Kensitt, late of Subiaco, married woman, to Walter Gilbert Kensitt £2,240; Catherine Simma, late of "Gowress," King's Park-road, Perth, married woman, to Charles Simms, Al bert Turner Plaisted, Charles Albert Simms, £5,8 6s. 8d.; Jonathan Good ridge, late of South Perth, carpenter, to Sarah Ann Goodrike, £427: Sarah Smith, late of South Perth, widow to Martha May Garner Smith and tate Evelino Thomas. £262 16s. 9d. Let ters of administration: Edith Georgina Campbell Gordon Furnell. late of Perth, married woman, to Frederick Charles Stacpool Furnell, commonly known as Frederick Charles Furnell. £278 7s. 5d.; Herbert Augustus Victor Parsons, late of Kalgoorlie. stationer, to Henry Par sons, £2,373 14s. 2d.; Thomas Cornelly, late of Perth, miner, to Benjamin Ed ward Cornelly, £80: Jessie Cameron Hyde, late of Kalgorlie, married woman, to "James Henry Hyde, £100; George Gould. late of Narrogin, railway repairer, to Flora Ann Gould, £160; Michael James Morrissey, late of Gerald ton, squatter, to John Patrick Morrissey, £1,726 16s. lid.: John O'Brien. late of Bayswater, fettler, to Sarah O'Brien, £3: Matilda Ann Shearn, late of Mid land Junction, married woman, to Michael yhearn, £100. A Racing Fatality.-The adjourned inquest touching the circumstances of the death of Victor Bailey, who died from injuries received through a fall from the horse Industry at the W.A. Turf Club's meeting on Saturday last, was held yesterday, before Mr. F. D. Good, J.P., and ai jury. A verdict was returned that death was due to a fall from a horse, no blame being attachable to anyone. A Prohibited Immigrant.-A' Cinga 'weso, who gave the name of Abdul Allee, was charged at the Fremantle Police th?r4 nc-t-rrinv aftornnnn with hoinm a

prohibited immigrant. Mir. G. T. Wood of the Crown Law Department, stated that the accused had been found on the P. end 0. mail steamer Oceana after her departure from Colombo. Through an interpreter, the alien explained that he had gone to sleep while the steamer was at Colombo. and did not wake until after the boat had left the port. He was sentenced to three months' imprison ment, and ordered to pay costs. The accused will, in all probability, be de ported by the next homeward-bound P. and 0. steamer. A Shipwrecked Crew.-Among the passengers on board the French mail steamer Ville de In Ciotat, which left Fremantle for Marseilles yesterday morning, were Captain Suevin and the officers and crew of the French ship -Haudaudine, which had to be abandon ed on the coast of New Caledonia, be tween Goulvan and Porunda island The

Haudaudine, after loading nickel ore at Kone, in New Caledonia, was taken out to sea by a tug. The tug left, and the vessel became becalmed, and was driven by a strong current on to a coral reef. She struck, and was so badly in jured that her abandonment was inevi table. The crew and two passengers made their way back to port without fur ther mishap. The Haudaudine was a fine steel ship of 2,393 tons, and was only built in 1902. Another Subiaco Station Wanted.-A deputation, consisting of the Mayor and councillors of Subiaco, waited on the Minister for Railways yesterday, with a request for the construction of a railway station at West Subiaco. They point ed out that there were already some 300 people in the locality, and it was certain that the population would rapid ly increase if that part of Subiaco were given train facilities. It was suggest ed that a station be placed at the end of Nicholson-street. Mr. Holman, in reply, said he had had no time to con sider this request, but he would have a report made by the officers of the De partment, in order to see whether the station would be justified. , Even if it were desirable to build the station, no thing could be done during the present year. "It's a very urgent work," the Mayor interjected. "We'll know more about that when we get the Depart mental reports," Mr. Holman retorted. He assured them that the matter would receive his most careful consideration. West Leederville Ratepayers' Associa tion.-At a well-attended meeting of this Association, held in the Monger street State School on Wednesday even ing, Mr. Pillion presiding, the follow ing resolution was carried-"That this meeting of catepayers protests against the Leederville Council raising a loan for the purpose of spending same i} Oxford and Newcastle streets. bellev ing such loan not to be in the interests of the municipality as a whole." Funeral of Mr. T. E. Peacock.-The funeral of the late Mr. Thomas Edward Peacock, cab proprietor, formerly of Hawthorn and Richmond, Vic toria, and late of Beaconsfield, took place yesterday morning in the Anglican portion of the Freman tie Cemetery. Upwards of 40 vehicles followed the hearse, which was lined on either side by the brethren of'the Unit td Ancient Order of Druids and mem bera of the L.O.L. Star of Beaconsfield No. 19. The chief mourners were: Mrs. Peacock, widow of the deceased; George and Charles, sons; Miss Holly Poicock, daughter; Mrs. C. Brown, sister; F. Davies, A. Storr. and E. Gil more, sons-in-law; Mrs. F. Davies, Mrs. A. Storr, and Mrs. E. Gilmore, daugh ters; James, Frank, and Eddie Brown, nephews. The pall-bearers were: Messrs. C. Clarke, J. Congress W. White, and W. Geering, F. Gothorpe, and A. McCall. The Rev. A. L. Mar shall officiated at the grave. A large number of wreaths and floral tributes were sent. The L.O.L. service was con ducted by Chaplain, Bro. A. L. Mar shall. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. Donald J. Chipper, of Fremantle. An Adelaide Exhibition.-The De partment of Agriculture recently rev ceived notification that the South ,Aus tralian Chamber of Manufactures will' hold an exhibition during March and April next, and an invitation was ex tended to the State to be represented. It has been decided to accept the invi tation and arrangements are being made to establish a the exhibi tion, with a view to advertise the re sources of Western Australia. The ex hibition will be opened on March 20, and will continue until April 29. Mr. P. G. Wicken, the field inspector at tached to the local Agricultural Depart ment. has been appointed to arrange and take charge of the State exhibit, and he has already commenced his duties. It has been decided to make the collection as comprehensive and re presentative ha possible, and specimens are Being sought and are asked for. Perth Tramways.--Commencing with Monday, the 13th inst., a twenty-minute tram service will be run on Wellington street, Hill-street, Wittenoom-street., Claisebrook-road, and Kensington street, the present Hill-street service being discontinued from the date given. From the same date, the last tram from Subiano will wait at the corner of Hay street and Rokeby-road for the last Fre- mantle train into Subiaco, providing it is not more than five minutes late. Hotel Employees' Union.-The Hotel, Restaurant, and Caterers' Employees' Union will hold a moonlight picnic at Point Walter on February 25. The Manx Fairy has been chartered to con vey the pionickers to the rendezvous, and will leave the William-street jetty at 8 o'clock on the night of Saturday, February 25. East Fremantle Municipal Council. The fortnightly meeting of the East Fremantle Municipal Council was held last evening. There were present: The Mayor (Mr. W. C. Angwin), and Crs. Nathan, Bennett. Lohoar, Farrungton, Davidson, Thompson, Sale, and Don aldson. The finance committee report ed that the receipts since the last meet ing amounted to £176 16s. 11d., and the expenditure to. £202 Is. Sd. The re port was adopted. The Health Officer (Dr. Dermer) rnported that two cases of scarlatina had occurred, but, in neither case, could the source of infection be kol Anather emann was ranrn+rl hrr

the health inspector to have occurred. The Weather.--The unusually long series of easterly and sou'-easterly breezes uncomfortably experienced in the city, was broken in upon yesterday by a southerly wind and an overcast sky. Despite this, the air was warm and mnggy throughout the forenoon, but, as evening approached, the full effect of the change was experienced, and the temperature fell appreciably. The fol lowing shade records were taben at the Observatory:-Maximum, 84.5deg.; minimum, 63.2deg. Under yesterday's date, the Government Astronomer (Mr. W. E. Cooke) writes as follows:-"The weather reports have been very inter esting during the last day or two, for a tropical storm has been working down the Indian Ocean to our N.W. coast. It is very unfortunate that, just when reports become specially interesting, the telegraph line invariably breaks down, and the direction of the storm centre beconfes far more diflicult to trace than it would be if this were not the case. Yesterday (8th) a barometer reading of 29.17 was reported from On slow, with an E.S.E. hurricane, increas ing in violence. A few minutes later communication with Onslow was inter rupted. This morning we were unable to obtain any reports from north of Car narvon, where the barometer was down to 29.47, with a strong S.S.E. wind and heavy rain. The weather is overcast and threatening throughout the Murchi son and Coolgardie fields and the greater portion of the S.W. district, and it certainly looks as if the forecast of general rain throughout the interior, issued recently to the goldfields. will be verified before long. This afternoon we have nothing from beyond Hamelin Pool, but conditions still favour general rains gradually coming down through the fields. Hamelin Pool has had nearly an inch since 8 a.m., and it is still rain ing steadily there. The forecast is: - For S.W. districts (Geraldton to Esper ance): Cloudy and unsettled (4), with rain (4), but, probably, not very much in W. coastal "cistricts (3). Goldfields: Still cloudy and unsettled, with some rain (4): probably general and heavy before long (4)." Alleged Robbery with Violence.-The jockey, John Long. who, with Alec. Jewell, is on remand on a charge of har ing robbed Patrick Lawrence Dwyer, is an inmate of the Perth Public Hospital. The complaint he is suffering from has not yet been diagnosed, but he is ac commodated in the typhoid ward. Position of Director of Agriculture. The applications for the position of Di rector of Agriculture have been reduo ed to three by the advisory board which was appointed for that purpose. The Government are considenng the quali fications of the three candidates, with a view to making the appointment at an early date. North Fremantle Council.-At last night's meeting of the North Fremantle Council an application was received from the secretary of the North Freman $1%Lodip of Freeamasons for the use of

the Council Chamber on Sunday morn ings for the purpose of holding a Lodge of Instruction. After some discussion it was agreed to grant the request, and to charge 10s. per month rental. An ap plication was received from the secre tary of the North Fromantlo Institute for a grant of £175. The letter stated that it was proposed to spend £500 in providing additional accommodation fqr the members of the Institute £75 of this amount to be subscribed. £250 to be ob tained by means of a Government grant. and the balance to be supplied by the Council. The matter was referred to the general purposes committee. Railway Ambulance Corps.-A large number of ladies and gentlemen, at the invitation of the Western Australian Government Railways Ambulance Corps, was present at the Bohemnia Hall last night, when the certificates and medal lions gained by members of the corps during last year were presented. The Commissioner of Railways (lŽr. W. J. George) presided, and Dr. MoWilliams, Mr. Hume (Chief Mechanical Engineer), and Superintendent Lapslev (Perth Fire Brigade) were in attendance. Mr. George. before presenting the orders of merit won by the members, congratulat ed the corps on the progress it had made, and referred to the necessity of every man employed on the railways having a knowledge of first-aid work. During the evening a musical programme was rendered, and competitions in first aid to the injured took place. To-night, at the Caledonian Hall, Fre mantle. Mr. John Twinem will offer for said some valuable land, situated at the corner of James and Quarry streets, Fre mantle, together with the ball thereon, known as the Caledonian Hall. The sale commences at 8 o'clock. Messrs. A. Short and Co. will sell a large assortment of unredeemed pledges to-day, on account of Mr. Mendelowitz, including gold and silver watches, with out reserve. Elsewhere the publishers of "Throuogh the Spyglass" announce that an indivi dual has represented to a number of people in Perth that-he was the author of a number of flattering hotioes appear ing in that publication, and has, on the strength of that statement, endeavoured to procure financial assistance. The pub lishers add that the person referred to is not the author of the worts and is not entitled to claim from any person pay ment in connection with it. Messrs. B. C. Wood and Co. announce elsewhere that they will sell at their mart, 116 William-street. a large assort ment of household furniture and effects, also a typewriter incubator, and a large quantity of sundries. The sale will com mence at 11 a.m. to-day. Trouble has arisen amongst the lads employed by one of the merchant firms at Fremantle, and a number of them re fused to start work yesterday morning. It is understood tlhat tlke grievance is against a foreman who. the boys affirm, does not treat them fairly. Mr. Chas. Sommers annoupees that he will hold an important clearing sale to day at Redcliffe, Perth-Guildford road, when he will sell, on account of Mr. Walter Stott, the whole of his valuable household furniture, including an Ameri can organ and piano;, horses, pigs, cattle. vehicles, etc.: also, the Redcliffo Brick yards as a going concern; villa residence, with four acres of rich land; 21 acres of good garden land; and 13 fine residential sites having frontages to the Swan River. Free conveyances will leave the auctioneer's office this morning, at 11 o'clock, returning immediately after the sale. For the information of intending buyers, the auctioneer states that the free holds 'will be submitted first, followbd by the live stbek and implements. The household furniture will be sold about a quarter to 2 p.m. Miss M. A. Bailey has re-opened her classes for drawing. painting, and techni cal art. Particulars may be obtained on application at her studio, No. 4 Na tional Mutual Buildings. St. George's-ter race. A new firm has recently been establish ed in Fremantle under the style of Pater son and Co. It is just on eighteen years since Mr.,Da?can Paterson joined Messrs. Guthrie and Co., and he has resigned the management of their Fremantle office in order to atar, a new business. The new firm will be closely connected with the Calcutta and other Eastern trades, branches of commerce with which Mr. Paterson has been associated for many years. In addition, the business will be a general one, dealing with many classes of merchandise, and, amongst other lines to which special attention will be paid, will be local produce, daily auction sales of which will he conducted at Perth Railway Yards by Mr. John Hector. Mr. Hector has been produce auctioneer for Messrs. Guthrie and Co., Ltd., for t'he last rwave months, and has resigned that pogr?on in order to join the new firm. 1. * __ r